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  1. I would pay up to £40, once per year, for a good exterior clean. It's doing the roof I find difficult.
  2. Princess, Royal Caribbean and Holland America have run cruises which start or end in Athens, I don't believe any of them are registered in Greece.
  3. Seems like the insurance companies have added a new premium affecting condition : Do you do any volunteering ? I do one morning a week in our church office ( in normal non-Covid circumstances)[ and in non-Covid times I would mostly go in on the bus] Premium increased by one pound !
  4. Just had the tow car mot'd. Number of miles driven in last 12 months : 2,200. Would normally be between 7,000 and 8,000 Wife's car miles driven : 2011. Would normally be around 4,000 Number of caravan sites visited : 3. Would normally be between 5 and 9.
  5. If you are really wanting to go ahead with a XC90 you could try using the negative reports from Which to get a bigger discount on the purchase price and/or an extended warranty.
  6. This is the Which survey not Whatcar "With all that considered, the XC90 gets three stars out of five for 0-3-year reliability. But that’s the good news. After three years, the car’s reliability goes into a tailspin......... ......It’s a hugely disappointing result for the luxury brand and its flagship SUV. Bottom of the survey, it gets a dismal one star out of five for reliability." For the full report go to the Which website (the article may only be available to Which subscribers)
  7. Although I am a Volvo fan and indeed have a V70 I noticed that the Volvo XC90 has the dubious honour of being the Which 2020 least reliable car. That would put me off getting one.
  8. The lockdown will be eased over Christmas. This will be followed by a huge spike in new cases of Covid in mid January.
  9. Why does it have to be technology based ? After 3 years cars have to have an MOT where the mileage could be recorded and a charge based on miles done. So slight change to the rules so that an annual inspection is required, or on change of ownership Can't say I particularly like paying taxes but this could work. The problem I see with electric cars is that unless there are some dramatic improvements in battery technology it is going to kill the touring caravan market.
  10. We use whole lot regularly - oven, grill, gas hobs, electric hob Three level steamer on electric hob for veg.
  11. The link you've posted doesn't seem to work but I've been to the trailertek web site and found what I guess your referring to. If I've understood it correctly whilst the tester would show that the caravan lights are OK it wouldn't show that the connection from the car is working them properly.
  12. Admin Comment - Moved to Towcar Talk as it clearly isn’t Caravan Chat I'm looking for a 13 pin extension cable to test out caravan electrics without having to back the car onto the caravan (because I don't have space to get it close enough to connect otherwise) I've found a couple of 3 metre ones but they all say they have 13 pins at each end with an 8 core cable in between. Is that going to provide full functionality e.g. for testing indicators and brake lights.
  13. We're just finishing a week at a beautiful site on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border. CMC or C&CC Leek ?
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