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  1. Try leaving the wires for the light disconnected if that work’s then put silicone grease or Vaseline on the connection. John.
  2. jwa

    Problem campers

    Stayed at a site in Carcassonne a couple of years ago,also staying were about six caravans on Irish plates who were refusing to leave,until the police gave them a little encouragement to pack up and go. Within an hour all departed. John.
  3. jwa

    Lake Iseo

    Thanks Russ,thought you might be along with info,I will have a look. John.
  4. Anyone stayed on Lake Iseo recently,we are in Italy in June and are considering spending a few days here.Any opinions on sites would be appreciated. John.
  5. jwa

    Lunar Taurus

    According to the website,Lunar are showing at the NEC in February. John.
  6. This happened to our Clubman,lost all the fluid through the bleed valve. Turned out to be a known fault and all put right under warranty. John.
  7. jwa


    Thank you,we don’t mind the touring to see more than the popular main sights,I saw most of them working in the tourist business.
  8. Any recommendations for a site in Tuscany for June.
  9. jwa

    Hive thermostat

    The only problem we had with our Hive was that it would drop the internet connection meaning that it wouldn’t work from the app. I rang Hive who know about the problem but don’t admit it but sent us a booster for free instead of £29.95 and up to now all working well. Apart from that it works very well. John.
  10. This was a fuse solely for the ATC and it was obvious because it was a single wire.I’m not saying that yours is the same but you just have to keep hunting for it. John.
  11. We have had the same problem,the cause was the 25amp fuse located near the car battery.Replaced the fuse and problem solved. John.
  12. Just received this from our local Lunar dealer There is some very positive news to report, regarding Lunar Caravans. The sale of Lunar Caravans Ltd has been completed today. We have had confirmation from the administrators, that the sale has been agreed, funds transferred and the purchase completed. This is amazing news for Grantham Caravans, our customers and the leisure industry as a whole. We are excited to see Lunar soon return to full strength, producing lightweight & luxurious caravans. We are just awaiting the final pieces of information, regarding all other aspects of the new business that owns Lunar Caravans. Rest assured, we will send another update once the information has been clarified to us.
  13. But the buyer will be named in the next few days. John.
  14. Best way to get a match is to take a locker door to a motor factor that mixes paint,that’s what I did and got a perfect match. John.
  15. jwa

    Lorry park hazard

    Instead of using Gonerby services use the car park at Downtown,not the main car park but the one behind the garden centre.Plenty of room and better facilities than the services. John.
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