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  1. Found at least one of the release mechanisms on one of the poles of our new Corsican awning would not hold at all. Another not holding particlularly well. Were sent two replacements. Looks like there may be a design problem looming.
  2. Hi Graham We stayed at the C&CC site at Dartmouth, pretty good but no pool. Some people we met were staying at a site opposite a new Sainsbury's in Dartmouth and giving it rave reviews, I believe they said it had a pool. Sorry can't remember the name of the site but maybe someone on here will know which one I mean (or you could telephone Sainsbury's in dartmouth and ask them)
  3. You could get an analogue flat screen TV and then use a Freeview set top box. combined price would be less than a digital TV. As an alternative to freeview set top box you could get a cheap satellite dish and decoder
  4. Agree with Steve W. I wouldn't drink the water from the caravan taps without boiling it.
  5. When you go to collect it inspect it VERY carefully. If there are faults on it you could maybe reject it as "not fit for purpose" In view of recent posts look very carefully for signs of damp
  6. Follow Badbackcol's advice. Your purchase was clearly "not fit for purpose" Push for a new replacement or your money back. Don't be intimidated. Keep copies of all correspondence and send yours by "Signed For" or "Special Delivery" Don't agree to anything verbally, insist any offers or statemenst they make are done in writing.
  7. Damp is definitely something to check for. Prod the walls checking for a "spongy" feel especially around all the windows. Ask when it was last properly inspected for damp and would the owner mind if you came back with a damp meter.
  8. It may well be that the built in aerials on caravans i. e. the omni directional ones will work better receiving digital signals once the switchover is complete and the analogue signals have been switched off. I have read somewhere on the net that when the analogue signals are gone the digital signal strength is to be boosted by up to 50 percent.
  9. I bought the Maplin "Sat in a pack" outfit (not its real name). The dish is not very good and I obtained a better one. The decoder is the other element to consider. If you set the dish up as best you can and run the "scan for channels" option you will find that both BBC and ITV have several channels ostensibly to provide regional programming but also ITV 2,3 and 4 appear more than once. On my system I get the best ITV3 signal from a channel number somewhere up in the 1000's; I have subsequently relocated it to the beginning of the channel list. Ditto ITV4.
  10. Trevella near Newquay. I second the earlier posting for that. Also there's a site just outside Darmouth near the Camping and Caravan Club site and opposite a new Sainsbury's. Haven't stayed there but spoke with some people who have and they rate it highly. Maybe someone on here will know what it's called.
  11. or try here :- www. leisurespares. co. uk just bought a new oven seal for Spinflo Caprice cooker in our van.
  12. I thought the 12 O Clock rule was to ensure that pitches were vacated in time for new arrivals and allow the site staff to tidy up, cut any grass etc. If people are allowed to stay on after 12 without paying then it could prevent new arrivals pitching, particularly any that turn up on spec. Where access to and from the site is restricted that is an additional issue. Even if the site bookings indicate that there is space I think it is still reasonable for the site operators to charge for an extended stay since the site facilities - water, power, toilets etc are still being used. Yes it does mean that there is a vacant pitch overnight but the pitch has been legitimately booked. I don' think it would be sensible, or even legal to prevent people leaving the site whenever they wish. As to the blocking argument - there are far worse cases. Getting a two week booking over the Easter period or any Bank Holiday can be problematical because of the large numbers who book short breaks over the period e. g arrive Good Friday - leave Easter Monday. I can't see a simple answer to that unless its to restrict booking short breaks (e. g. less than six nights) to within two weeks of the desired date. - Can't see that being popular
  13. In reply to Maurice H "What would I do overcome the no show syndrome?" <_< If I was running the CC (or the C&CC) I would make giving a credit card number mandatory for booking and if someone became a no-show I would charge the whole amount due to the given card number. If that card turned out to be dud I would suspend that persons membership. I would allow people to cancel without charge up to 28 days prior to the booking, charge 50% for cancellations between 28 days and 24 hours and charge the full amount for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and no shows. If people wanted to cancel just part of a booking I would allow site managers to exercise their own discretion.
  14. Maybe the question why you've cancelled depends on how close on time the cancellation is. I just cancelled a booking for October due to change of plans and didn't get asked why. Also cancelled a booking for April in order to re-book a longer one in the same place, same period. I tried making a second booking to follow on but the system said I was violating the "tow-away rule" whatever that is and wouldn't let me do it. It would be good if the CC system enabled people to amend their bookings.
  15. I'm considering buying a Damp Meter. The price seems to vary from about £9 e. g. Maplins to £300+ (Protimeter) Does anyone have experience of using one, particularly the cheaper ones?
  16. I evaluated the systems being shown at the autumn caravan show at the NEC. Like a previous poster it semed to me that the Powrmover lever system required much more effort that the winder system on the Reich. To the OP I suggest you got to the next exhibition near you and try out the systems on show.
  17. Lunar stock quite a lot of back issue user manuals. Give them a call : Telephone: 01772 337628 Fax: 01772 627722 Post: Lunar Caravans Ltd Sherdley Road Lostock Hall Preston Lancashire PR5 5JF
  18. We bought a Reich mover at the Caravan Show at the NEC in October 2008. We're very happy with it so far. Nearly bought the Powrmover but what changed our minds was that the mechanisms for both wheels can be engaged from one side on the Reich and we need to park the van close to the fence. Could have bought the Powrmover with electrical engagement but that would have cost more. The driveway has a 1 in 4 slope which the Reich manages with no difficulty.
  19. Probably too late for you now but anyway, we had a Reich mover fitted with which we've been very pleased. In order to get the unit out of its normal home we have two feet clearance between the gate and where the neighbour across the road habitually leaves his car. Also a slope to contend with. The mover is worth its weight in gold ! We chose the Reich because unlike the Powrmover (with manual activation) you can engage both the drives from one (either) side of the unit. (We have to park the van quite close to the fence to get it in - yet another hazard in getting it in and out)
  20. Which is the best route to Hayle when towing? A38 via Pymouth and south of Dartmoor or A30 via Okehampton and Launceston and north of Dartmoor ??
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