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  1. I got the same at our local Sainsbury's earlier this year, same accent and usual traveller bounce about him. Walking around with an ATM card in his hand saying it wouldn't work in the Sainsbury's ATM and urgently needed to buy fuel to get him and his pregnant wife down to London to see his dying grandmother. Warned a few other customers on our way to tip security off who were straight onto it. On our way out their was another bloke walking around with a card in his hand doing exactly the same thing!!
  2. Yes, 50kg just about offsets the weight of a 4WD mover so worth it for those wanting to stay on the right side of the law.
  3. One of the first things that happened when a our company went into Administration was that the 'Official Receiver' as they titled themselves contacted all company customers notifying them of the situation and in some cases doubled the price on outstanding orders. As the work, some nearing completion, was of a bespoke nature, they knew that customers were unlikely to be able to go elsewhere to get other manufacturers to supply in the remaining delivery time frame and also that most had already made stage payments. The Receiver's priority was to maximise value for the creditors and in our case the bank who called in the Receiver. A buyer was not found for our company and it closed, unfortunately it also became the end for some smaller suppliers. Some dealers and suppliers with struggle if a buyer is not found for Lunar.
  4. Part of our 'before moving off site' checklist has 24 items on it. Saved our bacon on the odd ocassion.
  5. Fully loaded can mean it has Kodi loaded onto it. If so and you intend to access stuff via Kodi get a VPN.
  6. What about instances where caravans have needed to be returned to the factory for major problems? Are all dealers capable of undertaking this type of work?
  7. Yes can be done and has been discussed on CT at various times. See here for starters.
  8. Yes the surround prises off, just use a broad blade screw driver being careful with the surrounding area. As OWOMW says there are screws in the remaining back plate. Had quite a few of mine off for various reasons.
  9. I have weighed the two sizes of Calor cylinders which I use both empty and (supposedly) full. 6kg - 8.9kg empty, 15kg full. 3.9kg - 6.3kg empty, 10.1kg full. Can't vouch for consistency, only did it the once.
  10. Just buy 2 new of a different pattern and fit them to the same side. Only ever see one side at a time.
  11. Yes easy with a mover. Once you have aligned the wheel spokes chock, the wheels(s), helps prevent roll back and making the lock hard to remove later. Apply the brakes etc. afterwards.
  12. See you've got the order right.
  13. Not quite sure what material the cover is on our Dometic aircon unit but after 5 years it looke more like 50 years old with a grey blotchy appearance. I tried most of the cleaner concoctions around to no avail and due to what I think was a surface porosity they just seemed to push the staining further in with no improvement. So bought a new lid, not cheap, and after 5 more years equally as bad. After speaking to Dometic in the last couple of years it appears that they now use a different material to be more resistant to the ageing process.
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