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  1. It depends how far down you travel,My sky dish worked perfectly south of Limoges last year.
  2. They weren't when the accident occurred!
  3. LGV drivers often have to due to driving hours restrictions and the pressure to meet delivery times.
  4. That scenario wouldn't arise because you would be the person questioned not the policeman,it isn't up to the policeman to justify his actions it s up to you to establish that you had no intention of driving while your ability to do so may be affected, not necessarily at that specific point in time. The onus is on you to prove that you had no intention of driving.
  5. Drunk in charge. Your defence would be that you had no intention of driving while your ability to do so was impaired. That is up to you to prove, if the caravan legs were down that should be sufficient to establish your innocence.
  6. CPA, continuous payment authority perfectly legal. No phone call all done online. My car was un roadworthy they just said they couldn't provide a courtesy car for 2 weeks full stop. "In your wife's case, had they taken the premium from your credit card?" I'm not sure what happened as my wife rarely used the card and she lost it shortly afterwards, the card was replaced so I couldn't check but I assume they did as they didn't charge anything to reinstate the policy.
  7. My wife was insured with them and when renewal time came they said "you don't need to do anything we will automatically renew on your credit card you used last time." 5 months later she wanted to add me to the policy so she rang up and they said she wasn't insured with them. After she rang them they said there had been a mistake and reinstated the policy back to the original expiry date. Would they have admitted the mistake if she had been involved in an accident or booked for no insurance?I very much doubt it! I paid extra for a courtesy car in the event of an accident,a lady reversed into my car causing extensive damage, when I contacted D/L they said they didn't have a car available for at least 2 weeks. I opted to go with the other persons ins Co (Churchill) as she accepted liability and I had a courtesy car within 2 hours. Definitely the worst Ins Co I have dealt with!
  8. When the gov offered a rebate on the cost of getting an LPG powered vehicle it made financial sense,without that the cost saving isn't all that attractive.
  9. It's the RCD that is tripping. Could be a neutral/earth fault.
  10. You can still get done in the UK, the same as Italy, if your tow ball partially obscures your no plate.
  11. They aren't all out to fleece you,the last one I stayed at told me not to put too much on and as he was on site he was quite happy to turn out at a reasonable time to top up if needed.
  12. Mine is also on a swan neck but viewed from behind at a distance it partially covers the middle no's. If you scroll down to page 19 there's a photo of what is illegal. http://www. polizialocale. com//staticpages/documenti_in_chiaro/tortona2007_relazione_tassoni. pdf
  13. It is extremely difficult to envisage a situation with rev pol that a serious risk from shock will occur, unless you do something stupid,and to cater for the ones who insist on doing stupid things RCDs are installed to protect them from their stupidity.
  14. The only regs applicable to UK campsite electrics are BS 7671 which are not enshrined in law,the HSE deals with the workplace. Use of the hookup described in the campsite environment would not comply with BS 7671 and could be very dangerous,in the event of a fault it could prove fatal. A lot of people didn't survive before the introduction of RCDs. A lot of people survived in motor vehicle accidents before the introduction of Airbags and seat belts,that doesn't mean their use is unnecessary.
  15. Any deviation from a straight line is a change in direction.
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