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  1. Like some above I have a TyrePal TC215/B which has 4 sensors. For years never gave them much thought as I have only had twin axles and worked on the basis that if I lost a tyre still had another on the same side to limp along with. That was until I saw evidence of what destruction to the wheel arch and beyond flailing tyre remnants can cause. On the odd ocassion now I have forgot to get it out and always feel slightly nervous until it is in situ and displaying.
  2. Picked it up off a FB group joanie, will be doing some searching myself later on, fully serviced at Black Knowl filling up quickly which was one of our thoughts.
  3. The CMC opened up their booking system a few days ago for May 2022, some sites are now already booked solid for that month.
  4. Think that was my problem KC as it wasn't on a smooth surface, had seen Mayday get away with it when they changed my tyre once so just assumed, thanks.
  5. Mine was a Machine Mart 2 tonne trolley but I think it was probably down to me and how I had got it positioned but it sure came down with a bang when it slipped off 8ftW,
  6. Have used a jack in the past 8ftW but had the previous caravan slip off it once which was alarming. Now after changing to CMC cover and twin AL-KO's being specified by them in storage I use a Lock n Level. As we generally use levelish hard standings, can't be bothered faffing on site in the likes of wind and rainwith the LnL to use two AL-KO'S so use boards with one and the Wraith. Only thing that went through my mind with the LnL jacking and fully loading one wheel only each time is could it eventually affect the suspension. Maybe others might
  7. Wraith's lock onto a specially machined shouldered wheel bolt supplied with the unit with no chassis receiver present. It is a headed bar which locates in the pear shaped cap and once fitted into the cap slides within a slot to enable it to float within the slot to enable maximum positioning leeway as the bar is poked through one of the lower section wheel gaps between the spokes. Once fitted it relies on the bar hitting against the chassis if the wheel is rotated. I have AL-KO's and a Wraith fitted to our caravan as an insurance stipulation but for me the W
  8. If I had a classic car of great sentimental value and likely irreplaceable, on top of other security measures it would definitely have a tracker fitted in the hope that if it got pinched I would want and might get it back. With my caravan, insured new for old and of no sentimental value whatsoever, no tracker as if it disappeared I wouldn't want it back with the real hope that I never saw it ever again.
  9. Same here, through this shackle. Personally would not loop around a detachable tow hook like mine. If I hadn't got it I would rig something up one way or another to connect to the car chassis.
  10. If you get the green flashing light just pull the handbrake on and it does the same check, saves driving off first
  11. We went with the CMC, their Supercover, new for old. They were specific on two AL-KO's being fitted whilst in storage, CaSSOA Gold, with only one AL-KO being required on site but with any other type of lock OK on the second axle, I chose a Wraith as the second. Thought that strange, did you have those conditions set?
  12. Not sure that the breakaway cable did its job if connected, would have expected to see the handbrake up?
  13. Not sure if this has appeared on CT previously.
  14. Some very competitive prices bring quoted here but getting insurance for a circa £35k - £40k twin axle on a new for old basis can be difficult without the highest storage security measures being put in place which costs. Some insurers I tried will not insure twin axles even on a CaSSOA Gold site irrespective of trackers and the usual plethora of security devices being fitted. But, expensive is not always the best as some have found to their detriment.
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