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  1. Mine is older than that, will be twenty six in January and still going strong, Rod.
  2. I have a Status flying saucer aerial and also a cheap Tesco mains signal booster which costs about £9 a few years ago, both work perfectly without problems apart from places where there are mountains where I use a satellite dish, the aerial was next to useless when analogue was in use but since the switch to digital no problems, a signal booster is much cheaper than a new aerial
  3. Hello and welcome, first of all I take it you have a battery and its fully charged, there are three setting on the fridge, you need it on 12volt if using gas and on the plug symbol if using mains electric, when the fridge is on 12 volt the switch should flash, hold in the knob until the flashing stops, the fridge should then be alight, sounds like the heater burner probably needs a clean, have you checked your gas is turned on ? have done this myself and wondered why it wont light, are you talking about the water heater ? make sure its full of water before you light it, Rod.
  4. After reading the first page I got fed up with as usual reading all the adverse comments but then thought to myself, I will post something I saw a couple of weeks ago on the A14, there was a van in front of me behind a truck and I pulled out into the outside lane to overtake, I flashed the person in front towing the van to overtake before me and he did so, as he was passing the truck his van started to snake quite badly, in fact it was frightening, it was a Pegasus, don't know what the tow car was as he turned off shortly afterwards but if you are that gentleman I would check your stabilizer or your loading, having a conversation with a friend who that day had just returned from Penzance to Norfolk we got talking about holidays and caravans, he has no experience of caravanning whatsoever but one remark I thought was apt for this thread, "do all caravans sway when being towed ? " apparently they had been amazed at how many vans were all over the place along the motorways, alot of these must have been very experienced tuggers but do they ever check their stabilizers apart from their annual ? service, Rod.
  5. Kielder forest camp site, worst ever, got everything set up and then they started, we got so fed up with them we packed up and left, finished up somewhere the other side of Alston in a tiny lay by, this was in the year of foot & mouth when we were sprayed with disinfectant at every county boundary on the way to and from Scotland. Rod.
  6. I am not accusing you of anything, just what I saw in your photo and why would I be a troll ?
  7. Go to Poundland, buy a bottle of their superglue, the one in the yellow box, glue the parts together, lots of trouble and aggro saved, I have a set of those mirrors, have had them for years, they were originally made by Pyramid and are very good, perhaps now made by different company, they don't look very new to me, rust on the thread and scratches on the broken part ? Rod.
  8. Not truly about the topic but a couple of weeks ago while on a site as we drove past a van with a full awning which was closed there were several people inside and also a barbecue with flames at least a foot tall shooting towards the roof of the awning, glad I wasn't sited next to them, seemed like an accident waiting to happen and one day it probably will, Rod.
  9. lakenham rod


    Pictures of my model railway and holidays
  10. If the lights are working it means you have a battery, the switches for the mains are under the seat and need to be in the up position, check you have connected the EHU cable correctly, ie, pushed together far enough, have done this myself and wondered why I have no electricity Rod. ,
  11. I have the Vision plus flying saucer Ariel + a Tesco ariel booster and have never had any trouble getting a signal since the change to digital T V, also have a 12volt Lidl satellite kit for Wales and non EHU sites, has always worked well for me,
  12. If your van has been standing for a year in the same position don't forget to check the tyres, I have a week booked at the end of March and as it will be the first time out for the summer I always hook up the van and give it a twenty mile tow up the dual carriage way to make sure everything is ok, better to have it go wrong on your doorstep than a hundred miles from home, I also have Tyron bands fitted and both tyres have flat free in them, some people would say a bit over the top but better safe than sorry, Rod.
  13. Saw my first red kite in Norfolk passing over Blickling hall last year only to find out a few days later it had been shot, Rod.
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