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  1. Then you are not comparing like for like, not are we talking about rally drivers. My E-Pace has the option of summer tyres or all weather as a factory option, they both sit on the same 20" rims.
  2. Disagree - If the tyre is the same size and the gaps between the tread pattern are wider there cannot be the same amount of rubber on the road. Surface area of tread has got to be less on a winter tyre. Summer Tyre - Narrow tread pattern thin shoulder grooves Winter Tyre - Wide tread pattern wider shoulder grooves
  3. Why wouldn’t it, a summer tyre has more rubber on the road to grip with. Winter tyres have bigger gaps between the tread to dissipate the water and snow so less rubber on the road.
  4. Yes the caravan is covered by third party insurance whilst attached to the towcar, andwill cover damage to a third parties vehicle. If I understand Dave's post what he is saying is, that the tow car owner should take out third party cover to protect them in the event of the caravan being damaged, as the caravan owners insurer would look to recover any costs if the caravan was damaged whilst they were towing it. It depends on the policy wording and how the tow car drivers insurance views the status of the caravan, if they acknowledge it is not owned by the driver then it becomes a third party and would be covered under the tow cars insurance, however it is more likely they will stand by the standard terms and insist it is not covered by them except for damage to a third parties vehicle, and is not their risk.
  5. Actually, the 45p/mile only applies for reimbursement for using your own car in connection with your employers business, and the 5p only applies to the passenger if they are also travelling on their employers business. So if it is a favour then the above doesn't apply, but acts as only a guide. Neither amount applies if the mileage is less than your normal distance to your regular place of employment, if it is over that distance you must deduct the mileage to your regular place of employment from the total mileage (each way).
  6. 45p/mile only covers fuel and wear and tear of the vehicle it doesn't cover the drivers time, which if tax were payable would be calculated on the individual's tax liabilities. So it "might" be taxable not "will be"!
  7. I read that and thought of the second option, accompanied by images of people sat around in a pub recollecting memories and telling anecdotal tales of when they used to be caravaners
  8. Really, I don't think so! A car that has a 0-60 of 7 seconds and has 400 Nm of torque is the same whether it is Euro 6 (5,4,3,2,1), the real difference is how clean it is from an emissions perspective. As Scotty said to Captain Kirk " Ye canna defy the laws of physics"
  9. Or maybe the loading and nose weight were optimised, and the whole outfit was set up and tested to enable them to achieve the record. I can’t see them taking a random car and caravan and just going for it, can you?
  10. It’s a personal opinion and I am ok with that, 2 posts in support and one unhappy camper so it’s 2-1 in the dealers favour.
  11. The OP has already had this answered in a previous topic. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/140454-towing-advice/
  12. Please feel free to call them whatever you want, most people will understand and try to help and offer you useful advice. An eye socket isn't designed for plugs A plumbers socket isn't designed for plugs A socket can be a software object that acts as an end point establishing a bidirectional network communication link between a server-side and a client-side program.
  13. You have read the posts in the topic before you replied, haven't you? I have to ask because your reply has exactly what to do with changing the insurance cover on caravans!
  14. Why have they discriminated against Caravanners, they have changed the terms of the insurance they provided to a different type of cover, it's not discrimination because they cannot change the type of policy they offer to Motorhomes and Campervans as they have to have a particular type of insurance decreed by law, caravans do not!
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