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  1. Not long to the October caravan Show at the NEC. Lots of caravans / layouts for you to look at.
  2. As you have had the static on site for 11 years you must have some idea of what the electric bill for the period in question should be and previous bills to which you can refer.
  3. Includes "emergency rations" that we rarely use !
  4. As I don't know the financial model that caravan sites use I can't say for sure but I would guess that the cost of providing a pitch is the same whether you have additional facilities or not and that bars and restaurants are "self financing" through the revenue they generate so their cost is not reflected in pitch fees. A swimming pool on the other hand is probably not self financing so you would expect sites that have them to charge more or, as in the case of Haven sites for example , charge an additional fee to use them.
  5. Are you suggesting that CMC and CCC sites should all have bars and restaurants and swimming pools ?
  6. A Freesat or Sky receiver, (I prefer Freesat). Approximately 25m length of good quality single signal cable, or twin core, (shotgun cable) if you plan to use a receiver/recorder). Last, but not least of course, you will need a TV of your choice. Those are the basic items required for satellite TV. But that’s just the easy bit, the difficult bit is setting up and aiming the dish accurately enough to receive the Astra 2 (Freesat or Sky) signal located at 28.2° east of south. To achieve that, you will also need to purchase a Signal finder and a cheap compass. OP says his TV has a satellite socket so shouldn't need a separate decoder to get Freesat. Re setting up - that's why I suggest the Maxview system which has finder built in , but you're right about the compass.
  7. I have a Maxview Precision tripod and dish. Not cheap but really easy to set up. Google it for videos etc.
  8. Unless you actually own a site I can't see why anyone would want to be a warden. It's a pretty thankless task - putting up with other people's mess, moans and demands. I am full of admiration for those who choose to do it and in my experience the vast majority do it cheerfully and well.
  9. 300% increase !!! Did not renew with that company.
  10. According to the Lunar caravans website the Meteorite was in production from 1990 to 1997. I would have thought there would be a serial number on it somewhere. You could email Lunar with that to try and get a date.
  11. Where do I start ? How old are the kids ? When are you going ? Where exactly are you staying ? Walking : Dovedale, Manifold Valley, Monsal Trail , Lathkill Dale Biking : Monsal Trail, Tissington Trail, High Peak Trail Wet days : Gullivers Kingdom Matlock, Crich Tramway Museum, National Trust : Hardwick Hall, Kedleston, Sudbury Hall (Museum of Childhood) Heights of Abraham, Matlock - cable car, caves, playgrounds Google "Well Dressings"
  12. I have the Volvo detachable towbar on my V70 and it works just fine. However, you need to read this thread : Volvo V90 Towball - Too High
  13. Same problems at Pont Abraham at the welsh end of the M4 and Swansea West
  14. I used to tow with a 2.5lL petrol Volvo V70. Never felt entirely confident it was going to make it to the top of some hills (but it always did) Surprisingly, putting Shell V-Power petrol in made a noticeable improvement.
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