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  1. There's a couple of services on the A50 , not sure what you'll find after that, the east side of the country always reminds me of the Heartbeat TV series.
  2. Quick question - do you keep the black plastic protector on when the lock is fitted on the van?
  3. We have the Capiro 550, and we’re delighted with it. Only issue is the limited front hatch opening, Very inconvenient as I use a lot but probably to avoid snagging on front windows if open. apart from that no faults found so far, but only had three weekends away, one in wet conditions at wharfdale.
  4. We had a van for 12 years, then sold it for buttons, for various reasons including damp. It was a very sad day when we watched it going, so many memories, the women of the house were in tears. the kids ( now grown up) loved their caravan holidays when younger and it was the closing of a very happy chapter in our lives. We've since done villas / Gites and package holidays with what we discovered to be varying standards of accomodation. In some cases we revisited areas of Europe we'd previously visited with the van, and felt those the accomodation and facilities with our van had been far better. After a 7 year hiatis we've now got a van again, brand new, at the request of our daughter who as part of her 21st birthday asked if we could get back to caravanning. We've been away three times so far , just weekends in the lakes or Yorkshire, and it's fantastic for us. Sure it's not cheap, but it's ours and suits our needs perfectly. If you enjoy caravanning then you'll miss it badly when it's gone.
  5. Does anyone know how the manufacturers calculate or test the range for an EV? i would imagine an EV in winter, with the heater on, windscreen wipers front and rear operating will have a higher rate of drain than in dry light conditions.
  6. Morning all. Everything going well with our new van but I have one puzzle regarding the Alde. I need to set the time and day after every power cycle. No problem to do this, but the unit does retain its day and night program settings, very strange. Anyone else have this?
  7. We also have the sunshine air Pro, it's ideal for our needs and as you say it's so quick and easy to put up, ideal for weekends.
  8. Just had a good weekend here, thoroughly enjoyable. Plenty of safe walking for the dogs, Grassington half an hour away on foot, friendly wardens and good size pitches. Only downside is the road from Threshfield narrows a bit and we had a tractor + trailer to negotiate when we left. I recommend the Tennant at Kilnsey, fabulous food.
  9. Update: I went with the Wraith as it meets the secure gold standard. This is very quick and easy to fit and appears weather proof being plastic coated, comes supplied in an ABS carry case and not too heavy. The van didn't come supplied with locking wheel nuts but felt I should protect both wheels so looked at Alko locks on ebay, I got a good condition unit for just under £100, all complete and now registered so hopefully this should deter thieves
  10. I use a Ryobi 18v, fairly compact and the carry bag is useful for other bits & pieces. Apart from the steadies I also use it for the screw in pegs on hard standing pitches.
  11. We bought ours from here: https://caravanbedlinen.com/ Used it over a weekend and all OK so far, perhaps a little expensive though.
  12. I tow our Capiro ( 1,310 MIRO) with a manual 2.2D CX5 Sport Nav +. This is my third CX5 ( had one since 2012) , but the first I've towed with. There's a lot to like about these cars, good specifications, nice cabin with very good controls, good drive, quiet, large boot space ( we have two Golden Retrievers), reasonable on Co2 for the tax, and very good fuel economy - I get ~ 60 MPG average (solo), and 30 MPG towing. Every time I've come to change my car I've looked at similar SUVs, despite lots more on the market now none suit me as well as the CX5 .
  13. Fabulous thread, thanks to all for excellent advice.
  14. Looking at the reviews on Amazon, the latest one for the nemesis is an eye opener! I have two Alko locks fitted to my caravan (Coachman Olympia Vision 640) these can be a little annoying with having to jack up the caravan and can take up to ten minutes to fit the pair but I still don't think Alko's lock can be bettered so will put up with the job of jacking the near side up to fit them.... I'm putting my caravan in to storage on a Camping and Caravan Club CL site just down the road from where I live so wanted extra locks on the offside of the caravan so to wheel lock all 4 wheels All I can say is it fitted well and so easy to fit, I was reading some of the horror stories that other reviews give so only bought one lock to see how it went the whole thing took around 20 minutes to set up and fit it fits nice and snug to the wheel with no movement at all. I don't think it will stand up to as much punishment as the Alko locks will before giving way but I have bought them not as the prime security on my caravan but for that extra peace of mind and knowing I have done all I can to deter even a more determined thief let a lone the flyby night opportunist I'm so happy with it I'm now going to buy a second one --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: Well, what can I say, just over a month after writing the above review my caravan has been stolen it now had two nemesis locks fitted two Alko locks fitted a hitch lock fitted and rear steady locks fitted. they cut the Alko locks off using gas and just hitched up and drove forwards around ten feet to twist both Nemesis locks to a point the caravan would move before towing half mile across a field and in to a wooded area where they cut them off with gas, I would say it looks strong it feels strong but you would be better off not wasting your money I'm down rating my star rating from 5 stars to 3 stars as it may still put off the opportunist and it looks good when fitted and is better than no lock at all as it still gave them work to do getting them off and slowed them down but not enough to stop them. Photos show Alko locks, one of the Nemesis locks fitted and the drag mark left before the Nemesis locks gave way. Later photos show the damaged locks After 3 weeks we have found what's left of the locks
  15. Thanks Les. i was considering the Alko, but the feedback on here made me rethink. Having to align the wheel to fit the device isn’t ideal, especially on an uneven pitch, and the £300+ price means it could take over 10 years plus to get my money back on insurance discounts.
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