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  1. We had a caravanstore which we liked although advancing age made it harder to stow. Eventually a storm took it down for us(!) bending the poles so we ditched it and went for an Isabella Eclipse which I found on ebay. We liked the caravanstore but to be honest the eclipse is easier to put up (although takes a few minutes longer), gives more shade (ore perhaps more often rain shadow) and we prefer it.
  2. We had a similar problem which took ages to track down on our 2005 Pageant Vendée (external pump). Using a multimeter on the pump connections showed 12 volts. I eventually tracked it down to one of the terminals coming off the back of the switch in the panel. I guess that the LED was giving a spurious voltage at the terminals but of course no actual current.
  3. I needed struts for our Pageant bed and found that the Bailey / Prima spares web site was actually cheaper than after-market. Worth a try, and if you are a CC member there's a discount IIRC.
  4. It depends on the exact model, but on our 200 (2005 Bailey) the wiring is indeed in the tank and if you ask me is a daft design. Although the cable joins are above water level, it's obviously very damp and everything including the switch corrodes. When I did ours I used cable ties to try to keep the join out of the way (I hate those crimps anyway) but expect to repeat the job eventually.
  5. As others have implied you can see a healthy voltage at the battery but the battery can be faulty meaning that there is no actual power behind it. As suggested, put your volt meter on it while switching a load on and see if the voltage drops significantly. If so then probably time for a new battery. Ctek chargers are excellent but can't revive the dead.
  6. Our 2005 Pageant has side amber reflectors but no lights. Overall length over 7 metres.
  7. In my (real, not TV) experience the bailiffs were absolutely useless in recovering assets from a company we had a judgement against, and their "advice" was worthless. A waste of money as far as we were concerned.
  8. I agree 100%. Try removing the bulbs one at a time as the symptoms usually indicate that one bulb is earthing through the filament of another.
  9. That's the stuff I use and it works well.
  10. It's just a fan as far as I can see. I've had a couple of his vacuumks and found that the marketing hype greatly exceeded the performance. He's just another chancer in my opinion.
  11. I too have had good service from Bailey / Prima. I needed new gas struts for the fixed bed and the genuine Bailey items were actually cheaper than aftermarket equivalents.
  12. Like Mr Plodd I have abandoned the Al-Ko carrier and keep the spare in the caravan / car boot / under the caravan on site. It's in a zipped bag to keep it (or its surroundings) clean.
  13. It's 2 sheets but note sure how they're attached.
  14. Just a word of caution - yes, the cc is the way to go but you may find that you win the case but the company just gets a CVA and defaults on all its payments. We made a successful claim against a consultancy / training company and were awarded more than £10,000 but actually getting it was very difficult and ended up with having to get a variation order to change the name of the offending company as they'd moved all their assets around. It was eventually successful but not something I'd want to do again.
  15. Just one point - if you're using 12 core cable to connect up make sure you use the correct end. The wires are laid in such a way that one way round the cables all fall into place easily - the other way round is a nightmare as they're all crossing each other. Don't ask me how I know.....
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