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  1. Is mudbuster any good for getting the black marks off the sealant around the boxes of the caravan? Cheers John.
  2. Cheers guys, a lot of good advice for me to think about. Will havea good look and think about it this weekend when we are Balgair Castle in Fintry. John.
  3. Yes this is exactly what I want to do. Cheers John.
  4. I thought of that but but will have to work out where the cables go as they all go to a booster up in one of the cupboards LOL. John.
  5. So basically from what has been said it is better to reverse on to the leveller, chock it, then put a chock on both sides of the other wheel? Cheers John.
  6. In a way it is inside the van as it is inside the battery box behind the door. John.
  7. I am looking for a face-plate with both if possible, the current one is for the arial and has a flip over cover. Ideally I would like a similar face-plate for both ot one for the F-Connector. Cheers John.
  8. Hi Matt, Thanks for this, I think my awning is slightly bigger than this one as it has 5 "A" poles but this gives a great view of how it is errected. It also comes with a number of cream platic fittings that I need to figure out but by going with this diagram I should have all the poles. Now all I need to do it get two rips in the windows seams repaired Cheers again John.
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me, I have aquired a Harrison Brunel Awning but I don't have instructions with it. Can anyone help me locate the instructions? Cheers John.
  10. Hi Guys, I am looking to route my satellite cable through my battery box of my Challenger 530se and was looking to see if there is a face plate that holds both the aerial and the F connector? There is a round plactic plate in the box also that I might be able to route, just looking for ideas to make it neat and tidy. Cheers John.
  11. Dave, Thanks mate, my wife keeps on saying I should use WD40 but I didn't because of the smell. John.
  12. Guys, Our cupboard handles keep sticking and I was wondering if anyone knows a fix for it. It is the round metal handles that you have o push in to release or lock. Thanks John.
  13. David, Thanks mate, I wil try that tomorrow. John.
  14. Hi Guys, I have a Lunar Chateau 470 2003 Model. Just recently the Fridge won't work while connected to the Car and the Red Light doesn't come on. Is there a Fuse that deals with this? I know there is a fuse under the front seat next to the door but I was wondering if there was another as I can't see it? Thanks John.
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