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  1. If you have what is called "grand dad" rights as its often called, ie you passed your test prior to 1997 you have no problems assuming you don't have any medical conditions that will change that. It is not a problem for caravanners when they get to 70 but it is to motorhomers who are restricted to a total main vehicle weight of 3500kgs unless they take a medical. As Jampot says the rules have recently changed in that people who passed their test post 1997 will be treated the same as those prior to that date, a sensible decision in my view. Just a shame they don't do the same for motorhomers. I think there is an expectation that you do your research online these days rather than expect a call handler to know every detail of of the law, its all online. Personally I have had excellent help from the DVLA, particularly when my wallet, containing my driving license, was stolen in Italy!!!
  2. I don't know whether its usual for a storage business to ask for a set of motorhome keys but if you think about if for any reason they have to move a vehicle it would make sense. I would check with the insurance company that they are happy with it. David
  3. Just for information I have been a member for 40 years! As I said people are free to change pitch if it is on the same sort. Obviously polite to inform the warden and swap over key fobs for the barrier. On sites like Bunree this happens all the time as people wait to get a Loch side pitch, its a well established procedure. It probably happens on sites with sea views as well? It probably happens if people don't like their neighbours and in cases like that and a conversation with the warden will more than likely suggest that someone changes pitches. At the last Club AGM I posed the question about being able to book hardstanding pitches and the reply was that they hope to incorporate the facility to do so in major change to the booking system due to be introduced in 2022. I will obviously wait to see if it becomes a reality but I have no reason to doubt the Club's word unless there are practicalities that make it difficult to introduce.
  4. Do you mean CCC site as that suggests Camping and Caravan Club site where you are able to book the pitch surface that you prefer and pitches are allocated? I have used a lot of CMC sites as both a caravanner and a motorhomer and I can't say I have ever encountered chaos. There will be times of day when there are more motorhomes needing to use the dump and refill facilities but from my experience that only applies to a small proportion of the day. Just to ad insult to injury in the last year there have been a further 17000 motorhomes registered with the DVLA
  5. Of course you sound anti motorhomer by just mentioning it. There is no rule against moving pitches if they are of the same type. All this will be history soon when the Club announce you can book pitch type and start taking deposits.
  6. Are we not all meant to be on the same side here? After all we are now called Caravan and Motorhome Talk? There will be different reasons why any of us choose a caravan or a motorhome and many reasons why people will change from one to the other. I don't think it unreasonable to ask Local Authorities at least to consider the provision of motorhome parking. In some places it might be totally inappropriate but in other places it could be perfectly feasible. With the right charging structure it could be an advantage to all. There are many campsites in the UK are either within walking distance of towns and villages or have good transport links but unfortunately that is not the case all over the country.
  7. Perhaps to make a profit out of the provision? Why do councils provide car parks for cars? If its anything like where I live they make millions out of parking which goes to subsidising the Council Tax. OK I appreciate that providing facilities won't provide funds on the same scale but it could all help. Maybe there are lots of campsites but from a motorhoming point of view many of them are not suitable for those that want to park nearer to a town or village.
  8. If you are a member of the CMC why not give them a ring for advice as they source cars with towbars for overseas visitors that originate in the UK.
  9. Hasn't this been the case for years? Usually they reserve the maximum allowed in any one transaction until the cost of the fuel charged for is confirmed. Isn't Tesco intending to do a similar thing in the UK? Of course it would be problematic if you were tight to your credit limit which I would find strange for anyone embarking on an overseas trip with such a small gap between their credit limit and their current spend?
  10. The reality was, for those of us in the older age group, it was far from free!!! We had a letter from Nationwide today informing us of the stopping of the "free" insurance. Margaret has been a Nationwide customer for 50 years, our first mortgage was with Nationwide (then the Co-Operative Building Society) In the past when I have tried to use the "free" insurance they have loaded it so much because of age and health conditions it makes Red Pennant look cheap!!! David
  11. The last time we were in the South of France was in 2015 when we had an automatic 80cms dish on the motorhome, managed to get a signal in Carcassonne but not on the coast, probably due to trees. Usually you are lucky to get a signal on a 60cms dish much below the Dordogne. David
  12. Surely it depends what pitch type you booked? Standard Awning pitch, White Peg. Non Awning pitch Blue Peg. Serviced pitch, Red Peg. I can't see how the wardens would have directed you to a pitch you hadn't booked? It would seem that the Bongo booked an awning pitch?
  13. Similar story here. We caravanned for 30 years and towed over 80,000 miles and changed to a motorhome. Now on our second one. We have had motorhomes for the last 9 years. Can't see us going back. There are obviously compromises but that has to be balanced against any perceived disadvantages. The one mistake we made was initially buying a motorhome which was a bit on the large size. Now have something slightly smaller with a good payload (750kgs) One of the reasons we gave up caravanning was that the vans were getting bigger and bigger and one day we had an incident that made us realise that without a mover we would be stuck and on the day the mover went wrong was the day we seriously started to think about a motorhome and six months later we had one! I am not sure I understand the bit about space. Our latest motorhome has two long bucks which can be used as singes or a large double. We use them as two singles and to convert from day to night takes five minutes, we have it down to a fine art now! The more space you have the more you fill it. We don't have an awning, except for the wind out canopy. Clearly motorhoming doesn't suit everyone so I wouldn't persuade anyone to change unless they were already thinking along those lines. Hope you enjoy it Dustypete David
  14. What about a couple of heavy duty paving slabs under the machine?
  15. A big assumption on your part. How do you know they didn't have some sort of emergency? We once returned to site at 4.00am because my wife was taken the A&E in Abergavenny. 11.00pm is hardly late.
