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  1. I will be spending a week in the van in the garden before I take it out for the first time solo .. The Disco Queen used to set up the van for going away, so now I want to make sure I get it right before I am miles away from home and find I have forgotten something essential. .. We did spend time in the van in the garden in the past when work was being done on the house and it was very pleasant and relaxing ... so go for it ..
  2. Did that (again) . . eventually sorted . . now all boxes working together fine . . Its a bit of a bother for one night stops, but I can (often )use Freeview direct into the TV if I am desperate . . Thanks again . .
  3. That was pencilled in for tomorrow . . but thanks for your interest . .
  4. Must have a look at trying to do that tomorrow, but haven't found anything like that in the Ross manual yet . . Been on a lot of sites (CLs) where no (or very poor) Freeview reception . . so decided to go Satellite
  5. OH Dear . . looks like my old Freesat Box has had it then . . Thanks . .
  6. Sorry, old hat it may be, but I haven't found anything with the capabilities of the original TiVo . . still using it at home even though I have a Humax Freeview PVR (Useless piece of kit) feeding it . . I don't need multituner, and the scart feed from the TiVo provides all the definition I need( OK, so my TV is only 43") . .
  7. I appreciate that the LED on the LNB won't work unless connected to the correct type of STB . . but should a standard UK Freesat box be able to work with the LNB . . I aligned the dish with a satellite finder I used setting up on my last house, so I know the signal was coming in OK, but my old Bush Freesat box isn't seeing any signal . . It could be the box of course, but it was working 18 months ago when I moved house. I will be using the Freesat box to feed an original Thomson TiVo PVR and it will require the standard channel numbers (101, 102 . .. etc.) so the Ross box will not be suitable . .
  8. Thanks . . I don't think I can use it in my planned set up then . . I do have an old-ish Bush STB which I can use and which will fit in the carrying case with the dish and cable which will do the job . . All is not lost . . Thanks for the info
  9. Having decided to get satellite tv for the van, I bought a pack containing dish and satellite receiver (Ross) . . The channel numbers the receiver shows,when connected to Astra 28 satellite, are 1,2,3,4 etc up to 58 . . Not corresponding to the expected transmitters It doesn't recognise 101,102,103 etc Anyone else use a Ross receiver, like this?
  10. Caravans used to have rain guttering as part of the beading . . didn't get the black stains in those days, despite air being dirtier then (so they tell us)
  11. All this bother to save the cost of putting a hub with a removable drum and making extra profit on overpriced nuts . . . . I've never had a car where I had to remove the whole hub to get at the brakes, . . 1930's technology
  12. Thanks, folks for your interest and information . . I must do a lot more investigation, but I don't think the Humax or other options offer me what I am looking for . . I think I will probably have to find some underbed space and put the TiVo in it . . perhaps take some weight off the hitch . . and manage the the EPG downloads via my phone.
  13. do any of these Humax PVR have a 'keyword' record facility . .( ie . . give it a subject (eg 'steam' or 'F1' etc and and it will automatically record any programme with that keyword in the description)?
  14. I am considering getting a tv for the 'van . . I expect to use freesat and am looking for a freesat PVR . . Currently at home I have an original TiVo using a freesat STB as its feed, and though I could do the same in the van, the TiVo box is a bit of a big and heavy beast and needs the EPG updating from the net. Does any one know of a freesat PVR with approaching the functions and ease of use of the original TiVo? Thanks
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