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  1. If you check what's included in the M. I. R. O. , I think that is where you will find the changes.
  2. Hi The maximum laden mass remains the same, but the user payload is calculated differently on 2011/12 vans.
  3. aury

    Onboard Tanks

    Hi Dave I am somewhat puzzled by your question about "impurities". I only use water supplied by the sites i use, if I have problems with "impurities" it would seem that all other user's of the sites water supply would have same problem. With your description of the unit it seems i may have something different. Aury
  4. aury

    Onboard Tanks

    You could try a Water Leakage Alarm from Maplins, they cost around £4. 50. Fix the sensor to the bottom of the overflow pipe & it works a treat, i have one fitted to my Oklahoma. Hope this helps Aury
  5. Hi all can any body give me a link to Malt, I need some advice on Satellite dishs and tripods. aury
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