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  1. The exact thing happened to us on our maiden voyage with our 480 last year on our way to Norfolk. We now have a spare 2/3rds of a handle, perhaps we should all get together and make up a complete handle!! All the small items are now kept in a collapsible crate in the locker. Paul
  2. Gowerton CC has a Tesco Express within 10 mins walk, and a Tesco Extra about 10 mins drive away. Beaches are a little bit further, and we found soume of the car parking to be a bit extortionate, particularly for short stops, ie to take photos. Paul
  3. I was told by my Swift dealer when booking my challenger in for its first service, that it can be usually cured by setting the fan to extract, and then a quick burst with a can of silicone spray. It must have worked because it now opens and closes easily!! He did say make sure you were on extraction, otherwise you got a face full Paul
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