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  1. I had top of car with loads of pine sap from trees on campsite in Spain few years back. After researching problem the best solution for this was "Rustins PURE Turpentine" the stuff that artists use. It is made from "tree sap" anyway which is ideal for removing funnily enough "tree sap".
  2. Funny you should post this now. .... I have just taken caravan away locally to check everything out and I am getting exactly the same problem with my ultrastore water heater. If I turn it on/off a few times and give the switch the odd thump - it works. Therefore have to assume it is the switch that is faulty as confirmed by Wunny's post above. Had a quick look on the TLC site but could not find the switch he used.
  3. You will find that Homebase charge the price of a new bottle plus contents on their sale and then take off the price of the bottle you have returned to end up with just the refill price which will be approx £27. Just the complicated way they account for it on their system!! I stand corrected - just looked as I need a refill - £79 for the new bottle then discount out the returned bottle = £41. 99 what a rip off. will have to find somewhere else to exchange my almost empty one!!!
  4. I used to have Tyrons as a Newby but when one actually studies the difference between the old steel wheels with the large gully in the middle and the newer alloys which have no gully for the tyre to get swallowed up in then they are in this day and age a thing of the past. I had mine removed and use pre-puncture sealant instead in addition to TPMS. It is a free world if you feel better with Tyrons then go ahead and fit them - BUT look at the advances in wheel design since Tyrons were introduced 40 years ago!!
  5. Take a look at MaxxRaxx bike carriers. Brilliant piece of kit for towing and carrying bikes. When towing they have an extension bar to lift the bikes well above the Al-Ko bits. Have a couple of photo's but cannot paste them in here. Send me a PM and I will send them to you.
  6. Hi They are now called Camping & Travel Club and only based in France. Web Site https://www. campingtravelclub. com/ Under new organisation you can only load your card with Euros (no longer number of nights). More a "cash card". I have a gold card which I have just completed my in credit cheques last month and will now ditch it as most of the previous CC sites now take ACSI. The 4 we stayed on this year all said they were leaving the Camping Cheques org. They did nothing but screw up my account this last trip. Unless you REALLY need to go with them I would give them a miss!
  7. I have the 2007 Bordeaux and original documentation says 930cm. Used to have a Dorema awning before I changed to Kampa Ace 400. The Dorema was size 12 which fitted perfectly.
  8. Hi The best description is on the Tow & Carry section of MaxxRaxx web site - https://www. maxxraxx. co. uk/support/buyers-guide/tow-carry They also do a Disco 4 rack with an offset for spare wheel. I filled in the forms and sent photo iaw instructions and then phoned Max to ensure I had everything including X-cross bars for our EBikes which do not have crossbar. There is a metal attachment which gets bolted onto your towbar by the fitter iaw the measurements supplied to the fitter by Max. The additional height bar takes the bikes 300mm higher to ensure they are well above the jockey wheel winder and ALKO stabilizer handle. This attachment stays on the swan neck towbar but you attach/detach just as normal. The do a 2 or 4 bike rack. I went for the 4 but only carry two bikes whilst towing but the 4 gives me flexibility when I am not towing and take the grandkids bikes as well as ours on days out. Hope this helps Regards If I knew how to attach a photo I would as have just loaded the bikes on the car ready for off over the Rhone Alps tomorrow.
  9. I went around in circles with the carrying of 2 Ebikes on our Euro touring each year. In the end I purchased the MaxxRaxx bike carrier that fits onto my swan neck detachable towbar. A brilliant bit of kit that has an extension add on for when towing the caravan to lift the bikes about 18inches higher to ensure they are above the Alko stabilizer etc. We are currently in South of France and the tow down with both bikes and caravan was a dream. The big plus for the MaxxRaxx was being able to load the bikes only on the back of the car to take them to the Rhone cycle way about 15 miles away and then put them back on for the return trip. Go direct to Max web site and follow instructions for photo with plumb line showing angle of swan neck detachable and bumper etc. Max will check dimensions for the correct fitting onto your towball. They sent parts to my local tow ball fitters who then did the business. Excellent product but you have to be prepared to pay for quality. Highly recommended.
  10. We have an air awning which is great and spend all our holidays on the Continent and cannot honestly say we have come across large slope pitches. We do not like "sloping" pitches at any time so do not have a problem with caravan or awning. Therefore answer is to just avoid sites with sloping pitches
  11. Nice one David - the C&MC probably paid a graphic design company about £100k to come up that design and yours looks much nicer than what they come up with!!!
  12. We had our ferry Portsmouth to Santander cancelled due to weather last year. We had to take the Portsmouth to Caen instead. However, Brittany Ferries gave us a generous mileage allowance to pay for the extra driving and fuel between Caen and Santander. Have you spoken to them?? We drove down to near Bordeaux and then couple of sites into Spain which took 4 days to reach our destination - But we found it more pleasant actually than being cramped up on ferry across the Bay of Biscay!! You are on holiday just RELAX and go with the flow
  13. We travel to Europe every year for 8-10 weeks. I have always bought my Euro's in bulk when the exchange rate was at it's best for up to 2 years in advance. So happy that the Euro's I purchased when the rate was €1. 39 to the £ have gained equivalent of £500 in value of Euro's I hold with the drop of the £ . The current exchange rate is about back on the € v £ as it was couple of years ago at almost parity. Just proves what goes round, comes round I guess.
  14. We have been using DFDS/Norfolk Line for many years but standards have dropped drastically since DFDS have taken over and prices gone through the roof. Looked to book our usual crossing in May and return end June and it was extortionate in comparison to previous years. In the end we booked EuroTunnel which was only £15 more than DFDS each way but far more convenient in time and speed. I think DFDS has shot the golden goose!!
  15. Been using the Dover to Dunkirk route for past 8 years. so it looks like DFDS has shed the old Norfolk Line image and brought their prices into line with their always very expensive Harwich to Denmark pricing (which was always a rip off!!). I have just checked for May next year for our normal mid week 1400 outward journey and it is £134 on DFDS to Dunkirk. EuroTunnel is £150 with a lot less hassle and a lot quicker. Looks like it will be EuroTunnel in future at those prices.
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