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  1. Yes, that's what I've found. Although in truth even with the Sanef one it was worth it for the lack of hassle.
  2. Well now I can answer my own question....... Very mixed is the answer. The site itself is lovely - parkland with a wide variety of mature trees beside a branch of the Cher. Access to the site is via some narrow roads with tight bends and very poor visibility and involves negotiating fairly busy roads with huge agricultural vehicles and articulated lorries. The town is very pleasant with an attractive 19th century basilica and mediaeval castle (which we didn't manage to visit). Excellent boulangerie / patisserie 5 minutes walk away as is the Café de Paris which provided very good menus at €13.50 (plats du jour at €7.50). There's a small but fairly comprehensive Intermarché supermarket with 24 hour fuel on the edge of the town. There's a small market every Saturday morning and mobile caterers (pizza, Chinese, kebabs etc) arrive in the market place most evenings. The town is in a beautiful area with Bourges and St Amand Montrond each about 30 minutes drive. The geographical centre of France is on the way to the latter, which has a big market again on Saturday mornings. When we arrived the site was deserted but a lady who was passing with her dog offered to fetch the manager who duly turned up after 10 minutes or so and was very helpful. We soon found an excellent pitch at the far end of the site and settled in. At first we were the only ones on site, to be joined the next day by a small group of German anglers who stayed 3 nights. We liked the ambiance so much we abandoned plans to move on and stayed for our whole holiday, during which we were left on our own again. We eventually discovered the reason for this when we left almost 3 weeks later. The opening dates had been changed - when we arrived it was the 1st May; at some time during our residence this had changed to the 1st July. We only discovered this when we tried to pay at the Mairie (as the manager had been conspicuously absent throughout) where we were met with some confusion as the staff couldn't understand why we were on the site at all! Eventually we had it sorted out and paid the very reasonable €14 per night including electricity. From a practical point of view, the toilets were old and scruffy, being adequate at best and if there had been anything like full capacity on the site would have struggled to cope. Showers also were very basic although did have hot water. Neither really bothered us although may have been enough to put off a lot of people. There were of course no luxuries such as swimming pools but the site is adjacent to a canoeing / water activity centre which looked as though it would be attractive to many people. The one serious drawback was that on our second Saturday on the site there was a youth football tournament on the pitches just behind the site. This in itself wasn't a problem, however it was followed by highly amplified "house" music which went on till the early hours making sleep very hard to come by..... So as I say somewhat mixed. We loved it; but I could imagine that at the height of summer it could be a nightmare. This is the original website with May opening time: https://web.archive.org/web/20180424053431/http://www.chateauneufsurcher.fr/tourisme/camping-gîtes/camping/ and this the current one. http://www.chateauneufsurcher.fr/tourisme/camping-gîtes/camping/
  3. Yes, it's only for months when the tag is used. As we travelled on the 31st May and on several occasions in June we'll be hit with an extra €1.90. Disgraceful!
  4. No shock absorbers - have never felt the need. I did read elsewhere that a similar issue was the spare wheel carrier moving slightly - we have the carrier but the wheel lives in the van / car so maybe worth a look. The van is in storage so I can't just pop outside and look.
  5. On the way back from our recent trip to France, I noticed a creaking sound coming from underneath our Bailey Pageant Vendée Series 5 when we entered the van whilst it was hitched up but without corner steadies down. There hadn't been any noise when it was pitched up with the steadies down. When I went outside to see what was going on, it seemed to be coming from the axle when the load inside the van moved eg when the person inside deliberately rocked it. The suspension was working as I could see the wheel arch moving relative to the tyre. The ride height looked perfectly normal and the caravan towed, as always, perfectly, including negotiating some broken surfaces. After noticing this we carried on for a further 200 miles or so to get home. It's definitely not an issue with the floor or internal structure. Any views?
  6. Yes, we now use the ATMB tag with no problems after a few years with SANEF.
  7. Not here* it's not! We're the only ones on a beautiful little municipal and have been for 10 days. *name withheld to avoid the crowds!
  8. A lot of municipals have very restricted opening times for the reception. Some, like where we are at the moment, are so seldom open we have seen the manager only once since we arrived over a week ago!
  9. Having said all that, it's a ridiculous layout having connectors in such a damp environment. I've just had to pull all ours out and dry / clean them. There I was thinking a few weeks in France would be relaxing! (well the rest of it is).
  10. I also use a cordless drill for our Reich. I'm now on the third or fourth drill as the first ones had feeble batteries which expired after a couple of years - the current one (a Screwfix special) with Li-ion is doing much better. As Griff says, it needs the slow speed - at least for final engagement. If I'm in a rush I can use high speed till the rollers contact the tyres. High speed is fine for winding steadies up and down. The only thing I have to be careful with is the last part of travel as if the steady fully retracts on full speed the torque reaction on my wrist can be considerable!
  11. Our storage site has recently started asking for this (we've been with them for nearly 20 years). As said, I'd rather they did this and ensured that everyone had cover than chance it.
  12. I've heard this said many times but cannot imagine the voltage drop over a few centimetres of correctly dimensioned cable would make any appreciable difference. Far less in any case than that caused by uneven surfaces, rollers with slightly different pressures etc. But I'd be happy to be proved wrong.
  13. I'm not sure that's the case given the huge areas that would be affected. Can you point me to an authoritative reference?
  14. Some years ago I bought a 1 year old Triumph Tiger 955i from a n official Triumph dealer. It was supposed to be fully serviced before I picked it up and they'd fitted a new back tyre. A few weeks after I bought it I was rather concerned that the fan came on after a few minutes in heavy traffic. The workshop manager said "they all do that sir". A small amount of internet searching revealed that some of this model had left the factory with the pipes to the coolant overflow reservoir incorrectly connected. I checked mine and sure enough that was the case - and I needed nearly 2 litres of coolant to restore the level. The irony was that my bike wasn't in the range that was said by Triumph to be affected so the dealer's workshop must have swapped them over themselves! I was never comfortable with the handling and after checking realised that they had, contrary to the workshop manual, released the eccentrics that adjust the rear chain to remove the wheel (completely unnecessary) and the tightened them up out of alignment so the back wheel was at an angle. A five minute job to fix. I reported the dealer to Triumph but only received a placatory response. I would never ever let a dealer touch any of my bikes. Most Triumphs can have their electronics checked and tweaked with free software called Tuneedit.
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