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  1. Hi, 2 screwdrivers, (philips. flat) adjustable spanner, hammer, duct tape, fuses, tie wraps. multimeter. grips.
  2. Give your local mobile Guy a ring, He will probably have one on his van.
  3. Hi, It's for making ice cubes.
  4. Hi, Can't speak for dealers, but as a mobile tech i carry a test rig, ie. gas, battery, water, i would imagine dealers have the same.
  5. Sorry guys, the mantle is not tied to the gas outlet, on the threaded part of the fitting there should be a clay, looks like a shaped porcelain tube with little cleats at the end where the mantle hooks on to, the size for that fitting is no: 2.
  6. Hi, Touring caravan gas mantles came in thee sizes, Bijou (1), two and three, number three were mainly used in "static type vans" yours will have been number two, you used to be able to get mantle springs to prevent the mantle breaking on the road, i think Bijou have been discontinued, but number 2 size are still available.
  7. Hi, I suppose you have checked the isolation valve for the room heater ??
  8. Hi, No that configuration will not work, you would be in effect regulating the gas flow twice, leading to incorrect combustion and therefore the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. if your worried by a potential failure of your regulator either get a filter or change to a clesse regulator at 30mb.
  9. Hi, Fifteen minutes isn't long enough, around two hours to get down to temperature, i would certainly get it serviced if it has,t been used on gas for some time, also needs to be level, please be aware the fridge is 22 years old so it's past it's prime so the performance may be compromised.
  10. As has been said, the 212 is an old fridge, past its prime, uprating the element will only put extra heat into the system which will most likely have a detrimental effect on one and maybe all the chemical elements within the the cooling unit, which will render he fridge useless calling for a replacement. your money your choice.
  11. Hi, they used to fit a similar bit of kit to Carlights, nozzle came out within the wheel arch, only snag i can see, folk tend to inflate the tyre on a regular basis but never remove the spare to examine the tyre.
  12. unfortunately come across this type of thing all to often!!
  13. Yes, just another name for the same thing, the guys at Electrolux who trained me referred to them as injectors.
  14. Well, I've been servicing caravan fridges for the best part of 40 years, and every one i've repaired up to now has had an injector of some description, in fact i repaired a RM 4270 this afternoon with this problem, and guess what ! the injector was blocked, so replaced it with a new one direct from Dometic.
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