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  1. My abiding memory of Wales at Easter is as a child sat in a caravan at Prestatyn watching it rain or being in a muddy play area in the rain. We went several Easters and as I recall it rained every time.
  2. I had a 2012 XC70 D5 AWD. I thought it was a great towcar but SWMBO said it tended to "bounce" when towing. Swapped it for a 2015 V70 D4 which also tows well but doesn't quite have the "grunt" that the XC70 had.
  3. The blitz on diesel towcars and a presently nonviable alternative of electric cars is bound to have an impact on caravan sales.
  4. Donnington has a separate caravan area (which sadly sometimes gets used by HGVs and cars). To get to it drive through the HGV area and follow the road out the far end then bear right - you'll see signs for caravan parking which then is on your left. Drive in forward, Stop, Drive out forward, great I've never been there yet when there hasn't been at least one space available. re post immediately before this - I wouldn't say the walk to the facilities is all that far, 50 yards maybe.
  5. Oh No ! Even more difficult to get into the CMC Derbyshire sites !
  6. Some non HD freeview channels are broadcast on an "HD" mux so if your TV doesn't have HD capability you don't get those channels.
  7. If I understand you correctly that would mean all lorries and caravans in a massive long queue on the inside lane of a three lane motorway all travelling at the speed of the slowest vehicle, probably around 50mph
  8. Check the shower door. On most centre transverse bathroom models it is extremely flimsy and jams when you open and close it. Exceptions to this I have found are Coachman and Bailey. Given Lunar's recent upheaval that might be one to avoid.
  9. As a guide our 4 berth Swift single axle requires 64psi
  10. For one thing you could advertise it in the Social Club 'Items for sale' sections of this website.
  11. Not long to the October caravan Show at the NEC. Lots of caravans / layouts for you to look at.
  12. As you have had the static on site for 11 years you must have some idea of what the electric bill for the period in question should be and previous bills to which you can refer.
  13. Includes "emergency rations" that we rarely use !
  14. As I don't know the financial model that caravan sites use I can't say for sure but I would guess that the cost of providing a pitch is the same whether you have additional facilities or not and that bars and restaurants are "self financing" through the revenue they generate so their cost is not reflected in pitch fees. A swimming pool on the other hand is probably not self financing so you would expect sites that have them to charge more or, as in the case of Haven sites for example , charge an additional fee to use them.
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