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  1. apologies .. I did say the heatER is kicking in but I didn't think it was due to the room temperature .. for sure the water is very hot .. Ah! good question .. I didn't check that deeply, just what the water temperature on the service page of the Alde panel .. perhaps it is that I haven't set the temperature low enough to prevent the room heater from kicking in ..
  2. My Feet are blooming hot! .. Plus I can hear it blowing and creaking of 'heat expansion' .. doesn't 'seem' to be anything from the radiators though ...
  3. Yeah I would expect that, but the heating isn't on? the room temperature is 2 degrees above the 'set' temperature, therefore I wouldn't expect the water to be heated either? only thing I can think, is that I read somewhere that the set temp needs to be 4 degrees lower than ambient .. perhaps I'm not setting it low enough?
  4. Still got a minor issue, but all much better thanks. Minor issue is that even though I've set the Night mode room temperature quite low at 14 deg (Ambient about 16 deg) and water heating to 'off' the heater is still kicking in frequently during the night. I checked the water temperature early in the morning whilst still during the night mode times (water heating still 'off'), and found the water temp was 59 deg. The radiators were not emitting any heat, so I presume the heater is kicking in to maintain the water temperature .. not sure why?
  5. Thanks, I read the post about holding the settings button to delete Alde from Command. I might just try that. Funny thing is when we took posession of the van, the heating and fridge functions weren't present. Last week the van was in for another issue with power supply which they sorted out, but they must have enabled these two functions then. I've now disabled Alde on the panel and set the night settings on the Alde. We'll see how it goes tonight!
  6. Loads better thanks to your help Frank and Martin. I'm thinking I might try disconnecting the command cable. Is it obvious which is the command one?
  7. Good Luck David! Hope that's your answer!
  8. Thanks Martin, indeed I have, not setup by me but I'll check that out! Thanks for the replies Gents! That would seem to be the problem then! I'll try using the command panel instead of the Alde set up.
  9. I should add, that once we are in the night mode period (after 10pm) and I once again reset the temp to 16 degrees, in the morning when the night mode ends and default mode starts, the default mode now also ignores the 20 deg setting from 19.40 previous day and takes on the 16 deg setting from the reset night mode temperature.
  10. After further investigation, I can confirm that my settings are correct and that the previous modes settings are bieng adopted at changeover time. Photos 1 and 2 show the settings at 19.40. Photo 3 shows the setting at 22.10 after the Night mode has started. Photo 2 Photo 3 Setting has changed to 20 deg.
  11. We had exactly this problem, sorted out last week. It turned out that the Sargent Electric Distribution unit had a dodgy pin in one of the connectors, it had drifted inside the unit and was not making proper contact. We too had no symbol on the Alde panel to show the electric was connected but everything in the van powered by 240v was working correctly. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi LitW. I'm not using daymode, just default and Nightmode, so no overlap. Default set at 21 degrees, nightmode set at 16 degrees. But they seem to swap over at the change over time.
  13. Cheers Dave. I've edited the title to include the model .. 3020 HE
  14. Hi. I wonder if anyone can shed light on an issue we are having with the Alde heating. I set a daytime temperature (standard operating mode) of 21 degrees, I then set the night mode at 16 degrees, set to start at 22:00 and end at 07:30. At 22:00 panel goes inverted (as I set it, to minimise light) so I know the night mode is now active, but an hour later, when I check the temperature setting in night mode (because its hot in the van) It has somehow reset to 21 degrees, in the morning, the reverse happens. Daymode resets to 16 degrees. Its almost like the settings are adopting the temperature of the previous mode? .. any ideas?
  15. Its not just about getting 'more room', in fact some 'Non-awning' pitches on C&M sites have as much room than the adjacent 'Awning' pitch, thats because the space between the pitches dictates whether each pitch becomes awning or non-awning. The main reason for choosing Awning pitches is simply that there are usually more of them available .. ergo .. more choice when you get there ..
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