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  1. Grandpa Steve

    Possible new visa cost ??

    Anyone been to Turkey recently, a visa to enter costs $20 and that is for one country, so £50 is a bargain if it gets you access to the whole of the EU. However it should balance itself out if the cost is the same for an EU citizen to come to the UK, and any of its colonies!
  2. Drop Paul at Tourershine a PM he may give you some free advice, always very helpful.
  3. I understand how ATC works and Mr Plodd's explanation details it clearly, my question was to Jiffy176 as myth is often quoted as fact.
  4. 1. Is that fact or urban myth of ATC causing a sudden halt on a main road? 2. Struggling to get sufficient voltage from the car is more a reflection on the inadequacies of the wiring of the towcar, not the ATC.
  5. Grandpa Steve

    Insurance cover abroad

    But it’s the insurance company that has to deal with that, as is the case now. Your insurer pays out to put your car back on the road, and when appropriate they pursue the third party to recover any costs.
  6. Grandpa Steve

    Insurance cover abroad

    There is nothing grey about it, insurance is insurance, if had an accident with my car involving a third party, my comprehensive insurance would see my insurer sort things out for me and deal with the third party. Same now, same 1st April, only difference might be the procedure involved for settling each parties claim.
  7. Grandpa Steve

    Insurance cover abroad

    I don’t disagree, the point is if that is a condition of cover now, then it applies now in countries both inside and outside of the EU. It’s still the same level of cover, and that doesn’t change regardless of whether there is a deal or no deal exit from the EU.
  8. Grandpa Steve

    Insurance cover abroad

    Insurance is insurance is insurance which ever part of the world you are in. The cover you buy in the UK is the same cover whatever country in the world you are in. The only difference is how the insurer pays out on the claim. If there is no reciprocal agreement you could have to settle the bills yourself and claim it back on your return, if there is a reciprocal agreement the insurer may settle direct, no different in principle to what happens across the world today.
  9. Grandpa Steve

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    You seem to have over looked the information in the links I posted. The titles in the url’s from Buyacar, Auto Express and Motorway specifically call out the very issue.
  10. Grandpa Steve

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    Really, explain then how when I got my Merc the BIK was 21% of list price, and now despite the car being 3 years old the BIK is 31% of the original list price, petrol cars are much lower.
  11. Grandpa Steve

    Insurance cover abroad

    Well having spoke to my travel insurer (as posted above) I now have an email confirming our conversation, so clearly they know more than you!
  12. Grandpa Steve

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    Clearly! "Con"vinced people to go into diesels to reduce CO2 to save the ozone layer, then years later demonised diesels in built up areas because of NOX BIK tax on company cars gone through the roof with much higher taxation on diesel models. New diesel cars now face higher first-year taxes https://motorway.co.uk/guides/diesel-car-toxin-tax https://www.buyacar.co.uk/cars/diesel-cars/460/diesel-tax-proposed-charges-and-surcharges-for-uk-drivers https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/930131/car-tax-check-2018-DVLA-increase-diesel-April-most-expensive https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/consumer-news/98747/diesel-ban-the-future-of-diesel-cars-in-the-uk-and-beyond
  13. Grandpa Steve

    Hitch lock problem

    If the correct AL-KO hitch lock is fitted properly on the corresponding AL-KO hitch head then the stabiliser handle will always depresses correctly. If it doesn't it's either the wrong lock on the wrong hitch or operator error.
  14. Grandpa Steve

    Kuga titanium sport

    On both our Mercs just taking your foot off the brake pedal starts the engine, and if you use "Auto Hold" any pressure on the accelerator also starts the engine - never been caught out in 3 years. Before anyone picks me up on holding on the brake, even on "Hold" the brake lights stay on, however after about 45 seconds on "Hold" the the parking brake auto engages and the brake lights go out. After which on both cars when you press the accelerator the parking brake auto disengages.
  15. Grandpa Steve

    Insurance cover abroad

    Don't you just love it when people post links without adding context in the post! So even the MIB are saying with a little co-operation on both sides nothing needs to change.