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  1. One possible saving grace is that other countries tend to use collection services in the UK which by the very nature of things will slow down you actually getting the paperwork? Obviously it will depend on how long you are away. Our sons keep an eye on our house and they tend to alert us to unusual post and I am happy for them to open mail. Be interesting to know if there will be changes to this system because of Brexit? David
  2. We had one in the box. In the previous motorhome the Avtex was wall mounted but with the new one it has to be freestanding. If the mount fitted I suppose it would be fine? David
  3. Our motorhome is a year old and I can't really see us buying another as we are both approaching our mid seventies. More difficult with our "at home" car. I would quite like an electric one but I wonder how I will afford one? My current Kia Venga cost about £17000 just under four years ago and despite its very low mileage it won't be worth much. So this is the dilemma for people in a similar situation how does one afford a new electric car? The nearest equivalent is a Kia Soul, assuming you can put up with it's looks, it costs £35000 so double what I previously paid for a petrol car. Even if the Government did what I understand Norway has done and removed VAT from new electric cars its still going to cost nearly £30000!!! Unless there is a massive reduction in the cost of new EV's I just wonder what people will do? David
  4. Don't most modern Baileys have fibreglass roofs? Unlikely to be damaged by the general type of hail we get in the UK. Aluminium on the other hand!!! David
  5. I have also had good service from Bailey spares. Prices often pretty good as well. I suppose the difficulty with comparing to other brands is that I think Bailey are pretty unique in having an online spares website open to the general public. I am surprised other manufacturers have not been paying attention as it could be a nice little earner if they did the same? David
  6. It is a condition of writing a review on the CMC review section that you have actually stayed there, otherwise it is not a review. There are ample opportunities for raising such issues on the Club forum so it seems an odd route to go down? There is quite a lengthy thread on that forum with lots of information including photos and videos. David
  7. Margaret has been diabetic for a number of years. About five years ago she had to start taking insulin which is a notifiable medication/condition. Whilst she was allowed to continue driving they did reduce her licence to BE. Not an issue for her. Since then I think you can appeal and restore to a full licence but as Griff mentions it would probably involve a medical. David
  8. A lot of people with motorhomes, especially the smaller variety, do use them as day vans. Panel van conversions come as small as 5.5mts (camper vans even smaller) and in that you will get full facilities like, cooking facilities, a fridge and a toilet!!! Could be used as an alternative to a beach hut. At that length it would also fit into most parking spaces. David
  9. Lutz Totally agree. Nearly four years ago I relinquished my full licence as I was happy that to be able to drive a 3500kgs vehicle would be all I would need. If I wish I can add a trailer of up to 750kgs to my motorhome on my reduced licence so why on earth not combine the two? Previous to that I could drive a combined outfit of up to about 7000kgs. Increase the standard licence to 4250 kgs would probably cover all bases. Those that caravan could tow a twin axle with a 4X4 with no issue and it would allow many motorhomers who are limited to 3500kgs van to drive slightly heavier vehicles. There is no difference between the ability to drive a motorhome of 3500kgs and one that in 3650kgs. It is not an issue of road safety. I would prefer that someone was towing a caravan with a sufficient power to weight ratio rather than towing with a lighter vehicle just to stay within the rules. The trouble is that our hobby is not a sufficiently powerful lobby group mainly because the main Clubs won't get behind something like this. I doubt whether there is anyone within the Department of Transport that has any idea on the subject either. I am not sure a petition is the right approach as its unlikely to more than 10000 signatures. What would be more effective would be for everyone to write to their MP's if they start getting a few letters on the same subject they are more likely to take notice and start asking questions? David
  10. The battery in my Kia gave up the ghost not long after lockdown started (a bit newer than your car) Any amount of charging did not help as a few days later it was dead. I went for Yussa battery which I got from Tayna batteries online very good service. They will even send non sealed batteries at reasonable cost. If the original battery has started to go flat I suspect its time to bite the bullet and get another one. David
  11. I think if you read the planning application its not the case of zero experience but more a case of zero tolerance. Reading between the lines it seems that Cirencester College does not like 4X4's (probably a catch all for all vehicles that don't look like a saloon car!) which of course in general terms is what a lot of caravanners use as a tow car. Apparently the Club is in discussions with the College but at best all that can be achieved now is that the boulders are pushed further back or removed. It will be interesting to see the site reviews when the site reopens. We have booked for early August, if we go I will report back! David
  12. I thought that as well but it turns out that it belongs to Cirencester College, who, rather than resurface the original approach road (surely the cheapest option?) decided to reroute the road which is not only narrower but is lined with large rocks that could be an issue for anyone with a long outfit. David
  13. The Club no longer gives reasons for closure so we don't have an accurate picture. Some may have gone to another provider and some may have decided to apply for planning permission to start a campsite with more pitches. Many campsite started that way. There will be those who have been thinking of giving up and perhaps COVID was the final straw that decided it for them knowing they were going to miss half a year, we may never know! Another possibility is that the main customer base for CL's has changed and as a result there are greater demands for the likes of hardstanding, electrics, wifi and toilet blocks. You only have to read some Facebook groups to realise this is a growing trend. This makes it difficult for the hobby CL owner to survive especially those who don't have any other business interests associated with the CL. David
  14. Surely the point of the two metre distance is a sort of extra failsafe to stop you getting too close to someone with the virus? It is not so much the distance but that fact you have to think about the distance at two metres. If it were for example one metre as it is in some countries it is difficult to judge whether that distancing or normal. It is correct that droplets containing the virus do fall to the ground in a very short distance but then again it depends on the force with which they are expelled from the doner, some research suggest as far as four metres if expelled by a violent sneeze for example. Your point about surfaces is very valid and the reason we should not stint on hand hygiene but whether this message gets through to all I have no idea. I expect in twenty years time all those current five year olds will still be practising good hand hygien because they learnt it at a formitive age? David
  15. We are the opposite, perfectly happy to use our own facilities so whether facility blocks are open is not a problem to us. I am sure both clubs will be reviewing how they open sites and whether they can maintain the required hygiene regime to keep toilet blocks as clean as the can and also to encourage all members to keep their own personal hygiene up to the required standards. If not they may have to keep blocks closed? David
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