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  1. Hi Paul I have a new caravan that you applied your product to & was under the impression I could only wash it with Autoglym shampoo or AG resin polish if needed?
  2. I use these with E&P system light weight & very sturdy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172857347685?hash=item283f19ce65:g:CuEAAOSwjhJeMCqA
  3. No sorry that’s all I have, I got it from the FB pages where I think you are also asking?
  4. I have had 2x 3.2’s & now on my second 2.0 bi- turbo Ranger All great tow vehicles but the 2.0 bi-turbo is a much nicer vehicle to drive, smoother, quicker, quieter & IMO with the 10 speed gearbox a better tow vehicle, How long it will last is anyone’s guess but it would struggle to be any less reliable than the 5 cyl 3.2! is a tractor engine in comparison! this Aussie video shows the difference towing a 3t caravan up a big hill https://youtu.be/0wp1gF7DS4w
  5. Could be, I had an 840 supreme by Preston caravans & had to get Elddis to up that to 1800 from 1685kg
  6. Standard MTPLM on the 860 is 1685kg but can be plated up to 1800kg max, Dave, you will have a legal outfit but personally I would prefer a heavier tow car with such a large caravan
  7. Caravan cover from the CMHC is the only one I have found, as long as it’s stored in the UK they are happy
  8. In my experience owning an 840, I struggled to keep the nose weight below 100kg, it will probably sit over 80kg with nothing it it
  9. 👍 That is exactly the compromise I made & never had any issues covering the front window
  10. I have sold mine now so can’t check for you sorry, The issue with the 840 is that you can’t fit an air awning in front of the front window due to the slope of the roof, so that only leaves a narrow gap between the back of that window & the door, I think from memory a 450 would have been ok but I couldn’t get one at the time so went with the 500,
  11. Hello Chris, the 840 is an excellent family caravan, we have a Kampa 500 & when slid as far back as possible it just covers the front window slightly but you can open both lockers ok From memory the 420 covers the rear window & locker door hope that helps a bit?
  12. I tow with a Ranger 2.0 bi-turbo with the “smart alternator” i understand this cannot be turned off with forscan & have been told it is also linked to speed, I have tried with a multi meter turning on everything electrical, headlights, wipers, blower, heated front screen, heated rear screen, heated seats etc etc & increased revs & still no power to pin 10 (it is wired up) ive got to the point I’ve given up worrying about it, the battery always has enough power to operate the movers & the fridge is still cold at site or home so it’s good enough for me 🤷‍♂️
  13. I have done this job on an Elddis 840 From memory I couldn’t see where the cables went once they entered the roof lining so it was just a case of probing the wires with a test light, I swapped the feeds for the O/S service light & the gas locker light onto the awning switch so they all came on together this gave me a spare switch to power the LEDs around the stargazer
  14. Yes I’m sure it will be fine other wise it wouldn’t be type approved but I’d much rather is was held on by two hefty nuts & bolts than a pin the thickness of my finger & an R clip! 😂
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