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  1. Only ever use this on my Windows. Used it for 11 years on my previous model and it kept them as new but did use it from new before any haze built up.
  2. Got a Numax 110Ah and it's in its 8th year currently showing no signs of packing up yet.
  3. Used a Pro-tec cover on our last caravan a couple of years back. Cleaned and waxed it before fitting the cover which was a great fit, left a couple of sky lights and windows on their first catches and there it stayed for 4 months and when we removed it it was nearly as when we fitted it. I say nearly as after it was removed I could detect very feint marks on the body sides almost like leopard spots where it must have buffeted in the wind, perfect inside with no sign of mildrew etc, Nothing major but visible in a certain light, did polish out though. Because of that I would not bother with our current caravan.
  4. Bought a second set as I was on one pitch where our original set fell short.
  5. Some years I have received four cards, only two this year.
  6. Plenty of video explanations on YouTube, just enter '4WD or AWD' and take your pick. Some well presented, some not so.
  7. When we came back to caravanning after a 25 year lay off we couldn't find the rubber foot operated water pump anywhere on the new caravan. How things had moved on.
  8. These appear to be the settings currently working on mine.
  9. I occasionally use a heater in our awning to dry wet smelly fishing over trousers hanging from one of the roof poles and if any of you lot think I would be likely to use our shower to hang them in or stick them in site laundry appliances think again. I am prepared to stink the awning out whilst they dry and that's it.
  10. When our Buccaneer suffered damp for the second time in the same area, it required the local framing to be replaced as it was soddened. Looked as below when the wall boarding was removed.
  11. Don't know about your area but we changed from Sky HD to Q and when they did the installation, they only changed the LNB and left the original dish. A bit disappointing as the original looks A bit grubby.
  12. 2 nights Shropshire - post lockdown testing before main events. 10 nights Cornwall 10 nights New Forest 31 nights Rutland 30 nights Shropshire 2 nights Cotswolds Our total 85 nights Forum total 672
  13. The Firestick gets plugged into an HDMI port and initialses, that part is via its software. Once initialised, it asks to be connected to the internet, finds your WiFi and requests the password. It does require WiFi for streaming but there is other stuff on it that can be seen on screen without a connection.
  14. Wait for it, get yer tin hat ready.
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