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  1. Try Apuljack engineering www. apuljackengineering. co. uk I contacted them about upgrading my unit in the van a few years ago
  2. Just discovered my wet locker door is leaking as well on my Bailey GT60, I was going to see if I can disassemble the door and rebuild it. If parts get damaged I'll replace them. it looks like poor workmanship on the door construction which has lead to this leak. I have cut away the lino under the tray to find the wood is stained black so ill more work to do other than getting the door to seal
  3. The car has 173k on the clock now and I have two estimates for the fix. One at £1000 and the other at £650. I love the car but it is getting tired inside as well and there's a few cosmetic bits that need tidying up. I'm going to get. Christmas out of the way and see what the new year brings
  4. My trusted tow car has developed a problem with the turbo, so no more trips away. I'm now in a dilemma, do I fix the turbo or trade it in for a newer car. The Passat has taken all over the country with one only breakdown when an intercooler hose went go up from Porlock Weir.
  5. I am thinking of investing in a shaped mattress topper for the little Bailey we own, can anyone recommend one. We have looked at each brand but don't know which one to go for. Marc
  6. I have just fitted a USB socket to the van. The one I fitted I got from here http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/161398745068?_trksid=p2059210. m2749. l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I picked up the 12v feed for the status aerial booster, took a separate feed off for the socket with a inline fuse holder. It too all of 10 minutes to fit. I can take a photo tomorrow if anyone is interested
  7. I got one from Gary and it is easy to fit, worked a treat
  8. Thanks for the link wispman, I have found the prices for this year and I've asked for next years prices and deals. Chapmag, thanks for the link, we are not currently members of the CC but we'll have a look at joining
  9. Thanks for the tip, I've sent an email requesting prices etc
  10. We are thinking of travelling to the Isle of Wight next year and we were wondering if anyone has stopped there before and could recommend a campsite ideally an adult only one. Marc
  11. The reason behind this is all three of the 240v sockets are fitted to the offside of the van and I want the cool box in the awning so unless I fit an external socket on the near side or run an extension cable from one of the sockets. The nearest power source is the battery
  12. Oh my wife never let's me leave home without it's that my wallet by the way.
  13. Cheers, I'll still be using the hook up so the caravan battery charger should keep the battery topped up
  14. I will be fitting an inline fuse holder and a rated fuse.
  15. Does anyone see an issue running a 12v cool box straight off the battery terminals. The cool box is a dual 12/240v unit and I have a lead that has crocodile clips one end and a cigarette socket on the other. Marc
  16. I was looking at fitting one of these sockets close to the radio in my van http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Dual-USB-Car-Cigarette-Lighter-Socket-Splitter-12V-Charger-Power-Adapter-Outlet-/161398745068?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item25941d67ec Now we both have iPhones and an iPad and only three sockets around the van, it means the cupboard next to the radio and houses the status aerial I can charge the phones/iPad without cables running all over the place.
  17. We had a Picasso before the passat, we went from Newcastle to Cornwall several times. As previously stated check your nose weight and enjoy.
  18. We are currently pitched up at Shroud hill park, there is a guy who is from Dorset and working here locally. Never heard him leave and see him coming back in the early evening. I think it's a great and I have several friends who are contractors who use their caravans to live in, one was able to get a brand new twin axle unit paid for out of his allowances.
  19. So after 10 years of caravanning, I have assembled a small but very useful tool kit. Spanners, screwdrivers, duct tape, sparkie tape, fuses, bulb kit and Stanley knife. Excellent if you remember to pack it in the boot, what a prat I am especially as I need a 15a fuse.
  20. We used to have a seat/ bed area the same as your new van and we used a 1" foam topper for about 5 years. We would roll it up and store it under the front seat and the duvet pillows on the other side. Marc
  21. Well folks we have been able to get a cadac chef delux with extras off ebay. We have used it for the first time this weekend for our brekkie and it worked great. We have the space under the bed to carry it all and going to cook steak and all the trimmings tomorrow. Well folks we have been able to get a cadac chef delux with extras off ebay. We have used it for the first time this weekend for our brekkie and it worked great. We have the space under the bed to carry it all and going to cook steak and all the trimmings tomorrow.
  22. The last time I was in catterick I went in for a small awning and came out with something twice the size. Bloody good salesman and great service by the way. Thanks for all of he replies, looking at it the cadac is a good buy and hopefully ill have one for my holidays in August Marc
  23. I have been thinking of investing in a cadac, are they worth buying or just another toy Regards Marc
  24. There was nothing coming out of the taps and the pump was not operating. My neighbour came over with a multimeter and couldn't get a reading off the terminals. It was when we tried his pump on my van and my pump on his van we found my pump was ok.
  25. Well we had frozen water and waste pipes we have finally got everything working
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