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  1. It seems a good buy and has a two year guarantee. Russ
  2. Doesn't bother us. Happens a lot overseas as we have a British built motorhome. Russ
  3. We've been various routes around Paris - the peripherique - no problems, just busy. Chartres is a good run, good fast roads. Russ
  4. In a nutshell, we take a phenominal amount of food with us. Meat such as a decent steak is hard to get in Italy so we take that, bacon, sausages etc, plus fill the fridge to capacity. Russ
  5. Park in the main car park just off Huddersfield Road, where the sales and accessory shop is. They keys are all kept there. Hope you get lucky - ours was about the third one we tried! Think it was about £2 per key. Russ
  6. I took the lock mechanism off our old Jubilee and and went to the caravan dealer. They have around 100 keys - that's all there are, so you have a 1 in a 100 chance of dropping lucky first time. If you are in West Yorkshire, Kenmore Caravans were very helpful Russ
  7. Afternoon everyone, Been in B&Q for a nosey and saw these chairs. Reduced to £19. Very light weight, have bought two. We looked at them a couple of weeks ago at £35, but thought, no, we will make do with what we have! Russ
  8. I had one where the electric element went, but the fridge changed over to gas automatically.
  9. Where are you at the moment? UK or afield? Ambient external and internal temperatures? Cheers Russ
  10. In the UK, "dodgy" voltage is unlikely to cause any issue. Electrolux were the bees knees. Russ
  11. We have a twin tub these days and when touring in hot weather, changing the bed every few days, towels etc, we save a packet, plus it's a very sociable thing. We are instantly surrounded by Dutch holiday makers who as a nation, seem obsessed with laundry. Site laundries vairy from good to bad and rip off to fair. In the past, we have..... 1) Used a nappy bucket from Mothercare. Fill with your smalls, hot water, detergent and screw the lid on. Leave in the boot of the motorhome on a travelling day and the motion of the van agistates the laundry and cleans it. If a non travelling day, use a bucket and a plastic potato masher to agitate the water. 2) Drying - no need to hand wring. Lay the stuff out and roll over it with a rolling pin. Can you tell my nanna had a mangle and a "posser" for doing the laundry. It might only be a fiver here and a fiver there, but we would be spending £20 per week on laundry without the twin tub. When you are away for months at a time, it tots up. Russ
  12. Check the door seal. Darken the caravan as much as you can. Put a torch inside the fridge and switch it on. Close the door. Can you see the light? If so, seal not great. If you dont have a torch, get a piece of paper and place it half in and half out of the fridge. Shut the door. Can you pull the paper easily (seal ineffiective) or is it a tight struggle? Cheers Russ
  13. Hi A couple of things here. We have in the past had fridges that have resembled slow cookers with internal temperatures of 18 C when the outside temperature was 30+. Here are our "answers" after numerous discussions with Dometic 1) There are two types of fan - one is a Dometic part costing around £50 - we fitted this. The other - like computer fans - we fitted those too - link here. They are larger fans and I operated by simple on/off. Here's my blog link to both. If you do not have fans fitted, remove the outer vent covers. You might find that a fan heater blowing cool air into the bottom vent area has a massive effect. We found that two fans at the top blowing hot air out and the Dometic fan at the bottom sucking cool air in was the best solution. 2) Voltage - overseas voltage can dramatically affect the cooling capability. A drop to around 215 volts - common in Italy - has a massive effect on cooling. See below for an extract from the Dometic website. A cheap to buy volt meter will help you confirm this. I have only experienced this issue once in the UK at a rather dated caravan site. 3) In very hot weather, use gas for the fridge. It "copes" a lot better. We had to run on gas in Italy for over a fortnight, but it is much more efficient. Turn the setting down at night or revert to electric overnight. 4) If buying a new caravan, get one with the new Dometic 10 series fridge. I can confirm that even at +42 in the sun, the fridge is cold, too cold if anything, and on electric too. The RM 10 is the dog's danglies. 5) Bin the fridge and get a 12v compressor one - they are the same type (compressor) as your fridge at home but designed for caravans, motorhomes, boats etc. VERY efficient. Like your fridge at home, they do make a noise though, but we fit these to the VW vans that we convert. Russ No, unlikely. The gas "system" is powerful and efficient. The electric element less so and 12v is the lowest of the three Russ
  14. Two ways to check the door seal. 1) Wait until it is as dark as possible and place a torch - switched on - in the fridge. Close the door - can you see light from the torch? 2) Place a piece of paper in the door frame area - shut the door. Can you pull the paper with ease or dofficuty? Cheers Russ
  15. We run our two/three way appliances on gas now and again just to keep things moving. So the electric/gas boiler gets used on gas sometimes, even if we are on EHU. Same with the fridge. Russ
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