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  1. We had a Pro-tec cover on our previous caravan which worked fine for us other than it tended to create very feint contact patches over the sides an windows. We always cleaned the caravan before fitting it. Nothing alarming but looking at it at certain angles we could see dull spots which I assume had been created by wind buffeting as it is stored in an exposed position. They always came out with a polish.
  2. I have only had and seen isolators positioned externally within the battery compartment, the logical position if space allows!
  3. One use I can think of for the isolator is a kill switch in the event that for some reason the handset malfunctioned and the caravan continued moving, the isolator would be a last electrical resort to stop it short of applying the hand brake.
  4. Our 845 is plated as 2000kg as standard, gives us a payload of 265kg, well theoretically of course.
  5. Had a similar problem but not caravan related, Plus Gas solved it for me as it creeps into cracks well.
  6. Towed for years at 70-75kg, 75kg was the limit for the car which worked well then. Present car is 150kg although the caravan hitch is ony 100kg, I aim at 90-95kg.
  7. Not noticed a lot of change in mine and it doesn't spent enough time in cruise to make a worthwhile difference anyhow.
  8. Last year we had a week at Longleat.....arrrrrrrgh but then moved to Eye Kettleby Lakes adults only for the second week.....ahhhhhhh
  9. Thanks men, turned it both ways with the hand basin tap running mixed hot and cold but no difference in temp. Will try it when the shower is in use in the morning.
  10. I bought some of these for a particular little job I had and got a couple of extras of the right size to block off our outlets while I was at it.
  11. Spotted what looks to be a temperature control in the washroom, can't find out anything in the handbook. Anyone know if it is for the shower temperature, wash hand basin or something else?
  12. Last thing I want to do with circa 5 tonnes whistling along at close on 60mph on a motorway is to start thinking about slip streaming. I keep as well clear as I can from other vehicles.
  13. LE. In the case of my mate ,his has become a warranty claim so probably will get referred back to Thetford although I don't think shattering happens in the majority of cases. His is an Elddis model.
  14. Friend had the same problem with his a few weeks ago but in his case, second outing I think, the lid hit the floor and shattered into small pieces some bouncing into the fridge door opposite leaving small chip marks in it. That was with the carpet down and it was almost impossible to remove the smallest pieces of glass from it. Plenty of reports of the same thing happening on other forums apparently.
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