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  1. Can we have an update on this please? I've currently got this exact issue on a 2014 Bailey Unicorn Valencia so what was the cause?
  2. It looks very much like my Santa Fe!!
  3. D-4-v-e

    Santa Fe

  4. . ... and I thought the subject was "Stabiliser Friction Disc Goes Awol" . ......and not what's the speed limit in France!
  5. There is a clear cut statement in the Highway Code about "right of way" that is not open in anyway to misinterpretation.
  6. One point of curiosity is how come the press have named the lorry driver, but so far as I can see, not put a name to the numpty towing the caravan?
  7. On such a shallow slope, weigh it, turn the van around, weigh it again and take the average.
  8. Just here https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/Product. aspx?PartNumber=1132730
  9. The insurance company and probably by now their designated assessor have undeniably crystal clear photos of the stone damage. A window that is not repairable and the only remedy will be to replace it. As it stands, in addition to paying out the insurance excess, I will now have to, at my expense, take time off work so the assessor can confirm the window damage is exactly as the photos show which in turn will reduce their the repair bill by precisely nowt!! If the insurance company have an issue with the cost why don't they simply take that up, and come to a financial arrangement, wit
  10. I am now in receipt of a letter saying the damage to my window needs to be inspected by an independent assessor. Quite what there is to assess in star shaped stone damage is a mystery to me, seeing as I provided three perfectly clear hi-res photos of the damage with the claim. It's looking like I'll be having to take time off work to sort this out now. ... not happy
  11. Chichester Caravans, Bromsgrove and yes, inclusive of VAT Out of curiosity, I will endeavour to find out what the dealers cost price is once the repair is authorised!
  12. Quotation for the replacement of my centre window arrived today. ..... Insurance will be getting off lightly as it's only going to cost £1062 to supply and fit a bit of plastic for me
  13. That sounds promising as our insurance is with The Caravan club too.
  14. Having changed sites today we now have very similar sized damage to our big Unicorn window. Obvious stone damage in the OSF lower corner. Once we get home time will tell how good our insurance really is!
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