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  1. Problem with these modern telly's, the sound isn't as good as the old fashioned ones IMO. Unless you fork out extra for a soundbar. Edit: just thought on, it could be cos I'm getting old and hearing isn't as good as it used to be!
  2. Have you been since? Southport has sadly gone downhill rapidly.
  3. 10 years ago we were on our first venture abroad. We’d left Calais and were on the A25 heading for Lille, at that time the road wasn’t very smooth with a noisy road surface, like a concrete rather than tarmac / macadam and a lot of traffic. We could hear a slight change in tyre noise, then a couple along side waved to us alerting a problem, we pulled off at the next opportunity. The van tyre had a blowout, but was still on the rim with a large piece ‘flapping’. Closer inspection showed this portion of tyre had smashed through the plywood floor of the van underneath the kitchen. We claimed on insurance for the repair.
  4. ‘‘Twas the first thing I learned as an apprentice spark, don’t coil cables when live.
  5. Have a look at the Compass models Casita and Capiro 550/ 554. same layouts as the Elddis, but slightly different trims.
  6. When posting pictures I use the snip feature in windows. copy the image then past into my post, this seems to work ok
  7. It’s bigger than we normally prefer, but great for the kids. It’s also a good base for touring, the towns around the lakes are fabulous, especially Sirmione. It’s not far from Verona, and you could do Venice in a day. It’s one overnight stop away from Calais. Good luck, hope it goes well, we’ll get back to that area some day as it’s our favourite area.
  8. On the subject of caravan bathrooms, our Capiro doesn't have a window but I've no problem with that, in fact prefer it as the skylight lets in enough light and the window would face into the awning. What does irritate me is the ' boutique sink' with tap away from the bowl. When you switch the tap off you get drips over the unit, which I think might be MDF or similar. Over time this would be an issue if spills aren't mopped up. The unit could do with being plastic / UPFC or coated
  9. We stayed here: https://www.pianidiclodia.it/en/ Large site, they have chalets also should you need accommodation. Your kids will love it.
  10. M42 isn't so good either. It can be a little irritating when you use the M6 toll only to hit congestion where the M42 and M6 meet southbound, and can be just as bad northbound at times.
  11. My Sterling Europa had a section under the cassette for storing the small 400mm bottles, I could get 4 under there, two of each.
  12. Stafford North aren't too bad, dedicated caravan parking.
  13. I think there’s confusion between kerbweight, and unladen weight. The government website refers to unladen weight. kerbweight can vary.
  14. I would take the lower figure, but I'm surprised, I would have thought the weights would have been opposite ( lower figure for 12%)
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