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  1. You did not say if the engine was running or not !
  2. If you look at the advert they do come from China Zhaoquan Cai Baojun Liu 金华市金义都市区金港大道211号 321001 金华市 China Phone:00000000 Email:salamoers@126. com Company registration number: Zhaoquan Cai

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  4. Hi Martin I would not go for that ebay charger, 1, its only a charger 2, and only 10 Amps You need a PSU with at least 20 amps
  5. Hi You say you have checked it and is not putting enough out, but exactly how are you checking it and what voltage are you getting ? Steve
  6. Why don't you just use a 13 pin plug/socket then you have the scope if you need a charging circuit
  7. Its a shame you don't read the post before you comment on them
  8. Hi ????? It sounds like it is the charger. but when you say"0" what are you reading this on ? is it a multimeter or the onboard meter ? If its the onboard one they can be unrelible but you need to get a multimeter check the exact voltage with the ecu switched off then switch on and see what |(if) any voltage is shown and what Then report back on hear
  9. Your title says about water heater problem and all you refer to is the pump, which one is it ?
  10. Hi Some of the systems are getting very intelligent, I had a Merc and a factory fitted bar and electrics and the first time I plugged in the van, yes no warnings either noise or visual so back to the dealer and complained and they said it was built into the can-bus system, so my first thought was how does it know the difference between a blown bulb or just unplugged So went back home plugged in again and then removed the indicator bulb and hey presto a warning light came on the dash to say I had a blown bulb Wow ! in fact it also told if any other was out which the old system only told that the indicator was out
  11. That's brilliant "We only advertise items in stock" And at the top it says this item is out of stock !
  12. I think that is a question that should not be asked on a open forum, and certainty not be answered. You don't know who is reading these posts
  13. Hi And welcome to the site Yes it is normal not to supply a battery as people need diffrent ones, size etc but what I would have done is said to the dealer " I will buy the caravan if you throw in a battery" And the drawbacks of not having a battery is in the middle of the night you want to do something and the mains dies you will be left in the dark
  14. Hi Ado To answer your question, it won't do any harm to either battery, and as for standing the charge it won't be very high charge current, in fact the leisure battery will only draw the current it needs !
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