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  1. According to the ONS the best estimate for what proportion of the population has had Covid-19 is 0.25% From that we have well over 30000 dead. That's why the Government quickly backtracked from herd immunity. Until we give everyone an antibody test we wont know.
  2. Wrong and wrong. The more fit and healthy 20,30,40's out and about and the more they ignore social distancing they will increase the infection rate but they probably won't die. The virus will be much more widespread in the community. Then the vulnerable who are doing what they should are far more likely to catch and die from the virus when they do something simple like shop for food. We then get into an exponential growth of the Virus with the knock on effect to the NHS and the economy. What others do directly affects those who are doing things correctly and prolongs the restrictions imposed on them.
  3. Travelling and stopping overnight should be a £100 fine. The Police are struggling because they have been told to reason and educate people rather than hand out the fines.
  4. My Caravan is similar weight (1460kg) My wife ran a 116 F20 for three years. Your kerbweight for that model is 1360kg but see what the Mass in service says on the V5 The actual match is around 106% I'm sorry but there's no way I'd consider a 1443kg behind the baby bmw 116d hatch. It would struggle power wise and really too light, especially for a novice.
  5. Filling up every 6 days instead of every 3 weeks. I've been doing that since the beginning of March. The joys of being a key worker and not being able to car share anymore.
  6. Slightly different for Facebook than open forums. You do have the options on Facebook for levels of security, verification and restrictions on who can view your content. You could put photos of your holiday on Facebook that only your immediate family could view as an example, The horror stories are from people with public profiles or who don't insist on 2 step verification for new devices. For many caravanners the biggest tell tale for burglar's that you have gone away is that 7 metre white box and big SUV are missing off your drive. It's because it's been said many times that if the vaccine isn't ready in time for next winter we may have to go with another lockdown or have the "Test and Trace" systems in place. But many think that having a device on you that monitors if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 will tell burglars that your not home?????????
  7. No I disagree, we don't see that as much now. Corporations are far more security aware and the higher profile long jail terms in the early 2000's seems to have had an effect. What we see now is sophisticated groups of criminal hackers or even foreign agents. Trying to get information or just trying D.o.S. attacks to disrupt business. It's not so much a lone wolf finding a back door but sustained high bandwith attacks over time. None of these groups are interested where you buy your pizza's from or where you drive your car. The information that the likes of easy jet hold would be the same whether you pay on your PC, Voice assistant, tablet, mobile phone or if you have rung up and paid over the phone. From the individuals point of view whether online, over the phone or instore, pay on an insured/protected credit card as corporations security is out of your hands.
  8. The terms and conditions of certain online map services is to allow the provider to have your location and speed data. It's why the live traffic information and rerouting is so good. If they didn't know how much traffic was on the roads and how fast the traffic is moving we wouldn't have the likes of google maps and waze. It doesn't mean the local burglar knows you're on the M5 as some would suggest.
  9. Exactly. Two smart phones on my person constantly with google timeline, location and google assistant enabled. Google knows everything I've ever searched for the last 20 years and everywhere I've been since in the last 12. Morrisons knows what I buy each week for food, Amazon knows what I read, what music I listen to and sells me hundreds of items a year. Cookies mean I targeted advertising even on this site. Full smart home with IP CCTV, alexa in every room, google assistant on TV, voice control on SkyQ. All my photos, music and important documents are on NAS and in the cloud. And I can tell you my life is boring, Google timeline and my search history tells me that. No one is interested in that stuff past selling me a new PC with the looks of the advert at the top of the page. And that information the web got from cookies on a web page that I agreed to not any covert surveillance. The things that are important are secured with strong passwords and multistage verification where available. I should say industrial tech is also my career so I don't find any of it stressful or difficult as some suggest. I don't see what the big deal is. Corporations not having secure data and loosing your credit card details is a big deal. No hacker wants to know if I went to work today. For who. Since when have sophisticated hacker groups infiltrating corporations been interested in breaking into your house? It's easier for the local lowlife to wait until your cars not there, as Mr Plodd will probably agree. No one who can hack easyjet or Google is interested in stealing you TV to pay for some weed.
  10. There is no on/off electrical switch on a phone, you are basically putting it in standby when turning off. So certain electronics (Differing for each device) are still powered by the battery which is not removable on many modern premium phones.
  11. Burner phones do not have the phone or SIM registered or have them registered to false accounts. Removing the SIM is no guarantee that the phone can't be tracked. In fact it's part of the security offered on many premium smart phones that it can still be traced even if the sim is removed/replaced. Taking the battery out is the only way and of course on many premium smart phones they are not removable by the consumer. And of course most Smart devices in the home have Wake On LAN, BT or HDMI-CEC A lot of modern home smart products are only really off if they are unplugged.
  12. I don't really want to comment on Apple. It will start another tangent to the thread. They have a 10% market share outside the US and they shouldn't have that.
  13. Visibility options depending on operating system but something like. And yes the app will have certain permissions.
  14. So you don't have any security on your bluetooth. You have your settings so your device is always visible and doesn't require a password to pair? My bluetooth is on all the time, my phone is not visiible to anyone who does a search and even if they found it they would require a passcode to pair with it which would mean I would have to accept it.
  15. You leave Bluetooth on and help the Authorities keep the economy running, lower Covid 19 transmissions and Save Lives. It's not that difficult.
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