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  1. http://www. surrey. police. uk/media/news_item. asp?area=1&itemID=11843 This is a Camping and Caravanning Club site with "secure storage", but I don't think it's CASSOA registered. Looks like easy pickings for the thieves especially now they have Google Earth and all sites listed on line.
  2. Couldn't follow the link to Tyron, so here is a more direct link to tests on a caravan. Looks worth considering. http://www. tyron. com/tyron-product-testing-general-vehicles. htm
  3. paul.001

    Axle Stands

    Hello Oxy Alko have an information bulletin dated 15/12/95 Sheet No 8. You should be able to find this on their website. This is what they say. "use axle stands either under the tube as close to the chassis members as possible or under the axle side plate projecting below the chassis". Your posting said "axle beam", I don't know if you meant axle tube. Regards
  4. Hello neil, and it's me again, The McGard bolts we use have a smaller head than the Standard and the Ultra they provide for car wheels. These were recommended to us by McGard Germany when they visited us here in Ossett. This allows us to have a smaller hole in the Hublock with less clearance than you will find in your car wheels. These combined with the depth of the recess prevent the use of all the removal tools you have mentioned, and some you haven't. The heads on the McGard are hardened (pot hard) a Dremmel won't touch it, why not try it on your McGard bolts. I have explained that cam out is more likely to be caused by air wrenches used by garages and tyre fitters. It may also be that your bolts are not McGard but Evo or some other McGard copy. I hope the reply to Entwood explains the Sold Secure Diamond Award, perhaps you were also confused by the two different systems having similar names. Now I'm going with my wife and son to the caravan, it should be a good weekend at Pickering. Regards,
  5. Hello Entwood, Thanks for your comments. I believe you have not understood the security ratings on the Stronghold Wheel Clamp, you need to look again at their web site, it looks clear enough to me. It has Sold Secure's Gold Award, not the Sold Secure Diamond Award, also check the Sold Secure website. Stronghold have their own "in house" security system (confusingly) called the Diamond Security Level. Stronghold have tested it in house and given it their own "Diamond 7" award. Perhaps you will acknowledge that I haven't been lying or spreading untruths, but it does appear you have been confused by the "Diamond awards" used by Sold Secure and by Stronghold. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. As Alko have a patent on the through the wheel lock (Alko Secure) it's unlikely any other device can achieve the Sold Secure Diamond Award. I have seen the specifications for the test procedures, so I do know what I'm talking about. Hope this helps. Regards,
  6. Hello neil, Thanks for your comments, I'm glad the penny finally dropped. Send me your address and I'll send you a wheel clamp that's light and easy to use, please let me know which one it is. I'm waiting for a reply from Entwood who has one with a Sold Secure "Diamond Award", perhaps you should consider this one. I'll let you know if I get a PM. Regards, JSB HUBLOCK LTD
  7. Hello neil (again). 1) I have just read your PM, sorry I hadn't seen it earlier. The answer is yes we have tried it, it wont fit over the McGard bolt. We designed the Hublock so it couldn't fit. This was just one of the many devices we obtained before we completed the design. 2) You keep referring to removing bolts from car wheels, we have acknowleged the fact that security bolts can be removed from car wheels. That is why the design of the Hublock is different. 3) The bolts we use are McGard but not the Standard or the Ultra. Auto Express removed the standard bolts from "CAR WHEELS", they haven't removed them from the Hublock. 4) Sold Secure are just one of many who can't remove the bolts from the JSB Hublock, including yourself. 5) I think the Alko Secure uses a similar pattern bolt and I've heard no problems with them, we certainly haven't. As I said it's more likely to be the nut using the spanner that's the problem. Garages use air guns to tighten car wheels and they are often over tightened. This is more likely to cause damage to your locking bolts. 6) A screw driver is no good for 65 ft. lb torque, so a dremmel is a waste of time, but you can try it. 7) I'm waiting for an answer regarding the Diamond Award, I'll let you know as soon as I can. 8) I take it your a NO regarding the Hublock and that you don't want to test it. 9) Where is your advice for other caravan users, some of who may be new, some may have just had a caravan stolen ? Do you have any positive advice? What do you use, wheel clamps, hitch locks, steady locks, trackers, alarms. Regards
  8. Hello again Entwood, No need for a photo but please tell me and others on the forum the name and the model of the wheel clamp you have with a Diamond Award. I'll have a look at it, and it must be of interest to other forum users. As far as I know the Alko Secure (Alko chassis) and Winterhoff (BPW chassis) have Sold Secure Diamond awards. I've given information taken from the Sold Secure website, how does this misrepresent or even amount to an untruth. We have used Sold Secure testing ourselves, so please explain your point. Regards,
  9. Hello neil, WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I have the time to keep on answering your posts, you are very prolific. We have had no problems with McGard bolts other than one customer who applied more than 210 ft lb of torque. As I explained this is the equivelent of 18 stone full body weight or 36 stone(with one foot on the floor) We did research all security bolts and selected the McGard. WHAT IS YOUR ALTERNATIVE CHOICE. -------------------------( ) The only problem is the "nut" using the spanner, not the McGard bolts. Removing security bolts from car wheels is a common problem often carried out by garages and tyre fitters. The equipment does exist and you do mention some of them. We have looked at ALL of these and our design prevents the use of all of these tools. We have offered the JSB Hublock to several enginering companys, tyre fitters, and garages, none have been able to remove the Hublock. This was to all the engineers in all the companies with all the ideas they wanted to try. Sold Secure can't remove the Hublock. Most important of all, caravan thieves haven't removed the JSB Hublock, these are the real EXPERTS. I will send you a Hublock if you still want to try, send me your email address. Your idea of placing your van amongs't newer, bigger models, is good (for you). What advice are you going to give to others on this forum with newer vans, twin axles, and storage at home or on unsecured storage sites????? Regards,
