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  1. When you think about the 95% of caravaners have never heard of Caravan Talk and their' bung stuff in until it's full' loading. We are probably all too pickey about weight. I must admit I'm not that fussed about weight, but I am careful about where it goes. For instance all the top lockers are emptied into crates that sit as near the axle as possible on the floor. The heavies, like awning, tool bag etc: are in the car. The one thing I am realy fussed about is the nose weight, I had a bad trip once because I had not checked it and it was only 35Kg. Now I check it every time and get as close the car maximum as possible.
  2. We have problems because in this stupid country tresspass is not a criminal offence, we have to apply to the courts for an eviction notice, which they can apeal against. In other countries it is criminal and the police have a duty to go in and hoic them out. Thats why the Irish travelers are here, because the Guarda chase them off.
  3. I use the 240v compresser in my workshop. Use it for pumping up tyres, blowing dust of machines, paint spraying, unclogging my wifes vacuum cleaners. All sorts of things. I think there is a 12v tyre pump in the car, but I have never used it.
  4. I haven't seen it, or heard of it. Please send it.
  5. Hey, I didn't know about that. You telling me that a "Motorhome" (posh name for a motorised caravan) pays more than £56.
  6. Depends on the EV. Mine has 13.8kWh battery and has a failsafe to stop more than 70% of that being used so as to protect the battery. That means a charge of about 9.5kWh fills it. I charge mine from a three pin socket ( the Granny cable) from 12 midnight to full and my smart meter shows that being used over about 3 hours. A full electric EV would take about a day and a half for a full charge at that rate, so they need a fast charge, even then they advise only filling to 80% full because it would take nearly as long again to squees the final 20% in.
  7. The last cc, sorry CMC site I stayed at was Daleacre. There were a nomber of empty hard standings, but all had traffic cones on them. I had to pitch on grass. I asked one of the staff about them and he told me they were reserved for Motorhomes because they mess the grass up.
  8. Engenie allready charge 35p/kWh for fast charge. It would be difficult for the Government to charge transport tax on home charging, how can they tell which wat goes where?
  9. Toniks night rate is 10.66p/kwh. That works out to about the cost of a litre of petrol to fill the battery, which gives 27 miles on my car or 21 if the heater and air con is on . Not many cars will do better than 90 miles for the cost of a gallon. A diesel might be less poluting on a long run, but for short runs where the diesel is at its dirtiest, the PHEV wins hands down.
  10. I've had a couple of niggles with caravans, but no major faults with the ones that we have bought. When looking at a van my rule is, does it smell OK, then does it look abused, does it feel like home, can I afford it. Right, then buy it. Never been let down yet.
  11. PHEV's are not pointless with usage that suits them, my main use is for short journeys. For example the last week ,I have driven about 120 miles and charged overnight giving a fuel consumption figure (according to the guessometer) of 180mpg. The charging cost the equivelant of about one and a quarter gallons.
  12. I hope a hybrid is OK, I've just purchased a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It depends on how a vehicle is to be used whether it suits or not. Most of my motoring is within 10 miles of home, so the EV range is all I usualy need . Maybe 5 or 6 times a year we go away with the caravan, so we need a vehicle that will pull a 1490Kg Bailey Cadiz. The Mitsi will do that at a cost, I have heard that it will tow at about 19 or 20 MPG. My Mondeo would only get about 23 to 25 MPG towing, so that doesn't hurt too much. The only problem will be that the Mitsi only has a 10 gallon fuel tank, to make room for the battery, so I will have to stop to refill more often.
  13. I have a towbar beeing fitted on Friday to my new (to me) Outlander HPEV. Ordered it direct from the Witter website, they deliver it to the fitter and he comes to the house to fit it. £600.53p, less than local garages were asking.
  14. Don't use any abrasive at all on a car windscreen. I used to have a Badford Bambi (tiny motorcaravan) the windscreen was once covered in dead flys that were hard to remove, so I used a kitchen sponge, the square foam one with the white soft scourer. Did a brilliant job, the screen looked lovely even when dry. Until I drove it at night, when other cars headlights lit it up it was like looking through frosted glass.
  15. Would cost the Beeb a few bob to put local news on HD then.
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