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  1. I’d stop digging if I were you, how about a year in advance then?
  2. The dealers website you quote is often flawed with incorrect data so a manual calculation is often the best choice. Your car may have a max tow weight of 1800kg, but there is a vast difference between towing an 1800kg flatbed trailer with a low centre of gravity, and an 1800kg slab sided tin box that is easily moved by passing lorries, vans and cross winds. What is the Mass in Service of your car, sometimes quoted as the “kerb weight”. The quoted 85% is the ratio between the kerb weight of the car and the plated MTPLM of the caravan. So effectively you are basing the calculation on the lightest the car could be and the heaviest the caravan can be, it is on that figure the recommendation for the 85% is based for inexperienced tow car drivers, moving to a100% ratio once you have gained experience. It is not an exact science as the 85% came about years ago before ABS, hitch head stabilisers and stability controls such as ATC, but is quoted as a starting point as there is not much else to go by.
  3. Big difference between London in February and the middle of summer during school holidays!
  4. Its not your age that counts, it’s the date you passed you driving test! You need to do a little more reading about weights as your theory is potential flawed. Others will be along to help on this.
  5. Have you checked the MCB’s on the unit have been reset. The service agent could have tested the unit and left the circuit breakers in the off position.
  6. It’s not about what is available on site to entertain the kids, if you want entertainment you go to Butlins or Centre Parks and pay through the nose for the privilege. It is about having the caravan at a location to use as a base from where you can venture out to get the entertainment or see attractions. If you ventured on the the CMC network of sites ( and commercial ones) during school holidays you would see lots of families doing as described above. Yes £35+ a night might seem expensive but compare that to the alternatives in the UK then it’s not so much. You can stay at Abbey wood in London and have a great base to see the capital’s attractions, Legoland etc, you can’t get a Premier Inn in a similar location as the CMC site for less than £100 a night.
  7. It was the best image I could find on Google but there is nothing to stop you putting Blue in the flush tank.
  8. Yep, that's where you fill it. Google image
  9. I think despite it being the “in thing”, manufacturers still see EV’s as their top of the range vehicles, as in they price petrol then diesel then EV’s. If they truly wanted to promote and sell more of them the price point would be below petrol and diesel, making them financially attractive without relying on government subsidies. i know they want to recover the cost of development, but by selling more over a shorted period of time at a lower margin will achieve the same outcome as selling a few over a longer period for more money. I also think the infrastructure needs to be built regardless, and if Kevin Costner’s dad was right in the film Field of Dreams - “If you build it they will come”
  10. When the onboard unit packed up on the Swift I considered buying a Ctek charger, but found I could source from Sargent a like for like replacement for the onboard unit. It’s a 300W 3 stage intelligent battery charger and power supply all for £116, so for me it was a no brainer.
  11. Save your sarcasm for someone that cares. I was questioning the logic of building something where leasing rates were high, and then having to charge over the average cost for products to re-coupe those costs.
  12. Which makes no financial sense as they chose to build on that location in the first place, if the costs were so high why not build just off the motorway?
  13. Because the can, they know some people will cut it fine when travelling and wait for the low fuel warning light to come on, then dive into the nearest filling station, they then pay a premium for the privilege.
  14. Your original topic was moved to a more appropriate section. If you use the"Unread Content" link at the top of the page you will see any unread content since your previous visit.
  15. The manual you want can be found in atopic pinned at the top of the Avondale section your post is in.
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