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  1. Drove past Southport CMC site yesterday. OH had a good look , said she couldn’t see any vacant pitches at all, which is a first.
  2. Slipstream effect is at its most beneficial as close as possible behind the lead vehicle, which is why you’ll sometimes see convoys of HGV on motorways tailgating each other to save fuel. the same HGVs will often display a sign saying “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you”. Presumably the convoy use CB to let others know they’re close behind.
  3. When travelling along a busy M6 for business trips I’ll normally take the inside lane, set the ACC to maximum distance and stay behind a wagon, the info will show I’m getting in excess of 70 MPG, and the tailgaiting BMW’s in the outside lane don’t move any faster, I always catch then up when the inevitable queue starts. I do similar when towing and get over 30MPG, except I don’t use the cruise control
  4. Obviously someone who buys a kampa awning and a JLR car is clearly not of sound mind
  5. We had that too. Tightened the fixing screws and OK since, but I must add that to one of my checks.
  6. Had I been on an adjacent pitch, drinking my beer watching you put that up I would certainly have appreciated your efforts. Although the wife would probably have said " but it's not centred on the hard standing"
  7. These inflatable awnings take some of the fun out of caravaning in my opinion. It used be be interesting watching people put their awnings up, you could appreciate a good construction, all walls straight and pegged to perfection, and you could sympathise with those struggling, offer a hand to those in need, maybe have a chuckle when the arguments and huffs start. Watching awning construction would be a real pleasure. You don't get any of that with these inflatable jobbies, it's progress I suppose but at what cost?
  8. that won’t do the leccy drill much good.
  9. If it's twice the price of a Kampa you must need a mortgage to own one!
  10. Yeah, but can the driver do it on a cold winters evening in Stoke.
  11. We used Malvern Hill CMC site as a stop off last year, not far from the M5 and usual high standard facilities.
  12. You'd need to put some serious grunt on the steadies to lift the wheels clear, I jacked my van up on axle stands during lockdown, took me ages to clear the floor!
  13. I've seen that advice too, possibly on the CMC website. Some folk remove the jockey wheel completely and use the fixing for an external aerial or rotary drying line. I can understand some being nervous about doing that though, especially if your front steadies are only fixed to the floor with no reinforcement!
  14. exactly! I needed the masonry drill last holiday too.
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