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  1. Should have been next Sunday Hull to Zeebrugge,working our way down through France and Switzerland to Tuscany.Five weeks in all returning through Austria and Germany to Holland and Europort ,Put on hold until the end of August......maybe. John.
  2. We are doing the same thing in December from Southampton, we intend paying the balance and if it’s cancelled we will take a future cruise credit. John.
  3. With old or young you just need patience,more some than others. I used to transport adults with physical and mental disabilities and it gave me great satisfaction working with them. John.
  4. Arcadia is our favourite P &O ship,hopefully back on in December. John.
  5. I think after cruising many years ago you would find that a few changes have taken place on cruise ships otherwise they would not be so popular. We also like open places and we like cruising,everyone to their own,it’s a good job we are not all the same. And we don’t have loads of money to throw away apart from caravanning. John.
  6. Fingers crossed for us to,booked on a cruise in December after having two cancelled this year. John.
  7. Autoglym sell applicators made for applying their polish which works well and makes it easier to apply. John.
  8. jwa

    Asda fuel.

    Just been pass our local Asda fuel station and petrol is £1.02 litre and diesel £1.08 litre. John.
  9. Straight swop from the Alko the centre bush had broken up and the tyre was the same as yours but we don’t have a dog. John.
  10. Fitted a Kaart last year to our Lunar,so far very impressive,very well made and moves easily over gravel. Prefer the solid wheels and not pneumatic tyres. John.
  11. Well out of warranty to get it replaced,asked at the Dometic stand at the NEC and quoted around £28 just for a round disc.
  12. Any idea how to get one of these,I’ve tried online with no success. John.
  13. Try leaving the wires for the light disconnected if that work’s then put silicone grease or Vaseline on the connection. John.
  14. jwa

    Problem campers

    Stayed at a site in Carcassonne a couple of years ago,also staying were about six caravans on Irish plates who were refusing to leave,until the police gave them a little encouragement to pack up and go. Within an hour all departed. John.
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