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  1. Typical lunacy, I don't disagree that the HC rule states what you have said, but a car driver or cyclist has many things going on as they are travelling down a road, spacial awareness, other vehicles, mirrors etc, yet a pedestrian who's sole activity is/should be crossing a road safely is absolved of any responsibility if they step out without looking. She was very lucky that she stepped out in front of a cyclist doing 15 mph, one because he has a relatively low mass and two he is as vulnerable as she is, had she stepped out in front of a bus or a bin lorry doing 15 mph she would have come off a lot worse.
  2. Google it, it’s been headline news for the last 2 days.
  3. You can't be offered a course for the same offence, but you could be offered:- 1. Smart Motorway Awareness Course 2. Speed Awareness Course 3. Safe and Considerate Drivers Course all within one 3 year period (that is if you are unlucky)
  4. As always the "I never do anything wrong upstanding law abiding citizen comes out" and sits on his high horse, don't you ever get vertigo being so high? I haven't read anything on the topic that says people don't agree with the laws, they may struggle to understand the inconsistencies of speed limits within very short distances, they may disagree with the police hiding behind corners with cameras, they may struggle to accept that if everything is done in the interests of road safety why the consequences are punitive and uncompromising.
  5. Check the condition of the two"O" rings on the pistol you plug into the water inlet on the caravan. If either are missing, split or loose it will drag air in, they are cheap as chips on eBay, I paid £3.18 for 2 pair https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Truma-Ultraflow-Pistol-Water-Pump-O-RIng-Seals-Caravan-Motorhome-EM621/112033493836?hash=item1a15b7734c:g:heMAAOSwi7RZNCUg If yours doesn't look like this there will still be "O" rings on it.
  6. Countering what attitude? Perhaps you could highlight the points in my posts where I state that "you only need to bother with speed limits if there is a camera around" As I said in my reply to JCF1966 above:-
  7. Also be aware that dependant on how water runs off the roof, the rain lip on the top of the locker is a great source of Chinese water torture if it drips on to it. I have a piece of awning bead pushed in the rail to “encourage” the water to run off further back.
  8. It’s not the limit that is the issue, it is the inconsistency of speed limits. 30 to 60 and back to 40, then down to 30 all within a stretch of road about 1/2 a mile long, why not just one limit? What about the roads through rural areas where there are no villages and no kids? Wind is not the only thing that can make a caravan unstable, outfit mismatch, poor loading will contribute to that, but it isn’t windy every day of the year everywhere across the country.
  9. How about reading all of my posts on the topic instead of replying to just one, then you might not try being a smart Alec.
  10. Unfortunately the speed limits are not always clear and consistent. You can drive down a road that is rural, no houses etc and it is National Speed Limit, you hit a village and it doesn't change and then not much further back in to rural countryside and its 30 mph. ...and who carries a tape measure to determine the distance between lamp posts As spring approaches many rural signs are obscured by foliage, but you don't always get chance to go back to take a picture as mitigating evidence as the NIP appears in the post, you could be travelling home from holiday, or when you do go back the council have been told and have trimmed the offending bush. Sadly the way they go about it, they can protest all they like in the name of safety but that is not the main agenda item, if it was they would put signs up at a distance warning people the cameras are there, because not everyone travelling that road is a local who should know they are there. **************************************************** But how long is that data kept and for what purpose, because the DPA Commissioners Office is very clear on this!
  11. It's a joke when they label it a Road Safety Partnership when all it is really is a cash cow, the money they spend on installing cameras regardless of the government guidelines is ridiculous, but is soon recouped in fines.
  12. Graham, the OP stated that after a 6hr journey the battery was very low. Sounds like the standard BMW wiring loom that is not fully wired for split charging.
  13. My cable entry was sealed with proper cable entry joints (one for each cable) similar to the ones below to maintain the integrity of the battery box.
  14. Why do so many insist on giving yo a giant portion of chips, I sit and watch plates going back with only half the chips eaten, the waste and cost must be silly.
  15. Shouldn't any gas be vented to the outside to the outside air to disperse, rather than be allowed to build up to a combustible level in a confined space? The clamps used are more than sufficient if fitted correctly! Funny that I have a Sargent multi stage smart charger on my caravan that takes very good care of my battery.
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