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  1. After cleaning the rust off the towball, get a tennis ball, cut a slit in it and push it over the tow ball.
  2. When you are hitching up the caravan to leave the site it is almost guaranteed that some one will stop and Talk to you. Don`t respond because it will interupt your chain of thought and you could skip a sequence. I did and forgot to wind the jockey wheel down to test that the tow hitch was firmly attached to the towball. Result a mile down the road caravan parted company with the car and veered into a ditch!
  3. change password

  4. No. She is 50yrs old and lives away from home.
  5. I received my initial and subsequent information from "snooks" at www. joysofeuropeancaravanning. co. uk​ On her menu page select ADAC ​
  6. Joined Sep 15. ADAC Partner plus (includes wife) any vehicle, any length of caravan. £83. 57. Daughter joined Jan 16 ADAC plus £67. 72. In the event of breakdown in UK an 0800 number is given. Plus denotes ADAC membership non resident in Germany.
  7. ADAC for me. Covers the UK and europe. Ian
  8. Go to your nearest army surplus store and buy a canvas holdall - for the awning complete (£15) and an cancas ammunition pouch (£5) for your tent pegs. both items last for years
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