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  1. The C & cc website has just been upgraded.
  2. That is because the Limoges has not adopted LEZ yet
  3. It is a personal choice my van come with a tracker as standard but I don't bother renewing it.
  4. Most caravan manufacturer don't start building the following year model until September.
  5. Something as simple as these that can be used in line
  6. I don't want to jump to conclusion what I understand is Mr Plodd is looking for a simple device that he can fit between his caravan and the bollard that will trip before the bollard MCB trip out.
  7. Andy, is it easy to replace the MCB in the caravan with a lower Amp one?
  8. Make a short extention cable with an in line 6amp single pole MCB that can be used inside the awning between the caravan and the EHU cable if it trip there is no need to go outside to reset the EHU bollard.
  9. It is here as well. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/135215-caravan-week-at-aldi/
  10. With the amount of payload available with a caravan now a day, with a motor mover fitted and a battery by the time the essentials like bedding, cutlery pots & pans are loaded not much can be carried in the caravan to stay within the maximum payload available for just two of us we just take enough clothing for duration which with the awning is carried in the tow vehicle as for food we don't carry any we just buy local.
  11. There is no detail yet. https://www.aldi.co.uk/specialbuys/browse-by-date#Mobile Coming Soon
  12. I am not complaining about all the post about motor/sailing boat but originally this thread was about canoeing/kayaking it best to keep to OP of the topic to avoid confusion, apart from water safety which is similar in a way, most of the motor/sailing boat equipment being posted is irrelevant to kayaking.
  13. They are different thing as you stated. thus my question" can he swim?" People are different, in my 30 years of kayaking I wear a sandal in all weather hot or cold.
  14. Can your 8 years old swim? if he can that will be fine, waterproof Cag, trousers and old trainers will be fine.
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