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  1. Sky is getting better compared to what it was they are trying their best.
  2. I think better leave politic out of this thread
  3. I am away to Exmoor house cmc for 1 week starting from the 27th
  4. I assume it is a squealing brake issue the brake on my caravan has to be changed 3 months after I collected the van.
  5. Glad to hear that it will get better as you go. a tip next time squeeze some silicone lubricant in the awning rail you may find it easier.
  6. I can see a pattern emerging Deposit
  7. For what the club offers it has got to run on a commercially business model otherwise it will not survive. And there is no shares holders which means all the profits is plough back in the club.
  8. At the Peak before I retired I would do around 18000 miles a year since fully retired 2 years ago my average is now around 6000 miles.
  9. That is a matter of personal opinion anyone is free to join or not.
  10. This is a club, there are people who enjoy the privilege of the club but do not use the campsite money have to be raised across the board to maintain the core business.
  11. Wow must be really serious if there is a recall. did you ask the dealer any question as to why? the only problem I know about grab handle is discoloration.
  12. oldboy

    V5 mistake

    We could argue until we are blue in the face at the end of the day the authority or insurance company will only look at the legal plate or the legal paper work issued for the particular vehicle.
  13. oldboy

    V5 mistake

    What is on the plate that count, anything else is just technical assumption. it could be more but it can not be less.
  14. oldboy

    V5 mistake

    Yes, should have been 2250kg the same on my V5
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