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  1. Very true! Unfortunately the Daily Post has become one of the worst for it! what I can’t understand is why people would be heading into a locked down Wales? I live here & if I had the holidays would be hitching up & heading out of Wales for two weeks!
  2. You should try it in a tractor unit with a 45ft taughtliner on I had a demo of a new Mercedes Actros a couple of weeks ago with Mirror cameras they took some getting used to!
  3. Absolutely shocking! i’m not surprised you are having night mares, but try not to let it ruin your hols
  4. Great review! we have a week booked in late August & was under the impression it was serviced pitches too! looks like I can justify one of my lock down purchases though so that’ll please the wife! 😂
  5. We have a 7 night booking for the end of August I have been trying to alter the dates since the start of lock down & keep being told to call back, my last call about 10 days ago I was told to call back after the 1st of July as there booking system was being updated,
  6. I had similar issues with Ford, two Ford dealers told me the plug/loom won’t have the wires & referred me to independent towbar fitters who wanted me to have a new towbar loom fitted & then have it programmed into the towing module, I did some digging & found that pins needed were in fact wired to the socket but just no power, I traced them back to the towing module under the passenger seat, it turned out a small piece of the loom was missing to power up the relay in the towing module,
  7. Yes we have them, you buy them as a set to suit your model/size awning, only used them twice when the weather was really hot last year they really helped keeping the awning cooler & I felt a little easier when going out for the day that someone couldn’t just walk in & walk off with anything
  8. Our Cadac carri chef is around 12yrs old now & I was thinking about upgrading for a new one at the show this weekend but as the wife pointed out “what’s wrong with that one” we use it as a pan on legs for lots of dishes that we’d rather not cook in the caravan due to smell & space, curry, meatballs, spag-Bol, full breakfasts etc but if it’s a BBQ we want the a Weber go anywhere comes out, cracking little BBQ, packs down small & cleaning is easy I’ve even started using it at home if there is only the two of us
  9. Not sure why people are posting about issues towing an 8ft when Tom states it’s not an issue that he is concerned about? We have this layout (840) the extra width inside is great & really noticeable when we get in my parents Lunar we would find it difficult to go back to a standard width, If your kids are happy to sleep together in the side dinette the layout should work fine for you but if you are looking to make the double bed at the front as well there is little to no floor space left when made, We have only slept 6 once & I’d never do it again!
  10. well mine certainly is, but it was hit & miss on the pre-face lift my understanding from my Ford dealer is that Ford intended for them all to be fully wired for a caravan but the extra jump loom under the passenger seat got missed on many when the towbar was fitted hence why Ford were fitting them for free when customers complained on a new vehicle, the part is about £20ish & it takes minutes to fit
  11. as my earlier post, I have owned 3 Rangers & not had any issues with tow ball height, the Factory fit towbar is not type approved for use with a drop plate
  12. what year is your ranger? the latest 2019 come fully wired Some of the earlier ones need a an extra small wiring harness fitting under the passenger seat to add an extra positive feed to the towing module, I have the technical service bulletin somewhere with the part number of the loom if you need it
  13. I store our caravan at my work premises, in a large workshop/ ind unit with other equipment, fork lift, LGV’s etc when getting quotes most insurance companies wouldn’t cover it or quoted a very high premium Caravan & Motorhome Club were the only ones I found who are happy to provide cover at a reasonable price given where it is stored, when questioned it I was informed “we don’t mind where you store it as long as it’s in the UK” just checked my policy docs & the only stipulation under storage is just that,
  14. Hi Jon, From my experience you will need to change the ball itself for an extended neck one (ie Alko) simple enough job, two 24mm bolts, as i’ve posted above I’m on my third Ranger & not had a problem with the height myself
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