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  1. I have every sympathy with the NHS workers, and governments really do shoot themselves in the foot at times by projecting a ' do as I say, not as I do' approach. It's also a bit rich to tell health workers the country needs to tighten it's belts then propose eye watering amounts to redecorate the Prime Ministers flat.
  2. You can have both hands on the steering wheel and still be indicating.
  3. MISTRAL65 Consumer Units The new range of MISTRAL65 consumer units allow almost any type of electrical distribution system to be implemented in industrial, commercial and residential environments. The consumer units are manufactured in a halogen-free thermoplastic which is completely recyclable. The range includes solutions with transparent or opaque doors which open up to 180°, and a choice of between 4 and 72 modules, meeting the most recent regulatory requirements and ensuring an enormous variety of application types are covered.
  4. Strange, RS are still selling ABS and plastic consumer units.
  5. I would definitely indicate if a motorcyclist is behind me in case he decided to overtake me!
  6. thanks Pauline. My van is on blocks now, but I reckon will be about 13 inches when lowered for towing.
  7. Thanks Andy! But we all know you slipstream HGV’s to save a few bob !
  8. Hi Pauline, what distance do you have between the van and floor?
  9. I’m the opposite, I’ve tried premium diesel and see benefits in fuel economy. I normally average 55 mpg in my CX, using premium I get 58. Many years ago I had a petrol engine Renault, I’d had it 6 months from new when it failed to start so got towed to the dealer. They couldn’t find any fault and suggested fuel issues, I used Tesco at that time. from then on I switched to BP and had no subsequent issues. A couple of years later Tesco petrol was reported to be prone to contamination. I’ve always used BP since, and use ultimate when towing.
  10. I would always indicate to overtake a cyclist, but once in position to overtake I would then cancel my indicators. this has two benefits, alerts following traffic I’m overtaking, and also avoids activating the lane assist function, which could endanger the cyclist. I don’t get the argument you shouldn’t indicate in case someone misunderstands your manoeuvre for overtaking , but should indicate to exit a motorway even if you don’t need to slow down, (which in my opinion you shouldn’t, but I would always indicate anyway ).
  11. If it’s pointless indicating left to move into an inside lane, is it also pointless indicating to exit a motorway?
  12. Taken from Honest. Johns website: For a long time now car manufacturers have been forced to use Super to get the best possible performance out of their engines for emissions tests and I can tell you for a fact that all current engines are optimised for the best fuels for this reason. Higher RON petrol and higher Cetane diesel provide more torque at low rpm allowing for earlier upshifts (even with automatic transmissions) so that alone slightly improves economy. It's also true that the engines produce around 10% more horsepower at higher revs that most drivers never even get to. Br
  13. and toaster! Also if you have Alde heating you can limit the power consumption, 1, 2 or 3kw
  14. Exactly what I do, good for the chassis, tyres, and an excellent security method.
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