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  1. Number1plates offer a good service and quality plates. I've used them for unusual plate sizes for Jaguar/Rover etc. Lee
  2. I suppose it's which study you look at and using what engines. ZF said with the spread of torque and efficiency of modern turbo engines then more than 8 ratios did not make sense and the main advantage is ratio spread. VAG also had a 10 speed box that reached final development testing the DQ511 with 550NM torque handling. But it's been shelved as VAG say it mainly suits single turbo diesels with a narrow torque spread and we all know where that market is going. For Ford I'd expect the main market for the ten speed box is pickup trucks so keeping the revs low at 155mph on the autobahn is not a No1 priority.
  3. Ford and GM have been sharing gearbox tech for some years now and the last gen 6 speeders were a joint venture too. The 10 speeder is for longitudinal engine vehicles so we wont see it in the UK in any of Ford's transverse engine cars. They do have a 9 speed transverse auto that will be fitted in most new models available in the UK. Ford's dip into the dual clutch market was a massive failure both from a drivability and reliability point of view. Ford had already stopped fitting the Dual Clutch box to many of it's bigger petrol ecoboost models in favour of it's 6 speed auto. In some markets the Dual Clutch has been withdrawn for some time. New larger transverse models will get the 9 speed auto. I'm surprised Ford/GM didn't get a wider spread of ratios on the 10 speeder though. 7.39 is better than the original ZF8HP which was 7.01 but the Gen 2 ZF8HP is 7.81 and the Gen 3 will be 8.53
  4. For all 150kw (204ps) , 500nm (369lbft) versions yes. The 500Nm grabs the headlines but when you look at the spread of torque on a typical V6 the difference is stark. But I'm not suggesting the OP's ML will not be sufficient to tow 1700kg.
  5. Although you do have to consider the torque curve rather than just the peak figures. The 2.1 does have peak torque that can match some V6's but it's only available for 200rpm.
  6. Last car I had with a full size alloy spare was a pre-MQB Passat. Last medium 4X4 I had with a full size spare was a Jeep Cherokee. Everything else I've had since from VAG, BMW, Ford has had either space saver or gunk. My XF could have a full size spare but not only with the basic audio.
  7. The question was asked why do space savers have a distance limit. If you read my original post It was an example of how tyres have mileage or time limit due to the inability to dissipate the heat generated. For the Veyron the 250mph for 15 minutes equates to 62.5 miles. For space savers the distance limit is a safety factor for the inability to dissipate heat at the rated load and speed. The rating on most is around 50mph and 50miles. Slightly more modest than the Veyron but the same principle.
  8. It was first quoted on Top Gear when James May broke the production car speed record. The 15 minutes is quoted from the tyre manufacturer. A full tank of fuel is quoted to last anywhere between 8 and 12 minutes depending on Veyron model. A quick google found, https://uk.motor1.com/news/303059/bugatti-veyron-wheel-tyre-set/ "Not that many Veyron owners have this first-world problem, but the tyres only last for 15 minutes when the Chiron’s predecessor is driven at full tilt. As a matter of fact, you’d run out of petrol long before, with the 8.0-litre 16-cylinder quad turbo powerhouse depleting the fuel tank in just eight minutes."
  9. The distance restriction is due to heat build up in the narrow high profile tyre. A bit like the Veyron's tyres are only rated at 250mph for 15 minutes. (But the 100 litre fuel tank only lasts 11 minutes at that speed so safe.) All about heat dissipation.
  10. Although it's true most cars, especially transverse engined models have most weight on the front axle the issue is not weight capacity it's grip. If you swap your 245/40 grippy high performance tyre for a 115/80 space saver the grip available on that corner is far less. As well as that each corner of that axle will have different cushioning and rebound characteristics. Car manufacturers know this hence the lower speed limit. But some worry if putting a space saver on the rear wheel axle will cause too much instability especially with the extra forces (Not just load) and will that lack of grip mean a small snake will be uncontrollable. This is also why many manufacturers say a Space Saver should not be used while towing.
  11. Mine has a spare wheel well designed for a full size spare. Then on my model it comes with a 17 speaker, 1200W Bowers and Wilkins Surround Sound system and the spare wheel well is full of subwoofer.!!!! I've had two punctures and both times the gunk has failed to seal. Lee
  12. I'd love a space saver instead of the gunk I have. The score so far. Punctures 2, Gunk 0 Lee
  13. That would be fine if there were only engineers involved who purely wanted to keep you car in as new condition. But there's the accountants and sales that complete the triangle. They want to push servicing out to appeal to lease and company buyers. For example Jaguar and BMW say the ZF8HP gearbox that is fitted to the majority of their products does not require any servicing. Other manufacturers that fit the same gearbox recommend servicing. ZF who actually make the gearbox recommend an oil change every 10 years or 80k miles. From experience we know the gearbox can exhibit issues with around 140k miles if it's not had an oil change. Lee
  14. The new Ingenium or the older Ford/PSA units?
  15. Exactly. For my lease and PCP cars then mandatory servicing is all I do, minimum cost until they go back. For cars I own and I'm going to keep some years then it's an oil change every year or 10k regardless of manufacturers guidelines and other maintenance that I think beneficial. For example my XF will get a gearbox oil change even if Jag say it's a maintenance free item.
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