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  1. The police should seize their caravan and crush it. Sorry removed apparently it the travelling community. Admin Lock or delete please thank
  2. Bet is not saying that now after what Boris have achieved since he became PM
  3. You are correct about their line of questioning, I don't think most of them has an ounce of brain among them.
  4. Same as using a mobile phone, there is no need for a crew of 3-4 people standing there waiting for something to happen. Imagine there is a few broadcaster with a crew there will be a few people out there.
  5. If they can work using video conferencing which they are already doing during the daily PM statement then they can work at home.
  6. The papparazzi has now set up camp outside the hospital
  7. Typical, all the EX and Current political experts started to crawl out the wood work talking to the media while the man is laying on his sick bed. suddenly they all wanted questions answered and they got lot of suggestion and advice how the country should run and by who.
  8. Speculations and fake news has already started from different media outlet, some are even speculating what type of private car took him to hospital.
  9. Now, you are just expanding on what I actually said in my post, maybe I did not express myself properly, what I was trying to say is, the world is over populated as we hear so often this is an unprecedented circumstances that can achieve a reduction in the world population
  10. My criteria will be the young and healthy, I am not talking about do not treat anyone for anything, this is an unprecedented time let use it to reduce the over population as we hear a lot about.
  11. If it is my turn to die, then so be it. I have faced death before, I suppose it was not my time so I am still here.
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