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  1. I had thought about doing this on our Elddis but decided the bottles were positioned above the chassis rails/ A frame for a reason so left it as it was
  2. Maybe the caravan is having work done on it & it has been agreed with the site owner? Ie Service, motormover fitted, paint restoration needing a working platform
  3. Yes you can tailor your CMC policy to suit your security & can opt out of using the Alko wheel locks
  4. It’s something I am thinking about doing also so interested in the reply’s I watched this only this morning, you may find useful https://youtu.be/E67eBWANTII
  5. I agree there is no legislation & therefore no right or wrong & this subject will keep going round & round, However to pick up on Borussia's post In the UK Most modern HEAVY wreckers will have at least one 30,000lbs winch (around 15t) but would be next to useless at transporting the car & caravan from the scene Most modern recovery vehicles of the type that would attend a car & caravan RTC (ie a slidebed) will have one 8000lbs hyd winch (around 4 ton) this coupled with a snatch block will have plenty of pulling power to right an over turned car & caravan if need be but the problem is connecting one cable to two casualty vehicle at the same time if they are both overturned (this is possible with enough snatch blocks, cable length & space) once the right way up the rig would need separating to be able to transport it away unless a Lowloader with a clear bed length is available to put the whole lot on
  6. Sorry if you found my post rude, maybe I could have worded it better, Steve didn’t offer any advice as to why you should fit a lock while traveling just that it’s not illegal to do so so why not, my advise is based on experiences my colleagues & I have actually encountered, Can you or Steve give a good reason to advise fitting one while traveling?
  7. Im not giving my advise (& that is all it is) as a “have a go hero” I have over 20years experience in the vehicle recovery industry & have encountered the problems that hitch locks cause on many occasions, so I am coming at it from the professional point of view, the fire & rescue service are not often on scene at all & when they have been are usually long gone when recovery takes place, the recovery of the vehicle be it breakdown or accident IS the job of the recovery operator & the buck stops with them whether it be a car or caravan or 44t on its side, They are the professional!
  8. Only my advise has logic to it & is a very good reason not to do something yours is,,, well pathetic really You ask any recovery operator with any experience about hitch locks & I guarantee they will have at least one story of how one has made his or her job more difficult & puts them in danger for longer than they needed to be,
  9. I have a feeling we’ve been here before, it would HAVE to be separated to carry out the recovery,/removal Have you tried it?? Because I have done it on many occasions! All it takes is to take the weight of either the car or caravan (depending which is hanging on which) & they can be disconnected, without too much effort at all, if the hitch lock is fitted even with a key to hand it WILL hinder the recovery process, if it’s as bad as the above you probably won’t even be there to say “the key is in the centre consol” or “you remove this type of lock this way” & before you start on about the Fire service again they are not always in attendance & will not turn out because a recovery operator cannot separate a car & caravan! My advice again is not to travel with them fitted as they will not add any benefit while traveling & could cause issues should the unthinkable happen
  10. These pictures were posted by Dorset Police on their Facebook page today I agree there is no right or wrong or legality's but would your caravan keys still be in the centre console after this?
  11. My 840 had no squeaky brakes until the first service, now it sounds like an old routemaster bus slowing down!
  12. I do like the Aruba & did ask on here some time ago why they didn’t do a Buccaneer with the 840 layout, suppose id better go & buy one now 😂😂😂
  13. Update! that seems to have done the trick! cooling nicely now on gas My drive only runs down slightly so it wasn’t that tilted that much! amazed & very relived we are on our way, M5 here we come!
  14. Thanks I have just read that, about turning upside down just beeen out & removed the wheel locks & leveled up etc, i hope & pray that sorts it! Don’t fancy warm tonic for the next two weeks!
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