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  1. I found many sites will allow you to leave the caravan on site for up to 5 days( caravan club up to 3 days) with a fee of course if you ask the warden, the most I have paid on commercial site is £10 per day and caravan club site the pitch fee per day.
  2. I am guilty until the axle issue on Bailey caravan came to light I used to carry a full awning, 2 bicycle, a full cadac with the gas bottle, garden table and chair plus those bit that might come in handy the caravan must have been overloaded to the tune of at least 150 kg, but now with my current caravan is empty except for item that came with it everything else is carried in my Transit van.
  3. Tracker will not cover you for damage done to the caravan but insurance will cover you for damage and theft. I am on my 3rd new Bailey I have never renewed the tracker I can't see the point of being informed my caravan has been stolen then I have to ring the police to let them know.
  4. Just as a guide for my 2019 Bailey Vigo insurance £376, storage £360, I expect the service will be around £200 - £250
  5. Mine goes up £10 every year. the farmer do not want the increase but the bean counter do.
  6. I have always leave everything that come with the van in when I PX for a new van I am on my 5th new van since 2004.
  7. Your old van should be handed to dealer with the step, EHU cable, water pump. you will have the same with the new van. the hand over should take around 1 hour or more depending on the enthusiasm of the hand over person, he should explain how everything work, he will swap your battery from the old caravan to the new one and connected the gas pig tail, the new caravan must be set up with water,connected to the EHU and the heating on ask as many questions whether it sound silly or not. finally spend at 1/2 an hour inside the van double check every nooks and crannies before signing the paper. don't forget to ask the service manager contact number.
  8. Have you had a look under the rear of the caravan?
  9. oldboy


    There is a big difference between Car and HGV, no restriction on car but HGV is restricted
  10. Yep, I was there I remember it very well
  11. I use one of these it does the job. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Manual-Pressure-Washer-Sprayer/dp/B01H34FQ2C
  12. Yes, they are fantastic tow car I have had 4 in the last 15 years.
  13. In every caravan there is a large notice in one of the wardrobe, how many people read it?
  14. The regulation is different now compares to the 70s
  15. Yep, she has that is why I seek proper advice before trying to convert my new transit.
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