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  1. Thanks David and pfr, my download is missing the DONTINDX file and .lst on autoinstall I did read a lengthy thread on the kuga forum and plenty have had issues
  2. Might wait then David 38, don't want to go through this again! Pfr, does your downloaded autoinstall folder have .lst at the end?
  3. Ok, so it seems I recently only updated the sync 3 software, not maps, as I've had a maps update notification. (not such an expert yet David 38 ) Downloaded and, unzipped onto my USB, but there's only 2 folders SyncMyRide and autoinstall. The instructions says there should be .lst at the end of the autoinstall file and a DONTINDX.MSA folder which isn't present. Can you confirm if this is right matelodave? as it seems your f8 maps are possibly the latest version?
  4. Did you update whilst driving pfr or with just the engine running? how long did yours take?
  5. That's strange, when I did mine a second time because I forgot to log that installation went ok on the Ford site, it went through the whole updating process again for me
  6. I had forgotten to do this and had already cleared the USB used before I realised, so I went through the whole process again and logged it with Ford
  7. SYNC version 3.0 Build 19205 Nav maps EU 4 15 SYNC serial number LW6U00MD
  8. I guess I drove for about 2 or 3 miles before it showed up on the screen? Yes, Windows 10 using Chrome. Sorry I can't be much more help
  9. Just done mine this week, although I wouldn't say I'm an expert! Did you format the USB to exFat before installing? If so, it does take a while to see the sync update installing come up on the screen
  10. Welcome to the site Phil, I'm in Poole . There's plenty of info. on here to help in your search and answer questions. Good luck finding the right van. Paul
  11. Off topic but, Scooby1, what Scooby have you got?
  12. but not exactly the same as the taps in my Bailey of a similar age as yours is what I was meaning, as you can't get yours apart
  13. I was talking about the original taps in your van
  14. That's weird Doosan why install different taps in same year Bailey vans!?
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