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  1. I live alone in a tier 2 area .. my family (support bubble) are in a tier 3 .. Can we visit (interact)? not seen anything of rules for this situation ..
  2. Since the first initial panic was over my local ASDA has had a very short fully booked C & C list .. currently there are slots available from tomorrow ..... though again, fully booked from Dec 20 .. just keeping an eye on how it progresses, Very little greater risk than Delivery ..
  3. Now, where've I heard that phrase before?
  4. What about towns at the bottom of cliffs .. see La Roque Gageac, in the Dordogne ..
  5. If I am offered it, I will have the vaccine, but I don't understand the figures ... They they say it has protected 90% of those in the trial .. how do they work that out? The fact that 10% haven't been protected doesn't mean that the rest have .. they may not have been exposed to the virus ......
  6. The 'car,off,van' switch selects the source of caravan 12v .. nothing to do with charging .. the battery should be charging whenever connected to mains ..
  7. about 2, with my parents in 1937 ,, got my own van (10'6" Fairholme, towed with a 1952 split screen Morris Minor) when I married (to a caravanner) in 1964 ....
  8. Plates can't be for a later date than the original registration date of the vehicle ..
  9. at the beginning, the only infection figures were the number being admitted to hospital .. anyone else reporting symptoms were not counted, and they were told 'self isolate' .. now, anyone with symptoms gets tested, and if confirmed gets told 'self isolate' .. so there has to be an increase in infection figures .. the important numbers are those dying, which whilst increasing, are not doing at the rate of the earlier wave ,, no reason to be complacent, ,, you still have to be careful how you mix with others ..
  10. If you mean the raised section , its is the roof .. known as a Lantern roof .. very popular (but expensive to build) in the 30s to early 50s .. gave extra headroom and light doen the centre of the van ..,
  11. you missed the best years then .. I was 15 ..
  12. Towing with 48BHP (1950) (overnight wild camping) en route to Belgium .. slow but it got us there and back
  13. Back in '55 I had an AJS 350 .. recently bought a '56 model of the same bike .. I'm a stone heavier than I was then, but I have trouble getting it up on the centre stand, so although I have the weight, I certainly haven't got the muscle ......
  14. don't bother with the awning ........
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