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  1. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Speed limit reduction. Now Spain are doing it!!

    But not everyone wants to travel at three in the morning
  2. Cheltenham Caravanner


    It's a case of each to their own. Membership of CAMC is not compulsory. I presume that people who pay for membership believe they are getting worthwhile value, be it use of club sites, CL,s insurance or whatever. Those who don't perceive benefit surely don't join
  3. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Water ingress annoyance

    "Not fit for purpose" comes to mind. Insist on your money back
  4. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Vauxhall Amongst The Most Unreliable Cars

    Back in the 1960's Vauxhalls were rust on wheels. Remember the small Bedford vans with the sliding doors ? Learnt to drive in a Viva HA In the 70's they got better. I had a Viva HB that was no trouble and had over 100,000 miles on the clock when I sold it. I then had a series of Cavaliers and a Carlton all of which were trouble free. However, haven't had a Vauxhall since 1992 so no recent experience.
  5. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Cyclists and one way streets

    It seems to me that most cyclist ignore road signs as a matter of course. (Dons tin hat)
  6. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Is gas worth it.

    We've stayed on some sites where putting the electric kettle on whilst the electric heating is running has tripped the EHU. Can't see running an electric oven, two or three hob rings, fridge and heating simultaneously working.
  7. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Buying New Coachman Pastiche 575 - what offers are there?

    Why not go to the show and find the best deal you can get. Then go to your nearest reputable dealer and see if they will match or improve. Just read Pete's post above. I agree
  8. Cheltenham Caravanner

    There is nothing quite like the smell of a new caravan!

    Curled up in it tonight on the drive as there are too many thieving scum bags around, so we will sleep in it on the drive! Are you planning to sleep in it on the drive forever ??? !!
  9. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Brexit and insurance

    and there's Cleethorpes and Bridlington to visit as well
  10. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Tips for a new caravaner

    Isabella are good, as to size it depends on how you plan to use it and how many of you there are. If it's just for two then something like the Isabella Magnum may be sufficient but if there are more of you or you just want more space then a full size to fit your van may be a better option. . Now the TV. If you want one that will run off the 12 volt supply you're looking at AVTEX or CELLO which run on mains or 12v with freeview and satellite tuners. I have no experience of the former, the latter you need to watch with the screen at eye level (or tilted on a bracket to give a 90 degree viewing angle, mine also has a built-in DVD player. Side angle viewing is not too bad. Alternatively if you are always going to be connected to mains electric you could just buy some other small TV.
  11. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Caravan Towing Services - Help!

    Tow from where to where ?
  12. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Route to Grafham Water

    Thanks folks
  13. Cheltenham Caravanner

    fridge on 12v.

    I would assume OFF based on the fact that if I put the fridge onto battery with car not connected (or engine not running) it bleeps to warn no power but if the engine is running it doesn't bleep so must be getting power from car.
  14. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Wind out sun canopy for a caravan

    My Isabella Sun canopy takes 5 minutes to put up.
  15. Cheltenham Caravanner

    Route to Grafham Water

    Travelling from Derby to Grafham Water. I have two route choices : 1. M1 south then A14 East or 2. A52 east, around Nottinghma to Grantham. A1 / A1M south Any opinions on the best route ?