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  1. Make sure you say hello to Dominic !
  2. In our nearest Tesco most of the silly people going the wrong way are Tesco staff loading up delivery baskets
  3. The first house we bought, a pre-war semi-detached, had a covenant that said we couldn't hold a funfair on the land. Quite how we would have got one in I don't know. Had it craned in over the house maybe ?
  4. We were due to go to Anglesey in July but with the uncertainty have abandoned that plan.
  5. Why don't you just ask your caravan dealer if they are doing servicing and if they are and you can get a slot then take it in. The government wants businesses back in action.
  6. Judging from previous posts you can go from Scotland to England if you live within 5 miles of the border.
  7. I have a plan. Let's not open schools, parks, beaches, most shops, sports facilities and stadia, hotels, pubs, restaurants, camping sites and public toilets until there are zero new Covid cases and deaths world-wide. That should satisfy the unions and ultra cautious. See you all in 2026.
  8. We have a whole series of bookings ahead but which of the soonest will materialize is anybody's guess. Hope some of the autumn ones will go ahead.
  9. " We have still not seen the promised 100,000 tests a day and far from it ." What is not clear is why the number of tests is lower than 100,000. Is it that the labs aren't processing them quickly enough or is it that 100.000 people aren't turning up at the test centres or hospitals.. In any case, apparently the tests are only about 70% accurate.
  10. The effect of a large number of people gathering can be seen on this map which shows the localised effect of coronavirus following Cheltenham Races. the area shown in red is where the racecourse is located. https://www.gazetteseries.co.uk/resources/images/11292562.jpg?display=1&htype=0&type=responsive-gallery
  11. The law is quite clear, if your flight or holiday is amended or cancelled you have the right to a refund with 14 days or 7 depending on if its a flight or holiday However, these are unprecedented times and I can understand that an airline or travel company may well need some time to issue refunds. If an airline or travel company fails to give a refund and goes bust then , if the flight / holiday was booked using a credit card, people can apply for a refund from the credit card company. There was recently a case on TV where someone had paid out £3000 for a holiday that was cancelled and they were upset that they hadn't yet had a refund because it was causing them hardship. Now, they've already paid out £3,000 and presumably whilst on holiday they would have spent a lot more so I find a "hardship" case difficult to swallow; unless of course they've lost their jobs in the current situation in which case they need to push hard for the refund.
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