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  1. RichardM

    I'm Back!

    Er, is this suspicious? http://www. ufish4. co. uk/Classified/ListingDisplay. aspx?lid=5898
  2. RichardM

    I'm Back!

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. What about this one? http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/110754810526?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984. m1423. l2649 Has a mover but not a fixed bed (just the two of us, plus three large dogs (Airedales)). Richard.
  3. RichardM

    I'm Back!

    Hello all (again). I used to be here, but then we sold our Elddis 540 and bought. ...........a motorhome (boo, hiss). We enjoyed the MH but didn't enjoy the lack of space, so we sold that and are now considering coming back to caravanning. I've spotted this: SWIFT CONQUEROR 630 LUX TWIN AXLE 4 BERTH FIXED BED CARAVAN, AWNING, YEAR 2000 and was wondering what folk here think of that van for that price. Also, what's it like having a TA without a mover? We would be towing with a Range Rover. Thanks! PS: we mostly wildcamp or use very small rural CL sites.
  4. Well folks, I'm off. We have now sold our caravan and bought a motorhome. We did this because a motorhome is perfect and much better than a caravan for us. As I read somewhere, a motorhome is for travelling and a caravan is for setting up base camp. We are most definitely in the travelling group. Plus, living as we do just south of The Highlands we have a huge area just crying out for wild camping in a motorhome. We can easily go away to some very remote places within an hour or two drive. Our Motorhome is an Auto Sleep (1990, 23,000 miles from new) which is made of a one piece GRP which means it is will never leak or suffer damp: why can't caravans be made in the same way? I just wanted to say thanks to every here for the advice and help given over the years I will pop back in to respond to any replies in this thread but after that I will be deleting CT from my favourites and wishing you all well.
  5. Thanks! I've sold a number of cars on eBay over the years, and this is my second caravan sold on there. All my adverts are the same: I show people what I would want to see if I was buying the item from a distance. Already at £4,450 with 9. 5 days left to go I never understand sellers who stick up a few fuzzy photos with just a couple of lines of text and then expect top dollar for their item :huh:
  6. I always used to use Mud Club but for some reason they've closed it.
  7. I used to own three holiday cottages, which I sold in 2007. I was told by the tourist board that I could NOT say adults only because this would fall foul of the age discrimination laws. How do camp sites get around this? (I'm glad they do as I use AO sites as much as I can).
  8. RichardM


    Leave it off: same goes for cars which are stored.
  9. There was someone here who had one of those super strong locks on their door, and also had the caravan alarmed. One night, someone wreaked the door trying to get in, only to set the alarm off and so they ran off. Result: one trashed door. I can see the advantages of leaving the door unlocked if you have an alarm inside but I wouldn't leave it unlock without. OP: I think I would have to scrub every plate, knife and fork, and buy new toothbrushes before I could use that van again! You don't know what they did while they were in there!
  10. Thanks! £7,500 seems a fair price for that one (mine does have a few extras: awning, clamps, locks, gas etc)..
  11. Thanks. Am I right in saying that your isn't a fixed bed but has an end bathroom. ...? I think they are quite different inside.
  12. Try driving the car you have now at 10mph less than your normal speed. You'll be surprised at the fuel savings this can give.
  13. Or buy one already converted. You can get small LPG cars: http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/2000-X-VAUXHALL-ASTRA-1-8-CD-5DR-DUEL-FUEL-PETROL-LPG-/250751239819?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a61f0468b http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/2001-Y-REG-FORD-FOCUS-ZETEC-LPG-BLUE-/110631199648?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item19c22223a0 Cut your fuel bills in half: if one of these cars does 40mpg then with LPG that is approximately the equivalent of 80mpg.
  14. If you would! PS: does he want a caravan instead?
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