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  1. Same caravan , a kampa air 390 fits perfectly ,
  2. The latest ones are red, and you can no longer see the gas level https://www.lpgshop.co.uk/safefill-large-10kg-lpg-refillable-gas-cylinder/?src=prn#write_review
  3. https://www.lpgshop.co.uk/safefill-large-10kg-lpg-refillable-gas-cylinder/ , bought one a few weeks ago , wish I done it ages ago
  4. Just looking on the prima parts site, at plate upgrade, and noticed this, Legal Towing By purchasing this weight plate upgrade certificate, you confirm that you have a suitable towcar and your driving licence allows you to tow this caravan at its MTPML Upper Limit,. Thoughts there's only mtpml, so bailey are saying there's a lower and upper mtpml?
  5. Has anybody ever been stopped and had the weight checked ? It's seems that know one in authority knows or indeed cares,
  6. Out of interest, I have just checked a review I left a couple of years ago, it was not a five star review, but it was an honest one . And low and behold it's been removed . It was about the brora club site . Now it's only got all the good reviews . Good to know that they do this, as I thought the review s were an honest reflection of members, now I know there not .
  7. What ? Cover it up ? Wow, that's the best answer yet . Obviously has not got a clue,
  8. Bailey parts, complete lock 50 I think, they all break 🙁 glued mine but broke again so haven't bothered with it
  9. Hi, has anybody stayed at browns caravan park in cayton near Scarborough? Going in July and was looking for some feedback, thanks in advance
  10. Are the black packing pieces, the small black plastic things on rear of door ? I saw these this weekend and wondered what they were for ?
  11. Now sorted thanks Bailey well impressed
  12. Any one know how to get serial no for tracker ? Got new caravan last night but tracker card not got sticker on, so can't register it for insurance . Bailey just say e mail them, them wait up-to five days, tracker say contact dealer, dealer says girl who deals with if till Monday . Great, my fault for not checking . .
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