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  1. So can someone please explain the "plate upgrade "that Elddis offer for free . Maybe its me , but how can you have a max MTPLM then have this figure upped . ?
  2. Yes was just thinking " a bit of a con "
  3. Thanks gents . I will email Elddis . It was not an extra ,and seems crazy to take it off and put in car for weight distribution .
  4. Hi Been doing a bit of research into weights for towing . Am I right in thinking the spare wheel under caravan is not included in MIRO therefore takes up probably. 25 to 30 kg of my 150 kg user payload !!With this , battery 30 kg ish and mover 35 kg ish , that's nearly 100 kg out of 150 allowance . Am I correct on this and if so is it worth removing wheel and putting it in car ?
  5. Anyone used one of these . Varied reports about accuracy . Also seems the kind of thing you use once get the desired weight distribution ,then pack caravan similar all of the time . Time to sell it !!
  6. Daveg

    Tyre pressure

    My tyres are same and thats exactly what ive done ( split the difference) and it seems ok . You would think the labels would give a towing pressure recommendation , not just 2 passengers or 5. !
  7. Daveg

    Tyre pressure

    That is what I've done . So when holiday is over would I need to reduce pressure . ? Seems a bit of a hassle ( away with caravan every month )
  8. Daveg

    Tyre pressure

    On my Passat there are 2 sets of tyre pressures on label displayed (2 people in car and 5 people in car .) The latter has pressures about 10 psi more . Question is what do I set them at for 2 people plus caravan ? I have decided on the 5 people set up , however I don't want the fuss of letting air out when I'm without van . Any thoughts
  9. Daveg

    Alko towbar

    Yes I am a bit dissapointed. 2ltr vw passat diesal estate. Should be OK.? Increase car tyre pressure for full load and caravan tyres at recommended 60psi Is it possible if needed more nose weight at front of caravan?
  10. Daveg

    Alko towbar

    Hope I can explain this OK. I have just got a new car with a Swan neck towbar fitted. The shaft runs up to the ball slightly tapered. (There is no section just under the ball that is narrow and about 20mmin height) I think my old one had this narrower section . Or is it because its a Swan neck.? Is this still suitable for Alko, first try today and must say alott of yawing. Thanks
  11. May be a silly question , but do you need the main trip RCD switch on at the caravan fuse box to charge the battery ?
  12. Guys , Brand new battery > Checked voltage on the caravan display
  13. Hi all My battery in situ was reading 11.9v so I plugged it in to garage 2 days ago and its only reading 12.1 v now !! .This seems very slow and I need to go away on Saturday .Is a charge always this slow from socket and would I do better by taking it off and connecting a battery charger direct ? Thanks
  14. Daveg

    8k tug

    2015 65 FORD MONDEO 2.0 TITANIUM ECONETIC TDCI 5D 148 BHP. £10000 Any good ? https://www.lesrayner-foxhunters.co.uk/used-ford-mondeo-whitley-bay-tyne-and-wear-2136245
  15. Daveg

    8k tug

    Not sure on model spec re B7 or B8 . It has 42k miles on so interesting point re oil change , thanks . Its classed as ex MOD car so I would imagine servicing was done but will check ..
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