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  1. Been on four 2 week cruises now and although I don't suffer from sea sickness, for the first day back at home I get the sense that I am swaying around slightly. No problems with my windscreen though.
  2. The skylight in our wash/shower area is vented as factory fitted.
  3. It's me with that problem, she's built like an Amazon. She keeps a spare caravan step in the car for me or just lifts me up and pops me in.
  4. Whenever I park in a supermarket carpark or wherever, I raise the suspension to its highest setting. That way anyone letting go of their door into my space usually clobbers their door on my side steps to their detriment! And before anyone chips in, yes I know there are vehicular exceptions!
  5. To stand a real chance of screwing in and staying put they would need a proper ground screw on the business end not a wood type screw. Maybe OK for setting a wind break up on wooden decking but not on typical caravanning terrain. Something like this.
  6. Not on our storage site, moving caravans forward would hamper movements as the transit roads are not that wide.
  7. Did that last year when my new mover was being fitted. Just shifted it back again after.
  8. Have tried screw in spikes etc in the past without much success. Obviously no good on stoney ground, as soon as the meet an obstacle like a stone, rotating then just strips out the thread that they have cut. Best chance is with a design having very coarse pitch and with a deep thread, not fine as in the above pic.
  9. I had a 2006 Louisiana. I assume the fire itself is throwing heat out when either on gas or electric? When the blower is on it does take a while for the heat to come though properly as the warm air gets chilled as it passes through the ducting, especially at the rear heat exits.
  10. I set up an Excel spreadsheet when we started caravanning again in 2006. All sorts of info recorded on it, some trivia but the parts I refer to more often are the columns where I record distances and travelling times. Find this recorded information particularly useful when planning trip times etc for revisiting the more distant venues or new at similar distances. Also sits on my tablet and phone for reference when away from home.
  11. Same with ours. Sensors off all winter and stored, still retain the info when put back on to the valves and fired up on first journey. Out of interest, anyone found a way to check tyre pressures before moving off having sensors fitted?
  12. Just out of warranty now so all of my trousers have had their pockets deepened in readiness.
  13. I have a Discovery 4 and when towing my 7'-6" wide Buccaneer I cannot see down the sides of my caravan to the required degree without extended mirrors.
  14. Griff

    Cordless Drill

    Our caravan has a manually operated 4WD mover. I wanted a cordless drill to cope with the mover actuators so I measured the torque with a manual wrench, doubled it and found a Ryobi 18v unit drill with a torque specified to that figure. I need to be careful when backing off as the actuators on mine lock out when fully retracted and the engagment torque required by the drill to put the movers on was enough to shear off one of the actuator screws when reversing. My Ryobi has variable speed and torque settings so now when backing off I set the torque to a minimum and slow the drill down just before locking out.
  15. Hi Dave and back to CT. Good luck with the new Compass.
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