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  1. I owned a Discovery 3 TDV6 S bought new in 2006. It had the 2.7 litre unit with the 6 speed gear gearbox and I towed two twin axles with it, the second one being 2,000kg. In my time of ownership it covered 29,863 miles (for 1323 gallons of fuel) all of which were trouble free during which time there was no question at all of its capability/suitability for towing a 2 tonne caravan. Can't vouch for how it went on in later life but viewing its MOT history, its now covered 120k miles which of course does not reflect its general reliability after leaving me. Moved on to two Discovery 4's after that.
  2. Our caravan came with a Specialised Tow Pro Plus cover, not had one before, used it three times now and very impressed. Last time out, atrocious motorway weather, HGV spray etc and when we arrive back home it was filthy and wet through so left it on over night. Next morning gave it a wash over using warm water and my caravan brush, the filth that ran off it. Left it in place until the sun dried it out that morning then took it off, aired it and back in its bag. Caravan front still as new.
  3. Will send you a snap Lozzy once I've run the Dyson around.
  4. Was originally but now we have bought it and are quite settled as you can see.
  5. We keep ours in storage primarily as we think they look unsightly stuck in front of a lot of houses and can usually affect a neighbours outlook. Some that I have seen stored in front of houses particulary with small frontages must affect the natural light reaching the owners house and maybe that of the neighbours next door? As it would impact on one of our neighbours view from their dining room, I would not inflict the sight of our caravan upon them and would hope that they (if they had one) would not inflict theirs upon us.
  6. Had more or less the same problem with the F&S breakers fitted to my past Explorer caravan which then started to trip out. Replaced the lot with Protek's which served problem free for 7 years up to the point I sold it. When I removed the originals they had that electrical burnt smell. The Protek's I used were dimensionally identical at the time. http://protekuk.co.uk/Devices-MCB-MCCB-RCBO1-RCD-Isolators
  7. Comes as standard fit in all of the models in the range I bought. Thought it looked costly!
  8. Our new caravan came with Alde Flow (the red bit) as standard which apparently produces continuous 40 degree or so hot water for as long as connected to a cold water supply. Had two longish showers one after another with no temperature drop so looking good up to yet. Something else to go wrong I suppose and looks expensive to replace.
  9. I spotted it from an Auto Express test and claimed to be within a 1 PSI tolererance. Got it from eBay from memory but Amazon also do them.
  10. I bought one of these as my on the road checker, seals well and a clear analogue display.
  11. Beat me to it GPS, just spotted similar on eBay. Looks a bit like mine without the trigger assembly.
  12. I have one of these John which I bought from Machine Mart which clips on. I got it to use with my compressor, it's accurate, clips on without leakage but is probably too bulky for your needs.
  13. So if you don't mind me asking, what was the total bill for the repair? I had a damp repair to what I thought was a small area and it cost £1,700 but required quite a bit of dismantling work to complete it.
  14. Can you post any pictures of this crack in relation to exactly where it is?
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