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  1. On our first trip out our friends were rear shunted. The caravan didn't have much damage, even less than the picture shown but the offending car was a mess, the crumple zone had done it's job. After sorting details they carried on, we had waited in the next services, and followed behind onto the site. On arrival they went over a speed bump, slowly obviously, and the van came off the towbar. All attention had been on the back end of the van, but we didn't realise the impact had bent the towbar right forward, and the fitting was precarious to say the least. Something to check if you're ever unlucky enough to have similar.
  2. I've visited two motor manufacturers recently, they operate a similar system as the wristbands, but with the ID cards, these are put in a holder on the door, when all 4 holders are occupied you have to wait. It's a good system and works well, so whoever thought up the idea for the CMC deserves credit.
  3. In my local Tesco, a lot of people disregarded this from the off. Huge signs at every aisle and arrows on the floor yet people were just marching on, oblivious. The Waitrose nearby has the 2m signage, no one way system but the tills are controlled, one queue for all. Last time I was in there a well dressed, distinguished looking gentleman wearing a mask and gloves just barged his way past a number of people, no distancing at all and very rude even in normal circumstances. Many people are basically ignorant, they may be academically gifted, may have high ranking jobs, but not an ounce of common sense or self awareness.
  4. But according to some sources it can pass into your system through your eyes. BBC breakfast were talking about the situation in Melbourne, how they are entering their winter season, cooler temperatures and experiencing an increased rate of infections. The fear being our rate may increase later in the year. Hopefully a vaccine will be available soon, the financial support needed and the non - covid medical cases postponements will become unsustainable very soon, if not already.
  5. Ive got a week booked in Anglesey, mid August. Somehow I doubt the site owners will advice on the local feeling, but if it's likely to be negative then we won't bother.
  6. Whereabouts are you? Holgate s Silverdale have an area for tent and caravan, and there’s plenty in north wales, as long as you don’t mind grass pitches
  7. Yes, we get that too in Formby, shocking amounts of litter left, but the ''tree bags' seem to be a local thing rather than visitors as we get them in winter as well. Utterly bizarre behaviour.
  8. But according to the government all those people are perfectly entitled to be there, Three people held a sign up, and one dressed up but it would be interesting to know how many people were happy to see the visitors arriving and spending their money there.
  9. cheers Andy. Mines a company car lease so changed every three years anyway. Halfway through my current plan, hopefully in 18 months time when I change the EV touring capabilities will be better! ( Assuming I’m still working!)
  10. my first CX was the TT, the last two Mazda’s own system. I don’t think they’re Garmin, but they do use the Navteq map system. The TT was a far better system.
  11. blimey, how old is your Mazda? They moved from TT over 4 years ago!
  12. And Vegemite if you don't want to be bitten ' down under' ?
  13. I don't know your route, but I feel the newer service stations are more spacious and possibly safer. For the M5 southbound Gloucester services are excellent should you want to schedule a stop.
  14. Hopefully not. But the M6 runs through the centre of the city. If like Leicester they went back to full lock down that would mean any journeys in the area are restricted to essential travel only. I would imagine the legislation would need to consider this and allow exceptions.
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