  16. I don't think we are talking about Wild Camping in the context of the OP. We are really talking about organised parking for motorhomes which is very common in France and Germany. Motorhome Aires are generally designed for short term parking, one or two nights. Some are free but for many there is a modest charge, sometimes you pay to fill up with water although waste is usually free. Whilst Aires can be near campsites they are often not, usually nearer the town centre. What must be remembered is that motorhoming, as a percentage of touring LV's, is far more popular in France than caravanning is in the UK. The French have long recognised that it is a good idea to provide facilities for motorhomes as they help contribute to the local authority and to some extent controls where people park their vans although you will still see motorhomes parked off grid but clearly not as many if Aires did not exist. There is no shortage of motorhomes using French campsites but is suspect they tend to use campsites for longer stays but Aires for en route stops and short stays. The fact that we don't have a similar system in the UK probably contributes to people parking overnight where perhaps they shouldn't. A few Councils are waking up to the fact that it is to their advantage to provide space for overnight parking but unfortunately they are in minority. David
  17. Lutz We all know life is a gamble anyway!!! It is possible that your wife could sail through the pandemic will no ill effects what so ever without the vaccine, pandemics never kill everyone!!! However to remain unvaccinated puts her at far greater risk than those who have had the vaccination. Margaret and I have both had the AZ vaccine. We suffered a few post vaccine feelings in the 24 hours after the jab but other than that we have been fine. We have been very tentative about where we go and still avoid some situations but gradually we are doing more but I would be lying to suggest we are anywhere near back to normal. I hate to think what sort of state we would be in by now if we had not had any vaccinations. You are probably aware of the major UK Charity "The British Heart Foundation" ? Here is a link to what they say about the AZ vaccine and the associated risks in some detail. I would say that the BHF is very much a trusted source of information. This is the link https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/news/coronavirus-and-your-health/astrazeneca-covid-vaccine#astrasafe It would seem that for the next year, maybe longer, some sort of travel restrictions will stand in the way of unvaccinated people so I suppose it boils done to waiting or having the vaccine. Personally I feel there is more reason to be vaccinated for general personal protection and going on holiday is just an extra benefit. David
  18. Lutz It's a difficult situation. I think many in the UK are much more pragmatic towards the vaccine because they fear getting COVID as more likely to kill them than other possible, very rare, side effects. I imagine your wife rationalises it by thinking that she has survived through the worst of COVID and the longer that is the case the greater the rational for not having the vaccine? The problem is trying to persuade her could amount to moral blackmail. Does she have a cohort of similar aged friends that have had the vaccine? They might be the ones to help her, likewise her own doctor. Does she have the Flu vaccine each year? If she does why does she think the COVID vaccine is likely to have a more negative impact on her. We have had so many instances in this country of people not having the vaccine and ending up in hospital seriously ill who very much regret their refusal. In many instances it is the family who are left to regret. David
  19. Same here, at least until I change either vehicle. Not currently planning to go abroad but if needs be I will stick a UK sticker on the rear of my motorhome, assuming of course it is still the United Kingdom by then
  20. I suppose it was inevitable . £2 a day on the surface sounds quite reasonable but even on a two week holiday that is £28 for each phone. It would be good if Ofcom were to establish whether there are any real extra cost to us not being in the EU to justify such a charge. As some of these networks operate pan European it seem odd that being 20 miles from mainland Europe means we pay more. As for Russ's Italian SIM I wonder how long it will be before European networks start charging extra? David
  21. I wonder if they have started to fit Thule racks as they seem to have gone that way with the wind out canopies? Glad you found the instructions useful. David
  22. Forgive if this sounds silly but you did empty the tank completely before the recalibration? I had a similar problem with my previous Bailey motorhome, Approach 740, after a service. The tank was full but you could only use half of it. Have you seen this file which goes through the process? David Water Tank Level Sensor Section.pdf
  23. If site staff are reserving pitches for motorhomers it will generally be for three reasons. 1) Someone in the party has a disability and has requested to be near a facility block ( no different for caravanners, 2) It is an over large unit and possible heavy unit that is unsuitable to be on a grass pitch and 3) In bad weather the site staff have to manage their site. No point allowing heavier vehicles to damage the grass surface when the sensible option is to put them on a hardstanding. Having used over the years more than half the sites the Club run I have only seen occasional use of reserved pitches. When on the IOW recently I noticed the odd pitch with a cone on it and a large unit arrived but there were other hardstanding pitches available on most days. David
  24. There is a lot of good information out there and I would suggest a good starting point would be the Age UK website. If a decision is made to go down that route it would be recommended to engage an Independent Financial Advisor although there are likely to be more fees going down this route rather than say a lender like Nationwide. There will also be a need to engage a solicitor as any loan will have first call for repayment against the value of the house. Often the advice is to downsize in order to take some equity out of the house but unless you have a very large expensive house, with all the associated costs of downsizing it is often not an option. David
  25. Jane I think if you can find a static in a location you like spending a lot of time it does have it's attractions. I suppose you have to think about what you currently do for holidays and how that and the annual costs would dovetail into your lives. I was a little unsure who was buying, whether it was you or your parents? If it were your parents and they own their own house then one possible option might be Equity Release which has moved on a lot in recent years with newcomers to the market like Nationwide. Interest rates are currently low, far lower than any finance deal. If it was yourself buying then perhaps that would not be an option because you are too young David
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