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  1. It could be that some, older, touring caravanners have decided that they would prefer to have a static as to them it seems safer than touring, they can form their own bubble? David
  2. The interesting thing about the new motorhome range is that they will only be available with an automatic gearbox. I would love an auto gearbox but my motorhome is only 18 months old so a bit excessive to swap so soon. Unfortunately the new range is nearer their top of the range models in prices rather than the range lower down. Had they been more in the middle I could have been interested. What I find annoying about Bailey is that they leak information about the new models but don't put them on their website with the full spec. David
  3. If you use the the static as part time or holiday accommodation then I would have thought that a stand alone washer/dryer would be fine. If it would require full time use then either spend a bit more on something like a Bosch or go for separate units which actually won't cost a lot more! Don't forget that most washer dryers only take half the load for drying compared to the washing element so from a productivity point of view separate units would get more done. David
  4. Personally I would go for a Marine sealed battery of around 100 AH if there is space in the battery cabinet for it. Don't be tempted towards a battery you have to top up. David
  5. I think next year could be interesting. The sites are full at the moment because of pent up demand and many people not going abroad. The other side of the coin is that there are a lot of people who would normally be away at this time of year who are taking a rain check until there is more certainty about COVID. This suggests that if there is an improvement sites could be equally busy next year. As far as CMC site are concerned you have to use the system. If you have a set amount of time you want to be away book whatever days are available and keep going back to the booking system and you will almost certainly find the other days you want will become available. I do this all the time. David
  6. It would seem counter intuitive to me to volunteer to pay more for a loan in the hope that it might act as a way of getting warranty work given more urgency and purpose which seems to be what you are suggesting? By all means compared what a dealer might have to offer in terms of finance but also look and compare what the difference might be obtaining the loan elsewhere. You could have a perfectly trouble free caravan but be paying hundreds of pounds in extra interest for what you see as peace of mind? David
  7. It's not exactly rocket science but its surprising how many make the mistake!! I suspect the more experienced motorhomers would not put themselves in that position, usually a case of once bitten twice shy!!! I remember being on a site in Austria on the Danube. Somebody in a van conversion decided he wanted to park right over my the fence, he had to be towed off by a tractor! We made sure we were only a few feet from the tarmac site road. David
  8. I suppose the question I would ask the OP is, if you went would you really enjoy it if you end up constantly having to monitor the news? David
  9. The then Caravan Club used to take deposits on all bookings, initially £5 later increased to £10. When they went to online bookings, rather than manual by phone or by post, they encountered problems with their point of sales systems which made it difficult for HQ to deduct the deposit from balance when you arrived on site. As Wildwood mentions they were not very effective as people would just not turn up so getting rid of deposits actually helped the administration of the system. There was greater concern about late cancellations so that is why they introduced the 72 hour rule. As they know the people that either cancel late or don't turn up they are able to warn them that their membership is at risk if they do it too often. There was a rumour either last year or earlier this year that they were going to revamp both UK and overseas site booking systems. The overseas changes went ahead but thus far we have heard nothing on the UK side. One imagines that if there were big changes then deposits would be in the frame. The only problem for the Club with deposits is that the Club seem to like to encourage people to book up to a year ahead but I can't see many being willing the shell out a deposit so far ahead? David
  10. A very leading question you ask! You have to narrow it down a bit more to size, berths, weight etc. Get to a decent dealer and have a look at what they have on offer. Do you intend to buy new or secondhand. Most dealers seem to deal with Black Horse Finance but you need to check the ARP, you might get a better deal from your bank? David
  11. I have been to the site several times and have used the mini bus service and its not bad value. The problem I have with it is that the drop off point is a bit of a distance from everywhere. We do walk to the bus stop although as the years go on it seems to get longer! Not sure I would want to walk back in the dark either. David
  12. I do often book a serviced pitch if I am concerned about getting a hardstanding pitch. The C&CC seem to manage quite well with allowing members to book a hardstanding so why is it so difficult for the CMC? The problem with the previous experiment was that it only applied to a small number of sites which caused a lot of confusion. To be a real experiment it has to apply to all sites and last at least a year. I was concerned that the wardens had a disproportionate influence on the experiment going forward as they couldn't cope with the problem they had to deal with on site. On the bus front it clearly wouldn't work everywhere but there are some fairly logical gains that could be made. Take the Edinburgh Club site. Buses go up one side of Muirhouse Parkway and turn at the far end and come back on the other carriageway. Why on earth don't they divert via Marine Parade? When you are abroad its very unusual not to find a bus stop outside a campsite in any large town or city. David
  13. As a motorhomer there are two things I want the Club to do before they embark on any other changes. Firstly I would like them to speed up the installation of open grill waste water disposal points. They are making progress but it could be a bit faster, in normal times I should add! Secondly a minor change to the booking system which would allow all member, be they caravanners or motorhomers the option to book a hardstanding pitch. JDQ mentioned about buses. A modest contribution might secure a bus service not only for members using the campsite but also for nearby local residents. I am not convinced it will happen as I don't think the Club are prepared to do things like that. Another thing that would benefit caravans and motorhomes would be to make a contribution to resurfacing access roads? Might not have had the debacle we had at Cirencester? David
  14. I think that is probably where the confusion has arisen. The C&CC do allow motorhomers to use the services, at a cost, on certain sites but not all. Thus far the CMC has not followed in allowing this service. Access to CMC sites is strictly on payment of a minimum of one night stay which allows you to use all the service that particular site offers. I am not sure how the person in question managed to access even the water? Being a member of the Club gives him no right to use any of the facilities unless he has paid to stay on site. There are some practical reasons why the Club would not be encouraged to provide this service. It wouldn't be able to control arrival and departure time if people just turned up to fill with water. Perhaps it wouldn't increase traffic by much it could place extra demand on over stretched facilities. I am also not sure the Club want to encourage "wild camping" David
  15. It can be a lot noisier if the Rugby/Football Club next door are having a practise!!! I really don't understand people complaining about noise at 9.00pm in the evening, an hour or two later maybe. If people are really noise adverse they really need to think about where they camp, particularly during school holidays. Surely one advantage of a Club site is that kids can be given a bit more freedom in relative safety? Even if their parents are cold stone sober it won't make a difference to kids having fun.
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