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  1. I am sure if it was that easy to acquire land, obtaining local planning permission the CMC will buy and build new site.
  2. And also on the later model the roof strap trim on the roof is wider
  3. I know, that is the difference when CMC had the site and when C&CC took over.
  4. The extension was nearly completed when I was there last June and was due to open around August/September. I spoke to the C&CC on the phone this afternoon and was told they no longer manage the site.
  5. It is a possibily as that is what the booking operator insinuated. I will have to wait and see. Not yet because the lease only expired this week.
  6. I have been trying to book Braithwaite fold C&CC site as I usually do this time of year for June, apparently as of this week the C&CC no longer looking after that site. what a shame. I wonder if the rent is too high for them.
  7. I caravan all year round except Christmas & boxing day, I just came back from Exmoor house CMC pity there is not many site open all year sites where I would like to go.
  8. oldboy


    Apparently model affected with axle issue is Unicorn single axle S 3 from 2014 to 2016 however there has been report of later model and other make affected. the minimum clearance when loaded is 25mm as quoted above anything below that keep away.
  9. It is fairer that way, If they charge per unit everyone will pay the same irrespective of how many people there are in a unit.
  10. Merry Christmas to you too, and a Happy New Year.
  11. It will go up and down according to what is happening with politic. if anyone need Euro or dollar it is a matter of watch and buy at the right time.
  12. oldboy


    Is there wall paper in modern van? i got some of these from D.I.Y some there are handy.
  13. Sky is getting better compared to what it was they are trying their best.
  14. I think better leave politic out of this thread
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