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  1. Some of the suburbs are mentioned as included on the BBC and seem to fall within a 4 mile or so radius of the city centre.
  2. 30,740 miles on the dial with 2,000kgs followed close behind.
  3. I bought one of these this year, It has an adjustable leg that is set to the height of my tow ball. Upto 150kg with an accuracy of +/- 3%......apparently.
  4. Remember a trip to Mallaig a few years back via the Caledonian Sleeper August time. Pulled in at Rannoch station early morning and my wife commented 'pity about the drizzle. The drizzle turned out to be the density of midges. Got bitten by one of the little swines whilst eating my Mallaig fish and chips, still got a tiny scar even now.
  5. This will be our last caravan, not a year old yet but by 2032 should it happen, (snigger) we will be looking to a holiday home.
  6. eBay would be my first port of call. Plenty of 5mm LED's and holders which will probably suit you needs.
  7. Any particicular area you fancy to start with Lee 72?
  8. Bosch here, the last couple have been. More or less on full time trickle charge from my CTEK 5.0 over the last few months via my 13 pin socket. Got a reminder on my dash to disconnect before driving off next time!
  9. We use two Alko's whilst in storage (CASSOA Gold) making use of our Lock n Level to get them fitted. On site, as we only tend to use main sites with barriers etc, just the one plus a hitch lock, all our insurer requires.
  10. Griff

    Towing Mirrors

    Ref. The Milenco Discovery 4 clamp pads. (Vee feature). Same design on a 2015 Discovery as above pic, this gap dimension relative to the front bezel edge increases across the mirror width, i.e. the gap is not parallel to the front of the bezel therefore the Milenco vee, although close(ish) at the narrowest point is way off (4-5mm) at the widest dimension. Tried to explain this to Milenco last year but unfortunately at the time went above their heads and reached a dead end. The other problem is that the outer top bezel edge and inner top bezel edge are not parallel to each other so the top clamp pad and lower clamp jaw do not clamp with a natural action, misalign (see my pic) and try to slip their way off the angle, more so if they are wet. The mirror bottom edge is different, it is straight not curved and does not have the angled clamp surfaces. This is not the situation when clamping to the bottom edge. Note. The mirror design for earlier than 2015 Discoverys is not as the above pics so the clamping is not such a problem.
  11. Griff

    Towing Mirrors

    Only towed caravans with Discovery's, a D2, a D3 and 2 D4's. Best mirrors I have found for the job are Milenco Grand Aero's on each of them. Now with an 8 footer, even with the extension arms fitted, still vibration free, but with the later mirror profiles with a curved top (Discovery 4) they are are prone to coming adrift, already lost one. So I now fit them to the straight edge at the bottom of the mirror, well anchored.
  12. This bloke has, deeper pockets required for your twin axle though.
  13. I drink water bottled from the tap if I can. There are times though when I drink water from the caravan tap. When I do, constipation is less of a problem for some reason.
  14. I have seen a derailed locomotive moved sideways in a similar manner. The derailed part of the loco being jacked up onto a temporary cross slide and moved sideways, quite a piece of engineering so in principle it can be done. Think it was on YouTube.
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