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  1. If you want to stay more mainstream, take a look for an Elddis Xplore 302, that has a shipping length (body and A frame) of exactly 4.9m
  2. I too disagree, whilst I only have an "entry level" Adria I would say that across their model range they are more or less, level for level, equivalent for specification to UK caravans, with the possible exception of the Dometic hobs which admittedly, have only 3 gas burners and no (a waste of time for those like myself who spend most of the time off-grid) electric hot plate. Other than that my base model has fridge, combi oven and grill (not unusual in an entry level caravan), blown air heating (that also blows up behind the back rests as well as the low level vents), shower, toilet, LED strip mood lighting under all the top lockers, dimmable LED ceiling lights, a directional aerial and all the things you would expect in a caravan of that range. Unusually, it has fitted mud flaps too.
  3. My caravan is all set up on the front drive at the moment. It's great sitting in there, we get to see what goes on in the street, it's hooked up to electrics, the toilet is charged and being used, to save coming back into the house when it's cold and dark, I'm considering putting the awning up so I can properly make pretend we're away. If there's no other way of enjoying it at the moment then Costa Del Driveway will have to do.😁
  4. https://www.maplin.co.uk
  5. Maplins are, and have been for some time, back up and running as an on line business only.
  6. Almost certainly caused by a loose connection in either the plug or the socket
  7. Wow comes to mind, followed by how did they get them in and what about carbon monoxide fumes from cooking and lighting?
  8. I've got one of those stashed away somewhere. I used to use it on one of those cheap camping stoves that you can get from any camping or bargain shop. It's quick to use if you've just arrived and not had time to set up fully. As long as you fill the ring with water it works pretty well, although it's obviously hotter in the middle than round the edge.
  9. Only just spotted this thread. As an electrician, a word of caution to those replacing any circuit breaker (RCD o MCB) with one from a different manufacturer. Although they may seem to work fine there could be a compatibility issue. In simple terms each circuit breaker has a ventilation hole where any spark produced as the contacts break escapes. The hole is specifically aligned with part of the consumer unit which is safe for the arc (spark) to exit, however there is no standard position on circuit breakers for this vent, they aren't even all on the same side of the breaker. I've not heard of any issue with caravan installations, but my electrical assessor reliably informs me that there have been fires caused by sparks hitting something flammable in some installations. In fact the current edition of BS7671 (IET Wiring Regulations) specifically mentions this compatibility issue and electrical inspections report forms now have a section to note down that compatibility has been checked and verified. Just something to consider if you are going to fit a different branded circuit breaker.
  10. The details about sockets only switching one pole are correct, and that it could be the neutral, as indeed could be the fuse in the plug. What is also true is that all modern caravans have circuit breakers that switch both the live and neutral. Therefore, as long as your caravan is around 12 years old or newer there shouldn't be a problem. A theoretical issue would be an internal cable fault between the plug and appliance where the live conductor touches the earth wouldn't blow the plug fuse, so you would be relying on the 16A circuit breaker, this shouldn't prove much of an issue in practice. What makes me laugh in the article linked to is the comment that pre 2002 British built chargers could explode with reversed polarity. Absolute rubbish! AC alternates the voltage between both poles, there is absolutely no way reversing the Line and Neutral could have any effect on a properly working charger. They may, however, have a live chassis, which could cause safety issues if you were daft enough to try working on it without isolating the supply.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the AKS 1300 will fit the smaller shaft sizes. Have a look at one of those. https://www.obelink.co.uk/al-ko-aks-1300.html
  12. The OP also mentions a micro, which I guess is a microwave oven. They are much too power hungry to run for more than a minute or so through an inverter, the battery would go flat very quickly. It should be remembered that a microwaves quoted wattage is the power output not the input. For example, an 800W microwave will have an input closer to 1500W.
  13. I've been looking into it and that was the projected end of life for that particular Intelsat bird, however I am unable to verify that fact, and, I don't see any reason that the services wouldn't be transferred to a transponder on a co located satellite, unless there are now alternative backup feeds in place with fibre or some other terrestrial data network.
  14. If you have access to the BISS encrypted versions of these channels on 27.5 West they can be received on a 80 or even 60cm dish. They're meant as emergency backup feeds to UK transmitters so receiving them when abroad is a bit of a grey area, but the gear is readily available if you do an internet search for it. I'm not prepared to go into details here as it may well contravene terms and conditions of this forum.
  15. Completely true about all of Europe using identical frequencies, but not directly related to the switch to digital. It's more down to European governments, including the UK (the whole of Europe, not just EU countries) selling off part of the UHF TV spectrum to greedy mobile phone operators for 4G and 5G use. That has left a much narrower band to squeeze all the channels in, and it's about to get even smaller with the 2 lower powered HD multiplexes (about 11 channels including some SD ones such as 4/7HD, Channel 4+1 HD, Forces TV etc, only available from larger main transmitters) due to be switched off over the next 2 years.
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