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  1. I've been using cars with built in sat navs for the last nine years, I've paid for them so I'll use them, mostly for traffic alerts in the UK. When I've done travel abroad I use michelin maps to plan the route, then load waypoints generated onto the satnav, planning the route is an enjoyable part of the holiday for me.
  2. I think my body clock has set itself to wake at 5 each morning no matter if I'm in work or not. I've not needed an alarm clock for years.
  3. Good luck Shirley. Your main priority is a caravan mover, auto engage, this will take care of a few worries. Everything else will come with practice, and you can always ask for help.
  4. Southport is always very busy in summer though, whenever I drive past there are rarely any empty pitches.
  5. We've had butane issues when away for new year once, using propane now, but never noticed any issues with cooking heat. Water supply was a problem too, had to defrost the system - it was a very cold night.
  6. The new Kia Sorento PHEV will tow 1,500 kg , and the Sportage diesel hybrid 1,600kg ( max braked weights) The new Hyundai Tuscon offers 1,650 KG across it's range of hybrids, but strangely the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV and Hybrid doesn't get anywhere near those figures.
  7. Pah, 7:00 'in the morning' , - it's nearly the middle of the day! I've usually been awake two hours by then, given the dogs a good walk, got the paper, and the kettle is on the boil.
  8. I towed up that hill, I missed the sign and went merrily on my way. At the time I was driving a diesel Seat Alambra, a superb tow car, didn’t miss a beat.
  9. Apologies if you’ve tried this but could an approved mobile workshop do this for you? might be worth asking Swift if you can use this approach.
  10. I remember seeing some time ago the braked towing capacity was calculated with a driver in the car and on a 5% gradient, but this is going back a bit, and I could well be wrong.
  11. Andy, it's been a long day and you've confused me, where do you get your 2710 kg value from your Vin plate? Your 1,600 is correct, I assume a typo? I'm surprised there's quite a difference between my CX5 and your Mazda 6, the CX is 420 kg heavier!
  12. Those who use the tablets, do you put some water in and mix it up, or just drop the tablet in after cleaning?
  13. Just to add to this.. when hitching up, try and do it ' solo'. If someone is talking and distracting you either wait until they're gone, or ask them to leave you while you check you're hitched correctly. It's easy to be distracted and make a mistake.
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