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  1. I don't appear to have a GPS led .. not shewn in the guide .. This is a Snipe 3 .. maybe others do However .. After much fiddling etc, managed to get the new firmware unzipped onto a USB stick, the put the stick in the controller and effectively did a factory reset .; When it settled down I set the satellite to Astra 2, pressed set, and hey presto, locked on and receiving fine .. I don't understand .. but coincidence or whatever, its now working ..
  2. Hi .. the answer is a clear yes .. it has always worked with the van in this position. The last time was about a month ago .. but to certain (it is in the back garden. Near the the garage) I moved it into the open space in front of the garage with clear line of sight to the satellite .. with no trees or buildings in the way ..
  3. Found info on factory reset .. made no difference .. Now fiddling with firmware upgrade via USB stick .. downloaded file, but the instructions are v basic and not had success with my understanding of them ..
  4. Had thought, but can't find how .. I've got my thick head on this week .. did remove power for a while but no change .. Also looked at update, but more complex than I can handle today .. will spend some time reading up ..
  5. Has any else fitted one of these? Mine will, suddenly, not lock onto the Freesat Astra 2 satellite .. It will lock onto Astra 1 and Astra 3 (unfortunately AFAIK, they do not carry Freesat ), so the basic operation is fine. The company I bought from no longer import and cannot help.
  6. Reporting back .. Have the frame and door edges/seals a good going over with spray furniture polish .. Door now opening freely . Thanks for your interest and advice .. DK ..
  7. Thank you guys for your interest and thoughts .. I am sure it's the seals sticking together .. I can hear them separating as I pull .. I'll give a try with furniture polish. But won't be able to comment for several days .. Thanks again ..
  8. We've got a 2006 Coachman Pastiche, though not sure that is relevant, which is why I have posted this in general. Normally, the door is no problem, turn the handle and it opens, no problem, but if it has been closed for a few days it can be a heck of a job to open. The lock is fine, but the door sticks in the frame, top half and bottom half, perhaps worse a few days after rain. It is a case of pulling on the the handle a hard as I can until the top half starts toe move, when I can get my finger tips round the edge and then pull very hard to break the 'stick' for the whole door. There is no stickiness on the door or frame seals. Once open, I can close and open it easily, and it stays that way until it is left closed for a few days. My thoughts are to very (very) lightly smear with vaseline or some other light grease, but I don't understand what is causing it and don't want to make the condition worse. Has anyone else had (got) a similar problem?
  9. A couple of years back I fitted a Snipe 3 dish on the van roof .. I positioned it above the washroom dividing bulkhead to provide extra support to the weight, and conveniently placed to feed the wires down through the wardrobe. No problem there, and I am happy, nay, impressed with the way it works, .... but .. I have an intermittent problem in that it will decide to fold itself up and switch off the control box. It has never done it while I am actually watching, but it is always connected to the Freesat STB and my original TiVo, and so it fails to record at times.. It has a function (mainly for when it is mounted on a campervan, where if the engine is started, it will shut itself down, but I have not connected those circuits. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  10. If I remember, I close the side curtains .. I think darkening the interior helps the see-through
  11. I know this is very unlikely .. Are you sure your new ball is an 50mm ball .. The old standard (pre mid1950s) was a 2 inch ball, and it was a known problem when people put a 50mm hitch on a 2inch ball .. 2 inches is 50.8 mm and though it would hitch up easily, once it was on, it jammed on and was a heck of a job to release.
  12. is that a miss-key.. 1 metric tonne is 2204.63 (2205 rounded) lbs, as I recall ..
  13. Thanks, Mr P .. but I took the photo, so more memory than observation ..
  14. No .. this is the BMW Isetta .. 4 wheel version . Narrow track pair at the rear ..
  15. Who needs a big engine .. At the Caravan Club National Rally, 1958 .. Harewood House .. As I recall the outfit was owned by a Major McCombie-Metcalfe
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