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  1. I can’t link to the article, but HJ sympathises with the writer and states Ford are still marketing the Kuga as a hybrid, even though it can’t be used as such. The writer paid £800 for the fitting of a charging point and isn’t happy. HJ advised the car could be rejected under the sale & supply of goods act 1994, and refers to the Clegg v Anderson judgement ( I imagine Legal Eagle could comment on this.).
  2. I wonder if the Honest John letter has been in his in tray for months, assuming it’s genuine! First I’d heard of it today, hopefully sorted by September, I’m due to order my new car then and will be considering a hybrid next time out.
  3. Article in the ‘Honest John’ motoring advice column in the Telegraph today. It seems Ford have an issue with their batteries, and so Kuga Hybrid owners are being told their car can only be used as petrol only, the dealer offered them £500 in petrol vouchers to compensate. Ford are developing new batteries but no timescale given for release. The advice was to return the car for a full refund. A google search found the current batteries are unstable when charging.
  4. That doesn't surprise me, the only times I see what I consider to be excess towing speeds on a motorway it's always a 4x4, perhaps the drivers feel they're immune to crosswinds. A friend of mine towed an Avondale with a Toyota saloon car, the caravan seemed bullet shaped to me, he insisted the ratio was OK but the slightest cross wind would affect the van. I think aerodynamics play a part in stability.
  5. How good is your battery? If it's not holding a charge then you'll only get 12V with the mains connected through the PSU.
  6. I guess what I really wanted to hear was that the mass production of hydrogen cars and the infrastructure to support them will be in place soon, certainly well before 2035 . Its a pity manufacturers seem to have invested more in EV, but hopefully the rise in hydrogen power will be exponential. As I said earlier, my company are developing this technology for ocean carriers, I can see this and possible HGV's as the earlier beneficiaries.
  7. We have the same van, but in the Compass range, exactly as yours but different seat fabric. Very pleased with it
  8. Pretty much as I thought, Hydrogen is still a concept, 15 years after the first engine was developed and there's a long way to go before this technology is readily commercially available. Seems odd that everyone in investing heavily in EV when the network doesn't fully support them, yet very little outlay in comparison to develop hydrogen which would seem a better solution.
  9. Who's the players in this PMW? I know some Asian manufacturers have developed engines, but how about the Europeans? Also which suppliers are looking at offering refill facilities?
  10. Problem for non EV cars still in use after obsolescence will be the availability and cost of fuel to keep them running. I'm surprised there's not more investment in hydrogen power for motor vehicles, especially in the Asian countries where the issue of overnight charging must be a big concern. The company I'm involved with are researching hydrogen for marine applications, perhaps this could be used for HGV's and 'heavy duty' vehicles.
  11. Given that virtually all of us will all be driving EV's in the not too distant future, and new build houses will be electric supply only, I would think a major overhaul of the distribution grid will be needed, unless power generation can be adapted - perhaps a form of pulse width modulation for example. I wonder how long before we can't receive domestic supplies of gas, and all new boilers are electric only? I am suspicious of smart meters, and the ability of the supply companies to control our domestic supplies.
  12. I would imagine the ‘super chargers’ will be at commercial sites, such as what we now know as filling stations, rather than home charging. But it’s a huge pull on the grid, especially if morning commuters are all fast charging at breakfast time in winter.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jan/19/electric-car-batteries-race-ahead-with-five-minute-charging-times Reports today battery technology is moving forward with the possibility of a 5 minute charge giving 100 mile range being commercially available within the next few years. Battery size may also be reduced. Hopefully by the time new diesels are unavailable we will have EV's with the power and range plus the fast charge facility to make towing still feasible.
  14. 18 nights away across 4 sites, mileage towing about 300 miles. Total about 12,000.
  15. Ive been tested positive twice last October, three weeks apart. I had no symptoms though. T&T called me every day after the first test, I heard nothing from them after the second positive test.
  16. We have a Compass with an end island bed and mid bathroom, very pleased with it, now two years old. Everything is as it should be, no issues encountered so far.
  17. Hi Gigiotty, good to hear from you. And your English is better than my English!
  18. I used to tow a 5 berth Sterling Europa with a Seat Alhambra MPV, fantastic tow car.
  19. Another word of caution, don't buy a cheap flimsy unit, go for a decent make. I've heard horror stories of poorly insulated leads. RS Components do a good quality multimeter for £20, but for extra safety I recommend this model, with a probes for the live rather than leads.
  20. I suspect when only used for short runs this causes the issue. Although why you would buy a diesel to only do school and shopping runs is anyone’s guess.
  21. Ive had three diesel CX5s, done ~ 120k in 8 years, and no problems whatsoever
  22. Does anyone buy a car on a magazine recommendation? I suspect many don’t, and like me make their own choices on what to buy, but If their choice is ‘ recommended’ then all well and good but not the main criteria.
  23. North Ledaig near Oban ( CMC affiliated) is OK, you're on the edge of a loch and nice views. Brora (CMC) is further up on the east coast, there's a golf course between you and the beach but the beach itself is lovely. Best of all though in my opinion is Bunree CMC, again on the edge of a loch, stunning views and a great base for exploring Ben Nevis and the surrounding area.
  24. Even in tier 2 you should avoid non essential travel.
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