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  1. Wrap up warm and take a picnic down on the breakwater to the old fishing wharf at Brixham, just watching the boats at anchor, or them sailing in and out. If you Google it look for the Breakwater carpark, it’s on the same side as the Lifeboat station, it’s a pay and display. We have cooked a turkey crown and all the trimmings in the caravan, never had a problem.
  2. He would have to say that otherwise it would have made the whole thing an expensive pointless exercise.
  3. It’s been rumoured they are installing a clock in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Apparently it’s no use having the inclination if you don’t have the time. I am off to get my coat now as the nurses will be wondering where I am😁
  4. Someone who borrows your watch then “charges you” to tell you the time.
  5. Have a look at the top posts in this Avondale section, there are links pinned to as many Avondale manuals as Gordon could collect.
  6. Yes, that is how I raise the jockey wheel and front steadies on to blocks on a sloping site.
  7. As you already have a 3 Series what about a BMW 3 Series with X drive. Alternatives are Toyota Rav4, C or E Class Merc with 4Matic AWD.
  8. Jaguar call them All Season tyres - I am just old fashioned 😂
  9. I have town & country tyres fitted that haven’t let me down - yet 😁
  10. Storage - ! Insurance - you can afford to stand the cost of buying a replacement caravan if it gets written off? Servicing - You take your caravan on public roads, to public caravan sites, and you stay in it without ensuring it is road worthy, or electrically or gas safe? Not saying you are the only one that does this, but so far the only one to admit to it. I have my caravan fully insured old for new on the premise that if I can’t afford £400 a year to insure it as there is no way I can afford to find £26,000 to replace it. It is serviced annually by my local engineer, including brake strip and check/adjustment, gas and electrics are tested, and a damp check, so I know my caravan is not unsafe or a risk to others. We are fortunate to have enough room for it to be stored on a hard standing next to the house.
  11. Exactly, we don’t have a 4x4 SUV for caravanning, we have one because we live up a 1:3 hill at the top of a cul-de-sac on the edge of the Peak District, that never sees a snow plough or a grit wagon. My wife is the carer for her 88 year old bed bound father, so getting out in the depths of winter is paramount for us.
  12. Can you explain the logic behind your decision to put away perfectly good carpets and save them for the benefit of the next owner of your caravan. Why not just cover the caravan and leave it in storage for 4 years and then sell it, it will be in pristine condition for the next owner!
  13. Is that a fact or just a generalisation base on no real evidence?
  14. No need to think about it, the damage to both my wheels were cosmetic scuffs, they went in the van scuffed and came out looking brand new. Also both wheels were originally painted and not powder coated, so the job done restored them to what they were. Why should a workshop have more or better equipment than a mobile? I think there is a perception that it must be a better job because it is done in a workshop, and that any other solution must be of a lesser standard! I have a mobile dent guy and I would put him against anyone in a workshop.
  15. I think unless you have direct personal experience of having a wheel refurbished by a mobile repairer you are all speculating and passing personal biased opinions without any foundation. I am sure there are some cowboys out there, but I have had 2 wheels done by two different companies and can honestly say that the jobs done were to a very high standard, nor do I think a workshop based repairer could have done the same job any better.
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