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  1. We’re here now, hasn’t changed since last here 10 years ago, but if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it! as mentioned, it’s a nice walk to Coniston, about a mile north along the lake and through farm land, Coniston is nice, unspoiled and well worth a trip , walkers have plenty of choice with varying grades to suit all abilities. Torver to the south ( about a mile) has a couple of good pubs , a decent walk on mostly level ground to get there. The site is on a slope, all are hard standing pitches on slate chip ground, need hard pegs, and pitch sizes vary, mostly defined by trees surrounding. A couple of small play areas for toddlers and as with all club sites the wash facilities are spotlessly clean. The road to/from can narrow at times so care needed on bends but well worth the drive.
  2. 4 days in with the new van and very happy. Towed like a dream behind my Mazda CX-5, everything as it should be on arrival and no faults that we could see. The layout suits us perfectly but it’s a stretch to think of this as a 4 berth, the front beds are not full size singles, and if made up to a double bed crossways it will be very ‘cosy’, but fine as a single for a 3 berth, if the 550 was stretched to 580+ this would be better. front stowage is spacious, but the hatch only opens to horizontal so access is a little awkward, not sure why this should be when other makes are far more accessible. But it’s a lovely van, interior is a high standard, and I would recommend this van for those seeking the island bed - mid bathroom layout.
  3. Thanks to all! It's good to be back, van picked up yesterday, my better half ( and daughter) have sorted the inside ready for action and our holidays are booked, Parc Coppice at Coniston next week, Bolton Abbey Whit week - happy days! Thanks to you all and for this forum. I've got the insurance sorted ( Eversure) and have taken the plunge with one of these new fangled Cadac BBQs so try not to laugh if you see me struggling. All we need now is to agree on what awning to get. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you on our travels, we have two Golden retrievers so if you see a harassed owner being pulled around a site it may well be me. Finally, my eternal thanks to whoever invented the caravan mover!
  4. Thank you for this thread. I've recently purchased a new van after a 6 year hiatus, and now need to consider awnings. OH and I had agreed we would use a canopy awning this time around, until she noticed the air awnings displays at the dealership and this got her interested. I'm not convinced meself, and would prefer our original idea for a canopy, so your feedback is very welcome.
  5. I'd recommend Pitlochry. It's a lovely town, and the surrounding area is just stunning. They have two distilleries there, the Edradour one is highly recommended.
  6. We sold our van 6 years ago, and have been using villas / gites and hotels since, but now we're rejoining the caravan fraternity. We've put the deposit down on a new Compass Capiro 550, so should collect in a couple of weeks. I'm glad to see this place is still going strong, albeit a little different to when I was last here! I hope you're all well, and looking forward to joining you all again, especially if we get a summer like last year!
  7. We were there in 2008, it's a massive site but facilities are excellent ( although they should be for the price). If you're near the central complex it will be noisy, I'd probably go for a pitch nearer the lake if I went again, pitches are a good layout as well. It's a good spot for site seeing around the lake - Lazise is lovely, but then so are all the towns around the area. Good luck, I hope you enjoy it!
  8. There is also the River Tilt Park, which has a touring area. We stayed there 9 years ago and at that time it was a very well run and clean site, on the River Tilt and also near the Blair Athol golf course, with a pool, spa and gym available.
  9. Just had a week there. IMHO this time of year is the best to visit Scotland. The midges have gone, the weather is generally dry, and the autumn colours add to the spectacular nature of the veiws. The wardens are friendly and helpful, it's a fabulous setting for a site, and a good base to explore and walk. Plus the local pub ( 10 minute walk) serves a good meal and pint - and they allow dogs in the bar area.
  10. Hi I've done both routes from Formby upto Newcastle. The M6 / A69 is definitely better. Seahouses was very nice, we stayed at Seafield park which was excellent - hope you have a good time up there.
  11. lower speed in itself isn't always the answer, while wind resistance will reduce the engine needs to be held at an optimum rev speed for efficiant operation. So if you're towing in 5th / 6th gear at around 1600 RPM you may burn more fuel than at 1800 RPM as the engine could be working far less efficiantly. I'd be tempted to experiment with speeds / gears, if you're on the motorway and at a constant speed in top gear, try and drop down one and see how much difference it makes. ( I usually tow in 5th unless on a favourable incline, then I use my 6th gear). When driving 'solo' I get the same fuel economy at 60 MPH as I do at 50 MPH.
  12. the M6 through Brum now runs as 4 lanes including what was the hard shoulder as a legitimate lane for use. The overhead gantries control the lane access, but should a problem ever occur traffic would inevitably back up on all 4 lanes and so emergency vehicle access would be blocked.
  13. Valley Truckle Caravan Site This site is near Camelford, just off the A39. The site itself is a bit basic, an electric pylon mast in the middle with cables across rather spoils things. Shower block is a bit dated and only three shower cubicles for 60 pitchs means queues in the morning. The majority of pitches are on grass, and the few hard standing seem to be reserved for motor homes for some reason. Wardens are curteous but not particuarly welcoming nor friendly, but the site is a good base for Boscastle / Padstow etc. We booked late and this was the only Cornish cc site with availability, I can understand why.
  14. we've had a similar experience. The swimming pool compex is very good but drainage on the pitches is a problem. It's in a lovely area though plenty to see out and about and some fabulous walks through the forest. I assume it's still subsidised, so for the price it's fabulous value.
  15. the other issue with accidents is that they distract people driving past ' rubbernecks', which causes even more accidents. .....
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