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  1. Friends over the road lease a A Class Merc,the terms of the agreement that only genuine parts are used,wipers replaced at last service £40 please.
  2. Try taking a locker door to a motor factor that can match the paint. John.
  3. Delayed until late 2019 due to financial problems at the German shipyard after penalties due to late delivery of Irish ferries new ferry. John.
  4. A new vessel is coming into service on the Caen sailing. John.
  5. jwa

    Paint colour

    To obtain an accurate match to our Lunar I took a side locker door off(the smallest)and took it to a company that supplies the motor trade.They are able to match colours perfectly,you cannot tell the difference from the original. John.
  6. Brittany have also changed our return from Caen on the 23rd June on the Normandie,not a problem though,rearranged for the next days 08.30 crossing. John.
  7. How did the OP discover that it was a total loss? John.
  8. That’s our intention, whatever happens will make no difference to our plans. John.
  9. This is a question that I realise no one can answer 100%.We are going to France for four weeks in June,do we buy our Euro’s before the end of March or wait and see,which way l decide it’s bound to be the wrong one. John.
  10. We have the smaller square grill,amazing piece of kit and less than £20. A bonus is that’s its easy to clean. John.
  11. How did my question about sites suddenly get into a discussion about Brittany Ferries discounts. ? 🤔
  12. That’s very kind of you John but we have already booked through the Caravan and Motorhome Club,daytime sailing both ways for £230. But if your offer still stands in the future I will take you up on it. John.
  13. Thanks for that Moorgate,we have spent a week in St. Pol in the north. We will take our time so maybe taking a week to get to the coast,all plans will depend on the weather. Might even take in Paris again. John.
  14. Looking for site suggestions,looking for fully serviced and close to a town and ideally near the beach. Not interested in all singing and dancing sites. We arrive in Caen on May 27th. and return June 27th. so no rush and we have ACSI,but that’s not an essential. John.
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