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  1. Had a decent delivery from Waitrose on Thursday. About half a dozen items unavailable but that could probably have been predicted. Some substitutions but all acceptable. Future slots are difficult but managed to get one for 6th and 14th April. Website a bit flaky but if you wait it usually comes back online. As an alternative perhaps look at local smaller shops like the Co-Op. Our local wasn't too busy this morning and relatively well stocked but probably wouldn't suit the hoarders! David
  2. What about the people running the Rally, are they not getting information? David
  3. From time to time we buy a roll of it at Go Outdoors and use half of it in the motorhome shower and the rest in the shower in the house. David
  4. I think they would be but not at any cost particularly if the lease length is not long enough. Both Clubs will know how much it costs to run it on a day to day basis and they will also know how much it will cost to upgrade the site and how much they can charge. So if the council are being greedy it will remain unlet unless of course they run it themselves which I suppose is an option. The irony of course is had they set reasonable conditions in the first place it would have all been sorted but under current circumstances I expect acquiring a new site is the last thing on the minds of either Club. David
  5. In the light of the increasing issues surrounding the Covid -19 virus the CMC have issued this information on their Club Together forum https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/sites-touring/overseas-sites-touring/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-guidance It applies to members already in Europe and to those about to travel. David
  6. I have had Omnivents on previous caravans but I am seriously thinking about having a Maxxair fitted to my motorhome because of the cooling properties https://www.roadpro.co.uk/catalogue/03b-maxxair-maxxfan-roof-vents David
  7. Glad you got it sorted. Where was the Truma Centre? David
  8. Unfortunately the nearest branch to me with stock is Reading, 44 miles away!!! They don't seem to have had it in Milton Keynes for ages. David
  9. klyne

    Tyre pal

    I thought the Tyrepal instructions suggested what percentage you should use? David
  10. The ridiculous thing about the new tax is that it only applies to motorhomes up to 3500kgs in weight. Buy a new motorhome that weighs more than 3500kgs not only do you not pay the luxury car tax the VED is only £165 a year!!! The anomaly is all to do with how commercial vehicles are taxed but you do wonder if there is any seriously joined up writing in Government!!! In terms of sales motorhomes have doubled in units sold over the last ten years so I suppose given the turmoil and uncertainty we have suffered particularly in the last year it wouldn't be surprising if there was a rowing back of sales. David
  11. I won't be changing my number plates if we venture abroad again. Rather than an incitement to the local police they may take it as a compliment in the sense that some of us are still sad that we have left the EU. Perhaps they are more likely to focus in on the non regulation plates as mentioned by Lutz? I am not sure how well travelled in Europe some of the commentators in this thread are?. One thing I have noticed over the years is that the Danish often don't bother to have an EU plate on their cars and if they are even less likely to have a DK sticker on the back of their cars or caravans. Not aware that they get discriminated against.
  12. Not to mention the number of French Municipal campsites that have been sold to private operators? Not convinced its the right comparison?
  13. Interested in this thread as the Truma Combi with CP Plus panel in my motorhome has been playing up just as we wanted to use it as a base whilst we had a new kitchen installed!!! The water system is drained down but you are still supposed to be able to use the heating which two weeks ago was fine. Last week tried to set up the heating and started to get E706H errors and more recently E602H errors and any amount of resetting of the boiler or the CP panel makes no difference. Doesn't matter whether you try mains or gas. One thing I did noticed was that the fan was not working. I even tried using the fan as you can for cooling unrelated to heating or hot water but it doesn't work so I wonder if the problem is with the fan. It takes about 30 seconds for the error code to appear. Fortunately its under a year old and due for its first service in early March so hopefully any repair will be covered. The strange thing about the error codes is that they are not listed anywhere!!! David
  14. They probably need to enlist the help of an experienced Planning Consultancy. Some Planning Departments recommend rejection for flimsy reasons which can sometimes be successfully challenged. Sometimes planning decisions are made for political reasons such as objections by locals. That is a bit more difficult as of course its difficult to provide evidence that the campsite will provide much employment and a bit tenuous to prove what the financial benefits will be local area which might over ride the objections. David
  15. Many years ago we drove from Port Grimaud to Calais with one overnight stop en route, the second night was at Gandspette and we crossed to the UK the next morning. Not sure if that counts as two stops or one? That was when we were at work but wouldn't do it now. The route we took was straight down the middle of France via Lyon, obviously from Caen you will be using a different route. David
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