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  1. Comments had me worried at 5am about potential stress cracks on the front of the van with me having pulled the latches tighter. Having looked again I can see, as per picture below that the latches actually engage in the metal locker frame inside the caravan as shown. So I think it’s ok.
  2. I tend to ease the key round and slowly push the door into the frame rather than use any brute force as I agree it needs careful handling. It’s not pulling it out of shape really so fingers crossed 🤞
  3. The Owners Handbook 2019 states on page 43:- “Please note that the Gas Locker Box is not a watertight compartment.” So Lunar have a get out clause whether we agree with it or not. Unlikely dealer would do anything other than refer me to Handbook so don’t think a judge would side with me! Hence the DIY fix!! Think quite a few others have if you put water ingress in front locker into a search engine! Hence me uploading my fix, just hope it stops someone else tearing their hair out- mind you with waiting for a haircut I have plenty to go at!! 🙄
  4. Think I might have a solution to this ongoing issue of water getting into the front locker. In 36 years of owning 9 different caravans this 2019 Clubman SB is the first caravan where I have had this problem, despite Lunar saying it’s an acceptable build feature. I picked up the DIY fix of putting a piece of wood inside at the top in the middle of the locker to push the frame out a fraction which has helped but the main fix has been adjusting the locks on each side as shown in the picture where I’ve brought the latch forward. You need to lean against the locker door a bit more than before to close it but it seems to have worked. The only caveat I would add is that this has been done on the drive, I haven’t towed in the rain yet so fingers crossed.
  5. Since when has producing caravans been a key business that needs to stay open. Certainly not now.
  6. Sorry I obviously didn’t make myself clear. I know they were offering vans at a substantial discount, that’s why I bought one. The question I was asking was, what was the negative information that you found out that made you decide not to buy one? Sorry for the confusion in my question.
  7. What was it that you found out since that made you put that comment please about the 2019 models being sold at discount? I’ve just bought one! Now you’ve got me worried. Traded in my 2014 Clubman.
  8. Agree with the above. Purchased Clubman SB from Robinsons at Chesterfield in November. It is now in storage cleaned and loaded, yet to be used - March is the plan. The deal was good enough to tempt me to swap out my Clubman Saros SB even at that time of year. Compared price wise versus buying a new one either earlier in 2019 or now in 2020 (when they eventually become available), the I am onto a winner. Being realistic I have a considerable" financial buffer" to cover any issues and once the 3 year Lunar Warranty expires I can buy another 3 year one via the Dealers for a few hundred pounds so I am still "quids in".
  9. I would suggest that you check the elbow joints and bleed points under the seating/beds. I had the same issue with fluid levels dropping. Fluid was leaking out of the Bleed point and also from the joint where the pipe is joined to the elbow. Not a lot but I didn't realise and it was left about 12 months before being spotted on service.
  10. It has not faded, it is the pile that has worn away, and it's not really even a part of the cushion that gets sat on! Mike
  11. Looks to me like Messrs Bodgit and Scarper have done the work under the van! Doesn't look very neat or is it just the angle we are looking at it? Mike
  12. Anyone else having issues with the durability and quality of the upholstery in a 2014 Saros? Pictures shows marks on corner cushion that are disappointing to says the least. Obviously out of warranty now and it's a few hundred £££ to replace all or part of the furnishings. What is annoying is that at the 12 month service at dealers we were advised to "keep our eye" on the furnishings as they had seen quite a few problems with the quality and durability resulting in a few sets being replaced. By the time the marks started showing on our material it was over 24 months since purchase. We have now resorted to using than blankets on the seats so they don't go any worse. Only occasionally has it been sat on by grandchildren and we don't have any pets to cause any damage. Next time I go into the van I might see if I can find a manufacturers label and have a work with them but I am not holding my breath. Mike
  13. That's what they say. I would check with a local dealer/repair centre whether in fact they are prepared to do work on a van they haven't sold. In many instances the dealer (quite rightly in my opinion) will look after his own customers before scheduling work on a van bought elsewhere. Mike
  14. Well Simon, van was repaired and to be honest I can't see where or how it was undertaken despite being talked through the work by a member of the workshop team. They say it was all done from underneath, including repairing the floor delamination repair near the fridge unit, so they didn't need to remove any furniture. Whilst they didn't discount the ingress being via the wheel arch ( and they did remove and reseal all along the skirt to be sure), they did replace the wet locker as they spotted a crack in the floor area of it and thought that may also be a contributory factor. All in all I can only take what they say and hope that on third service (already booked for the 24th July!) the meter reading are within the acceptable range! MIke P. S. I have given up counting the number of faults, I need to keep my blood pressure under control. To be fair to the dealer they have also been quite fair overall in dealing with the issues.
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