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  1. Hi Mark, when you say springs? are you talking about the gas struts? If so try https://www.primaleisure.com/
  2. Here's one of the reasons for my user name! . My sunny summer Sunday drive is an 1999 JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type RA Version 6 Limited. Owned this one for 4 years. I think we need pictures of the Chopper bikes
  3. I must've been doing something wrong, took a minute to fit two!
  4. Be interested in hearing how you get on antonb888, I've just bought some from your link, as ours have been missing for a few years!
  5. There's a video in the Bailey section. It's on a newer van but basically the same for your Senator. It's about 8 minutes in about priming the water
  6. Good question, I use my old Subbuteo skills, and flick most of them up and back out of the the skylights . Gets a lot out or flick them nearer the opening edge of the fly screen to vacuum from below
  7. Yes they don't seem to selling anymore. That's a shame they don't work. Those others certainly look right and show them in the tap, dimensions seem right to! Good find! As WispMan said, go for it! Fingers crossed.
  8. I use Puriclean on ours, fill up your aquaroll with the advised dose and fill the on board tank and leave overnight. Refill the tank from the roll with clean water a few times to rinse out. I have filled the tank with the garden hose, that way you can hose the inside of it a bit of a blast round.
  9. I searched for the original rings with no luck. The quad rings worked for me strange not for you?
  10. The Senators don't have a submersible pump, but an on board pump Whatever position you have the levers in, "going to van taps", the toggle switch should be in the run position, and you prime the system with either tap open in the cold position first, when the spluttering stops do the same with the taps in the hot position. It hasn't got a hot water tank but a heater. The fill option on the toggle switch is when you have the levers in the "fill on board tank from aquaroll".
  11. Yes, just have the levers in the "to van taps from aquaroll" position.
  12. Mine with Saga has also gone down on a new for old policy on a 12 year old van
  13. Thanks David and pfr, my download is missing the DONTINDX file and .lst on autoinstall I did read a lengthy thread on the kuga forum and plenty have had issues
  14. Might wait then David 38, don't want to go through this again! Pfr, does your downloaded autoinstall folder have .lst at the end?
  15. Ok, so it seems I recently only updated the sync 3 software, not maps, as I've had a maps update notification. (not such an expert yet David 38 ) Downloaded and, unzipped onto my USB, but there's only 2 folders SyncMyRide and autoinstall. The instructions says there should be .lst at the end of the autoinstall file and a DONTINDX.MSA folder which isn't present. Can you confirm if this is right matelodave? as it seems your f8 maps are possibly the latest version?
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