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  1. but an abbreviation can be longer than the words . .. "www" has 3 times as many syllables as "world wide web"
  2. The 12v supply in the van (2007 Coachman) has failed and the battery has run completely down . . (I am currently charging it via an external smart charger) . . I don't as yet know the precise make and model of the unit but it is fed by a plug similar to the power feed to desktop computers. I have removed the plug and metered it . . it shows c240v . . so power is getting to the unit. I have not located an output fuse . . is there normally one? . . Are these units repairable (economically, that is) or am I now looking for a replacement? I have wondered about a Ctek unit, (I know one would keep the battery correctly charged, unliked the fitted unit) but what amperage should I be looking at?
  3. Disco Kid


    Still the Caravan Club . . AKA CMC . . as far as I am concerned
  4. Disco Kid

    Re-Mapping your TDI engine,

    What do the friendly insurance people say about remapping?
  5. Coachman will now only supply an MTPLM upgrade for vans under 18 months old and with the original owner . .
  6. Disco Kid

    Alko shock absorbers (dampers)

    I wasn't greatly impressed with the kit . . no fitting instuctions and more importantly, no washers . . first thing I was taught as an an apprentice tool maker was 'never without a washer' . . (many pics on the net illustrating that) My van has the arm built on so didn't need the plates supplied, but I am surprised the shockers aren't parallel to the chassis beam . . Anyway, done, and now waiting till next time out to see if there is a difference. ....
  7. Disco Kid

    Alko shock absorbers (dampers)

    Will be ordering tomorrow . . After some years with a TA van I was surprised at the handling/rough ride of this SA van, though I had had them before Thanks for the gen
  8. Has anyone fitted them and do they make a difference?
  9. Disco Kid

    Which Sat Nav Is Best ?

    Thanks . . Seems no-one else would recommend theirs as fitting my bill . . will look at the Aguri
  10. Disco Kid

    Which Sat Nav Is Best ?

    Looking to replace my Nozatec 7" truck satnav running Igo software . . it's endearing little quirks are beginning to get up my nose . . I want a 7" unit (don't we all?) that can accept vehicle size/weight etc and that I can set my own POIs . . preferably where, like the Igo, you can group like POI files into a folder . Also I only want speed camera warnings if I am over speed. Suggestions please . .
  11. Disco Kid

    M6 service station parking

    as said earlier Gailey is J12 . . We are headed for the lakes, probably the kendal turn. We will be at J12 late morning, so mainly looking for a lunch break . . Stafford may be a bit early. Coming back, no ideas of time, not even sure where we will be setting out from, so just want to know the best options for stopping.
  12. Disco Kid

    M6 service station parking

    We will be towing from Gailey northwards on the M6 tomorrow . . and back south in about a fortnight . . Which service stations have decent (findable) caravan areas? From Streetview, Stafford North looks OK, but Knutsford North appears to route caravans straight back onto the motorway . . Would be grateful for any info in either direction.
  13. Disco Kid

    Am I Too Old For..??

    Gillybean . . Try to watch 'Caravans . . a British love affair' Dorrie Lachterop, my mother-in-law, towed her van till she was 92, and caravanned, with the family doing the towing for her until a few weeks before her diagnosis with terminal cancer in 2014. No body is too old if it is something they want to do
  14. Disco Kid

    7N/7S to 13 Pin Conversion

    Ah! Fair enough . . Cheers
  15. Had considered that but it would mean leaving the door fully open, which I am trying to avoid