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  1. Livi

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    With the exception of Dundee and Aberdeen city centres I can honestly say I have never had a problem with congestion or been unable to freely find parking within easy walking distance of anywhere I want to be in any of the coastal towns or villages between Elie in the South and Spey Bay in the North. OK, St Andrews can be a challenge at times but I choose my times to visit. I'm probably a leading authority on public toilets and I can proudly say I have never had to pay for one on that route either. When all else fails there's always Asda or Tesco or any other Supermarket. I stand by my view that the coastal routes are rarely busy and frequently near deserted, especially in the North East corner north of Aberdeen ( if you get off the A90) What beaches to you find difficulty getting parked at?
  2. Livi

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    Can I put in a word for the other Scotland, I. e. The East coast! you can start in Edinburgh and then work your way North, hugging the coast through the East Neuk of Fife, St Andrews, Dundee for the V&A, Broughty Ferry, Carnoustie, Arbroath (must have smokies) Montrose, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, Fraserburgh then along the Buchan and Moray coasts to Spey Bay (Dolphins) then head South through the the Speyside whisky trail. Enough history and sight seeing to satisfy the most demanding. Generally drier and sunnier, no midgies, much quieter roads and easy parking and, best of all, not so many pesky tourists clogging up the attractions. All easily achievable in a week including coming back South via Fort William and Oban if you must have a fix of the West Coast.
  3. Livi

    Best Suspension Setting to Tow

    I would opt for Sport setting. In my experience the stiffer the suspension, the better the stability. In my world stability trumps comfort when towing, but there will doubtless be differing opinions on this.
  4. Livi

    Changes to Highway Code

    This is certainly not the case with my car. I've checked by looking at the reflection in buses behind me. The electric parking brake does not activate the brake lights. The Auto Hold function, on the other hand, does activate the brake lights and keeps them on until you drive off. This is why I rarely use the auto hold function and never at night. Using it is lazy, and, in these situations, inconsiderate driving in my book.
  5. Livi

    Heavyweight non-4x4/SUV suggestions?

    The BMW 630D GT meets all your criteria, and if my 520D GT is anything to go by, would be a very proficient tow car.
  6. Livi

    Now I really have seen it all

    It's not just caravans that are guilty of bad rearward vision set ups. In the aftermath of the Open Golf at Carnoustie there have been many lorries taking away portacabins from the golf village and most of them have been significantly wider than the lorry's mirrors, giving them very little view behind them. I checked one as I was overtaking and I was halfway along the load before I could see his mirrors. What does the law say about this type load?
  7. Livi

    Filling your fridge

    Another one of these topics which highlights how different we all are in the way we caravan. I've never seen the point in using up limited payload carrying provisions which we will normally be able to buy close to our chosen holiday base, or in eating into my car's power output to cool the fridge.(although I may be behind the times with that one) I also like to support the local economy where possible by buying and eating out locally. So, in short, my fridge stays empty en route. Any perishables which I do transfer, if moving between sites, go in a well insulated cool bag in the car.
  8. Livi

    Dashcam advice

    Not at all keen on the idea of double sided sticky tape or permanent glueing to the screen. I'm on my second Nextbase and four years into using them and can recall only three times the sucker has come detached, all in hot weather. I can live happily with that level of inconvenience. Clean and dry the screen with a multi fibre cloth, clean the sucker with a damp cloth and wet it with a licked finger. Maybe I have extra strong saliva!😎
  9. Livi

    creaking when Al-Ko stabiliser connected

    I find giving the towball and the stabiliser pads a quick wipe with a clean cloth then wetting them both before hitching works for me.
  10. Livi

    Entering a motorway

    I'll give you the benefit of of the doubt and assume your tongue was firmly in your cheek when you posted that. Bad driving, whether it is the result of arrogance, ignorance or plain incompetence, is not restricted to any particular age group. I've been cut up, held up and forced into evasive action by drivers from teenagers to geriatrics and will continue to treat every other driver on the road as an idiot regardless of which age group they are in.
  11. Livi

    Losing water!!!

    I'll second the drain valve theory. I manage to do this almost every start of the season (slow learner) and usually manage to empty half the aqua roll before I remember. Doh! A bit of a silly design fault, to be fair.
  12. Livi

    Cleaning alloy wheels

    I've used many of the branded products and found them all to be pretty much as effective as the next. What I have as yet been unable to find is a product which prevents/delays the build up of the dust in the first place. Also what is it about brake pads this side of the Atlantic which results in more brake dust being given off? I've driven 2000 miles plus per holiday in US rental cars with wheels nearly as clean at the end of the holiday as they were when I set out. Here, wheels get dusty as soon as you use the car.
  13. Livi

    electricity charges for electric cars

    Charging overnight is not an option for me. Our communal parking area is over 30 meters from my closest electrical socket and I frequently have to park over 100 meters from my door. I don't really think a 100 meter extension cable is a workable solution.
  14. Livi

    Audi A6 All Road or 520D?

    Another vote for the 520d GT. This is possibly the best tow car I have owned. Mine is in M Sport guise with 20inch wheels and just feels totally planted compared with my previous Sorento and Sportage( same 'van). It is slightly more thirsty and dearer to insure that the 520d Touring, but I love it.
  15. If that was for me, yes they have the details correct. My outgoing insurance was done on the Reg. number and shows the correct car details, as did other quotes.