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  1. I had thought about installing one or two in my current caravan, but, like JTQ above, most of my caravanning is off grid, and I too am concerned about the parasitic drain, particularly when using the caravan over Winter. I hadn't considered fitting a switch, but I now think that's a great idea. On my particular caravan (Adria Altea Eden) as with many there is 12V for the tv aerial in the wardrobe. It would be an easy option to either cut a switch into the side of the wardrobe (if I'm feeling brave) or simply mount the switch inside the wardrobe and then feed out to an USB outlet or 2 cut into the underseat lockers.
  2. As an ex Swift user, I would point out that a standard domestic size socket outlet won't fit in the front moulded pod at the top of the chest of drawers, it is designed for the C line style sockets. It should be reasonably easy to get 12V cables behind the chest and into the back of the pod, it's getting to a suitable 12V supply that may be an issue, although on mine it would have been fairly straightforward to run it to the consumer unit through the underseat locker and pick a feed from one of the 12V fuses.
  3. A standard DIN mount Stereo from Halfords fitted fine in my Adria, it just plugged straight in and clipped home in the aperture. However, unlike most caravans, it DOES include a permanent supply for the radio memory. The problem with that is there is a continuous minimal current drain because if it. Personally, I disconnected the permanent supply and connected the memory cable to the switched supply instead to prevent current drain when not in use In any case the JVC stereo I bought from Halfords has a non volatile memory and retains the stations without power, it is simply the volume, equaliser and display settings that are lost.
  4. I think it highly unlikely that there's a site in the country where it's possible to simultaneously draw 16A on all the pitches, the supply to the site simply won't be large enough.
  5. My Adria Altea is an Eden, can you Adam and Eve it? (Apparently Altea models are named after rivers, there are others such as Thames and Taymar in the range).
  6. The digital signal is not stronger than the old analogue, in fact it's usually slightly weaker, but it is more robust. It is, of course, much, much, much stronger than a satellite signal which is affected by any loss of line of sight to the satellite. Because it uses error correction it will be affected less than analogue by things such as tree branches etc. blowing around in front of it, planes flying overhead or general ghosting. As has already been pointed out, there's no such thing as a digital aerial. The signal, which now has digital instead of analogue content, is broadcast on the same UHF frequencies that we always used, except there are now less of them as some have been pinched for 4G phone signals.
  7. I have used the caravan several times in areas of fringe reception where good quality is received in daytime, but once it cools down in the evening the signal starts to drop Out and pixellate on some channels. Often, a slight tweak in the direction of the aerial during these conditions is enough to either remove it, or, at least, get it to within bearable limits. It seems to be the change in temperature and/or the change in the amount of moisture in the air that affects atmospheric propagation in borderline conditions.
  8. Just had to repair the waste connection on my pull down sink when away for the Bank holiday weekend on my Altea. Got set up on arrival, went to get something from the bed locker beside the bathroom and found a puddle under it. Investigation found the pipe had split where it connects to the tip up back waste because it was too tight and lifting it up and down had caused the waste connector to cut through the pipe. The caravan was only new in September, and, ideally I would have took it back under warranty, but, because I was away I needed to use it. I managed to remove the panel between the toilet and the washbasin, I cut back the damaged pipe and, using a connector bought from the local caravan accessory shop, joined on around 120mm of extra pipe, making sure the connection is now horizontal so the pipe simply rotates as the basin is raised and lowered instead of pulling on the connector at around 90 degrees. A simple, if fiddly, repair, but something Adria should be able to avoid by fitting a slightly longer pipe.
  9. It's an Alko chassis, most other caravans will have the same type of bearings.
  10. Much content will be copyright protected and probably won't be output over hdmi. You might be able to stick a cheap £7 or so hdmi splitter (using only one output) in line with it, as a side effect of these cheap Chinese units is that they don't pass on the copyright protection to their outputs. Of course they're not designed with that in mind, so it's very much "suck it and see" with no guarantee of success. If the file is encoded so there is no output on the lightning connector, nothing put in line with it will restore it.
  11. The white "Sticky Fixers" type of double sided pads don't stick all that well, but should be ok for a trip out and back. Simply stick the plate on to your existing one. A piece of fishing line or fine wire will soon remove it afterwards. A bit of heat and/or methylated spirits will soon remove the residue afterwards.
  12. Pins 9, 10 & 11 are used to charge, 9 is the permanent supply to from the car battery, 11 is the earth, and 10, which is going to cause trouble in your application, is the ignition switched feed that controls the habitation relay in the caravan. Normally operating the relay disconnects the 12V auxiliary feed from the car to the internal caravan circuits and switches the 12V on to the fridge and the battery charging to the caravan battery. That would mean you would need to hook up an external relay to achieve charging to your unit. In a modern tow vehicle, the ECU will only allow excess current to flow to the leisure battery once the vehicle battery is fully charged, so you're unlikely to exceed 20A in practice, but it would be a good idea to fit a suitable fuse in the circuit to protect the cable from overload as much as anything else.
  13. I've found that people need to be around 1m or closer to a sky dish mounted on a standard tripod to actually block the signal.
  14. One might be the power to the battery charger.
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