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  1. Any chance it's in demo mode, mine was and got right on my pip until I changed it. Wasn't one of these models but functioned the same.
  2. Already covered here. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021 https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/154472-towing-test-to-end/?do=findComment&comment=1946147
  3. My Blackvue dashcam can take up to 30 seconds at times to boot up and is only recording with ignition on. In a recent collision where someone reversed into the side of me, my insurer asked for the footage, they knew I had the cam. I had just fired the car up and started to move when the collision occurred but it had not completed its boot up and when I played it back the impact details were missing. Fortunately the third party admitted liability from start to finish of the claim so all worked out well. Always try and wait for it to complete its start up sequence now before moving off.
  4. Looked for one of these a while back, generally unavailable now I think.
  5. If UK caravan manufacturers were to diversify into boat manufacturer, our inland waterways would soon grind to a halt with sunken boats having failed due to leaks.
  6. Griff


    Same here over the years as GaryB1969 above. Messing with the impellers only gave temporary results.
  7. I bought an extra bolt for our twin axle to give other position possibilities then put the AL-KO on which ever opposite side second axle suits the Wraith position. I made one mistake by placing the Wraith bar very close to the chassis underside then wound up the jockey to get roof water to shed whilst in storage. Couldn't get it off when I went to it next time then I realised that winding the jockey had jammed the bar underneath the chassis until I lowered it again.
  8. This year we went with the CMC Insurance ('Cover' to the hair splitters) and part of their terms are that whilst in storage, CaSSOA gold, it must have two AL-KO's fitted. When sited during touring one AL-KO is acceptable but with an alternative lock fitted to the second axle, for this purpose I chose a Milenco Wraith. I also purchased a twin Lock 'n' Level but as we only really use level sites it only gets used back at the storage compound. More of a faff to use than a bottle or trolley jack but having a 4WD mover fitted, access to a suitable lift point is not practical and I did have one twin axle fall off a bottle jack a few years back which was unnerving
  9. When previously shopping around seem to remember a couple of questions along the lines of 'how many years no claims' and 'had any claims in the last x years regardless of blame'. My mates wife reversed out of our drive 4 years back into the side of a parked car which wrote it off (bent its door pillar badly) with not too much damage to hers. Didn't notice much of a premium hike on renewal apparently, protected NCD.
  10. Griff

    So am I evil!

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  11. Purely out of interest, with a flashing green light rather than tow the caravan to eliminate it, just pull the hand brake on and off and if all OK solid green will then display.
  12. I use an AT SensoTec gauge with my TA, digital, accurate and no compression due to it being a load cell.
  13. It's Saga who throughout the process I cannot fault.
  14. On the subject of insurance, whilst on holiday earlier this year a chap reversed into my car causing what appeared to be a small amount of damage but cost just over £2k to put right. He admitted liability at the time and during the claims process so I got my excess back and the insurer got their outlay back. My no claims is protected and although clearly with me not at being at fault, the third party insurer paying up fully and not losing my NCD, I expect that my insurer will increase my renewal premium as a claim was actually made. Anyone else had experience of this?
  15. We had a 2006 Louisiana and I thought that they stopped making them just a few years after so 2015 looks an error and not iine with part of the OP's profile also being 2006. Would have thought one way or another it's a seal problem, coming through the latch though has me foxed.
  16. Ring technical direct on 01482 678981, they always answer although sometimes there is a queue.
  17. Type of damage that happens to GRP boats and dingy's a lot. Boat yards particularly have the ability to make a good job of this type of gel coat damage.
  18. They are travellers if that's what you want to call them. Same happened at Oakham in June, probably some of the same lot. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9725585/Pentecostal-travellers-caused-Mad-Max-mayhem-attending-religious-festival-leave-site.html
  19. This was what I was referring to in my above post. Friend of mine's is the same and he struggled to get his off, in fact he called his breakdown assist in the end. If he follows what I outlined above his works fine, realise you may have a different problem though.
  20. When it's off and in your hand, looking at the barrel do the balls look as if they align properly with the holes when the key is turned fully clockwise. If I turn the key fully when it's fitted no way will it come off. What I have to do from the locked position is to pull outwards against the lozenge and turn the key slowly clockwise and as soon as the balls align with the holes it comes off easy every time. Turn the key fully clockwise first then try to pull it off not a chance. Just a thought for you.
  21. As above, ultimately it will be down to the water heater capacity and its ability to heat the fresh incoming cold water. Other than that it's going to be showering technique, not sure about the Ecocamel. The caravan we currently have came with an Alde Flow unit as part of the bling which provides endless hot water for showering etc. We can follow each other into the shower with no apparent time limit on how long we spend in there. An expensive solution and I wouldn't have shelled out for as an add on. It's the red box.
  22. We always use pitches with an EHU but start up on gas for while to give the fridge and water heater a run to check them out and keep them active on gas.
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