  10. Hello poolebob, I have read the forum terms and conditions, I understand I have to be invited to become a trade member, it is not my free choice. If I were to be invited of course I would register as a trade member. Meanwhile I am a caravanner like yourself and do make postings about various subjects if I think I have anything positive to add. I have found plenty of useful information on here myself. I am the owner of JSB Hublock and have never tried to hide this in my postings. I have not started any posting about the JSB Hublock, but where I have seen uninformed statements made, I do try to clarify any points. If some don't like the JSB Hublock or don't want to use it I have no problem, but don't make uninformed or misleading statements to others. Many people have decided to use it and are happy to have a new product that does stop the professional thieves and gas cutting equipment. Regards, JSB HUBLOCK LTD
  11. Hello neil, 1) McGard bolts are not easily damaged. Look at Auto Express product tests, they have won these for the last four years. These are the best locking bolts on the market in my opinion (thats why we use them)and the best in Auto Express's opinion. Why don't you state which is the best locking bolt and why?????????? "Something decent". (http://www. autoexpress. co. uk/products/products/208522/locking_wheel_bolts. html) The warning was added to our web site after a customer applied more than 210ft. lb torque, should be 65ft. lb. not because the McGard bolts are weak. Perhaps this is why you have had problems with your locking bolts. It may also be that they are not McGard. All bolts can be sheared or stretched if excessive torque is applied. Perhaps this is why caravan wheels often fall off. (A recent post on this forum). You don't have to use a torque wrench but we do recommend it for those who have no understanding of what 65 ft. lb is. On a wheel wrench at say 10" you must apply 78lb force. For 210ft. lb you would have to apply 252lb force (18 stone). This has happened hence the warning. 2) Kwikfit and garages do have tools for removing locking wheel bolts from car wheels. We have tested all of these, including the ones you will find on ebay, they can't remove the McGard bolts from the JSB Hublock. We have taken the Hublock to Gordon's Tyres, they use the same tools as we have tested and couldn't remove the locking bolts. Sold Secure also use these removal tools in their tests (Gold Award), and they couldn't remove them from the JSB Hublock. Before you mention the Diamond Award please be aware that this test is only available to Alko Secure and through the wheel type locks. This isn't available to other products nor does it include gas cutting gear. 3) The JSB Hublock is used all year round, not just for winter storage. Owners who have had a caravan stolen are happy to spend ten minutes fitting it to avoid a repeat visit from the thieves,(very common). 4) We have always made the JSB Hublock available to anyone who doubts our claims, so far no one has taken us up on our offer. If you still have doubts you could be the first.
  12. This link gives the transmitters in the UK and tells you the orientation, horizontal or vertical, and other usefull information. http://www. bbc. co. uk/reception/transmitters/tv/index. shtml Regards,
  13. Hello digga, Here I'll show you. This is the only way I know that it can be made to work. http://www. jsbhublock. co. uk/ And before someone says a tyre fitter can remove the security bolts, I'll assure you they can't. You've got to admit these caravan thieves are very good at what they do, professionals, not opportunist thieves. Hope this helps. Regards, paul. 001
  14. Hello Maurice, We havn't sold the JSB HUBLOCK to anyone in Kettering so perhaps your next door neighbour uses a WINTER WHEEL not a JSB HUBLOCK?? The winter wheel is not secure against oxyacetylene cutting gear. The original posting is asking for advice and experience from someone who has used a JSB HUBLOCK. Perhaps you can advise phil1041 how to prevent his caravan being stolen. What security measures do you take, which wheel clamp, hitch lock, ground anchor, etc. ?? Where do you store your caravan?? How will you stop oxyacetylene cutting?? Regards,
  15. Hello Entwood, Did you research and read this statement from Sold Secure on the previous page? "Sold Secure Approval is classified into 3 main categories; Bronze, Silver & Gold (with an additional Diamond level for certain Caravan security products). The categories reflect the amount of time per test and the tools that are used and themselves vary depending on what test specification is being used. The higher the grading (Bronze is the lowest) the higher the security provided by the product." The DIAMOND AWARD was written specifically for, and can be applied only to WHEEL LOCKS, such as the ALKO SECURE, "through the wheel type locks". NO OTHER PRODUCT can be tested to DIAMOND AWARD. If you want more clarification on this you should contact Sold Secure. Their statements are not my concern. Part of the specification states that the caravan must be towed for 1km, in which time the tyre is expected to be destroyed. This wouldn't prevent the caravan being winched onto a trailer by the way. The ONLY Sold Secure test that can be carried out on the JSB HUBLOCK is the GOLD AWARD which has been done. Sold Secure do not use oxyacetylene cutting gear in any of their tests, and as this is what professional thieves regularly use, this is what we have tested for. Regards,
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