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  1. Tiers at Christmas. Looks like Boris has got a fight on his hands to get this through, it could be a different situation next week.
  2. Joe Anderson the Mayor of Liverpool likened the praise heaped upon him from the government to be like a ‘viper showing it’s teeth’, but the mass testing seems to have had the desired effect.
  3. Strange thing to drink water when caravanning. It should be outlawed, beer and wine only.
  4. Ive seen a couple of staff filling delivery cases from the shelves, in all cases they have been wearing masks, visors, and gloves ( they wore gloves to handle items even before the pandemic). Delivery drivers have also always been masked and gloved. I realise people may still contaminate gloves if sneezing etc, but gloves do offer some protection.
  5. Our politicians don't help matters. A number of backbench MP's are whinging because their constituencies have been placed in tier three. When our elected representatives carry on like spoiled kids denied treats, what message does that send out to people. All looking for reasons not to do whats needed to save lives and protect the NHS.
  6. Lots of good advice here, but unfortunately the main area of requirement hasn't been addressed. You will need to keep the payload down, so if you can save weight on items it will help. In which case I recommend you use melamine or plastic plates and bowls, but more importantly invest in acrylic wine glasses.
  7. I got a new drill for the wife last week, two 5 Ah batteries, brushless, 65Nm torque, really nice. Not a bad swap really.
  8. Talk of a weeks relaxation of some rules, to allow families to meet indoors. Bars and restaurants should remain closed though, and they should extend the school Christmas holiday
  9. The terminals are available in different sizes, and colour coded red ( 0.5 to 1.5mm) , Blue ( 1.5 to 2.5mm) and yellow ( 2.5 to 6mm) which should cover all sizes in the loom. The suggestions are to use additional lengths for the damaged pieces, so two connections needed, one either end
  10. Insulated type if you can get them, like these:
  11. I’ve had my Ryobi for 8 years, great bit of kit for DIY., better than the Bosch I also have.
  12. I would probably consider the same, especially if I wanted to continue touring. But I wonder how many fuel stations will still be operating, and offering fossil fuels, and at what cost?
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