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  1. Don't know if I'm missing something here, but from what you are posting they are acting exactly as I would expect them to. Their email response is perfectly clear. If the lock is registered with them under the previous owner, then Alko need them to de-register it. The system wouldn't be secure otherwise.
  2. Good attitude, but how on earth do you establish how welcome you would be? I won't be using my 'van until we have an effective treatment and\or vaccine. We had provisionally decided that this season would be our last so it may well be we never use the 'van again!😕 I wonder what the market for used caravans will be like coming out of this?
  3. I really can't see the point of sites 're-opening until things are back to a situation where there are no travel restrictions, restaurants, pubs, visitor attractions are open, and everyone is comfortable welcoming visitors to their area. I certainly don't see any attraction in travelling miles to sit cooped up in my caravan with nowhere to go and probably made to feel unwelcome if I stuck my nose out of the site to go for supplies of a walk. I think we need to accept that this year is a write off as far as caravanning is concerned.
  4. I really don't know where you got the idea that the wicked witch is considering easing the lock down. I haven't read that into anything she has said up til now. What she has said is that she will be looking at the exit strategy, which is something entirely different. I any case, even if we did ease restrictions earlier than England, why would we need to worry about English people coming North if they are still under lock down and not allowed to travel? Ohh! Just a minute........!!
  5. To me it's a choice of having the car available to do a large shop, meaning a visit to the supermarket no more than once a week, or walking \public transport to the shops more frequently for smaller amounts of shopping. I know which is the safer option. Yes it is the BMW, and that's what I was afraid of. Thanks Jaydug, I'll leave well alone and extend my route to the shops a bit.
  6. This is where all my diy car servicing is years out of date. Is it ok to whip out the battery to charge it in the house, then just put it back in , without needing to reset electronic memories of some sort? I've just realised how out of touch I've become!😯
  7. All this Talk about battery charging is making me nervous. I don't have the luxury of being able to charge my battery in situ ( my car is in a communal car park over 100 yards from my house). In the last month my car has done 3 weekly trips to my local Asda, a round trip of just over a mile, so probably not putting back into the battery what was used to start the car. Can some of the techy guys on here advise how far I would need to drive to keep my battery healthy? And, of course, would this be regarded as "essential"? On the plus side I'm now measuring my fuel consumpt
  8. Here in Livingston we are blessed with an excellent network of paths including riverside and woodland walks. I do a daily 3 mile walk using these paths before breakfast and will meet/pass on average 4 or 5 other people, usually dog walkers, and we keep to more than the 2 meter rule in these times. I therefore consider myself fortunate to get my regular legal exercise in pleasant surroundings, direct from my front door, without feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.
  9. I can't understand why you think that the statement is bizarre. It may or may not have been officially stated as a main reason by our government but it has been, in no uncertain fashion, by the Spanish government and is being strongly enforced. It makes perfect sense to me and many others. I took my caravan 5 miles in each direction from storage to dealer for its annual service and the looks I was getting from other drivers were not pleasant. We caravaners have a bad enough image with the general public. To be cluttering up the roads at a time like this is hardly going to h
  10. In over 30 years of caravanning I have never used any kind of sterilizing product in either my aquaroll or caravan systems and have had no ill effects or bad tastes. That said we never drink cold water from the system but we do use it boiled for coffee or tea with no issues.
  11. Where did I say that? I get upset when I arrive at a car park with no vacant spaces because some person or persons decide that their car(s) need to have two spaces. I have a perfect understanding and acceptance that you want to protect your car. I want to protect mine as well. I even go to all the lengths you go to, to facilitate this wherever possible, except park astride two marked spaces. There is a line I won't cross.(pun fully intended).
  12. I don't really have a problem with people taking up 2 spaces in a large deserted car park that is likely to stay that way, but neither do I see the perceived need to do so in that situation🤔 I also have a large fairly expensive car which I take a pride in and try to look after it, but I also live in a world which involves sometimes having to use busy car parks and get frustrated by selfish drivers who aggravate the situation by grabbing two spaces for themselves. How anyone can argue that this is not inconsiderate is beyond me. Must be my blinkers getting in the way.
  13. So in a car park of 60 spaces, 12 are empty at midday, does he still take 2 spaces, not being certain how long he is going to be, and is it still not inconsiderate? Or does he park legitimately like most of us do, because there is a fair chance the spaces will fill up?
  14. OK, I've tried and I've failed, as I suspected I would. Perhaps, in these days of wide spread parking problems you can enlighten us on how to find these magic car parks where there are "always other parking spaces". May you never find yourself in a situation where you are unable to park because other drivers have parked in your "considerate" manner. I know I've been there, which may explain why I, and others object to it. Keep on digging.
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