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  1. I am one of them, had the underslung carriers removed from all of our caravans. Our caravan is one of those with quite a low nose weight in unladen form so our spare wheel is one of a number of items which are moved to the front floor to get it right so a nice clean wheel is preferable.
  2. Good move, got TyrePals on mine, the TC215/B version, three years now problem free. Cold pressure readings normally agree with my pump and gauge, not sure of the accuracy of the actual rubber temperatures though.
  3. Thanks CJ, ours is just shy of double that paid annually in advance. Unfortunately sellers market where I am.
  4. As I have the space and weight capacity to carry it mine comes with me.
  5. Out of interest, how much are you paying and roughly what part of the country?
  6. Ours is kept at a CaSSOA Gold, we have an 8 footer with another 8 footer one side and a 7 foot 6er the other. We have 36" to 40" each side.
  7. Any help Les, my twin axle tyres only require 36 psi.
  8. I use either my Michelin 12262 12v which I can recommend or occasionally have pressurised my Machine Mart compressor and used that at my storage site.
  9. Friend has a farm with a barn adjacent to his farmhouse and had chaps caravan stored in the barn. Chap turned up to clean his caravan one day three or four weeks after last visit, caravan nowhere to be seen. Seems someone pilfered the caravan unbeknown to my friend. No CCTV or gates though, yes insurer's can be picky, can we blame them.
  10. Two caravans ago we had a 4.6 metre Fiamma Caravanstore. Rolled up and in some very strong side winds one night, it acted almost like an almighty door knocker rapping on the side of our caravan and actually dented our Senator Louisiana below the awning rail. I decided that hanging that extra weight, I think it was circa 14kg, off the awning rail might not have been such a good idea considering one of the most likely water ingress leak paths would have been via the awning rail. I sold it shortly after and have not had one since but others swear by them.
  11. That's what I am referring to. When my tyres are wet I doubt whether even with my 4WD it wouldn't mount a kerb, OK in the dry.
  12. We have one of the latest Reich 4WD movers on our 2 tonne Bessacarr, it has more power than you can shake a stick at, far more than its Reich predecessor. A couple of times I have only engaged it on one axle as a 2WD when manoeuvring just backwards and forwards onto levelling boards where it copes just fine. In 2WD, although there is ample power and pressure into the tyres, it will really not cope with turning, the rollers start to slip and when the tyres are wet it stands no chance from the outset. I would imagine that when dry, it would cope with a 4" kerb without a problem but in the rain, once the tyres are wet and drive is lost from 2 wheels I would doubt it very much. On a 2 tonne caravan like ours, IMO 4WD has to be the way to go and give the best chance under all conditions.
  13. Yes I remember those in the early days, limping back to base at the end of a shift, sometimes on dark winter evenings at walking pace and lights barely visible.
  14. If you are talking internal which I think you are, I have just winterised our 845 following the instructions below but wrap it up with bubble wrap for good measure. Did the same on our previous caravan over the 11 years we had it without problem. I hang a note by the control panel to remind me to reconnect the pump next time we use it! My pump is as the pic below.
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