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  1. mate in the RAF in Germany (mid 50s) was bitten on a finger by one .. he spent a fortnight in sick-quarters .. I got bitten on the back of the neck and it just raised a little lump .. (what that means,I don't know ..)
  2. Whatever is in the flush stays in the flush .. never have drained it .. top up on arrival on site .. don't top up on leaving .. never noticed any towing effect that could be put down to water in the flush (or in the main tank for that matter).. Never (almost never) set out from home or site with more than a normal disinfectant charge (We mix a two litre charge in a washing conditioner bottle .. ) in the holding tank .. movement while travelling ensures the inside gets a good washdown .. Keep it simple ...
  3. its a battle scar .. wear it with pride ..
  4. battery voltage monitoring is almost pointless .. if not on load, an almost fully discharged battery will still show over 12 volts .. on a heavy load a fully charged battery can show under 12v .. you need to factor in current as well ... somehow ....
  5. Suggest there is no connection between the 12v power unit and the battery .. remove the battery and check the voltage on the leads when connected to mains ..
  6. Thanks for the pricing info .. Think I'll stay with my existing data allowance on my phone ..
  7. How much do you pay for an unlimited data sim? please ..
  8. don't leave the plugs out for long or you WILL get flies in (experience talking) .. or try to fasten a bit of loose weave cloth over them //
  9. Still too many cases/fatalities for me to venture out .. but enjoy and stay safe ..
  10. My first tow car was a 14 year old split screen 850cc Morris Minor towing a 10'6" 4 berth Fairholme Babbette .. .. towed into North Wales no problem .. did actually tow some miles with only 3 pistons in the engine (emergency fix) but that's another story ....
  11. At 85, I am told I am in the most at risk group, and to stay at home, being dependant on family, friends and neighbours for my welfare . From the figures I have seen, I see no greater risk to the elderly than any other group unless they have 'underlying health problems ' I have none such .. a lifelong non-smoker and very light drinker, I am fit (not very fit) for my age. .. I plan to live with care, keep away from crowds (which is something I have always done), do my shopping late at night when the supermarket (no local shops) is quiet. but I am not going into self lockdown.
  12. I have Perpetual Rhinitis .. nose never stops running .. so runny nose is no guide to me ...
  13. Tried it that way .. don't fully empty the bilge tanks, and need to go again to complete before washing hands finished .. Full marks that person ..
  14. Only ever had one serious puncture on a caravan .. Twin axle rear nearside .. Only noticed when stopped .. Tyre completely shredded , but handling didn't change, tyre stayed on rim, no damage to van, no Tyron band. TPMS would probably have prevented it
  15. also going tomorrow .. Niece bought tickets for me and bro & sister-in-law .. trying to convince her that, since she has exposed us to temptation, she has to pick up the bill for major purchases ......
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