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  1. Good choice Baker', you won't regret it I'm sure.
  2. Live? with what voltage?
  3. Our current and previous model has/had an on-board tank but not used only because we prefer serviced/fully seviced pitches and use kit to match. Next time we are out though I will fill it and check that it operates as it should without leaks etc. whilst it is still under warranty.
  4. Relax and enjoy Higgy. You have made the transistion from a tow car to a 'towing machine'.
  5. I am with Saga for my Discovery and just changed to them for my wife's Mini, went for the 3 year fixed but can cancel at the end of the first year If I want without a penalty. Will still shop around next year though.
  6. We moved last year from a 7' - 6" to an 8 footer, a 2,000kg twin axle. Although only 3" a side extra in our case, it was noticeable to me particularly on the narrower A roads and B roads with wide vehicles coming towards me. I have Milenco Grand Aeros and bought the extension arms for them so quite wide across the mirrors. That extra bit of care is also needed when negotiating corner and island kerbs. Ours has a transverse island bed which will retract to give extra space to walk around the end of it. That extra space inside we found
  7. Bailey and Coachman are offering something similar.
  8. No didn't follow that Silver, now read it, good result. More or less decided to go with the CMC Super', couple of particular benefits in that one that we like. Being a twin also like their requirements for the wheel locks.
  9. Thank you for your replies. Had heard the odd none CT comment that claims had been prompt and most satisfactory so think I will go with them this year.
  10. Just looking for an update really on experiences with the CMC caravan cover. After falling off my seat with the £140 increase from last year offered by Towergate I thought I would give the CMC a call. Came in at a bit less than last years Towergate premium, just wondered about their current reputation on claims and procedures. Thanks.
  11. Don't know if anyone else has tried to cancel Sky and had the same problem as this chap, have heard others having the same problem though.
  12. Just changed from HD to Q. Same package but now with 2TB box, Multi Room , two mini boxes, Netflix and box sets on top. Bit cheaper than we were paying previously but with £50 installation cost. Fun and games due to start in 18 months when it goes up to fill cost but retentions said just call back then and renegotiate as always prepared to do a deal, we will see although has always worked in the past.
  13. For me it would be a CTEK not the on-board charger to be on the safe side.
  14. As has been mentioned, I have also charged my towcars using my CTEK and socket adaptor for a number of years, usually over the winter period when it gets used less. The CTEK would normally reside in a waterproof box and sit at the back of the car just trickling away with the car locked and alarmed. My adaptor came ready with the plug fitted to connect to my CTEK.
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