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  1. The last site I was at the wardens gave a warm welcome and were very helpful with siteing the caravan. Then it went downhill. Due to the 'situation' a third of all facilities were cordened off (understandable) But, after the weekenders were away a pair of wardens left the site, so there were not enough staff to clean the facilities. The main toilet block was locked up, leaving two male and two female toilets and one urinal for all of the site. The first we knew of it was when we were on our way out for a walk and my wife tried to use the main block and saw a notice on the door, she went to the other block and it was closed for DEEP cleaning for one and a half hours. When we arrived the grass needed cutting and all the week we were there I never once saw, or heard, a mower being used, which is very unusual because there is nearly always a mower on the go at all club sites. The only time any warden was seen was siting a caravan or cleaning the loo's. I think that the current SITUATION is beeing milked a little bit.
  2. I have an Isabella full awning, and it is getting a bit much for me at my age. So I went looking for an air awning, supposed to be that much easier to errect. The problem was that an air awning of a decent size was that heavy I couldn't pick it up. My awning weighs 25kg and is the full length of the caravan, a 4mtr air awning is upwards of 30kg. I think that I will stick to the poled awning.
  3. Scoff about newbies if you like but in my years of caravaning I have seen more good caravans towed by large 4x4's wrapped up than old vans with underpowered cars. The first one I ever saw was in the early 1970's, a Range Rover towing a small 2 berth on the M6 passed me in my Komet campervan, snaked, and finished up with the van laying on it's side with the Rangy still hooked on with it's back wheels off the ground.
  4. Had a few awnings in our caravaning life, from small cheap porches to an isabella Ambassador full awning. We now have the Amassador Seed and a Westfield 240 air porch awning. With two of us plus the dog (all retired) we always book at least 7 days away. The westfield has been used once and now sits mouldering in the garage loft, every time we go away now the Ambassaror is used. It is our conservatory, the dog loves it and it's a great place for wet clothing to dry (British summers) and it doubles our useable floor space. Takes me a 78 year old about 90 minutes to put it up (pegs are a bind) and get the furniture installed. As I'm getting on a bit I looked at full air awnings as being easy to errect, but they were that heavy I couldn't pick them up.
  5. I'm feeling a bit left out! The only faults for my first service was no drain hole in the Dometic fridge and one SMD on the strip above the mirror over the wash basin was flickering.
  6. Get on your hands and knees and look underneath the caravan, if water is running out of a pipe when the pump is on, your drain tap is open. Ask me how I know
  7. Sometimes the pump will float on top of the water in the aquaroll, you can avoid this by making sure the aquaroll is realy full so putting in the pump makes it overflow
  8. The answer to all of the transport problems is an EV car with a wind turbine on the roof. As it travels along the slipstreem drives the wind tubine that produces the power to drive along. To get started from stationary all it needs is 100 what solar panel to top up the battery while it's parked or stuck in traffic jams caused by those gas guzzlers running out of fuel. Supprised that no one else has thought of it
  9. We've only ever used water from the aquaroll. It is filled every day with chlorinated water from the mains, and if the caravan is drained down at the end of a stay the pipe work is flushed through with fresh chlorinated water as the system is filled up the next time you use it.
  10. It's hard to beat my wife out of ours, she loves it. But, it is horses for courses. If it suits your driving requirements it is a great car, otherwise forget it. It is a good towcar but not great, I was spoilt by my last motor the 2.2 200HP mondeo. With our use of a car the Outlander is perfect, most of our driving is within 5 miles of the house, so it is an electric car and a full charge of 30 miles costs about 80p (though if you use the air con the range drops to 21miles) As a tow car less so, the range on battery is about 6 miles and when the engine cuts in and it goes into Hybrid mode I have achieved 21 to 22 mpg on petrol
  11. Bought nothing yet, but, I have a serious yen for an Isabella Air Cirrus North 400. Only worried about the weight - 35Kg
  12. I have one and it's a real solid brute. With an angle grinder you would have to cut through both sides to get it off, and that would take more than a couple of minutes. The longer it takes, the more chance of getting caught. The only problem is that the Alko hitch cover won't fit over it.
  13. Whipe the surface with a cloth damped with acetone, (nail polish remover) then stick the pads to it. Works with all sticky pads.
  14. Since the end of March mine has used NO petrol and 78p of electricery
  15. I earnt my state pension by paying the pensions of the retired for the fifty years that I was working. Any company pensions I invested in myself, I paid cash for them. Even though I am hardly clearing the minimum wage I am doing OK. I have no dept, unlike the younger generation, if I cant pay cash for something I don't buy it. Why should I be resposible for a young person that is getting more than me but can't manage on it.
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