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  1. Britannia uses subcontractors like many others. As far as I know they don't have their own dedicated breakdown vehicles. On the few occasions I've used them I've been very happy with the service.
  2. Towball covers - I just have a very simple one made from semi rigid plastic which is open at the bottom so it doesn't collect water. Like this:
  3. If you're taking the wallboard off I'd leave them in. Trying to drill them out will probably only spin them causing further damage. An alternative would be a dremel with a thin cutting disc to cut the heads off.
  4. When we visited a couple of years ago we chose Herculaneum as Pompeii can get very crowded and is a much bigger site so possibly quite exhausting to cover the whole place. We're pleased we did, also there is an interesting museum a short walk from the site: https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/herculaneum-s-museum-of-relics-finally-opens-its-doors-44-years-on Whichever you pick, well worth the trip.
  5. Caravans are built from the inside out and cupboards etc are part of the structure so it can, as you've realised, be tricky to dismantle them.....
  6. The likelihood is that this is due to the front ABS panel having cracked where the screws holding the awning rail go through as apparently pilot holes weren't drilled(!). We had a very similar problem with our 2005 Pageant Vendee, and had to have the front moulding replaced. It may be possible to repair any cracks but not an easy or cheap job. I, like you, thought the problem with ours was the side window but it turned out not to be the case - but you may be lucky. We bit the bullet and had a new front as we've owned the van from new and love it.
  7. No filter, no sterilising solution, drink the water straight from the tap and have been for 15 years. Also still alive.
  8. We too much prefer Crystal Palace as it's in a much more interesting and diverse area. As said, getting to the centre is very easy. The clincher for us coming from the Midlands is avoiding the dreadful M25 (although I have to say the South Circular can be "interesting"). I don't know what the current status of the ridiculous "improvement" scheme is but am glad it's been scrapped at least for the time being.
  9. I seem to remember that you need to register a credit / debit card with TFL but I may be out of date. It's a couple of years since I did this. Of course anyone with an English over-65 travelcard can uses buses FOC.
  10. This is often said but in over 50 years of soldering motorcycle (and other) connectors I have yet to have one fail in this way. You do of course have to solder properly, not just "stick" the bits together, and be careful not to overheat and let the solder run up the cable. I believe soldered joints to be superior in every application I've used. In my view, crimps were introduced to deskill the wiring process as any idiot can make a serviceable job given the right kit whereas soldering needs a modicum of skill.
  11. I use a plastic storage box that just fits neatly under the drain bung when the cassette is removed. Fine unless the flush tank is actually full! The bung is a bit daft as you have to hold it out of the way otherwise the water bounces off it all over the place. It would be nice to have the pipe illustrated.
  12. Ours goes up by 10% every year. It is however a good secure place and there are few alternatives so I just pay up.
  13. Internal caravan meters are very unreliable. Ours never shows more than 12 volts even when hooked up.
  14. Guzzilazz mentioned water ingress to a control unit and this may be a more likely explanation. The cleaning and reassembly of the plugs may have just allowed time for this to dry out. I've had water in the fusebox / IDM of my Discovery and it generated some very odd effects.
  15. iansoady

    Loo night visit

    Sounds like a good idea to me - we're usually on sites with little or no external lighting and I don't trust my aim in the dark.....
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