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  1. im not sure exactly how your curtains are actually fitted at present, maybe a photo would help. But you should have a "wheel" a small grey plastic round button that clips though the metal eylett in the curtain which in turn sits inside a "suitcase" which is a 15 to 20mm grey plastic rectangle with a semi circle cut out, which the "wheel" sits in. This "suitcase" folds in half and clips over a ribbed piece of material bead which is sewn into the awning above the windows panes. The "suitcase once folded in half (closed) is clipped together by internal fixed clips. I hope that this may make sense? if not try the Isabella web site under fitting instructions and this will show you how the curtains attach.
  2. Hi Steve and welcome tot he forum. When you have found a layout you prefer then have a look for models as most manufacturers will do similar layouts. As already mentioned Highbridge, Davan, Chiping sodbury etc all have a good selection But there is another dealer who has some excellent vans in Bristol but you need to telephone ahead for an appointment as they are not open to public access every day. They are in Bedminster and called AJM leisure. I looked at a few of their vans whilst looking for new a couple of years ago and was impressed with their attitude and stock. Good luck with your hunt!
  3. The main thing that should be considered also is its age!!! The forum has changed considerably over the years and people wont pay top mark for one that is 5 to 10 years old. The easiest way to determine the age is 1st by the Poles. .Orangey grey fibre poles with cream fittings will put it before 1998, light grey with cream fittings before 2005, dark grey with dark fittings pre 2012 (ish from memory) Dark grey with T Rex clamp fittings 2013/14. Then look at the curtain colour design and then window foil design, take a photo then look on the isabellas website at catalogue's and find your curtain design then find the window foil/white line marking. ...THEN you will have an age range.
  4. should be a case of cut the pipe to make a clean edge and buy a straight push fit connector to re-join it. Most dealers will sale the pipe and connectors.
  5. Isabella have the exact measurement of awning rails and the best match for which size awning, if there website says its a 1000 then get a 1000. they will only increase by 2 sizes as they believe the overall look and structure will not be compromised by this. If its a new awning under their warranty then to maintain the warranty it will have to be extended by them, hope this helps? If in doubt give Isabella a call or an email they are always happy to help.
  6. we use plastic pipe to make the existing pipe rigid also stainless steel heavey washers work well and are neater :-)
  7. woolacombe, saunton sands, north devon woolacombe has more beach for dogs off lead than no dogs lol
  8. there are lots of dog friendly beaches in north devon, saunton sands, woolacombe, hele bay etc. Plenty of caravan sites nearby. Try googling woolacombe caravan parks etc, we have a seasonal pitch near combe martin and most beaches allow dogs on all or part of the beach.
  9. Isabella awning = Isabella repair, excellent service used them a few times and always will
  10. If you buy a new pump they come with an instruction sheet, I had the same problem on our superstorm a couple of years ago, easy enough to replace.
  11. Another consideration that Isabella will confirm and advise you on is to use a large awning as a 3/4 awning. ..so a easily available 1000cm to 1050cm full ambassador or capri etc can be used as a "part" awning by uses of isabellas rear support poles. So you could have an awning cover 3/4 the length of the van and say leave the front lounge window uncovered? But to answer your original question. . a issabella capri is more than up to the job of seasonal use, whether carbon fibre or steel poles. All new Isabella full awnings come with the option of carbon fibre or zenox steel poles apart from the Penta and Prism which only have steel as an option due to the pole configuration and design. I have been lucky enough to of owned a capri, ambassador, penta, Minor, magnum and now to use a commodore this season, as well as owning or purchasing for friends the venturer versions, Isabella are the best but if I couldn't afford or have an Isabella then Venturer are 2nd. Enjoy your new van, just wish they did one in the layout which would work for us!
  12. Thanks guys After successfully rejecting the 636 last year and taking a very serious look into the other makes (previously owned Bailey and Elddis and swift so not biased) we decided that for us Swift were the better of a bad bunch. I belive that the rear panel cracking was on 2011/12 models and haven't heard of any on 2013/14 as yet, but have heard of plenty of Elddis still suffering so didn't fancy going down that road (again) as the Crusader we had suffered a similar problem. Its from a New (to us) dealer, Davan of Weston super mare who seem to have a good loyal customer base so they must be doing something right :-)
  13. Collecting our New Swift 590 SE this week after rejecting our swift challenger last year due to a few faults. Lets hope that this one wont let us down!
  14. we had this with ours, dealer said it was the fin in the vent pipe shouldn't be on the shortest run (nearest door on 636) so we removed it. ..still got smell. ..as soon as you find it and track it down it goes. ..??????
  15. definitely check that the actual filter end of the pump hose is submerged,,, I fitted plastic tgube to mine to keep it submerged as generally it floated and caused the same problem.
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