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  1. Which Kodiaq are you looking at? The Kodiaq isn't as heavy as it's size suggests. Even the 2.0TDi 4x4 only has a kerbweight around 1700kg
  2. From a quick google the Triango has a MTPLM of 1000kg. You don't say the age of the golf but a Mk7 would have a kerbweight around 1360kg with a maximum tow of 1500kg. So from a legal point of view and recommendations all looks good. My only concern is the DQ200 DSG gearbox in the 1.6 golf. This is a dry clutch variant and doesn't like to slip so be careful how hard you work it from standstill and especially when reversing.
  3. The Mk4 Octavia Estate that won is an all new car launched in the Summer. How much experience have they had of that model?
  4. I've been in and out of CMC since 1985 but never usually last more than a couple of years then have a long break. I was a member of C&CC from 1984 until 2017. In the 80's and 90's active in arranging and attending meets and events. Found more and more we liked to do our own thing and had our favourite sites outside of the club networks. And the magazines are poor compared to the information you can get online now.
  5. The 2.2D will not be compliant with the forthcoming restrictions on NOx and Mazda see no point in developing a new diesel along with nearly every other Japanese manufacturer. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/mazda-6-move-petrol-only-diesel-production-ends#:~:text=Mazda will cease production of,petrol power only in Europe.&text=The diesel 6 will still,a UK spokesman has confirmed. I've had Ford, Jaguar and several VAG voice systems that have all been poor to useless. Hook up Android auto and use voice and 99% OK.
  6. I just used it as a demonstration between the tech on a high end VAG model compared to a run of the mill MQB Octavia/Golf/Passat. And that's before we consider the auto driving modes, and road scanning radar that can detect bumps and prepare the suspension. There's a lot more to go wrong the higher up the ladder you go. The new Golf with touch sensors on the steering wheel and dash and no climate controls is a step backwards. On higher end models like the Taycan there's lots of user flexibility and customisable options so you can program personal fa
  7. You wouldn't like the four large screens in the Porshe Taycan then?
  8. That age of BMW still had normally aspirated petrols and 6 speed autos. So with just 200NM at 3750rpm the gearbox is having to keep the revs high to give you the torque you are demanding. If you look at a more modern 3 series 2.0 petrol these have up to 400NM of torque available at just 1550rpm and have an 8 speed gearbox so can keep the revs much lower and have mush more torque on demand. So I doubt there's anything wrong with your car if it's driving fine solo.
  9. You need to look at it differently. It's no use offering someone buying Bentley, Porsche, Audi A8 costing six figures the same tech as that fitted in a Skoda Octavia. The lesser models get trickle down tech later, usually when all the issues have been sorted.
  10. No MLB and MQB are quite different, engines blocks and internals are similar to transverse models (For 4 cylinder units only, V6 and V8 not used in MQB) but intakes, turbo layout, emission systems etc are totally different for the longitudinal layout, gearbox and drivetrain totally different, suspension and steering totally different. And electrical architecture and software is totally different. Porsche use MLB platforms and tech
  11. Skoda has a very large press fleet and are not shy with towbars. Pre-Covid Jurno's, Youtubers and trade were treated to drives and lunches at nice venues. Skoda do this well. I've been to a few. Ford UK are the opposite, they are rubbish at PR. May go some way to explain why you always see some manufacturers in tests and not others.
  12. Agree but my reply was to the comment that they are the same vehicle. Something like an A4 is a very different car to a Passat/Suberb. Very little is common.
  13. I'd agree with VW comments but most of Audi's models are on the MLB platform which are far more complex both electric/electronics and mechanicals. Dealer prices and spares are also significantly higher than Skoda. Between VW/Seat/Skoda you are looking more at assembly, dealers, pricing and expectations.
  14. Numbers would be too small to make the figures accurate. I know JD Power and What Car both have a minimum they need to include a manufacturer in the Survey. Maybe the issue with Jeep.
  15. Usually surveys are weighted for response not just number of breakdowns. As Lexus tops the charts in surveys around the globe I'd say the likely hood is they are fairly reliable. Lexus is one of the very few brands I have never driven.
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