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  1. There were two, one was called the Bigfoot, the other was Mista Shifta.
  2. Not a shared opinion by many. In fact I'm away now next to my sister who has an Avtex twig. My Status directional is giving perfect reception on all channels, her twig is losing half the channels, and those working are subject to break up and pixellation. Certainly the twig is less messing about in stronger signal areas, but many sites aren't covered by such strong signals.
  3. bspks

    Advice Needed

    Firstly don't panic, you've probably not done anything too serious unless it came off at speed. Secondly, the breakaway worked exactly as it's supposed to, it pulled on the handbrake and then the attachment broke away allowing the caravan to stop rather than rolling away uncontrolled. It should be a simple job to replace the socket and/or plug as necessary, wiring instructions are widely available on line. Then test the lights, if all works, then good, if it doesn't, then as the wires shorted together they will have blown a fuse, locate and replace it. If you're worried get an AWS approved mobile service engineer to check things over.
  4. bspks

    NEC show

    I went yesterday for the first time in years. I too was underwhelmed there weren't a great variety of models to look at, and certainly none that made me react as a new layout or anything vaguely similar. Accessories, not many of them, the Towsure stand was heaving, but didn't really have much competition and what was there wasn't especially cheap. I did come away with a new towball cover for £ 2.95 whoo-hoo! I attended as adviser to a friend who was after his first new tourer (having previously owned a static), and, to be fair, he did manage to secure quite a good show discount bargain from Kimberly Caravans, although, I suspect having no trade in probably helped. Not a wasted day from that point of view, but a little disappointing.
  5. You would need to fit a habitation relay, as per the caravan wiring system, between the 12S socket and the boat battery.
  6. They are the isolation valves for the gas appliances, such as the cooker and fridge, there are likely some others around the caravan for the heater and water heater. It is normal to leave these permanently open, you only need to turn them off if there is some sort of fault.
  7. If you have difficulty getting the hitch to let go of the towball, it is often due to the way the caravan has come to rest. The first step is to pull it forward, you can apply the handbrake first, to open up the bellows of the overrun damper. If it then still won't release, take the hand brake off and wind it up and it often will, keep your hand ready to quickly pull the handbrake back on in case it starts to roll when unhitched. If it still won't let go, reverse the outfit an inch or so to take the pressure away from where the rear of the towball contacts the inside of the front of the hitch. It should then unhook.
  8. As I posted some way above, if you can't see the difference you're sitting too far away for the screen size. For example in my twin dinette Adria, I have the TV at the centre of the window at the front dinette which we use as a lounge. On my 21.5 inch Visionplus set it is immediately obvious whether something is HD or SD when sitting in the lounge. However, when eating at the rear dinette, although the TV can easily be watched, it is not possible to see the difference from that distance.
  9. A couple of points, if you can't see the difference between HD and SD, you're sitting too far away for the screen size. Secondly a full HD set is not absolutely necessary on a small screen, as even HD ready resolution is likely more pixels per inch on a small screen than full HD on a larger screen, there's definitely a noticeable improvement in the picture. Thirdly 4K UHD is available on a few pay channels on Sky, other than that only on Streaming channels which are very bandwidth hungry at that resolution, not really practical in a caravan. It will never be available on Freeview because there isn't the capacity, and what capacity there is will reduce even further next year with the shutdown of Com6 and Com7 (the ones that carry additional HD channels and extra SD ones) so the frequencies can be taken over by the phone companies. As for the new kid on the block 8K Super UHD, there are currently only test transmissions available by satellite in Europe.
  10. Possibly the wind was just strong enough to deflect the flame away from the thermocouple (flame failure probe) for long enough for the safety cutout to operate and shut off the gas.
  11. I traded in a very soggy Sprite last year, but knew it was because the one piece front window had warped in the hot summer causing a massive leak around it when it rained. It had been doing it for a while before it got bad enough to notice and the window sill had started to warp and bubble. I was upfront with the dealer about it, as the window was all taped up with duct tape to try to keep the water out I couldn't really be anything else, and he didn't bother to use his damp meter around that area as he said it would go off the scale. He estimated £1000 to £1200 for the repair, but simply knocked £1500 off the trade in price. Admittedly I was buying a nearly new ex demonstrator caravan which also had £1500 knocked off its list price so that gave him some leeway to work with. I was just glad to be shot if it to be honest.
  12. bspks


    This picture says it all
  13. Although they do seem to be the most common ones on Google, there are indeed plenty more. In my opinion the Avtex ones seem quite overpriced whereas the Cello ones are good value for money, but, if you're critical, do not have such a good picture as the Avtex. Personally I have a Visionplus one (the same brand that sell Status aerials) which in my opinion, performs just as well as the Avtex for considerably less money. If your happy with the quality of the Cello likewise you can buy Finlux 12V sets that perform around the same for much less cash. So it certainly pays to shop around.
  14. I think you'll be surprised at the number that are operated on 12V, especially, given modern solar panel technology, which has re-enabled caravanners with newer power hungry caravans to use cheaper, more popular again, sites without unnecessary mains hookup or very popular off grid rallies.
  15. But, of course, whilst mains powered LEDs are powered via an LED driver power supply, caravan ones are directly connected to the 12V wiring system. If this only happens when you're on mains hookup then, possibly, the charger or even the leisure battery could be defective which would cause the flicker from the charger/psu. If it happens off grid I would be tempted to blame a poor connection somewhere on the lighting circuit.
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