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  1. oldboy

    New no deal Brexit info .

    Oh No, Brexit again
  2. oldboy

    Caravan price increases

    Yes if you wish, I usually go for market value after 5 years can't see any point of paying all that premium knowing that the insurance will take the wear and tear into account.
  3. oldboy

    Caravan price increases

    I never bother with price rise on caravan or car in the last 15 years I am now on my 4th new caravan and in the last 30 years I am on my 22nd new vehicles the way I do it is simply how much is it going to cost to change if the price is within the parameter I can afford I buy it.
  4. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    They are already working on it.
  5. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    As I have said before from my experience working for Ford/Jaguar, it is normal business practice to recruit extra engineer to deliver the new Evoke and future EV product there work is done they is nothing for them to do now.
  6. oldboy

    Good service in UK passport renewal.

    Can't fault them same here with the wife passport only time it takes longer is when they really busy.
  7. oldboy

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    Don' t have a map reader and I don't depend on one I always pre-plan for all my journey if needed writing down the road numbers if required or just follow the road sign direction never had any problem with that. I do find google map useful though.
  8. oldboy

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    I have been driving for 35 years and used to do around 25000 miles every year without a satnav, I always plan ahead and read road sign and never got lost even on the continent. so I don't need any extra distraction while driving now.
  9. oldboy

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    I am glad I don't find any need for a sat nav too much hassle. I will stick with my paper map.
  10. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    So that means every single one of the many thousand manufactured and exported worldwide is awfully built?
  11. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    It was that badly made, here at Halewood they had to go on 24 hours production employing an extra 200 temporary agency employee to meet worldwide demand. Sadly because of the slowdown, the 200 agency employee has to be laid off till the production of Evoke 2
  12. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    Those being made redundant are agency employees contracted to deliver the next generation of Evoke and future EV vehicle. their job is done they are now surplus to requirement. other redundancy announced is as a result of the production of Discovery moving to Slovakia's new plant.
  13. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    I am sure they have my Transit diesel is Euro 6, the problem is Euro emission standards only apply to vehicle sold in Europe other countries in the world have their own emission standard that is not strict as Europe.
  14. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    During my 18 years working for Ford, I have seen many up and down. Vehicle manufacturing is a very volatile industry around the world.
  15. oldboy

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    Why would they sell it? they are in the process of building the next generation of electric hybrid cars plus they just invested millions of £ with the help of a grant from the Slovakian government to build a new factory in Europe which will start production soon.