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  1. Nothing. Our two electric mountain bikes totalling silly money are secured with such a £££ chain passing through the rear wheels and frames right now. Too heavy to wheel away or lift. But, we do only stay at supposedly secure sites in decent areas, security bloke here sitting at the gate 24/7 due to a recent attempted incursion by the tarmac brigade. A CL bordering on the suburbs of say Liverpool? (sorry Liverpool) well I wouldn't even leave the caravan unattended there.
  2. Sorry Glen and Les it was my comment. It was tongue in cheek as when I tried the smaller wheeled version I wes wobbling all over the place and I think I looked funny.
  3. Another one just resurfaced from 2009.
  4. Interesting to read your account Avers, thanks. Always like to see these old thread revivals as they throw up now gone forum members I had long forgotten about.
  5. I had one of these folders a while back. There were two options, 20" or 26". I went for the 26" as the smaller wheeled seemed odd to ride and better suited to a circus.
  6. Ours get carried like this with front wheels out but decent headroom is required which not all will have. Not sure in your case.
  7. Guffaw! Most of us will have understood.
  8. Discovery's and other Green Ovals much the same at circa 2,500kg kerb with a maximum tow load of 3,500kg. I would not tow that weight in long high sided box form but a flat bed low loaded with Hobgoblin and I would give it a shot.
  9. So, you are at the wheel of the 2,500 kg when the 'big problem' leaps out at you around the next bend. Would rather have trailing behind you... a. 750kg b. 2,000kg No brainer for most of us.
  10. Not suggesting tighter tolerances at all and willingness would not have any bearing on the matter should it become an industry requirement. It would be down to the manufacturer to specify a tolerance in much the same way that if VOSA or the purchaser were to use a weighbridge a tolerance would be provided. Many manufacturing companies are required to provide such certificated ex works toleranced product weights by their insurers to cover third party lifting information. Not difficult at all, will leave it there.
  11. That is a red herring, it is an accurate initial starting weight that most of us are referring to here. How accurately a purchaser weighs a caravans contents is up to them but for those of us with a modicum of common sense we would ensure that all items were at least accounted for and weighed accordingly.
  12. And so with the multiplicity of components in a typical caravan build, as I say not definatively accurate enough The only way for a purchasers purpose, i.e an accurate base weight to add logged and weighed 'stuff' to would be actually weigh the unit before shipment. Any other method not fit for this purpose.
  13. Calculating the weight of each component, of which there are a great many, would lead to further inaccuracies. Probably sufficient for a small Halfords trailer. Weighing each component would be closer but only actually weighing the final assembly and providing that weight along with the inclusions and exclusions would give something positive to work with before then weighing additional items the purchaser would wish to add from that point.
  14. How can an actual weight be a calculated weight? The two methods fly in the face of each other. The only way the actual weight of the likes of a caravan can be achieved is by weighing. VOSA manage it without calculations.
  15. Without specific weights for each of our caravans as they leave the production line we have no idea where we are short of taking them to a weigh bridge. Would it be a big deal for the manufacturers to do the weighing?
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