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  1. Hi all I have no problems with this myself. When we stay local we often keep seeing a roofing thatcher on the sites. If it means he and others can expand their working area great. As posted above, also gives the sites more midweek income. Many thanks Tom
  2. Hi all Another lurker here! Look in most days, just enjoy reading what people have to say and gleaning more info. Take care Tom
  3. HI there You may have done this, but if not maybe worth a quick look here: http://www. nissan4x4ownersclub. com/forum/forumdisplay. php?f=49 Im afraid I cant suggest anything myself. Hope you get it sorted All the best Tom
  4. Hi Please take a look at Highfield farm, http://www. highfieldfarmtouringpark. co. uk/ Its one of the Best of British Sites, very friendly owner, immaculate facilities and you can take a walk around their fields. It also will not be as booked up as Cherry Hinton CC over the weekends. They are about 5mins off the M11, and it is only a couple of junctions round to the Addenbrookes Hospital junction with Fulbourn Hospital only a short drive from there. As long as you dont need to be on the M11 between 8-9am, its not bad traffic wise. Have stayed there quite a few times, when I wanted a s
  5. Hi there Also signed up myself today using the Regensburg office, very helpful friendly staff who spoke good English, they even put up with my broken German! Thanks Snooks for all the info on here and your website most informative. I have already used one of ADACs services! Thankfully not the breakdown. I have hired myself a motorhome at a great price using their discounted rental service. We collect it from Munich a week on saturday, then head down through Austria and into Italy, I cant wait! We are thinking Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, Meran and then back up to Germany. Been wanti
  6. Hi there From another topic http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/62207-breakdown-cover/page__fromsearch__1 the following was posted by Snooks (Who has a very informative website) : "The best telephone number to ring regarding ADAC is 00 49 94 152 344 This office is set up for the Brits to join and get info from as 4 of the staff speak fluent English. Names of two of them are Ms Amanda Moser-Wickles or Ms. Barbara Lorenz. If you want to join they will take your details and Credit/Card Number, give you your Membership No. and from, the midnight followi
  7. Hi there Just been catching up on the posts. I have a 99 Pageant Moselle MTPLM 1300kg on 175 R13 6ply, handbook for that year states 54psi. Also recommends wheel bolt torque of 65lbs-feet (Im on steel wheels). Regards Tom
  8. Hi all, if you download to BBC Iplayer Desktop (windows version) they do disappear after a month, and once you start watching them you have 7 days to finish watching or to re-watch the program. You can however watch programs outside the country that you have downloaded to Iplayer desktop. My partner is working in Germany at the moment and we often watch a BBC program that I have downloaded to Iplayer desktop when I visit her in Munich. Hope that helps Kind Regards Tom
  9. Hi there We collect the hot water as it drains off and then use it to rinse out the waste hog! All the best
  10. Hi all Just did a quick search of the CC web site and came across the following section "Important booking information" http://www. caravanclub. co. uk/planning-your-trip/uk-trips/how-to-book/important-booking-information At the bottom under Arrival times it said "You can arrive on Club sites from 12. 00 on your day of arrival (please be aware there are a small number of sites with later arrival times due to narrow access roads and entrances)." Regards Tom
  11. Hi there Im biased, but with that budget you would be able to pick up a nice example of a Nissan Terrano II 2. 7tdi. Heavier than the Freelander at 1840kg so would give you a wider range of caravans to choose from. Use mine as my daily transport as well and get high 20s mpg. As an added bonus there is no cam belt to worry about either! At the top end of your budget there may be some high mileage 3. 0Di available which offer a bit more power and slightly better economy. There are other Terrano tow car owners on this forum who probably tow a heavier van than me, but ive never had any
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