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  1. After 70+ years it can't be the only thing Ian!
  2. Mores paces for us that don't have a jaded opinion then. ************************************** If the pitch has a marker on it and there is no motorhome there it has gone out for the day, if they do that every day of their stay they will damage a wet grass pitch more than a caravan would over the same duration.
  3. funny then how you arrive on site to see pitches that initially look vacant but on further inspection display "Pitch in Use" placards being displayed. I don't think that has changed, you mistake good management of pitches for the is for benefit of all, with a jaded biased outlook of the CMC. ***************************************** Really, so the person has booked in and paid for their stay, walked round the site to choose a pitch, gone back to collect their outfit, driven round the site to find you on their pitch, what a selfish childish thing to do.
  4. As far as the CMC are concerned, the warden has full jurisdiction on site and it is up to them how they run it, so if they choose to reserve hardstandings to accommodate any motorhomes booked on site,, then that's how it is. Wardens are allowed and do tow caravans on site, some CMC sites have storage and pull caravans out and place on pitches for their owners, and on some CMC sites I have been on the warden has actually placed caravans on a grass pitch to stop drivers of non-4x4s tearing up the grass, and also pulled the caravan off the grass on to the tarmac road before allowing the owner to hitch up and leave.
  5. It's not about the weight, motorhome owners also tend to go out for the day leaving a "Pitch in Use" sign, so over a couple of days the grass pitch will have had the wheels driven over it several times with the potential for it to get churned up, where as a caravan stays put for the duration, so a hard standing is the "sensible" option for a motorhome's regular on and off movement. If the motorhome gets bogged down at any time, the pitch will be ruined by the drive wheels trying to get out, if a caravan gets stuck the driver will try to extricate it, after which the warden will assist to try to save the pitch, but it is a once only occurrence per caravan per stay.
  6. Because you could shove a caravan onto a grass pitch without getting the car wheels on the grass, or it could be towed with a 4x4, and also the warden's tractor can pull a caravan off a grass pitch using the towball fitted to it, not so easy to do the same with a motorhome. The caravan has a very specific point to attach the tow vehicle, a motorhome may have a towing eye but that would make the warden responsible for attaching a rope or cable to pull it with.
  7. When you say "Widespread practice" you do have statistical evidence to back up this assumption do you? Any one with an ounce of common sense would understand that a motorhome could sink in to a grass pitch, hence the warden holding a hard standing for them. If they were holding a hard standing on the off chance someone with a motorhome might just turn up not having pre-booked , then that's a different conversation. Either way I still don't see how anyone is getting "inferior" treatment.
  8. With standing the discretion of the wardens to close pitches, everyone (including non-members) gets to choose their pitch once checked in on site, so how can you describe the treatment as inferior - or are you just trolling?
  9. I had a Fiamma 310 on the side of the caravan for several years, we were very happy with it. We carried it everywhere, and if we were using the full awning it only took 10 minutes to unroll and move it to the off side awning rail of the caravan for storage. I could roll it out on my own and roll it away, but needed a 3rd hand to fold out the legs. I used the Fiamma plates to secure the legs and had the dog lead screw-in pegs to secure the Tie-Down strap in place. We used it in all weathers as somewhere to sit out, to kick off dirty boots and hang waterproofs to drip dry, I only took it down if the winds were getting up to more than about 50mph, other than that it was always secure.
  10. Open a new FB account using your disposable email address. That way you are removing any links back to your personal FB account
  11. Why not use a disposable email address and a PO Box as well.
  12. I may have been at one time, but in this context it is used to describe a particular type of American.
  13. Good result, they wouldn't have buckled if they were sure they were in the right - Well done you!
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