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  1. No, just like every monies collected by Government nobody knows.
  2. You are correct all the fines goes into the consolidated fund (Gov bank account then distributed accordingly)
  3. My 4 months old Bailey Vigo 2019 is going in next week for a complete brake shoe and hub replacement because of squealing
  4. Use them very often if there is no club sites in the vicinity, some of them are immaculate and well maintained.
  5. Only over 3.5 ton, my transit is not restricted by limiter.
  6. Although this is about caravan, it seem many commercial van drivers don't know their speed is restricted as well.
  7. Once I load my caravan nothing is added or taken away the weight stay the same the dynamic of the caravan stay the same can't see the point of checking the nose weight every time I hitch up.
  8. for me a bathroom scale a bit wood is good enough
  9. Just hard standing pitches.
  10. As per Johnaldo's post above. The only question is with the extra 27 pitches will the toilet facilities cope?
  11. I just came back from Braithwaite Fold C&CC on Windermere work is going on to add another 27 hard standing pitches. because it is a very popular site, still have to book 6 months in advance for a chance to get a pitch.
  12. I tow with a SWB Transit custom, it 3 ton 150 bhp but it might be too small for you not had any problem going on any site.
  13. I seen warden taking caravan out of storage to the pitch with their little grass cutter.
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