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  1. It might only take a few seconds to get it out but you then have the problem of where to put it while travelling. A 2.8 metre long cylinder (which is quite heavy) isn't the easiest thing to stow. We had ours attached to the awning rail for 13 years at least with no problems.
  2. The TRUMA bulkhead regulator on our Bailey failed last year in France. We already have an ELFI cylinder which came with its own regulator so I did exactly as described, using the existing barbecue point. It worked fine for the couple of weeks we needed it. Incidentally that was the original (2005) regulator so it had lasted 14 years which I thought was good going.
  3. Concern about trapping the cable was one reason I'm going for the 13 pin socket. As I park with the back of the car facing the garage, the lead should be quite safe.
  4. It'll be a simple matter to plug / unplug it once I've made it, and a cheaper option. Plus a solar panel may be attractive to thieves.....
  5. Thanks both. I have a 13 pin plug lying around somewhere (recent house move makes finding stuff tricky!) so will make up a lead.
  6. Due to the current situation the towcar (2013MY Freelander 2) is virtually unused and when it is only for very short trips. I'd like to keep the battery topped up and wonder whether I could make up a lead to use the permanent live on the 13 pin socket to do this. I'd be using a Ctek charger. Would this affect the alarm (if set)?
  7. Yes, I've used Waitrose delivery service for years and now can't get future slots although luckily I have one for this weekend and another in a couple of weeks. As both of us are over 70 and have underlying conditions it would be madness to stand in supermarket queue. Supermarkets should be working out ways of prioritising (although I have to say the local Waitrose was as helpful as they could be). It's all very well to tell us to stay at home but there needs to be some government action to ramp up delivery capability.
  8. Update - just had an email from Nationwide saying that holidays booked AFTER March 18 are not covered for coronavirus but anything booked before that date is.
  9. I've just renewed the age etc enhancements to our Nationwide Flexplus policy. No mention of anything being excluded.
  10. Many thanks - looks like the Milenco are the favourite. Would these be the standard aero or the grand aero? I'm not too keen on the pointed silhouette of the former - can they be fitted in a vertical orientation as the point looks as if it's just waiting to catch someone in the ribs.....
  11. So far I'm very pleased with my "new" car. But the towing mirrors I used with my old Discovery don't seem very secure as the door mirrors are more streamlined on the Freelander and look as if the rubber straps would slip off. Any recommendations?
  12. I've taken the plunge and bought a 2013 SD4 auto with 80,000 miles on the clock and full service history for £10,000. A short test drive was good and am picking the car up tomorrow with full MoT. It has a towing pack and looks very nice. And it's a lovely shade of blue rather than black or silver!
  13. Off to look at a couple this weekend. Wish me luck!
  14. Many thanks all - very positive. I've had a look at the forum mentioned - the D2 boys' club one has been very helpful to me over the years. As an aside, the Discovery has been diagnosed with a cracked cylinder head so I've scrapped it as it really wasn't worth ploughing thousands into it. Sad to see a faithful friend go after 10 years but quite excited about getting something new(er) and shiny!
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