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  1. Hi Kev, good luck with your search for a van. the only advice I offer is to make sure you get a mover for your van, IMHO this is an invaluable piece of kit.
  2. All the ones I’ve encountered have been great, but I was wondering today what the job is actually like. Must be a bit strange working at a place where people are on holiday, and where I would also want to be relaxing and enjoying my van.
  3. We stayed at Seahouses a few years ago had a fabulous time there. Such a lovely area, we will be back.
  4. Currently staying at Pembrey. This is a lovely site, the reception area with many hanging baskets gives a wonderful first impression and as we always find, the wardens give a warm welcome. The site has many grass pitches as well as a good compliment of hard standing. The site is sectioned into areas separated by trees, and has a pleasant aspect with a feeling of spaciousness per pitch. The site is served with a good number of service points, necessary as water pressure isn’t great so filling water containers takes a while!. Theres only one shower block, I felt this would be insufficient for the amount of pitches but actually this seemed ok with no queues during our stay, but not sure if this is sufficient over busy weekends though. The site is windy, the area is subject to prevailing SW winds and our canopy has been blown about throughout our stay. The site is on the edge of Pembrey country park, with plenty of walks and activities within near reach. Unfortunately it’s expensive, expect £35 for two per night in peak season. There’s another site on the park, but looks cramped and another thread on this is not complimentary. The site is at is a good location for visiting tourist locations such as Tenby and the mumbles, and worth a look, but it’s a pity it’s so expensive.
  5. I’m currently staying a a fairly full Pembrey country CMC. Paying £45 per night for 3 adults, The site is OK but I think better value could be found had I researched more. Membership due next year, may look at alternatives.
  6. Thanks again BH! Now you’ve written the quick guide for Alde, you should claim royalties!
  7. Thanks to all for replies. I’ve previously set both day and night modes, but with partial success. I suspect one mistake I make is to attempt to switch to mode while within the time zone, this seems to prevent switch on. Alde do a quick start guide but for their 3010, I have the 3020, having said that the online manual seems more user friendly than my hard copy. Thanks Blackhart. What do the two symbols on bottom left of the last picture signify? I assume the crossed out shower means no water heater operation?
  8. Signposted diversions? Luxury! We tried to get down the A350 to Blandford, road closed, no diversion and satnav trying to take me down single track lanes with a van on the back. Ended up driving along the A30 to Salisbury, about a 40 mile diversion.
  9. Wednesday evening was a bit chilly so decided to use the night mode heating for half an hour. This is my fourth time out in the van, and I’ve struggled every time to get this working properly. I find the instruction manual difficult to follow, seems to be more suited to service engineers than users, and instructions aren’t clear. Why not incorporate a ‘simple start up’ guide for basic operations?
  10. This is a well laid out site, an excellent location for Dorset’s beauty spots, and kept immaculate by friendly and helpful wardens. It’s possibly one of the smaller CMC sites, but served with two amenity blocks, and has a very good play area for children, plus an enclosed field for dog exercising. This site has a private gate onto the Wareham forest, again good for dog walking, and is well laid out with plenty of trees to separate the pitches into areas, mostly hard standing but with a number of grass pitches. Wareham is a pleasant town with two small supermarkets ( Sainsbury’s and Co Op) plus a number of independent retailers, butchers, bakers, cafes and pubs.
  11. We had an overnight stop at Malvern Hills last Sunday. I’d estimate around half the pitches were unoccupied.
  12. Forgive my ignorance, but I was under the impression a standard caravan fridge could run off 12v when being towed, is this not the case? my fridge has a battery symbol, but flashes along with the error light even when connected to the car and car running, not sure what’s going on with it tbh. My previous Sterling Europa could be switched to 12v when towing and kept cool throughput the journey.
  13. Not sure if this has been discussed previously https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/heartbroken-caravan-owners-forced-leave-18207633 Owning a static sounds a bit of a minefield to me.
  14. Many thanks for all replies, will follow the route planner
  15. Hi all, we’re travelling from Pembrey to Ludlow next month with the van. The route planners take me over the Brecon Hills, has anyone tried this towing, and is it suitable? All advice welcome.
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