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  1. I'm no expert but suggest you don't take the van back to that dealer for servicing as I believe that suggestion is absolute rubbish.
  2. Many years ago (late 1960s) I was a technical apprentice with the Central Electricity Generating Board. An edict came from on high that we were to move over to metric measurements. A few days later I went to the stores to get some 1/2" Whitworth bolts. The storeman said: "Oh, they're 12.7mm Whitworth now". It only struck me how ridiculous it was later.....
  3. We're due to tow to Wales from the Midlands on Sunday. If it was tomorrow I'd put it off given the warnings. Better a day less holiday than a capsized caravan (or worse). Even on Sunday, when the winds are forecast to have died down, I'll check before setting off.
  4. Well, the number of people who seem to have their caravan unhitch itself at the first speed bump suggests otherwise......
  5. Yes, it's not as bad as it looks from the maps. As well as google maps, I use street view for anywhere that looks as if it might be tricky - I think Nantes was the first time I did this, a few years ago. It's amazing how it all looks familiar once you actually get there. I used satnav for the actual trip but checked it out before actually driving there.
  6. I found this which seems like a good description. One of ours is a bit floppy so I need to sort it out - eventually.... https://www.practicalcaravan.com/advice/31982-how-to-re-tension-caravan-roller-blinds-and-flyscreens
  7. Can't match that but we've had our Bailey Pageant Vendée from new in 2005 so 14 years and counting. We occasionally look at newer vans but the Pageant does everything we want, has exactly the right layout, and is still going strong. So we will hopefully catch you up in the next few years! BTW why do you say it's too big? One thing we've never fancied is the cushion tango before turning in. The fixed bed and comfortable lounge in our van mean we can relax in the evening with a good book, a relaxing CD and a glass or two of wine before gracefully decamping to the ready-made up bed.
  8. Yes, I forgot the cc discount!
  9. Same price from Prima. https://www.primaleisure.com/search/?term=thetford+fresh I usually find their shipping is cheaper than others.
  10. If the axle is rated at 2 tonnes and the caravan only weighs 1500 Kg or so the spring rate will be far too high giving a very hard ride.
  11. Yes, the micro switch has a habit of sticking. Not surprising as it's a terrible environment for electrics. I had this problem a couple of years ago and ended up getting a new switch although have cleaned up the old one and have it as a spare. I think the flush system has given us more problems over the years than anything else. This is ours although yours may be different: https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1050298
  12. It's about as accurate as most of that "newspaper"'s stuff.
  13. These are the work of the devil and have a high chance of being the problem.
  14. This isn't provided by EHIC but is offered by a number of private insurance companies.
  15. It's an older van so likely to have a separate flush tank. As both are intermittent I'd check the battery connections first as suggested. Otherwise start looking for loose connections - but as both are affected this is likely to be near the battery rather than further away after the circuits split. As said both these are 12 volt so the mains current is irrelevant.
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