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  1. If I leave the master switch off the battery on our Bailey holds its charge for months. If I leave it on, it goes flat in weeks. I haven't bothered to investigate (everything works fine under normal circumstances) - I just have to remember to switch it off. I do know the radio is powered up with the master switch on.
  2. I bought an Eclipse from ebay - it had previously been used as an extender and came with side panels. After struggling for ages I realised that it was missing the solid cord from inside the piping that runs in the awning channel so pinched the cords from the side panels instead. No idea what had happened to the original! But in (very partial) answer to the question I too could not work out what would stop the inner sides from flapping about so we've decided to ignore the side panels anyway. I must say that now we know how it works it's an excellent bit of kit.
  3. I meant the model of toilet, but expect that yours will be a 200 type like ours. If you look at the Thetford web site they have installation instructions for most types.
  4. Those O rings are easily forgotten and only cost pence to replace. They do deteriorate over time. I bought a pack of 5 somewhere and keep them in the caravan. It's also worth remembering that difficulty in attaching the coupling can be caused by excess friction between the O rings and the connector. A thin smear of vegetable oil helps here (or possibly awning rail lubricator although I'm not sure if that's safe near drinking water).
  5. What model is it? The one on our Thetford 200 definitely runs even when no water in the tank. I'd be surprised if any were sophisticated enough to have a no-fluid cutout. The usual Thetford way is to let you burn it out......
  6. Yes, we did visit while staying at Ligny and had an excellent lunch. We looked at the campsite while there and it looked rather claustrophobic although nicely situated.
  7. If you could be liable to damages of hundreds of thousands of pounds, and can insure against that for a few quid then it may be a tiny risk but as the potential is life-changing I see no point in assuming everything will go well. For example, there is no way I would travel to the USA without decent health insurance. But I know some people do, and we hear about it when they try to raise money for medical bills..... As for your second point, we all do careless or stupid things at times. At least I do, fortunately without serious consequences so far.
  8. I take it this is because of the thread's title?
  9. It never got crowded (early June) but there was a fair throughput of one-night stays - mostly Dutch. It's quite close to the A6 so most were probably heading south to the sun.
  10. I realised I hadn't updated this since we used the site at Ligny last year. It was really good - very friendly and helpful manager, good big pitches well spread out, clean well kept toilets etc. The village itself was very pleasant with a small supermarket, two boulangeries (which for reasons that escaped me both closed on the same day), a Logis de France with a good restaurant within walking distance plus another restaurant close to the campsite which we didn't manage to visit. There was no proper market but a vegetable / fruit truck set up in the main square once a week. The area was interesting and we found plenty to do for the week or so we were there.
  11. I have a monitor kicking around somewhere that was given to me free when I changed electricity supplier a few years ago. I must dig it out. I asked the question about live lead only as on our van (and I expect many) the main power lead is a 3 core flex going into the charger box so I'd have to split the live out of that. Not impossible of course but I'd prefer not to.
  12. Do you have to separate the live incoming wire from neutral /earth (ie not install it around a 3 core cable)?
  13. When I was young(er) and fit(ter) I used to use the reclining seats when going for my regular motorcycle trips to France but we now find the cabins far better. We usually go for the external 4 berth ones even though they're more expensive as they're that bit more comfortable. "Luxury" doesn't come cheap however - our total ferry cost this year is north of £600.......
  14. Many thanks all. We were looking at Tournon rather than Tain as the town looks very attractive and is probably slightly quieter. With a bit of luck we'll get a riverside pitch to watch the traffic! It looks like a good base for driving in the Ardeche mountains as well as relaxing by the river with a coffee.
  15. There's what looks like a nice site on the riverside here. Anybody been? Also thinking about the one over the river at Tain l'Hermitage.
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