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  1. To be honest, the Crafter would make a cracking tow vehicle and also a great camper, but just a tad too long for parking etc, if being used in the "car and caravan" set up. We do have a lot of vehicles - we are obsessed with anything with engines. Pride of the fleet is my 2006 Vauxhall Tigra - I kid you not - I love it to bits. We are quite unusual in that we are not scared of high mileages and of course, that goes with the territory due to our business. We've run all sorts over the years - Ford Transit, Transit ST, Custom etc, but nothing has had the reliability and low maintenance costs of the VW's. Car wise, I don't even know how many we have! Maybe I could put the Tigra on a wee trailer and put that behind the Hobby!!!
  2. We too are looking into getting a 700 series twin axle Hobby and have the same dilemna for a tow vehicle. We actually like towing with a van (we are using a VW Transporter at present) and so our thoughts would be to get a Fiat Ducato Heavy (3850-4250kg) and fit side windows etc. We would make that into a mini camper and fit a washer etc. We do have a VW Crafter but it is only 3500kg, although I think we can up plate. It is however the long wheel base model and is huge!
  3. Reference the VW Transporter - it seems to do 40 mpg when flying solo or towing. Reference to packing things away in the motorhome - we didn't! The toaster and kettle stayed where they were, the two TV's on their brackets etc. We will do a proper mpg calculation for the Transporter, fill to fill rather than the computer. It's such a capable old girl though and with such low mileage (188,000) she runs like a dream. Our other Transporters had 250,000 plus on them!
  4. Our friends bought a static which, although getting on in years, was a bargain. New carpets and foam/covers to the sofas and it's no different to one costing 30k more
  5. Well, we have had quite a trips away with the caravan, and after quite a lot of hiccups and issues, we are making progress. This is our take on the pros and cons of the age old debate of the motorhome v the caravan. The caravan..... We like: The front window - ie not a steering wheel and gear lever to look at! The floor plan works well for us - rear bathroom, good shower, fixed French bed, centre galley, forward bench seats and chest of drawers with flip top. We like the flip top and to help with payload issues, we have removed the other table. The financial aspect - having sold the motorhome, we are where we are, and we have settled with the VW Transporter as the tow vehicle. Both the VW and the caravan are older than newer, but even if we were to go like for like with nearly new, we would be a lot better off lump sum wise with the VW and caravan. Fuel economy - the Transporter is a baby with the 84 bhp 2.0 engine, although she has been mapped within an inch of her life! She returns around 40 mpg with the caravan on the back, compared to a ownership average of 28 mpg for the tag axle motorhome. The Transporter is fitted with a pop top and bed, so a plan is for a long overseas tour, with maybe 30 nights on one site, leave the caravan there and beggar off into the Dolomites etc with the VW Interior storage - more than most motorhomes and we have empty cupboards and the under bed space to fill (we cannot fill them due to weight issues) Cosy-ness - it is somehow more cosy than a motorhome. We don't like: Water issues - we get through 4 x barrels in a three night weekend - we seem to be constantly at the tap. We could lessen this by using site facilities, but we don't and never will. Payload - a generous payload on the Coachman but we are right on the limit - checked at the weighbridge, so some clutter has to go in the VW - deck chair, heavy items like bottles of gin etc. Speed (resulting in extended journey time) - not an issue on short trips as we are doing at present for weekend breaks although today for example, we were down to 52 mph and caught up with "Middle Lane Melvins" and lorries. The motorhome of course could tonk on in the right hand lane. Could become more problematic on international stuff. Time is of the essence when doing 1500 miles with limited time off work! Coupling up and uncoupling - time taken etc compared to motorhome - roll up, handbrake on, done. We either seem to end up sweating and roasted to death, or wet through to the bone! "Stress levels" in inverted commas - more mindful of weather conditions, wind, cross wind, passing a lorry etc, risk of a blow out etc. Heat in the sun - seems to get much hotter than a motorhome - no idea why. We do the usual tricks - windows open, blinds shut etc on the sunny side. Insurance cost - how can it cost more to insure a £8000 caravan than a £100k motorhome! Restricted routes - for example the mountain passes in Italy which we like! Some are clearly marked "no caravans". (We could of course, site nearby, the clear off with just the VW - see above) The VW is used now exclusively for towing and nothing else. It is good at what it does. Whilst it can legally pull the weight of a Hobby, it cannot do so due to length of the Hobby, so we are still researching options for the Hobby going forward. The motorhome..... We like.... Payload - 1000kg and more Extras - such as satellite dish on the roof without any weight issues Ability to take something with us - such as speedboat or jet ski. We do not have a Showman's licence so cannot put a trailer on the back of the caravan! Flexibility - particularly overseas with free camper stops, pub stop overs, stop over on vinyards etc, water on board Better all year round capability - water on board, waste on board, no issues driving in wind etc, no cancelled trips to due Strom what ever it might be called! More strength in the body - not talking about when driving, but even parked up - just feels more solid. We don't like Comparable space - the caravan wins hands down but a with a twin axle, even better! The overall cost, pound for pound, square foot for square foot So it is quite interesting so far, and quite a few plus points for the caravan. Interestingly, we have used the VW only once whilst on site - that was to go out for milk! We can't fit three x four pint cartons in the fridge, and even if we could, payload wouldn't allow. We may of course use the VW more for getting out and about if we do longer stays in the UK, which at present is looking more likely due to complications with Covid and the pet passport. Russ
  6. I've just done a quick tot up and including the nights of January 1st/2nd when we were away, but the area went into local lockdown, but site management said we could stay but there would be no facilities open, (so we stayed!), I think we are at 26 nights which is dire for us. I thought we had done more than that so I feel depressed now Our total 26 forum total 143
  7. Our 10 series was fabulous in hot weather. No fans needed
  8. We've tried various ones over the years but concluded a washing line was better
  9. I would say very much along those lines. A few years ago, we used a caravan for a couple of weekends and I don't recall anything like this Forgot to say, we do not get this kangaroo or buffeting effect whwn towing the boat or stock car. Might tow it with the lorry next weekend!
  10. KontikiKid

    Pitch up

    We use it to find sites but if we have to book, we book direct with the site.
  11. Afternoon everyone. I thought I'd add a bit more to this. We are away again and the kangaroo effect continues. This week, we towed with the VW Transporter camper van and the kangaroo effect is still there. So we can rule out the Merc and it's suspension! The Transporter is a beast to tow with and having massive mirrors, saves faffing about with towing mirrors, plus it does around 40 mpg vice 15 with the GL!
  12. Hi Could I just check with the OP that this is about the 10 series fridge freezer - the one where the doors will open left or right without any mods? We have extra shelves and it's cooling performance is outstanding - even in hot italian sun! The freezer is also excellent
  13. It turns out the suspension on the Merc can be altered by pressing a couple of buttons. So that may also be an explanation. Not away this weekend but we are next, although towing with one of the vans. The van weighs a lot less than the Merc, so I'll report back on any buffeting etc
  14. The 620 CL is available in Europe. I think my friends have the 620CL. They bought from a place near Leicester
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