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  1. Thanks Val although no chance we'll be using it this year. Hopefully in 2022!
  2. Half a cartridge is a huge amount - it must have gone somewhere! As said earlier it should only take a couple of strokes to fill the clearance around the shaft.
  3. It would be helpful to know how far the pipe goes in altogether then it would be easy to ensure it's fully home by putting a piece of masking tape or similar round the pipe to correspond to that dimension, especially as they're so often hard to get to as described.
  4. To be honest, standard caravan door and window locks would not stop a determined thief for more than a couple of minutes. Remember they don't care how much damage they cause. If you fit high security door locks they'll only be wondering what goodies are lurking inside. The remedy is to be careful about the sites you choose.
  5. That fuse holder with the handwritten label looks like an (amateur) addition. When you say "some of the lights work" do you mean all the 12 volt ones or just some of those? Those meters are notoriously inaccurate and I wouldn't be surprised if yours has just failed. With regard to EHU we usually switch off the water heater when we go out but leave other things on. Attached is a document prepared by a member here which may be of some help to you. Bailey Caravan Wiring Description11.pdf
  6. As so often the OP hasn't bothered to reply or to thank those who've helped. Sad really.
  7. Our front fairing is covered as we've had one every year for the last 15 years.... I think I'll remove them as the receipt is of far more use and they are a bit unsightly. As the van is in storage it's probably easiest to take the fairing off and bring it home to get a hair drier on it.....
  8. I have a Pageant 2005 (5 series) manual in pdf form which I expect is pretty close. Attached..... Bailey User manual.pdf
  9. I don't consider 20 years that old. Spares for our (slightly younger at 16 years) Bailey are still readily available.
  10. I have to say I got the workshop to do ours while doing a service and they only charged an hour's labour.
  11. We had a Reich mover fitted to our 2005 Bailey when we bought it new. Apart from one minor fault on the remote (which was fixed FoC) and changing the original grit covered rollers for the later grooved alloy ones, it hasn't given a moment's trouble. It always makes me smile when people Talk about the good repair service for Powrtouch. I'd rather have one that didn't break down in the first place.....
  12. Our 2005 Pageant originally came with 195/170 x 14 tyres which had a recommended pressure of mid-30s if I remember corrctly (handbook is in the van). I've replaced these with 185/65 which have a recommended pressure of 52 psi. This has been confirmed by Bailey. So as said, don't take what's on the plate as gospel.
  13. They'll be similar to the ones on our Pageant Vendée. The ones from Prima were cheaper than anywhere else and cured the bed's tendency to drop on our heads!
  14. ... and will be a risk to others who for a variety of reasons are not able to be vaccinated or who do not respond well to the vaccine.
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