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  1. bspks

    Beeping noise

    Are you sure it's the motion sensor that's beeping? I would expect any beeping (unlikely) to only occur when movement is detected. A once a minute beeping sounds like a low battery warning, most likely in the smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm.
  2. bspks

    Trying to figure out why RCD tripped

    When you say you're not using anything at night, are you actually unplugging the things you're not using? Earth leakage between Neutral and Earth can cause an RCD to trip even if an item isn't being used. It only takes a bit of condensation or similar moisture. Do you perhaps leave the kettle plugged in when switched off?
  3. bspks

    non standard satellite channel numbers

    Why not simply move the channels onto the correct numbers, takes a little time, but perfectly possible,.
  4. bspks

    Petrol smell in caravan

    If the 12V isn't working with the charger switched off, then the battery isn't holding any charge at all. This is nearly definitely the source of the smell, the carbon monoxide alarms and a real explosion risk. The charger should be switched off and the battery replaced as a matter of extreme urgency. It may be possible to operate the 12V systems from the charger without a battery connected, providing the battery cables are disconnected and insulated from each other. It will depend on the model of charger fitted, some, particularly older ones are not designed for operation without a battery connected.
  5. bspks

    Island bed recommendation

    Adria Alpina Missouri, and Adria Adora Isonzo both have rear island beds that are 196cm (6. 42 feet) long.
  6. bspks

    Twin lnb for sky+hd

    You can certainly use both the inlets for satellite, the plugs are different, but the cables will be identical. The thing you need to check is that the aerial inlet does go directly to the socket inside. Often they go to the amplifier that the fixed aerial connects to, and you are supposed to swap connections there when you use it. If that is the case, you will need to bypass the amplifier, using an in-line connector, between the aerial in cable and your socket connection (you may have more than one).
  7. If it was on the cable between the EHU inlet and the consumer unit, as it is effectively in the supply, it is unlikely to be picked up by anything other than a visual check, as the electrical testing relates to the installation within the caravan.
  8. bspks

    caravan paint colour

    Adria tried it very recently https://www. google. co. uk/search?ei=OnMFXJanE4eZgAbs_rXgBg&q=adria+coloured+caravan+&oq=adria+coloured+caravan+&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp. 12. .33i160. 2319. 12931. .14181. ..0. 0. .0. 139. 1515. 4j10. .....0. ...1. ........0j46j0i71j0i22i30j0i13j0i13i30. qfS0O79J30s#imgrc=ztb5vqHeK5K8JM: I don't think they're currently doing that option though.
  9. bspks

    Spot Light colour temperature

    If you've not found your answer yet, I've just discovered that you can get colour temperature apps in both android and iPhone versions. You could always install one of those and measure it yourself.
  10. bspks

    Gremlin in the electrics.

    With a bit of time to consider the issue, I wonder, in fact, as the problem not being stored energy in the pump windings, which is, more or less impossible, rather the open circuit cable is acting as a capacitor and storing a minimal charge.
  11. bspks

    Gremlin in the electrics.

    If it really bothers you, fit a back diode (e. g a diode facing the opposite way to the supply) across the pump connections. That way when you remove the supply there will be a short across the pump to discharge any built up voltage, whereas, when the voltage is the correct way no current can flow through it.
  12. A Coachman of that vintage is generally considered to be a very well built van (however as with any brand, there are always exceptions). The main downside, given your licence restrictions, is, because they are well built, they tend to be heavier compared to similar sizes caravans from other manufacturers. If you can find a good one, take a look at Lunar or Sprite models which tend to be lighter, but, conversely, because they're of a lighter flimsier construction, might have been more inclined to have developed leaks and damp. Hence the recommendation to take a damp meter. It's horses for courses really, you're quite likely to find a decent one from any manufacturer, and this is a good time of year to get a bargain, just take note of the points raised on this thread, use a bit of caution, and make the decision with your head, not your heart. It is probably better, particularly at this price point, to compromise on layout or specifications rather than buy a lemon. If it looks to be too good to be true, it probably is.
  13. bspks

    Toilet Talk

    You can repair it yourself if you feel confident enough. It's best to download the appropriate manual for your model from the Thetford website.
  14. bspks

    Spot Light colour temperature

    Can't help you directly, unfortunately, but I suspect many people won't be sure what you're referring to. Let me clarify in case it jogs someone's memory. The colour temperature of a "white" light refers to how warm the white is. Basically, 2700 to 3000k is "warm white" 3500 to 4000k is white/cool white. 4500 upwards is cool white/daylight. The higher numbers tend to produce a very cold, clinical, almost blue, light, which, despite the lumen output being roughly similar to the warmer values, often seems subjectively brighter, especially on things such as white documents. Cooked food, however, tends to look a strange colour under these bluish lights.
  15. bspks

    Unattended battery care

    I was always told not to keep it on a cold concrete floor over winter as the cold temperature, particularly if charging, can cause warping and degradation of the plates. It Is impossible for it to discharge to earth, unless one pole of the battery is physically connected to earth, in the same way as power station generators and sub-station transformers, as there is no way of completing a circuit.