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  1. Hi Spain is a no no. Most other destiations are probably "OK" because no one really knows the answer! Safest option (and as someone who has towed a car all over Europe in the past) is to book a mega cheap hire car. Saves tolls, increased shipping cost and better mpg on the motorhome. We don't tow anymore and we are more than happy to take the motorhome into cities, use buses etc. The latter is mostly very good fun, especially on rural routes where two British travellers with their dog is always a conversation starter Russ
  2. Hi This is our set up. What I will say is we have a new RMD 10 series and it cools far better than any other fridge we have had! No fans needed.
  3. Not relevant to your routes, but we have discovered that Corsica Ferries not only have dog friendly cabins, but dogs can go into the passenger areas too! We aim to take the Toulon - Sicily service later this year and will have our dog by our side throughout. Russ
  4. Hi We have stayed on humpteen sites at Garda, and also a couple around Iseo and Maggiore. There's a list of the Garda sites that we have visited here, with photo's and a descrption. We once checked into Bella Italia at Peschiera del Garda - it was like Pontins when the £9 week is on! Russ
  5. I used their classified section to sell a 55 plate van, so that's going back 13 years. Russ
  6. We have had Safefill in the past and had no issues with it. However, as stated by the OP, I agree there seems to be less options for LPG on the road. LPG vehicles didn't really take off - in fact, whilst I know three people with electric cars, I know no one who has or had a LPG model. After a lot of consideration, we choose to keep our new motorhome as dual fuel - diesel and electric only. It might be a disaster, but we will have tried and of course, will report back! Russ
  7. We have only had motorhomes (13 years worth) and now have a full size coach that we operate as a motorhome. We have borrowed my brother in laws caravan and we would not buy one come hell or high water. For us, it's a simple matter of payload. Forget for now the bus, but generally speaking any motorhome will carry far more than a car and caravan combo. A couple of years ago, myself and other Caravan Talk members compiled this list of pros and cons. Worth a read. Russ
  8. Hi A little while ago, I did this calculation (click here for it) re the costs of sailing or driving to Spain. We always drive. Our logic is we have our own bed and shower, so we don't want to pay for someone elses! I'll try to update the calculations this week - it's overdue due to exchange rate fluctuations etc Russ
  9. Good afternoon We had Alde in a motorhome and generally speaking, the heating was set at 25 - but we like it hot. You should not be getting splashes in the wardrobe. Remove the header tank lid and replace it - not too tight. Don't apply pressure or you will overtighten it and that can contribute to gurgling noises from the header tank. To check for splashes, put some clean, white kitchen roll in the wardrobe and check for blobs. Pump speed, assuming an inline pump aside the boiler, try at 3 for now. Russ
  10. Our last motorhome had two built in fans - "genuine" Alde parts - think they are around £40. They only really help move heat around once the system is hot. We used to leave ours on all the time, on the thermostat. Same as house central heating, serviced and checked, so used accordingly. Russ
  11. There are also a couple of other ways to get a discount with P&O. 1) Travel on the "LITE" services - usually very early or late, and particularly if operated by the Pride of Burgundy. 2) Phone them rather than on line. Russ
  12. Never heard of this practice and I can only think of one "no campervans" sign on a road in Italy. It's at Moniga del Garda on approach to the port. Plenty of car parks have these signs. Russ
  13. Totally agree. The extra width is around six inches yet seems much more than this when inside. TARDIS effect I guess Russ
  14. Fortunately, not too many. A motorhome on Eurotunnel is "all the same price". Not charged per the metre like the ships, so we are charged the same as a VW Camper. Strange, but true. Whilst mentioning finances, the tax is £165 per year. CCC - no bother - we spoke to a lot of sites before jumping in. CMC not keen, so their loss, not ours. Fylde Borough Council as supportive as anything to do with tourism. Cant wait for this weekend and get cracking! Made loads more scatter cushions so it's starting to get cosy. Russ
  15. Hi We are looking for somewhere to spend New Years Eve in Europe. Needs to be dog friendly area (most of Europe then) and with "something going off". Distance from Calais not an issue. If you've been somewhere lively, or stayed on a site with stuff going on, please let us have some ideas. Cheers Russ
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