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  1. Hi We have converted three VW Transporters, a Vivaro and part modified the infamous coach!
  2. We are very experienced motorhomers and are now looking (third time) at a first attempt at caravanning. Weve used them in the past borrowing from who ever would lend us one, plus an old one we had given. After looking at many, we will only consider Hobby. As mentioned, if body length is over 7metres it can only be towed by a vehicle weighing over 3500kg. That's the body length, not the length including A frame. The spec of the Hobby, the sheer solidness of it and a more than generous payload have steered us. We may import one from Germany which is very easy compared t
  3. Yes I am aware, thankyou I'm looking at a Fiat Ducato van that's 3800kg. We would convert that intonation camper As far as I'm.aware, theres nothing less commercial that can do the job Russ
  4. We have a 10 series in the motorhome. The fins needs deep icing fairly regularly and I agree about condensation dripping out. Thst said it's the only fridge and freezer that worked well in Italy at 40C Russ
  5. The Alsace wine routes in September all being well.
  6. In this respect, we are switching our Max over to an Italian pet passport. The pet passport "nationality" does not have to match the passport of the owner. My regular Italian vet can sort this out but a couple of phonecalls to vets in Dunkerque confirmed our Max can drop on to a French EU passport. Problem goes away. Russ
  7. Evening all, We are looking at two models from Hobby, both 7xx series. The body length is just shy of eight metres and the total length including the A frame is nine metres. As a result of the body length being over seven metres, we are aware that we must tow with a vehicle over 3500kg, which is fine as we have a van that fits the bill, but, ideally, if we buy the Hobby, we would like to tow with something slightly less commercial. Does anyone have a Hobby with the extra long body length and if so what are you towing with. Link to regulations regarding t
  8. Contact them Alan. Use he contact form from the Eurotunnel home page. You will need to quote your frequent traveller account number. In the comments, ask for an extension. Cheers R
  9. I'd always be tempted to take a refund because it is clear, not all companies will survive this crisis and hence, a voucher may be worthless. Russ
  10. Hi I have a frequent traveller account and would have normally been in the middle of a journey around now. I've contacted Eurotunnel and they extended my "deal" initially by three months, but then a further nine. Three was OK, but I'm over the moon with nine. Cheers Russ
  11. Yes, we are camping on the drive. We have hook up and have rigged up "mains drainage!" Russ
  12. We are continuing to test at our garage. You would be horrified at some of the stuff that comes in. Maybe I am bias and have a business interest, but a car on the road with split tyres etc is a disaster waiting to happen - and yes - one rolled in and the customer was actually going to cancel! Russ
  13. We are just carrying on regardless. We usually go to Italy for a month in May, but if we can't go, so be it, we will bring forward our Chernobyl/Pripyat holiday pencilled in for next year to September. We are recently back from Italy and as said, carry on regardless. Russ
  14. In a word, yes, the route is suitable. Lorries, coaches and every man and his dog uses it. We use the A75 as it is toll free but after that, leave the motorways. Cheers Russ
  15. We are still hopeful of our April break. It's sad to see our friends in dire straights. One owns a campsite and she will have to open two or three weeks later than planned. As soon as the borders are fully open, we are going. Not bothered if we cant get back though Russ
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