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  1. They are just playing catch up with the CCC Who have been ABTA members for many years
  2. Picking up a new Skoda Octavia Estate tomorrow Any recomendations on Tow Bar fitting in the Poole area Have looked at The Towbar Centre and Dolphin Towbars Looking at a Swan neck, your thoughts on fixed or detachable, I've never had a detachable Any problems re the rear parking sensors on the Octy Many thanks in anticipation of any advice
  3. Ours arrived in the post this morning from C&CC
  4. Thanks Woodie. Picked this up too late. Had a horrendous journey to Dover from Dorset yesterday. Nearly 7 hours! Missed our booked ferry but DFDS were great and just put us on the next one. Never seen so many bad accidents on the M25 and A2/M2 involving fire and ambulance service for a long time. Worst part of the congestion was on the diversion route coming off M25 at junction 2 onto A2. Traffic was tailbacks from Faversham to the Medway towns. Stopped at Bien Assise last night and warned everyone who was travelling back over the weekend. Now relaxing at a lovely site in Monschau in Germany.
  5. Hi Rob Cheveley Services, at the junction of the M4/A34 near Newbury Access to and from all routes. When coming South from Oxford on the A34 watch out for the Services signs before the M4 junction Which direct you off the A34 and onto the large roundabout, then under the M4, then slip road into Services. Hope this helps
  6. Hi Kellie If you are prepared to travel a little way down the M3 near Winchester I can recommend Sandyfields Storage, www. sandyfieldsstorage. co. uk. Not too far off the M3 for you. I have no idea if they have any spaces available,but definately worth a try. Hope this helps Jonathan
  7. Ditto, As above Thank you so much for the NEC tickets Looking forward to attending the Show
  8. I would like to meet Julia Bradbury To share in a Walk & talk would be great She supports and encourages our hobby and has a genuine love of the great outdoors What more can I say I would also love a trip to the NEC !
  9. Hello Can't comment on CC Henley Four Oaks - tried to book it for a Friday to Friday the week before last, but it was full over the weekends, and we wanted 7 days, so booked Swiss Farm instead. Had a wonderful week there - lovely site, great staff, very clean facilities, restaurant/coffee shop etc. Although we had no kids, we took note of the excellent play areas, and huge spaces for them to play in. Having driven past Four Oaks during our stay, Swiss Farm is certainly set further back from the main road, which adds to the sense of seclusion. Watch out for the red kites (birds, not
  10. TuV stations will issue the sticker to non German registered cars On travelling to Germany in February via Hook of Holland, just after crossing the German border on the A57 i went to the TuV station in Goch, just a few minutes from the Autobahn. It took about 20 mins for them to complete the paperwork, they need to see the original copy of the UK registration document and a quick look at the car and the sticker was issued. The cost was much cheaper than paying one of the internet outfits. Before leaving the UK i had checked on the TuV Nord website for station locations and ope
  11. With over 350 exhibitors, book now for a great family day out!
  12. Just made my booking ok Via the good old telephone Had been trying for ages to sign in and just nothing happening decided to make the call bang on 9am, got through after only 3 rings booking all done Painless. Good luck all of you with your bookings
  13. I was reading on another forum that from next year Camping Gandspette will be taking ACSI. At present they take Camping Cheques, whether they will drop CC's and just go with ACSI will watch with interest
  14. Another Vote for Towone Trailers in Hull Ive used them for five previous cars, most recently a few months ago on our new Octy I travel a long way, but use the trip to visit Son & Daughter in Law in Hull The guys at Towone are excellent a know the towbar business, truly professional, would recommend them to anyone Jonathan
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