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  1. Another vote for the Costco cloths, best I have found.
  2. We won and the tickets have arrived will be going Saturday, Thanks CT
  3. I would like to see a area where we can meet senior employees of the manufacturer's and discuss problems without them hiding behind the dealers.
  4. I have had to pull into a supermarket car park before and there were no long spaces so, as I had a motormover I just unhitched moved the van in one bay so the hitch was over a flower bed and the car in another took all of 5 mins including fitting a hitch lock. that way there was no inconvenience to anybody and I filled up the car at the filling station before re-hitching.
  5. Avon tyres were original equipment on Rolls Royce and Bentley's back in the day when they were proper British cars.
  6. If it comes loose you are not doing it up tight enough, never had a problem with the jockey wheel coming loose on the 6 caravans we owned, Alko and BPW chassis.
  7. My ATMB tag was becoming a bit erratic as it is 5 years old, so I just applied for another one while they were free and they sent one out so I effectively had a new account which we used this year. It saved posting the old one back or going into their service center in Nangy.
  8. Pull the caravan handbrake on ( which you need to do anyway) and unless they are very tall or kinky this normally deters them.
  9. I had a similar thing my Jeep was driven into while it was parked 4 days before our holiday in France, rendering it un-drivable, the claims handling company were ok about lending me a similar car with a towbar on the proviso I did not take it abroad, and that seems to be the case with most insurance loan vehicles, luckily a friend lent me has Santa Fe so we continued with the holiday, sold the repaired Jeep when we got back and bought a Santa Fe having been impressed by it on the long distance test run.
  10. I never managed to get a answer on the phone, but my web site access was reset eventually so can now see my valid cheques.
  11. I seem to remember if they had orange handles they had a high percentage of Bio diesel and could damage some modern diesels
  12. I have tried both on a landline and by mobile since 9am this morning and I get the same result as Friday there is an answer phone message in French and then the line is cut off. The UK site which does answer phones could not get a answer when they tried ringing them on Friday either, they said they would send a email to Camping Travel Club in France to reset my password so I could access the web site but nothing has happened yet. As this seems to be the only way to contact them I would assume that the contact line would be manned at the designated times, Are they still operating? Its very annoying I had valid cheques on my Gold Card before the 1st of March, but have been unable to check since they reset the passwords and they did not send any reset information.
  13. I tried ringing them on Friday got no answer over a 2 hr period, so rang the caravan club, they could get no answer either, I never received a password reset email and nether did out friends, after 10 years of using them we feel that the whole system is disintegrating into chaos.
  14. I have just checked my Camping cheque Gold card balance on the Android app and all the unused cheques I had were removed on the 1st of March 2017, a friend has also had hers removed. Anybody on here experienced this, there seems to be a few on the CC forum. Also the new site will not accept my old login and there seem to be no recovery option.
  15. I never saw the attraction of something that looks like a Woodlouse!
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