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  1. AL-KO stub axle Kit M20 1732710 original AL-KO spare part Axle stub M20 conversion set Stub axle 0 ° 15 " Tightening value: stub axle 370 NM Tightening value: flange nut 290 NM Only Suitable for AL-KO ETI 811268, 811294, 811309, 811567, 811710, 811742, 811754, 811904 Suits SFL Bearing 72x39x37
  2. Just received an email from Grantham Caravans to say that they have been taken over by CaravansUK. John.
  3. This was the remains of the 20mm bolt holding the stub axle after it sheared.
  4. Also a bus into Leamington Spa from the entrance which is a 5-10 minute walk from the site.
  5. Also I discovered AL-KO will not supply a new Stub Axle if required,they will only supply a new chassis. John.
  6. The skylight is double skinned and it’s cracked on the inside,I’ve put Gorilla tape over it for the time being.
  7. Never, I wouldn’t even know how to.
  8. Arrived on site this afternoon and while setting up the wife pointed out cracks in the rear rooflight on our Clubman,more expense.
  9. Check the display to see what the temperature is set to,could be set too low for the pump to run.There will be a symbol on the display when the pump is operating. John.
  10. Every day is a learning day. John.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the hub bearings roller not ball. John.
  12. Thanks for your suggestion, I called them today and they have a used stub axle in stock so I have purchased that.Much cheaper alternative than a new axle which would be four figures with fitting. The person I spoke to couldn’t have been more helpful with his advice .Thanks again Silversurf, John.
  13. Our mobile engineer has been out tonight to check our Lunar Clubman after there was a noise when reversing the van onto the drive Turns out that the offside stub axle has sheared,not a simple job to fit a new bolt,AL-KO stopped supplying them two years ago.The only solution is to fit a complete new axle slightly more expensive than a new bolt unless someone has still got a bolt in stock. John.
  14. Same with our Saros,let it sort itself out when the weather warmed up. John.
  15. These are the symbols to show that the electric and pump are operating,we also have a Saros,it’s a superb caravan. John.
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