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  1. Don't know that van specifically, but there is usually a panel of switches for pump etc and often there is a lights master switch among them ..
  2. Disco Kid


    here is the detail of the 185mph Cobra on the M1 .. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motorsport/day-jack-sears-hit-185mph-m1-motorway had no bearing on the 70 Limit
  3. can't find anything about future ,, just a notice saying will close 2 Jan 2020
  4. Disco Kid


    No .. recommended spacing between vehicle is at least 2 seconds ,, ie <1800 cars per lane per hour .. regardless of speed
  5. The floor gets damp and a rubber backed mat wouldn't allow it to dry out ..
  6. I wouldn't use duck-boards .. too rigid and would create pressure points as they would not exactly match the contours of the floor .. a better bet would be something like those 'chain link' rubber mats .
  7. Doing this is inviting them in ..They have a remarkable sense of smell
  8. Disco Kid


    2007 Range Rover Sport .. 3.6 TDV8 on Supermarket Fuel Spreadsheet Overall .. 22.31 Solo .. 24.27 Towing .. 20.65 Long Run mostly motorway .. By dashboard reading Solo up to 29 Towing up to 26
  9. haven't used a spanner in years .. hand tightened propane pigtails are the way to go .. for me, at any rate .....
  10. 1955 AJS 16MS 350 .. bought new previous year .. almost identical to the 1957 model I bought 3 weeks ago .. (look, no oil drips!!!) Very few 21 year olds had a car in those days .. maybe a prewar Austin 7 or (if they were wealthy) Ford 8
  11. An analogue amplifier will not work digital .. digital has a far higher frequency bandwidth .. the analogue cannot handle it ..
  12. Probably the extra 20p manufacturing costs stopped them ..
  13. All we want is a quiet corner of a field, ideally with a good view .. EHU is useful and waste water drain would be a bonus .. hm .. sounds like a CL ..
  14. I would like to get this done to my current van .. does anyone know of a workshop capable and willing to do it?
  15. First time that's ever been said to me ..
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