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  1. logiclee

    towcar suggestions

    For £5k I'd be looking at Mondeo/Passat. Heavy enough and stable towcars that are relatively economical and don't cost the earth to keep on the road.
  2. logiclee

    Insurance and remapped car

    As far I'm aware the ITV test now includes a read from the OBD port to ensure emissions systems like DPF/EGR have not been mapped out or input/outputs from lamda/fuel/temp sensors have not been tampered with. They can also tell if piggy back devices are in use. Currently the UK has only a visual check on the MOT. The basic OBD scanner system that the Spanish ITV test stations have has no way to tell if boost and fueling limits have been modified, even many manufacturers can't tell that from the OBD port scan. It's a check to prevent people disabling warning lights from defective, removed or defeated emissions equipment. I have both a pretty advanced OBD scanner and full VCDS software for VAG vehicles and I can't detect most maps. If someone has disabled an emission system then yes that's easier to spot.
  3. logiclee

    Insurance and remapped car

    Working on household electrics is covered under Part P of the building regs but it's more of a money making exercise than anything else. I work on anything from instrumentation to 400kV, did a 4 year apprenticeship, have a degree in Electrical Engineering and 35 years experience but I can't put a socket in my house because I don't pay the registration fee. But someone with no experience, sits a 3 day 18th edition course and another short practical course and pays the registration fee could rewire your house. For working on cars there are no such limitations. You could go outside now and with no qualifications or experience replace the brakes with nothing more than a halfords tool kit and a haynes manual. There are certain criteria that will cause you to fail an MOT or a roadside check such as removing a DPF or EGR but there are no restrictions currently about other performance altering equipment. As long as the vehicle can pass an MOT or road side check the car is fully legal. A remap may or may not alter emissions. What will change emissions is fitting bigger wheels/tyres or fitting a roof box. You could go the whole hog and fit a bigger turbo, bigger intercooler, bodykit, different suspension. The motoring aftermarket parts market is big business and even manufacturers will sell you endless "Dealer" upgrades that would alter a vehicles emissions. Currently in the EU there is no law against this as again the vehicle can pass it's road worthiness checks, Lee
  4. logiclee

    tow car

    Comparing the 2. 0TDi and 2. 0 TSi in a used Mk3 Octavia the petrol offers the better towing performance. Significantly more power, wider spread of torque and shorter gearing for more torque at the wheels. 2. 0 Diesel 150PS, 340NM 1750rpm to 3000rpm VRS Diesel 184PS, 380NM 1750rpm to 3000rpm Petrol 2. 0 TSI From 220PS, 350NM 1500rpm to 4400rpm to 245PS, 370NM 1600rpm to 4300rpm Yes you will take a hit on economy but that is always down to personal acceptance and annual mileage. I use more fuel per year in my 1. 6TDi commuter than my Brother in Law does in his V8 Petrol.
  5. logiclee

    tow car

    Octavia VRS TSi 2. 0 ? Yeti 1. 8TSi or 1. 4 TSi All within weight and budget limits and modern direct injection turbo petrols. Will depend on how you prioritise performance/size etc.
  6. logiclee

    Condensation on windscreen

    Agree, I just use Fast Glass.
  7. logiclee

    Condensation on windscreen

    Some interesting thoughts on the use of aircon. If you have a modern car with climate control then it's more or less pointless turning it off. The electronics behind the new systems are very sophisticated, they monitor humidity and temperature in the cabin and not only do they only run the compressor when required they map the most efficient times to run the compressor based on engine load. It's easy to map and measure with the correct software. On a typical day when humidity control is required but cooling is not the demand for a family car is typically as low as 0. 01 litres/hour to maintain humidity. So for me with an hour commute each way Mon-Fri that's a tenth of a litre a week or around 13p. 13p a week to have a pleasant cabin humidity over 300miles and 10 hours while making sure the aircon system is kept in order. A small change in tyre pressure due to ambient temperature changes makes more of a difference. It's no longer the 1980's !
  8. logiclee

    Skoda Octavia 1. 9 TDi elegance estate

    If it's a 110bhp 1. 9TDi it will be a Mk1. The 110 was direct injection and not PD and had a VNT turbo that was missing from the 90 version. This engine was extremely thermally efficient and probably the most reliable VAG diesel to date. Some are still running in there original state with well over 500k miles. The 110 will have a 5 speed box, only the 130PS PD unit got a 6 speeder. I towed 1200kg with this car back in 2005 ish without issues although I did later fit a tuning box for a bit more torque and power. As long as the mechanicals are sound you shouldn't have any issues. Just watch the nose weight.
  9. logiclee

    Insurance and remapped car

    https://www. abi. org. uk/globalassets/files/publications/public/motor/2017/10/abi-guide-to-winter-driving---the-motor-insurance-commitment. pdf
  10. logiclee

    Insurance and remapped car

    Even for WLTP you are no where near boost or fueling limits for a standard car so increasing a boost or fueling limit would make no difference. It's only when maps alter throttle response or boost/fuel changes at light throttle inputs that emissions may be changed. But again fitting a roof box would probably have a more adverse effect on vehicle emissions or driving around with a boot full of junk all the time. Many VAG vehicles will flag a TD1 code if remapped as soon as the diagnostics are hooked up. But this many other manufacturers have something similar including big brands like Ford.
  11. logiclee

    Insurance and remapped car

    Not always. Depends on the map. Emission testing is done at low rpm, low boost and low fueling levels. If the only thing that is raised is maximum boost and maximum fuel rate then the emissions that would be produced at the low throttle settings of the EU testing would be unchanged. You can see this with many models that have the same mechanical components but different outputs in the same vehicle. For example the 116i and 118i BMW had the same 1. 6T unit. The 116i had lower maximum boost but up to that maximum boost level the mapping was identical. Neither car got anywhere near maximum boost on the EU test. Raising the power on the 116i 136PS to the 118i 177PS would have zero impact if it resat the EU test.
  12. logiclee

    New tow car?

    Although the G63 can hold it's own off road if you are brave enough and have a deep enough wallet. There's three locking differentials, variable ride height, an array of fancy off road electronics and a off road tyre option.
  13. logiclee

    Adaptive braking

    They change around 2010 I believe. Earlier models did not keep the brake lights on with autohold. Later ones did.
  14. logiclee

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    280 is 350NM form 1700 to 5600rpm with 25% shorter gearing than the diesel. There is also a 2. 0TSI 190 being introduced that will also be fitted in the 4x4 Octavia and this has 320NM from 1500rpm. Maybe out of your price range until used examples start hitting the dealers next year though. Lee
  15. logiclee

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    Used TSi Superb Estate