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  1. I took a wrong turning on the way to Crystal Palace and ended up in a funeral cortège with a horse drawn hearse at the front John.
  2. When we stayed there last November the wardens told us that no need to plug the caravan aerial in you get a picture without it,and it worked. John.
  3. If I had any hair left then I would have pulled it out reseating the o ring.In the end it eventually seated by using the shaft end of a drill that just fitted the hole and pushed it into place. John.
  4. We had the three front windows replaced by Lunar on our 2014 Clubman Saros after repeatedly coming undone. John.
  5. We are parked opposite the building with the caravan in,fish and chips from an Airsream tonight,thanks again. John.
  6. Arrived at Broadway after using the above route from the M5 at Tewkesbury,no problem at all,excellent roads,thanks John. John.
  7. Many thanks for that,it’s all I wanted to know.
  8. You beat me to that. John.
  9. I know but sometimes A roads are reclassified B roads.
  10. We are travelling tomorrow from Cornwall to Broadway,after leaving the M5 at Tewkesbury is it best to use theA46 via Evesham then A44,or across country on the B roads? John.
  11. The Caravan Club have announced that Crystal Palace site will stay open until December 2021. John.
  12. Managed to get a Calorlite this morning in Cirencester for £20.69p,also told that I could swop a steel for a Calorlite.
  13. Should have been next Sunday Hull to Zeebrugge,working our way down through France and Switzerland to Tuscany.Five weeks in all returning through Austria and Germany to Holland and Europort ,Put on hold until the end of August......maybe. John.
  14. We are doing the same thing in December from Southampton, we intend paying the balance and if it’s cancelled we will take a future cruise credit. John.
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