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  1. If the hard standing is very resistance to pegs it's worth drilling a pilot hole first. I have a 6mm drill bit in with the pegs, and had cause to use it on one site. Having said that I usually bang them in with a lump hammer, then use the drill to take them out again.
  2. people like Clarkson casting aspersions for cheap laughs don’t help either
  3. with respect Andy, yes there is a fuel shortage. The shortage is at the point of delivery to those in need. where I live there a two filling stations, neither had queues forming yesterday, everything was as normal for a Saturday, but the BP station should have had a delivery that afternoon which didn’t occur, and they don’t know when they will get their next supplies.
  4. Plenty of fuel at the refineries, but a lack of drivers mean fuel shortages at the filling stations. but it’s not just fuel. Supermarkets are experiencing shortfalls in supplies, so are other retailers. Refuse collections in some areas are affected - no drivers.
  5. For my holiday the M57 gantry signs showed the M6 closed southbound at J17 and the radio update confirmed this. Quick change of plan, I carried on to the Merseygateway bridge then headed for the Wrexham bypass, dual carriage way and not too busy, then picked up the A5 heading for the M54 to get on the M6 at Birmingham. I was feeling pretty smug with my cunning plan, then I got to Shrewsbury, and thousands of other motorists with a cunning plan, and things got even worse when the travel report mentioned an accident on the M6 in Birmingham. It was one of those days..
  6. I've noticed a trilby or panama hat positioned on the car rear shelf seems to disable the accelerator pedal on some models. and at the end of the week he gets the train home...
  7. Yes, if the receiver bolt is at 11, 12 or 1 o'clock ( or thereabouts) the lock bar fouls on the AL-KO chassis. I've also found if the bolt is at 5, 6 or 7 o'clock it's difficult to get 'square on' to the bolt as the main body of the Wraith is against the tyre which has a wider profile than the wheel rim. I got over this by backing off the bolt a couple of millimetres but this isn't an ideal solution. I've seen one contributor on here has considered buying another receiver bolt to fit on the other side of the wheel to try and eliminate that problem.
  8. FWIW.. I have a single axis van, and I use both the Wraith and the AL-KO. If you only need to use one lock I'd recommend the AL-KO, it's much easier to fit. I struggle with the Wraith, and there are some positions for the receiver bolt which prevent the Wraith being fitted.
  9. We had the opposite experience, site we were on probably ran at an average of about 85% occupancy, plenty of pitches available throughout the week, and still a couple available at the weekend. The owner must have been wondering where all the new caravanners had got to!
  10. It's a nice site, quiet and well laid out most pitches are a good size. Toilet block spotless but didn't use the shower as prefer to use the caravan facility ( full service pitches). Good off lead dog walk as well if needed, I recommend it as a good base for the area.
  11. We have the standard Alde system in our van. I select the hot water boost function, and OH has her shower no problem, I wait 10 mins for the get dressed / hair drying routine to be finished then I go in, and there's enough hot water for me too.
  12. From the AA website: How does age affect tyre lifespan? If your vehicle doesn’t get driven much, it's possible for the tyres to need replacing due to ageing rather than wearing out: Tyres degrade naturally through exposure to heat, sunlight (ultraviolet or UV rays) and rain. Environmental damage can cause them to crack if tyres are left outside. The amount of damage depends on the exposure and the severity of the weather. They’ll last longer if they’re kept indoors in a garage out of the sun and rain. Damage through ageing is more common with caravans, trailers and other vehicles that are only used occasionally.
  13. Article in the Telegraph today, the system enabling video monitoring has crashed on a number of occasions in the last year due to software issues. sections of motorway have not been supervised, speed limit and lane management not been possible for a number of hours.
  14. I prefer to use them while the van is stored ( on my drive), as the offside tyre is constantly exposed to the sun and I feel it’s beneficial to protect them. Plus it covers the wheel security devices.
  15. 10 nights Harbury Fields , total 14 for the year so far.
  16. Just back from 10 nights in Warwickshire, a very nice site. However, again the radio reception not the best, I’ve noticed wherever we go it’s a bit of a lottery which stations we can receive, with the exception of Classic FM, which is crystal clear wherever we go, and the local Capital radio station if available in the area. It doesn’t matter how I position the aerial either, which makes me wonder if this comes into play for radio, or only for TV even though the booster has a radio output. So why can’t my wireless receive the BBC stations? Bizarre.
  17. Dave Capiro owner

    Harbury Fields

    Nice layout, full service pitches, various sizes. Good base for exploring Warwick and Stratford . Nice views across open farmland, excellent dog walking area.
  18. View full UK campsite review Just to clarify, this is a CMC affiliated site.
  19. My company is working on HFC but for marine applications, difficult to see an economic solution for automotive at present although this could change in the future.
  20. One theory offered is the concept of wireless charging by use of an induction plate under the car. If practical these could be incorporated into car parks. expensive for sure, but a solution to service station requirements in the future.
  21. Thanks both! the Cornwall site has already been paid ( originally we were going last year but took a credit rather than refund). The good news is they’re holding our booking, so we’ll go next Easter all being well and don’t lose our money. Daughter is ok but feels like she’s got a head cold. Kids eh..
  22. I’d like to be more expressive but forum rules prevent it. we’re supposed to be setting off today for our two week holiday but our daughter has just received a positive Covid result, shes had the first jab but not the second . So we have to isolate until Monday, even though we’re fully vaccinated and tested negative. And now we won’t be going to Cornwall for our first week after all.
  23. I wasn’t being serious Andy! Back when I worked at Fords we had a suggestion scheme, the best ones (cost saving) won a car. It would be abused though, and people would submit daft ones ‘ on behalf of others’. A favourite would be to fit the cars with solar powered headlights.
  24. You chaps have unwittingly sorted the issue out, fit the solar panels to the cars. Clean and green for the future. Driving after dark may present a problem, but that's when the rubber band will come in useful, it worked for my model glider years ago, just need to make it bigger to propel a car.
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