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  1. Hi Any tips please for aligning Alko wheel lock whilst having the caravan level across the axle . I normally get aligned but van is not level . This is quite important as my wife suffers from imbalance/verigo . Then when I level it I can't align it . !I need that lock for insurance and find it a pain at times Im sure you good folk have an easier way, and I'm probably missing something . Thanks
  2. I was wonder if my caravan being slightly out of level accross the axle would or could cause the water to keep turning of and needing re calibration. (IE water could flow backwards) Just a thought!!
  3. Yes I posted it last night and thought it was sorted . However it had to be done again today hence requesting help again . I rang dealer they said it was probably losing pressure check for a leak .!
  4. Has anyone got an idea why I’ve had to calibrate water pump twice in two days .Pump was running on after taps were closed (thought it might be losing pressure but no sign of any leaks in pipe work ) New Affinity 550 Many thanks
  5. Hi can anyone please help . ? im out in new van Affinity 550 for only the second time and the taps occasionally run dry . Turning the pump switch off and on seems to fix it . Should the yellow light on pump switch be on constant or just when taps are drawing water ? Also is there only one aerial input , in the box under the front seat . ? thanks When I run the cold it stops , when aqua roll is filling light is on , when it stops filling light goes off .. seems water is not getting through
  6. ok thanks . Did just wonder if it would charge . Don't want to use my mover next month to find out its flat
  7. Hope this question is not to silly I have a new battery which measured 12.8 v when delivered 2 days ago . Fitted it to caravan tonight and measures 12.5 v according to caravan gauge . . My query is ,if I connect caravan to mains when its on driveway , will it top up the battery ?? Thank you
  8. had a quick browse on a certain auction site . Range from £70 with thousands sold to £120 ish . Is it worth the extra money ? Nearly 2 for 1 !!! even if it lasts 4 or so years
  9. Its a brand new powrtouch evolution mover and just looked at info . They do indeed recommend a 110 ah battery . It is used as a leisure battery Think I need to look for a SMALL 110 ah battery
  10. Yes sorry all . I meant Ah. !!! Daft question but is a 95 Ah also physically smaller and lighter? . Struggle to carry it at times
  11. Motor mover has been acting up lately ,however I think I have found the problem . My battery is dated 2011 .( Trust Orange 110v) So I think its passed it now at 8 years old. Question is can I use a 95v battery with mover or do I need a 110 v one ?( them battery lockers are small and tight ) Thanks
  12. Hello I have bought a new caravan and a new also "lozenge " to fit the wheel . However I have kept my barrel lock for this new caravan . My question is please , do I have to re register the lock to Also with the NEW van details or is it just registered to a person . ie me ? Thanks
  13. Thanks all . Just strange how it worked fine when leaving site this morning , drive home for two and a half hours got it off road onto drive ok then just fitting it down side of garden it started acting up ..
  14. Hi Just bought new van with fitted mover . Been away for couple of days no problem with mover . Drove 120 miles home tried to put it on drive only for it to stop , start then not work . I had to turn control off and on to get it to work a little bit . Battery reading 12.6 v at rest ? Maybe a silly question but could home WiFi signal interfere with signal . . thanks
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