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  1. Contact them Alan. Use he contact form from the Eurotunnel home page. You will need to quote your frequent traveller account number. In the comments, ask for an extension. Cheers R
  2. I'd always be tempted to take a refund because it is clear, not all companies will survive this crisis and hence, a voucher may be worthless. Russ
  3. Hi I have a frequent traveller account and would have normally been in the middle of a journey around now. I've contacted Eurotunnel and they extended my "deal" initially by three months, but then a further nine. Three was OK, but I'm over the moon with nine. Cheers Russ
  4. Yes, we are camping on the drive. We have hook up and have rigged up "mains drainage!" Russ
  5. We are continuing to test at our garage. You would be horrified at some of the stuff that comes in. Maybe I am bias and have a business interest, but a car on the road with split tyres etc is a disaster waiting to happen - and yes - one rolled in and the customer was actually going to cancel! Russ
  6. We are just carrying on regardless. We usually go to Italy for a month in May, but if we can't go, so be it, we will bring forward our Chernobyl/Pripyat holiday pencilled in for next year to September. We are recently back from Italy and as said, carry on regardless. Russ
  7. In a word, yes, the route is suitable. Lorries, coaches and every man and his dog uses it. We use the A75 as it is toll free but after that, leave the motorways. Cheers Russ
  8. We are still hopeful of our April break. It's sad to see our friends in dire straights. One owns a campsite and she will have to open two or three weeks later than planned. As soon as the borders are fully open, we are going. Not bothered if we cant get back though Russ
  9. Google search "Rhino Installs" Cheers Russ
  10. Yes, you'd need some BISS coes. I'm not a legal advisor but I'm not certain of the legality of watching BBC etc through 28.5 instead of 28.2! Russ
  11. We have a 5000kg motorhome and so it "enjoys" the £165 per year tax disc (1). My understanding is that there were so few vehicles in the 3500kg - 7500kg category - and those that were were mostly horseboxes - the taxing has never altered. The 26000kg coach conversion that we owned was also £165 per year. 4000 miles per year - glad we are not one of those! Russ
  12. We have the Truma and even in night mode, there is some noise. That said, it didnt keep us awake! Russ
  13. We used Milbamax For Sydney's worm medication. We always did the treatment in Italy as it was a lot cheaper than France - captive audience and all that near the port! Russ
  14. A bit more progress with this, particularly in reference to ventilation. I "think" that UK built vehicles have to be built with fixed, high level ventilation. However, this is where it gets interesting - a German van for example does not! This may explain why roof vents are available either with fixed ventilation or without. In respect of ventilation, the boiler is vented to outside, so that's not an issue. If then oven and hob is on, the chances are there's an open window, but in any case, the van is far from airtight. We are in the van at present and can confirm that
  15. Hi We have two types of heki roof lights. We have two of the smaller type, made by MPK in Germany and a larger Dometic type. All three let wind come in and we are searching for a solution. For the two smaller ones, we have taped up the vent area using coach windscreen tape (!) and for the rear one, I've today fitted a rubber strip that I got from Dometic. For the smaller type, has anyone found a rubber strip that fits or any other solutions? It doesnt look cosmetically great with tape all over it but there's no draft coming in! Cheers Russ
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