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  1. I tend to use the 4G signal on my phone to tether to my laptop, I only use WiFi now as a last resort. It is surprising how good the 4G signal is now and I have only been defeated in a couple of places. Not wishing to ignite another Brexit debate but it must be a worry that the current generous roaming rules are cut back it will make a big difference to lots of travellers in Europe. With proper security on your device WiFi should be reasonable safe to use however using phone data is a lot safer. Although its been a couple of years since we have holidayed in Europe the quality of WiFi, particularly in Germany has been pretty poor and expensive so being able to use your own data is certainly a boon. How difficult it would be for Networks to go back to the bad old days I don't know but the EU changes to data roaming was one of the major achievments that wouldn;t have happened had it not been for the EU. David
  2. We have been to Italy quite a bit over the years, a lot of blogs on my website. If you are only going for a couple of weeks I would suggest going no further than Lake Garda and even that will be a push in two weeks. If you want a bit of variety stay a few days in Austria on the way down. Wouldn't go anywhere near France until you are near your port of departure not because I don't love France but just practicality. David
  3. I had one of the original Sorento's with SLS and then changed it for the updated model without SLS. Whilst I liked the extra power of my 59 plate the towing stability was no where near as good as the car with SLS. Obviously the Sorento range has moved on a lot since then but if (a very big if) I went back to towing SLS would be on my list of have's. David
  4. We have had the same problem. It only happens on hot water, never on heating. When the heating is running, and pumping out hot air there is no problem because the fan is running. When the water is heating there is no fan so, I think, the heat seeps into the heating ducts which are plastic and causes the smell. I wonder if the hot air pipes were changed to metal whether it would make a difference? Perhaps they would get too hot for safety? David
  5. The last time we had a holiday in Europe was 2016 when we had a wonderful tour all round Austria. There have been all sorts of medical reasons why we have not been since plus the angst caused through Brexit, probably irrational I know! Being in our early seventies, will we go again, who knows. At least we have had the benefit of 25 years of travelling around Europe. The trouble is the longer you leave it without going the less confidence you have. A holiday to Europe was never a cheap option but there were many things that made it seem that way and these have mainly disappeared. David
  6. I would have thought that it was in all our interests to encourage people to enjoy our hobby be that with a caravan, tent or motorhome. If, because of Government changes, one of those elements becomes less attractive we could see a down turn in demand which has a knock on effect for us all. People buy motorhomes for all sorts of reasons but included in that number are people who were previously caravanners who feel they can no longer cope with the towing and setting up a caravan but opt for a motorhome in the hope that they can extend their touring for a few more years. Such people are not rich which is the impression a lot of people commenting on this thread seem to suggest. These are normal people who trade in their caravan, and possibly their large tow car in order to half way making the change workable. They will probably have to raid their savings as well. So where is this nonsense that people are rich and motorhomes a luxury when many of you who seem to support this tax probably have a caravan and a car worth more combined value than many motorhomes. Perhaps the Government should drop the threshold for new vehicles to £20,000 so that the majority of tow cars fit into the higher tax bracket and increase annual VED. Imagine the outrage. I am sure that many of us motorhomers with be happy to help you with the inevitable petition against such a move.
  7. You may well buy a car costing £40,000 or more but you do have plenty of choice of cars which would work well as a tow car well under that figure should you wish. Someone thinking of buying a motorhome has no such choice as virtually all motorhomes are £40,000+ and at that price you get a fairly basic model so they can't be classed as luxury models. Those that are fortunate enough to pay £40,000 plus for a car would probably be looking at motorhomes in the £60,000 plus bracket if they were looking similar level of luxury. I have no objection to taxation being based on emissions but to tax a complicated vehicle such as motorhome on price alone is unfair. This is further complicated by the fact that a £100,000 motorhome weighing more that 3500kgs will still enjoy being taxed at £165 a year, where is the justice in that? David
  8. I tend to agree. When we worked we would spend more time relaxing on site but now that we are retired the only reason for going away is to see new places. If I want to relax I can sit at home! The only exception to the rules is if it is exceptionally hot like it was when we were in Cambridge when the temperature went up to 38.7 degrees, it was hard enough to get a beer out of the fridge!!! David
  9. Not altogether correct. My Bailey Alliance, rated at 3500kgs, has a payload of 750kgs. There are quite a few Continental motorhomes with similar payloads. The thing about a motorhomes which you have to be careful of is that other than the driver the weight of any passengers has to come of the payload. David
  10. There is always the option of lobbying Government to change the rules re towing combinations. The easiest would be to suggest that the 3500kgs and 750kgs unbraked trailer be combined to create a new category of 4250kgs which could be applied to both caravanners and motorhomes. It would solve many problems. David
  11. Two things I would say. Firstly I am not sure we do know what the Club position is on deposits. I say that because earlier in the year they announced there would be an overhaul of the current booking system sometime later in the year probably to take affect in time for next year. Now I don't know what that change will entail but it would seem to be pretty major to make such a song and dance about it. It may involve being able to book a hardstanding, it may be about extending the time between cancellation and arrival on site, it could involve deposits but until they confirm their intentions non of us know! On a more practical note last week I was able to book a three week trip to Scotland in early September using six sites, five of them CMC sites and I had no difficulty making a booking as they all had availability. The only site I couldn't book was Rountree Park as I could only get two of the three nights I needed. That is not bad going, it will be interesting to see how full the sites are. David
  12. And also not the case with my TomTom with Camper Maps installed. David
  13. I am not sure what you mean by "wealthy enough". How many people on this forum have a caravan costing between £20,000 and £25,000 pulled by a tow car costing between £25,000 and £35,000? I imagine there are quite a few. So in terms of total spend I expect in many cases there is little difference. I do also have a fairly modest small car which I use for day to day transport at home but many caravanners also have a second car something we have never felt the need for. David
  14. Andy Unfortunately I suspect a bit late in the day. Only about 12 days before it is put in place and I don't see any realistic chance of the Government changing its mind. I think the best we can hope of the petition is that it might just start to raise questions on how they do things. It may well seem perfectly logical to them to change the tax format without taking other things into consideration. Being a predominately caravanning forum I can understand that some might not have any empathy, perhaps because they feel that if someone can afford a £40000 motorhome can also afford the extra ongoing costs that this change of law imposes on motorhome owners. That despite the fact that many caravanners will have a car and caravan combination worth in excess of £40000!!! Caravanners are lucky in that they have plenty of choice of tow cars under the magical £40000 figure but motorhomers in reality have very little choice if any as the cost of even the most basic motorhome is unlikely to come in under the magic £40000. The point I am sure I have made before is that anyone buying a £100000 motorhome weighing more than 3500kgs the new rules will not apply and they will still only pay £165 a year road tax. Does anyone really feel that is being even handed? David
  15. It only needs 10000 signatures to get a Government response and its well on the way to that.
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