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  1. hello all wondering why no one had replied to my post as i did click on the email linking for reply to my post well shocked to know 11 reply's thank you all what i wanted to know is on my caravan socket it say 240V AC the new one are they safe and OK to use thank you all again for your kind help Paul
  2. hello could i have some advice please i have changed 2 single sockets in my caravan on the socket on the caravan sockets it states 240v AC i have replaced with single sockets bought from Screwfix which have 2 USB sockets per socket ( we always hook up to a electrical supply when we go away ) we have a swift challenger 500 thank you Paul
  3. hello please can you help me a friend of mine has a hobby 660 uk special exclusive caravan she has a long tube light over her worktop with 2 spot light in them and a single socket at one end the switch is faulty and I believe the transformer is broke as there are cables running to lighst under the wooden pelmet at back of caravan does any know where she can buy a complete new light fitting with a socket at the end if this is of any help taken photo of transformer ELT110 thank you paul
  4. hello all i posted here around 2 yeras ago asking if you knew of sites close to a town or village just come back form monmouth 5 min walk to town has anyone found any more gems out there ? thank you paul
  5. thank you griff for your info its good to know whats going on at this site my wife and i have a cc membership cards our teenage kids dont so what would happen as we take our mum with us which makes 5 turn her away !!!! well i will not be going there until they re-new the enrty into this site i`m waiting for the horror stories to come out of this when your stuck in the lane for hours or someone who is unable to reverse or cant ! my sister is one ! thank you paul
  6. hello griff Surely you will be able to answer my questions What about this security man at the barrier all night or day time only ? What about this £70 permit to cycle around the grounds true / flase What’s he doing there ! are you still able to walk and cycle around the grounds at night time after they close around 8/9 pm thanks paul
  7. hello all well reading so much about the new entry so so bad ( longleat estate ) Cancelled our 2 weeks in July and our week in September What a shame I Just can’t see the point as a family we would of spent around £400 + on tickets and food now there won’t get 1p from me So who`s the loser? And say 200 or 400 members have cancelled or more who will know That’s a lot of money going elsewhere We went to pembry caravan site last week get talking to others some knew nothing about the changes One guy told me you need a cycle permit to cycle around the grounds £70 any one heard of this One last word anyone been there in may /june 2012 As I would like to know when longleat closes are you still able to walk around the grounds from the caravan site ? at night Thank you Paul
  8. hi all thanks for your replys keep them coming is it true you have to buy a cycle permit to cycle around the grounds £70 !!!!!! has anyone been to the site since the NEW CHANGES ? thanks paul
  9. Hello all Has anyone entered longleat caravan site this year 2012 As they have new charges as you can no longer enter at the main gate ! Also when at the site are still able to walk into longleat As we have always done in the past ? Thank you Paul
  10. hello my sister needs help when she conects to the mains in her eddis caravan when she flips the green switch on the fridge it knocks the power off it trips the main fuze at the box any help please she thinks the caravan is around 15 years old thank you paul
  11. thank you all for your replys paul
  12. thank you all for replys paul
  13. thank you for your replys can you explain a little what i need to do do i pull back the rubber sleave or do i grease from under thanks paul
  14. Hello all I’m towing my sisters caravan next week to a caravan site for here as her car is broke She has just told me she has no insurance on her caravan Can I legally tow her caravan for he I have insurance on our car to tow our caravan ! Thank you paul
  15. hello all please can you help my sisters car is off the road for some 2 weeks she asked me today to tow here eiddis caravan home ready for her holiday next week on towing it i found it very jerky and every time i stoped it seems to be thumping my tow bar ? got it to her home but i found that her tow hitch does not move back on foreward on my caravan hitch i can push it back then pull it towards me is my sister hitch broke and is it safe to tow !!!!!! thank you paul
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