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  1. Best way to get a match is to take a locker door to a motor factor that mixes paint,that’s what I did and got a perfect match. John.
  2. jwa

    Lorry park hazard

    Instead of using Gonerby services use the car park at Downtown,not the main car park but the one behind the garden centre.Plenty of room and better facilities than the services. John.
  3. We have had that problem for a while,but something more worrying is a noise when turning. It can only be described as a thud you get If you hit a pothole but there’s no potholes I have hit. The cars has been checked out and all is fine so we have to look at the caravan. John.
  4. The charges are only for the month the tag is used. I am using the tag this month so will only pay for June until we return. John.
  5. We have used this tag for the last two years with no problems at all,payments are taken from the credit card and we can log into the account. John.
  6. Just re-read the post,the wine is affecting my reading.
  7. If it’s the same problem we had then the contacts going into the back of the internal light have moisture on them.The solution for us was to coat the contacts in Vaseline or Silicone grease which cured the problem for us. John.
  8. Fingers crossed with ours then. John.
  9. That’s for the operators license disc.
  10. I did the same Eddie,came back a perfect match. John.
  11. Who knows,but having seen lease cars checked they might. Also after servicing the car it was valeted but for some reason they put tyre dressing on first,then power washed the car. The result being they had the car in for a day to remove the dressing from the bodywork.
  12. Friends over the road lease a A Class Merc,the terms of the agreement that only genuine parts are used,wipers replaced at last service £40 please.
  13. Try taking a locker door to a motor factor that can match the paint. John.
  14. Delayed until late 2019 due to financial problems at the German shipyard after penalties due to late delivery of Irish ferries new ferry. John.
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