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  1. Yes need a photo. Mine are from the Berker range and available from eBay.
  2. Thanks for that which I can understand but in my case the lighting circuits are switched off.
  3. Our new caravan has quite a number of roof inset LED single down lighters around it. Have noticed that when the lights are off and whilst using the on-board water pump, as the pump reaches the end of its pumping cycle the LED's flicker on and off for an instant. No big deal and will mention it to the dealer next time of speaking but wondered what is the most likely cause of this.
  4. Out of interest if it was the roof itself, what was the nature of the cracks and in what material, GRP or Aluminium?
  5. Change ours at 5 years, our car tyres have usually had it at about 4 years.
  6. We have 10GB of data per month each on our phones with EE and use our hotspots with our tablets. Generally EE gives good coverage in the areas we visit and our allowances are more than adequate for our needs via our hotspots. Our new caravan came with an inbuilt MiFi with a roof aerial and has a different provider's SIM with it so might fill in any gaps in any poor EE signal areas. Not sure about the signal from the roof aerial yet.
  7. Had that in our previous caravan but never used it. What we have now is this but requires the onboard pump to also run when in use.
  8. Our caravan water is running direct from the tap on the bollard via a pressure reducing valve. It also requires the onboard pump to run to give adequate flow from the taps.
  9. Had that model cassette previously, heavy when fully 'toileted' and so used a similar transporter. Our latest device, although of smaller capacity I think, makes the trip to the pit easier than previous.
  10. I love my gadgets but would not wish to have an automatic levelling system. I know of two who have them and they are more than happy.
  11. Thanks chaps, yes it's the bottom type , I have 2 of different lengths costing £2 a piece off eBay. The one with the noggins on, sorry ferrite beads matelo', was from Screwfix £12 but is 5m long coiled at the back of the TV, they do a 1m version so will get one for neatness.
  12. Hi. I have just completed an HDMI installation in my caravan from the back of my Sky box to a home spun wall outlet i.e. a lead that is male to the Sky box to female at other end to create a socket to plug into on the wall by the TV, so far so good. I have tried a couple of new cheapo leads (0.5m and 1m) as per the one in the picture, result no signal. Thought it was the male to female lead which was duff but playing around I have tried the fancy looking lead with the cylindrical noggins on and I get a perfect picture. Don't know what the noggins are for but is this the reason why that lead works (5m coiled at present for tryout) and the cheapos don't?
  13. Always used the Aquaroll and ballcock method in the past. Our new caravan has come with (as did the old but never used it) the direct connection pipe which has the pressure reducing valve in line. As a few others I know use this method, thought I would nervously try it and switch the outside mains tap off when we leave the caravan, still left on when asleep though. Initially I just turned the sink tap on and the the flow was quite slow so checked with the dealer who told me that the on-board pump needed to be activated, did this and the flow is now as with the old method. Would have thought that the pump and incoming line pressure would be fighting against each other but does not appear to be the case and maybe necessary for the constant supply hot water system.
  14. Sargent Stinger 310 in ours, works well and great tech backup with any queries or problems.
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