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  1. We have a 5000kg motorhome and so it "enjoys" the £165 per year tax disc (1). My understanding is that there were so few vehicles in the 3500kg - 7500kg category - and those that were were mostly horseboxes - the taxing has never altered. The 26000kg coach conversion that we owned was also £165 per year. 4000 miles per year - glad we are not one of those! Russ
  2. We have the Truma and even in night mode, there is some noise. That said, it didnt keep us awake! Russ
  3. We used Milbamax For Sydney's worm medication. We always did the treatment in Italy as it was a lot cheaper than France - captive audience and all that near the port! Russ
  4. A bit more progress with this, particularly in reference to ventilation. I "think" that UK built vehicles have to be built with fixed, high level ventilation. However, this is where it gets interesting - a German van for example does not! This may explain why roof vents are available either with fixed ventilation or without. In respect of ventilation, the boiler is vented to outside, so that's not an issue. If then oven and hob is on, the chances are there's an open window, but in any case, the van is far from airtight. We are in the van at present and can confirm that despite the wind last night, the rear Dometic is now wind proof and silent. Amazingly, we are still alive. I can't see that the rooflight manufacturers would be allowed to sell a version without fixed ventilation if there was a real danger. It's a bit like chewing gum - "dont;swallow that!". Imagine if it was dangerous to swallow, it wouldnt be on sale. So I've also found a draft excluder kit (hopefully) in Slovenia of all places for the MPK roof lights although I might actually change them to Dometic without a vent system. Russ
  5. Hi We have two types of heki roof lights. We have two of the smaller type, made by MPK in Germany and a larger Dometic type. All three let wind come in and we are searching for a solution. For the two smaller ones, we have taped up the vent area using coach windscreen tape (!) and for the rear one, I've today fitted a rubber strip that I got from Dometic. For the smaller type, has anyone found a rubber strip that fits or any other solutions? It doesnt look cosmetically great with tape all over it but there's no draft coming in! Cheers Russ
  6. Hi, We are motorhomers and love the Alsace and surrounds. We have stayed at the following sites. Camping Municipal, Obernai Camping Municipal, Molsheim (council owned swimming pool opposite, outdor) Camping Municipal, Mulhouse. We use a lot of free aires which cannot be used by caravans. In Germany, we stayed at the big site in Freiburg. Now how is this for a suggestion? Google a place called Bad Krozingen, just south of Freiburg. It has a great thermal spa with loads of pools, lazy river etc etc. We go there quite a bit. There is an on site camping area for motorhomes only, but lots of caravan sites nearby. Motorhomers get free entrance to the spa and free bus and train tickets. Some of the caravan sites MAY have offers - so check with tourist info. Email the local tourist office in B K for any help - they are really good. All the sites listed are on our blog homepage - just look at the map and click any icon. Russ
  7. Dig a hole and tip it down. Failing that, if you use no chemicals at all, empty daily on your compost heap or what will be your new vwg patch. Nothing like wee and pooh for fertiliser. As a very keen gardener, I regulary answered a call of nature into a watering can and poured into the compost heap. Added to that, chicken muck etc etc Russ
  8. Hi Tesco are offering double Clubcard points from 10th February until 1st March. You need to scan the Clubcard app to qualify, rather than the plastic card. It's probably more useful to those who use the points for deals and the Eurotunnel crossing (hence I've put this in the overseas touring section) If you have a Clubcard but not the app, you may have had an email to this effect. We've been using the app for ages with no issues and also use it to convert points to deals when we are out and hunting a meal etc. Cheers Russ
  9. We have been on many sites - and indeed we chose not to stay at some - where ACSI customers do not get to choose their pitch - Camping Bella Italian, Lake Garda, Camping Parigi, Lake Maggiore and a shed load more. Russ
  10. That's a shame. We've had loads of policies with them and have one at present. Russ
  11. I'm unable to comment on the safety of Smart Roads but use the M62 and M1 to and from Leeds. The additional lane has freed up a lot of the jams. If I broke down on a smart road, I'd put the hazards on and leg it out of the car and up the banking. Russ
  12. We are in a motorhome and refill the Safefill no bother. Russ
  13. I've seen Condor Ferries "looking stern" but no one else. Our old motorhome was 8.67 metres and I always booked it as 8.00. Above that and the price sky rocketed. Russ
  14. My answer would be "why not"? Have a word with a compaby called Autogas 2000 based near Thirsk. Russ
  15. In answer to the OP, yes, many times. I also got a FREE car once. I paid on a credit card and at the time, rather than offering interest free, lenders were offering 5%, sometimes upto 8% off the balance transferred. So one was BoS card with £5000 owed. The balance transferred to the new lender was £4750! I kept doing it until I'd pocketed £5000. Each time, I had to say the balance was more than it was otherwise it would have been infinite. Russ
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