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  1. Not a lot of leg room in rear seats of Volvo XC or for that matter V70 if the front seat people also have long legs and the seats are set back
  2. An issue I have had twice is when the jockey wheel drops during transit. Yes I did make sure it was tightly gripped on both occasions before setting off. I now put an extra jubilee clip on the mechanism above the chassis to prevent a further occurrence.
  3. Answering the other part of the original question : Your daughter will need to take another driving test which includes towing to get the "E" licence. There are specialist driving schools which can assist with this. Search for B+E training and your location to find one.
  4. Just had another clonking problem - was again presented with stone trapped in the suspension. !
  5. Has anyone downloaded the Shell GO+ app to their smartphone (Android) and got it to work ? It certainly doesn't on mine. They seem to have abandoned a simple loyalty scheme where you presented a card and accumulated points with an electronic app that doesn't work. Geeks rule OK.
  6. In 2018 SWMBO insured with Geoffrey Insurance (via GoCompare) Renewal arrived for 2019 with renewal price less than year before and a statement saying "we ensure that our present customers ALWAYS pay less than new ones." Can't grumble about that.
  7. You could also look at Camping Club sites. As they charge a deposit they are less likely to be showing as fully booked.
  8. I can't see that the height of the dish makes that much difference unless its put in a place where people can walk in front and obstruct the signal. The only exception to this I have found is Start Bay CMC site where the land surrounding the site rises to such an extent that on many pitches it obscures line of sight to the satellite. Having tried using an old sky dish in the past I got fed up with fiddling around to get the direction and angle of elevation right. I've bought a Maxview dish which is an absolute breeze to set up.
  9. So what sort of places are used for the reversing exercise ?
  10. It seems that if you want to upgrade a "B only" licence to "B+E" you have to pass another test. Does that test entail towing ? or is it just a repeat of the original test. I don't need to do this as I already have B+E but would be interesting to know.
  11. Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) The thing that's grounded all the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft after two crashes. It's what happens when you give software ultimate control rather than people.
  12. On my previous XC70 and present V70 the ATC comes to life without the ignition being switched on. I think you need to get it checked.
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