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  1. Hello, yes fixed the led indicator,it was some toilet paper wrapped around the plastic float on the inside,if you open the valve on the cassette you should see the float on the side. With regards to it constantly flushing the circuit board/switch has become faulty cost approx £15-20. Carefully peel the plastic sticker on top of the toilet(where you press the flush button) and change the board Thanks
  2. Hello All, bit of a nightmare weekend away . OH decided to put the carpets in our Bailey Louisiana 2009 in the on site washing machine which resulted in all. the backing coming off them,anybody know where to get any replacement and how. much am I looking at. Also the window above the cooker has broken, the inner glass has broken, again anybody know where I can get a replacement and how much am I looking at ? Thanks
  3. The power lead on my friends senator Wyoming tv appears to be faulty,can anybody let me know where it is located. the lead goes into the wooden swivel panel and then up into the roof,but where it goes from there we have no idea!!! Thanks
  4. I think it would be worth Checking with them. Also phoned Caravan Guard,because my van is Sited for a season they would not give me a quote because there was not a permanately locked Gate,even though the Van as an Alarm,Tracker and Alko Stud Wheel Locks,barmy or what ????.So, likely to Stick with Caravan Club less hassle but slightly more expensive i Guess Thanks
  5. Just phoned NFU for Caravan Insurance on my Senator Louisiana,was told they don't insure these Vans due to it being 7ft 6" wide. They will only insure up to 7ft 5".Just letting people know Thanks
  6. Hello all, the blade has broken off my cassette toilet. Can I buy a replacement blade or do I have to buy the complete sliding mechanism?I can't seem to find a replacement blade only the full sliding gear thanks
  7. Hello, please can anybody let me know where I can get a handle for my toilet door,it is off a Hobby Prestige 2005,please find attached a photo of the broken door lock, Thanks
  8. Hello all, does anyone know what the purpose of a reed switch does on a thetford toilet Thanks
  9. Hello All,different Problem now,my Toilet has just started to Flush Continuous, the only way to stop it is to turn Off the 12 Volt Switch on the control Panel. Any Ideas Thanks
  10. Hi, the Awning is 11 Months old and is permanently sited,sending it back is not really an option. I have purchased new Zips with the Sliders on but want to know how to get the Zips off. Have tried to praise the new slider off the new zip to slide back over the old zip,but this is very brittle and only ends up snapping all together. Thanks
  11. Hello All,the Zip Pulls are starting to break on my Isabella Ambassador Awning,does anybody know how to change the Zips as they don,t appear to be able to zip right off. The Pulls seem to be made from very thin Steel. Thanks
  12. Hello, does anybody know how the Full Level indicator light works. It does not come on on my Bailey Louisiana,it just stopped working Thanks
  13. Hello Scott1, same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago,changed it myself as the Van is Sited,would like to know how common this Problem is to Cheers
  14. Hello Kelly,I have contacted Thetford direct,and they have sent a replacement pump to me which I have now replaced,very good service from them,but very disappointed in my Dealers Attitude,but I suppose you live and learn!!!!Thanks for replying Cheers
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