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  1. I’m pretty sure the switch will be rated at 13A it’s just that it’s fitted with a 10A fuse. All BS rated fused spurs have to be 13A rated. As for possible cause, unless the fault was caused by the fuse being loose in the carrier, 99% it will have been caused by a loose connection arcing in a terminal.
  2. I started age 12 with my parents, then at around 17 to 18, switched to my own tent, with occasional stays in the parents caravan once or twice a year. Then at 40 finally decided the tent was roughing it too much and bought my own caravan, microscopic Island Plastics Romini, which was basically around 6ft 6ins square with a door in the middle of the rear wall, a small double dinette at the front, cooker and sink one side and fridge and wardrobe the other. I rally most of the time so had a toilet tent outside. That was 24 years plus ago.
  3. If the waste container is properly connected with two separate pipes, one from the shower tray and one from the combined washbasin and sink outlet it should be impossible for that to happen. If you're using a y piece adaptor to take 2 pipes into one, as many do, well it's not designed to be used like that to prevent the very issue you're experiencing.
  4. One of these is what you need https://www.towsure.com/carver-watermaster-pump-assembly-carver-truma-crystal-2
  5. I had a radio aerial fail on my last caravan (a 2012 Sprite). Rather than mess about, I simply unplugged the aerial from the radio and plugged in a length of single cable which I laid at the back of the cupboard the radio was mounted in. I found it actually worked better than the original aerial so didn't bother to replace it. You should be able to do something similar, at least as a temporary fix, to enable you to use the radio whilst you're away.
  6. The amp is usually in the wardrobe. Not sure about an Aspire, but on an Autoquest of that year it's right at the back and can barely be reached to switch it on. If Elddis have done that for one model they've likely done it across the range.
  7. Just turning the water pump off wouldn't empty the tank in any case. It will only be empty if you've manually drained it down. With the pump switched off and no taps open, there's nowhere for the water to go, the pump only runs when you draw water from a tap.
  8. I think the Jetstream would be better for off grid use. It's only slightly bigger but has heating and hot water.
  9. Older Baileys use standard domestic style fused switch spurs, usually black or beige. You can replace them with a new equivalent switch spur with either an older style neon or newer style LED indicator. Take a look at the Schneider Lisse range. The LED indicator is hidden behind the plastic of the switch plate but clearly shows through it when on. https://www.sparksdirect.co.uk/lisse-1-gang-fused-connection-unit-13a-switched-with-led-indicator-in-white-moulded-schneider-ggbl5011-spur#.XvovOODTWDY
  10. If it's got a switch is the blue/black an extra connection from the pins. If so it's the return cable for something, either rear fog lights on the car, or possibly reversing sensors to stop them operating when the caravan is plugged in. Once you know what it is for (see what doesn't work on the car with it disconnected) you can simply connect it with the cable that feeds the function on the caravan. If it's the rear fogs you'll simply suffer with a reflection of the cars lights in the caravan, if it's the reversing sensors they'll keep beeping all the time you're reversing with
  11. In fact there are 2 free-to-air 4K test channels, labelled (I think) as Astra Ultra HD test and SES Ultra HD test from 28.2 E, the same satellites that broadcast the Sky and Freesat channels. I don't know if either of them come up on the new Arris 4K Freesat boxes on the TV Guide with channel numbers, on my LG 4K tv, which has integrated Freesat, the only way I can tune them in is in Non-Freesat mode.
  12. The Foxsat HDR, although first generation Freesat is a brilliant piece of kit. If you're at all computer literate, you can download a custom firmware for it that allows you to add any non-Freesat channels into Freesat mode so that they can be selected and/or recorded with little fuss. It also allows you to remove the encryption on hd recordings so they can be exported and played on another device, and additionally adds the facility to manually import video files so that you can also take them away with you to watch.
  13. If you want to stay more mainstream, take a look for an Elddis Xplore 302, that has a shipping length (body and A frame) of exactly 4.9m
  14. I too disagree, whilst I only have an "entry level" Adria I would say that across their model range they are more or less, level for level, equivalent for specification to UK caravans, with the possible exception of the Dometic hobs which admittedly, have only 3 gas burners and no (a waste of time for those like myself who spend most of the time off-grid) electric hot plate. Other than that my base model has fridge, combi oven and grill (not unusual in an entry level caravan), blown air heating (that also blows up behind the back rests as well as the low level vents), shower, toilet, LE
  15. My caravan is all set up on the front drive at the moment. It's great sitting in there, we get to see what goes on in the street, it's hooked up to electrics, the toilet is charged and being used, to save coming back into the house when it's cold and dark, I'm considering putting the awning up so I can properly make pretend we're away. If there's no other way of enjoying it at the moment then Costa Del Driveway will have to do.😁
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