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  1. Most of the above. For advance planning, I download Archie's list into my own custom database then I can search within a radius of a town I'm interested in. Then google earth and streetview give a good impression; finally an old version of the CC Touring Europe guide shows me what others have thought. We like municipals and prefer quiet riverside sites in easy walking distance of a small town / village for the morning croissants and baguette. We've rarely been disappointed using that technique. For overnight / unplanned stops we tend to rely on the CC guide although it'
  2. I too used that company many years ago - they repeaired a dry joint on the main mover circuit board. It was either very cheap or FOC!
  3. I have to say I've never had a problem just draining down in the conventional way in the last 20 years or so. I did note another thread on CT re non-return valves failing and it crossed my mind that applying 15 psi (far above normal water pressure) may easily cause this problem.
  4. I agree, take the claim through the court. However I have had very different experiences with bailiffs - we had a claim on a company (for over £10,000) succeed and when the bailiffs went to secure possessions of course the company had nothing of value. We were however able to get a variation order which named the owner of the company and he then paid up promptly. It's worth noting that once judgment has been made the debt attracts interest at 8% which is very good these days!
  5. Probably an electric pump on a series 5 pageant. When you say "all the right noises*" what exactly do you mean? Can you hear the pump spinning? *And of course, are they in the right order??
  6. What model / year? The under bed storage doors on some Pageant series 5s were missing a little "eyebrow" that allowed rain water in.
  7. I agree the mast does interfere with our motor mover remote control. The answer is to use the cable connection. The trip round the South Circular from the M4 isn't too bad but you need to keep your wits about you - one of the worst bits is soon after crossing the Thames on Kew Bridge where there are 2 lanes coming up to lights and the left hand one is turn left only. Of course it isn't marked in advance so you end up hoping for a helpful driver to let you in.... Around Wandsworth is a bit tricky as well with a couple of lane changes. Before our first trip I went through
  8. Thanks - I'll keep an eye on it. I did object to the original application and was getting regular updates but not for some time.
  9. Nice picture. I think the line that Rodders refers to must have been behind where the Shell petrol station now is in an area which is now wooded. It's a while since we visited CP - maybe in 2021? I'm pleased that the planning application seems to have fallen by the wayside.
  10. I've found this invaluable over the years - I import it into an Access database that allows me to find sites within a specified radius of a town and it's come up with some beauties. But sadly won't need it this year. Hopefully next!
  11. PM me with your email address and I'll send you a pdf copy (2005 model but near enough). Congratulations on buying the Vendeé - we got ours new in 2005 and still have it. We've never found anything that suits us nearly as well.
  12. We use Hill Farm just off the M42 - may be a bit far for you. They're CASSOA gold & in the directory. About £400 / year (it goes up by about £10 / year). There do seem to be quite a lot of spaces (or were last time I was there) so may have vacancies? https://www.cassoa.co.uk/individual-member-info/?member=1223
  13. We're still very happy with our 2005 Bailey Pageant which we bought new. We have yet to see another van which would suit us as well in terms of layout and decor. Sadly we haven't used it this year due to you-know-what, however I have just brought it home from the storage site and washed it and it's now sparkling!
  14. We hope to be going next year but really the things we love - the morning jaunt to the boulangerie, the crowded markets, the menus du jour - will all be much less enjoyable if we have to wear masks etc so will wait and see. In the greater scheme of things, missing a year's trip isn't a disaster. Being hospitalised or worse would be.
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