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  1. Probably the extra 20p manufacturing costs stopped them ..
  2. All we want is a quiet corner of a field, ideally with a good view .. EHU is useful and waste water drain would be a bonus .. hm .. sounds like a CL ..
  3. I would like to get this done to my current van .. does anyone know of a workshop capable and willing to do it?
  4. First time that's ever been said to me ..
  5. I do understand the stats .. I said taken on those figures ...... There is obviously not enough information .. how many do/do not wear belts .. how many crashes are actually involved for each subject group and the severity of those crashes .. The figures as quoted are a nonsense and impossible to use to provide a valid, logical conclusion ..
  6. Taken on just these figures, you are approximately 3 times more likely to die wearing a seat belt than if you are not .. so don't wear a belt .. it's safer ..
  7. 60 years ago I was an Engine Fitter, 2nd Line Servicing, in the RAF .. never saw (or heard of a torque wrench .. mind you, pretty well everything was secured with locking wire).. Only thing that was checked for correct loading were the bolts holding the propellor hub halves together, and that was done with a micrometer .. measure unloaded length then tighten to 'x' thou more.. The Rolls Royce built Merlins were effectively hand built .. When Packard built them in the states they tightened up tolerances for mass production . . Which was the better engine ? I don't know, but the packards were easier to rebuild in maintenance.. (According to various documentaries on TV..)
  8. Job done .. Had to take out cooker and strip the burners and top off it .. then with a 10mm spanner and a cross head screwdriver you can remove the grill feed pipe and jet carrier .. took out the jet, which turned out to be clear, but the pipe itself had dust and small flakes blocking it .. looked like residue from the brazing of the pipe to the jet carrier .. Now working fine again ..
  9. Our caravan is a home from home .. our home at home has carpets, so, so does our home from home though unfortunately it has those silly mats instead of a fitted carpet like we used to have on earlier vans.
  10. I have searched the forum for this, but though there is mention of cleaning the jet, I can't find anything, here or on the net, about getting at the jet. My grill, suddenly this last weekend, though it lights with no problem, just doesn't give any heat .. can't even toast a slice of bread .. 15 minutes under just dries it with a barely detectable browning, so I reckon the jet is blocked to a degree .. the hob burners and oven are OK .. but, short of completely removing and dismantling the cooker I can not see any way of access to the jet. Any help will be really appreciated .. (or should I just get a new van)
  11. I remember it being raised to 40 .........
  12. Can't beat a double Ben ..
  13. That is a very valid point, I have to admit, though I've not yet seen any posts blaming domes for water ingress etc ..
  14. This thread is a couple of years old and things change in electronics .. so may I ask for the latest advice on self seek satellite dishes .. I have just been away and am set up with a stand-alone dish, but with the winds we had, there was no way I could get the kit set up .. OK , winds are not always there, but then neither is terrestrial TV .. Trust me to get both conditions together .. I am not going to spend 'silly money', and it may be that I have to abandon the idea .. I only want a single LNB and it seems that a dome may be the way to go, though there do seem to be some naked fold down dishes .. Auto align is essential, but crank up (naked) would be ok if recommended. I only want UK (including Ireland) abilities. Thanks for any info .. DK
  15. Thanks, all .. very good points there .. Can't connect the car till hitched up in the street, but going away tomorrow (another 3 hour tow) .. see what I can check once on site .. Thanks again DK
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