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  1. I remember it being raised to 40 .........
  2. Can't beat a double Ben ..
  3. That is a very valid point, I have to admit, though I've not yet seen any posts blaming domes for water ingress etc ..
  4. This thread is a couple of years old and things change in electronics .. so may I ask for the latest advice on self seek satellite dishes .. I have just been away and am set up with a stand-alone dish, but with the winds we had, there was no way I could get the kit set up .. OK , winds are not always there, but then neither is terrestrial TV .. Trust me to get both conditions together .. I am not going to spend 'silly money', and it may be that I have to abandon the idea .. I only want a single LNB and it seems that a dome may be the way to go, though there do seem to be some naked fold down dishes .. Auto align is essential, but crank up (naked) would be ok if recommended. I only want UK (including Ireland) abilities. Thanks for any info .. DK
  5. Thanks, all .. very good points there .. Can't connect the car till hitched up in the street, but going away tomorrow (another 3 hour tow) .. see what I can check once on site .. Thanks again DK
  6. I know they say you can't cool the fridge from ambient when running on 12v (towing), but I understand it it is supposed to be able to maintain the low temperature after cooling by mains or gas .. So, has anyone tested that ..??? (apart from me) Just spent a few days off hook, The fridge (freezer compartment) was down to -15 (on gas .. will go to -20 on mains) when I packed up to leave and only closed down the gas minutes before hitching .. On getting home, after a 3 hour, mainly motorway (non stop, no holdups) drive, the freezer had gone up to -5. Is this what you would expect .. The indicator light showed solid blue, so the fridge was getting the 12v from the motor, but how can you check that the fridge is actually working?
  7. If we are going 'who towed with the smallest engine' . My first tow car was an 803cc Morris Minor towing 10'6" 4 berth Fairholme .. towed with no problems, including around Snowdonia .
  8. I know things are different now, but our family car when I was a kid was a 1500cc 48 (yes, 48) hp Wolseley .. it towed a 30cwt (OK .. 1500Kg) home-built caravan , including a trip to Spa in the Ardennes for the 1950 International Caravan Rally .. So 140 horses would have been a luxury
  9. Has anyone replaced the Piezo ignition with some form of electronic gubbins ..? I would like to fit such to mine, and if anyone can advise I would be grateful .. DK
  10. That may account for the niff on some around some CL pitches!
  11. At 83, had I the money, I'd get myself a Vinnie again .. .. as it is I make do with my 3.5 Litre V8 turbo-diesel Rangey Sport
  12. I will be spending a week in the van in the garden before I take it out for the first time solo .. The Disco Queen used to set up the van for going away, so now I want to make sure I get it right before I am miles away from home and find I have forgotten something essential. .. We did spend time in the van in the garden in the past when work was being done on the house and it was very pleasant and relaxing ... so go for it ..
  13. Did that (again) . . eventually sorted . . now all boxes working together fine . . Its a bit of a bother for one night stops, but I can (often )use Freeview direct into the TV if I am desperate . . Thanks again . .
  14. That was pencilled in for tomorrow . . but thanks for your interest . .
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