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  1. Probably a 'V' Welsh will have a red one and the Scots a blue.
  2. Local surgery? Whats that? Oh! You mean that locked fortress where I used to go for medical treatment, but now I only get dissembodied voices through a tannoy or on the phone.
  3. Just look at the facts. China has had this virus in a research facility for years and has had years to study it. The virus escaped into the general population and the fact was covered up for months (to give it a chance to spread?) China is reported to have controled the initial outbreak (in China). China has officialy reported minor outbreaks easily controled. All other countries have reported major outbreaks with high infection rates and are now suffering a second outbreak even worse that the original, devestating their economies. All countries are reporting a ma
  4. In the 1940's tens of thousands of people gave their lives to preserve your liberty.
  5. Oh! I see now. I have had problems in the past when filling the aquaroll with the pump not. Try uncoupling the pump from the van, drop the pump into the water and allow it to fill, then reconnect to the van.
  6. Sound like the pump is pulling air in from somewhere, cocentrate your search there.
  7. When looking at a carvan use your senses. Does it look as if its been looked after, then use your nose, a damp caravan smells of damp, lift the cushions and look in the cupboards. Does it smell dry. An old dry caravan that has been loved is a better buy than a modern one that has been neglected.
  8. I know from experience that that doesn't always work. A few years ago we were away for 7 weeks, three around Scotland, three around N.Ireland and a week at C&CC Keswick. I checked the noseweight at leaving each campsite exept the last one. Nearly lost the caravan on the M6 when a lorry passed me. Stopped at Southwaite services to see why, the noseweight was 35kg, and I thought everything was packed the same as usual. In the case of an accident the contents of the caravan will move. How will anyone know what the noseweight was? Before any comments are made, I always (now) check
  9. It's very amusing all this heart rending about nose weights on this forum. Next time you are on a campsite watch all the caravaners packing up to leave, how many actualy check their noseweight? I always check mine and more than once I have been asked what I am doing and why am I wasting time faffing about. If the noseweight is that important why are the roads not littered with dead caravans?
  10. Not all motor homers cause problems, in fact very few do. But. The ones causing problems are the ones that people see, and complain about.
  11. We eat the same in the caravan as we do at home, lets face it, in the caravan we are at home . So all cooking equipment is used. The hot plate is great for simmering, makes a great chilly con carne, and we always have a Sunday roast.
  12. Behind the small drop down locker door to the left of the door mat. At least mine is. Reminds me, I mean to turn my switch around, it is fitted facing towards the under-seat locker.
  13. I used a Magnum on our 2008 Pageant 7 Burgundy for at least 7 years, it fitted across the front window and never left a mark. I polished the windows with car polish, my Daughter now has the caravan and they are still like new.
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