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  1. Fenwicks Black Streak Remover is 10% Fenwicks caravan cleaner in water, so make up your own. Spray it onto the streaks and wipe them off. Of course it helps if your caravan is well polished with Mer or Autoglym. An awning rail protector also helps (but doesn't completely) stop them, it also stops the build up of dirt, bugs and spiders cocoons in the awning rail.
  2. We stay at that site quite often and the news that Simon has sold it to the CMC was ***** devastating. There is no way that a corporate organization will run it as well as a private individual. We will no longer be able to book a particular pitch and the usual friendly staff will no longer be there. We are booked there from the 13th May for 3 weeks and have been promised that all bookings and pitch selections for 2021 will be honoured, but I am worried that they won't be knowing the usual 'look for your own' pitch system the club usually uses. Admin comment: Bad language remo
  3. I use the Reich remote control mirrors on mine. They fit with straps that just hook over the edges of the mirror, two on top and one on the bottom. I couldn't get the Milencos to clamp at all. The Reich are eye watering expensive but worth the money for the hassle they save, easily reset from the driving seat, no row with the wife about moving the mirror the wrong way or too much, or too little.
  4. You can take dairy produce, if you have a £180 Veterinary certificate for EACH item that is or contains ANY dairy produce. Cream cakes etc;
  5. We have been using a Whale Aquasource for twenty odd years now, but due to the pandemic we may have to think of something else. It delivers water at a lower pressure than the caravan pump, it was OK with an onboard pump because we could use both, but our Cadiz has the pump in the barrel so using the Aquasource we would only get the lower pressure which might not be good enough for the shower.
  6. How about Caravan & Motorhome Combined Talk - C&MCT
  7. The centre chest on my Burgundy was just held on with four screws. One each side into the seat and two on top into the wall under the window.
  8. Thats been discussed at length on the Mitsu PHEV group on Facebook. The opinion is that the original test was with the vehicle doing the worst things possible driven by a moron. I know that my car does about 15 to 20 miles a day and since the 8th October last year has had 20ltrs of petrol put in the tank , because the car started nagging me about refreshing the stale fuel.
  9. Get yourself something like this Protector strip It stops crud from building up in the awning rail and helps a bit with the dreaded black streaks.
  10. My cover protects my ears. I don't get nagged about a mucky caravan.
  11. I'm waiting for these power satelites they have been talking about. Won't need batteries, just run on the power beemed down
  12. Charge doesn't work when I'm towing, I still lose a mile on the guessometer for every 4 or 5 miles travel. I put it on Save with about 14 miles on the readout. It maintains that until it gets to a hill where it uses electric for the extra power then it seems to use regen to top up the battery slowly to 14 again. I stick with the HGV's, so doing around 55 to 56.
  13. I wish that I could get figures like that. I achieve about 26 miles solo (the guessometer says 28miles) and in this cold wheather with the heater on auto I get around 16miles. Towing my 1490Kg caravan I'm lucky to see more than 10 miles on electric, though I usualy let the battery run down to half full and switch it to 'Battery save' and get 25 to 27mpg from the ICE. (Which is better than my Mondeo did).
  14. Probably a 'V' Welsh will have a red one and the Scots a blue.
  15. Local surgery? Whats that? Oh! You mean that locked fortress where I used to go for medical treatment, but now I only get dissembodied voices through a tannoy or on the phone.
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