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  1. Griff

    Key fob alarm

    Once on site I hang the caravan keys on one of my fishing retractor zingers which I clip to my belt so I have them with me as I move around the various caravan locks.
  2. Griff

    Van levelling

    Varnished plywood stackable levelling boards of which I have a few, generally 12mm thick and of varying lengths in order to create a stack with a gradual lead up.
  3. Griff

    Van levelling

    When I started with this caravan I set it up to the point where the washroom door stopped swinging open, a washroom door which does not stay put gets right on my pip. Then looked for a feature where my spirit level showed, well level. Just happened to be the top edge of the front side window. Across the width its the front window sill.
  4. 2WD v 4WD, forget the manufacturer in this video, not about that, look at manouvreability and specifically about 2 minutes into the vid.
  5. Yes 4WD's eat into your payload bigtime. Mine weighs in at about 63kg and with a lot of recent twin axles offering an off the shelf payload of circa 160kg, its a fair chunk gone to begin with. I had my caravan uprated by 100kg when I ordered it as I knew about the weight downside to 4WD's.
  6. Tried this one shogunUK? seem to have a fair few.
  7. Yes see DeeTee's link, a few of us chipped in to that topic. I would add to the question of 2WD v 4WD out of interest, that when one of the movers on my old Reich 4WD packed up, I removed it and tried to manage with just the one, so a 2WD on a twin axle weighing 2000kg. Although the unit had enough power to do the job short term in the dry, as soon as the tyres were wet there was not enough grip to move it up the slightest slope or turn it as the rollers would just slip against the rubber. Maybe would have worked had my TA been lighter. Back to a new Reich 4WD now.
  8. Can't vouch for this but picked it up on another forum last year when I was thinking of doing it, I didn't and still just use Sky HD in mine. The question was asked as to whether Q would work in a caravan without an internet connection and one reply was.....
  9. Looked into the world of statics 2 years back but got frightened off. Some info below on electricity resale costs etc. https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/resale-gas-and-electricity-guidance-maximum-resale-price-updated-october-2005
  10. +1, I have used that.
  11. Logically I would think that as the MTPLM is specifically defined and plated, for important reasons, that his would be what an insurer would be referring to but of course cannot be sure. I thought MRO's were not plated and notoriously inaccurate anyway. Yes it's very open, probably best to steer clear of insurers having these clauses.
  12. I agree on formal documentation but playing devils advocate and taking Lifesure as an example, they specify their interpretation : (the weight of the towing vehicle including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment without passengers or cargo). Irrespective of the word kerb weight, in the case of a claim, would it be beyond this insurer to take the vehicle, fill it with fuel, remove any cargo and passengers and weigh it?
  13. We have the Easydriver 2.8 4WD. This model seems more powerful than our previous year 2006 4WD Reich Move Control although the soft start is not as sensitive for wheel lock alignment. The Easydriver is more aggressive on turns but if a certain combination of buttons are pressed the turns are more gradual.
  14. This is from Lifesure's caravan policy. And this from Towergate, best check policies out there, surely can't be just these two?
  15. Similar to me GPS. The Practica L then LLC. Moved up to a Canon A1 then an F1. Downhill thereafter.
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