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  1. Has anybody else had to have wheel bearings changed on their vans? I ask, because on our last service the we were advised ours need changing, haven't had it done yet though.
  2. Nice results got our series 6 Senator booked in on the 9th
  3. Once the brass nut holding the cartridge in place is off, the main body that holds the cartridge can be unscrewed by hand. The spout then just comes up, there's two rings either side of the slot in the brass main body where the water comes out
  4. no one read my post above with a link to the X rings I used?
  5. I've got the same SIM deal but with unlimited data for £19 a month! They're great deals compared to others. Coverage always good where ever we go
  6. For those interested I bought a couple of these and they've done the trick! https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/IMPERIAL-NITRILE-70-RUBBER-X-QUAD-RINGS-3-53MM-CROSS-SECTION-BS201-BS230-/322580990393?varId=511567915658&txnId=1954294192011
  7. My question a few posts ago was because we are currently on a CL where a few nights ago someone pitched up in a tent. And I've got nothing against tents, or the people in them! So the question still stands.
  8. I know, it doesn't allow more than 5 units either. It was just a question to those that don't mind more than 5 if they didn't mind another rule to be broken?
  9. For those not worried about more than 5 units on a cl, how about tents on one?
  10. Oh, not what I wanted to hear Doosan! They're a strange shaped square type o ring with a groove and lump! thought they might be a pain to get hold of. Thanks anyway
  11. According to the Bailey spares website, we have the Carafax L180 mixer tap in the kitchen of our 2008 Indiana, which has stated leaking around the spout edges of the main body. I've changed the cartridge but it's still leaking. Is it possible to buy the rubbers seals that are around the brass internal main body? As this seems the only other reason it has a leak. Does anyone have a link? Thanks in advance
  12. More of a does it fit question. Currently in our 2008 Bailey Indiana we have the tension roller type blind, which is looking a bit tired. Does the pleated Heki 2 blind fit as a direct replacement? Has anyone swapped? Seems strange that only that, the front windows and omnivent are the roller type all the others are pleated On the Bailey site the pleated ones only seem to fit caravans back to 2010, but the dimensions and fixing holes look the same. Thanks Paul
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