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  1. Hi, I don't know, but I would expect Specialised Covers to know, why not try them. Good luck
  2. This seems to be selling quickly on both eBay and Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07VWRNMBF?pf_rd_p=3730611c-1654-405c-a45c-eec586a43cc7&pf_rd_r=BBDPKDBXW32JFF82GKV3 Anyone any experience with this model?
  3. Too Late! Bought used Magnum 340 last night on eBay which we pick up in a couple of weeks time, but thanks for all replies.
  4. Graham can I ask what is the distance between the rear of the bedroom window and the rear of your door?
  5. Following on from my previous thread and a 340 fouling the window, I am sure it fouled the window on a previous caravan. I don't remember the window being damaged, the awning just didn't seal so closely to the side of the caravan. Would it cause damage to the window? Sorry to harp on, but I don't want to fork out for a new 400 and second hand they are as rare as hen's teeth, and the Minor might be too small. Anyone else fouling the window - comments most welcome!
  6. We measured up today and it won't fit between the windows, thanks for all the replies.
  7. I was looking to buy second hand and not likely to pick up a 400. I am also looking at Isabella Minor, anyone any comments?
  8. Does anyone have a Magnum and a Cabrera? I fancy going back to a Magnum but at 340cm wide, it appears to foul the rear window. Does it or does it squeeze in?
  9. Hi, we are off a week today for 40 nights touring and part of our journey is through The Pyrenees past Foix making our way leisurely into Spain before going to The Bay of Roses. I have looked at various sections of the road using 'the Wobbly Man' as my wife calls it (Streetview on Google Maps) and it looks ok. Anyone used this route before and is it ok? We are thinking of 4 nights at Campsite du Lac then another 4 at Campsite des Grottes which is only 17 miles apart. Both are in the ACSI book and I have read the comments. Anyone on this forum with any experience of either? Thanks in advance
  10. You could try http://davidsmithson.co.uk/storage.html Kidsgrove, opposite Tescos.
  11. We bought it off eBay around 4 years ago but don't have a name, sorry.
  12. The Teppanyaki has a channel which directs excess fat to a drain hole and they provide a plastic drip tray which works well.
  13. We were impressed enough to buy 2 - one is 750 watt which we bought to use abroad and a bigger one 2kw which now stays at home. There's just the two of us and we eat a lot of fish and the smaller one is perfect for our needs and now lives in the caravan.
  14. Hi we're looking to buy a porch awning and have settled on the Sunncamp Swift. We are not bothered about an air awning as there is only one pole for this awning. It main use will be somewhere to dry the dog and store stuff. When touring, we usually move on after 4 nights, so ease of assembly and packing away is important to us. Has anyone got either of these and can they recommend, or otherwise. Does the 325 need the optional roof pole, or is it quite stable without? Any views most welcome!
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