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  1. It is a complete nonsense that the CMC is trying to censor what you see. They are perfectly clear when you purchase wifi access that it is only designed for emails and general browsing. Things such as streaming are not encouraged as to tackle that they tend to throttle back download speeds to about 1 mb which make sit unsuitable for using YouTube and data hungry applications. David
  2. Could that documentary be made? You really have to go back to first basics. Do European countries feel that are better being independent entities or do they feel that are better off in partnership with their neighbours? You can pick apart any argument with enough negativeness but what people who are so opposed to the EU never do is look at the positives. Love it or hate it the EU is one of the largest trading blocks in the world and any country, not just the UK, would be diminished by leaving. There is much benefit in strength in numbers. The UK has been trying to leave the EU for over three years. Now you can put that down to incompetence by our politicians but the fact that it is very difficult circle to square. There are too many competing interests for a clear leaving plan to come together because of the different factions both within politics and the country. We can't rewrite history but no body can tell me that the UK has not suffered as a result of Brexit and our influence and standing in the world is severely diminished, some would say a laughing stock. The real choice is that you either have a close working relationship with the EU or you completely exit the EU's influence and accept the possible consequences. David
  3. Not entirely to do with Brexit but we haven't been abroad since we returned slightly early to vote in the referendum. We have had a few medical issues, fortunately not too serious but could have caused issues with insurance, that have got in the way of us making plans. My concern is that if we don't go back soon we will just decide to tour in the UK which would sad as we previously managed a couple of long trips a year. Perhaps its me just getting old!!! David
  4. I think I must be thinking of a different service area on the approach to Calais? Looking at the picture above we have moved right round to where the two top red dots are, which is some way from the actual shops, and you still get cars parked there! David
  5. Never stayed there overnight but have stopped during the day and often the problem during the day is cars parked in the caravan bays although I shouldn't think that would be a problem later in the day. It also depends which side of the motorway you are on. Heading towards Calais the site is quite large but I think it smaller of the other side of the road. Check it out on Google Earth. David
  6. Geoff It must have been at least two or three years ago. Basically it was the sort of posts we get here in the Social Room and they often led to arguments and bad feeling and I think Mark felt that it was having a negative affect on the forum overall. The trouble is, I expect, the people that wanted those sort of discussions, even if they contributed elsewhere on the forum, drifted away and as we witnessed a gradual reduction in people posting on the forum to the point it was not worth keeping it going. We have tried to do the same on the Club Together forum which often results in disruption of regular on topic posts unfortunately. David
  7. Sorry I started another thread, this one didn't seem to show up in unread content? I wonder if the lack of animosity was due to Mark and Sonja banning the discussion of more contentious subjects? It seems to me that once that was put in place there was a rapid and permanent decline in the number of posts. I am not for one moment saying they were wrong in doing that but it did seem to have a consequence. As to Touring and Tenting being a business I very much doubt it made any money once hosting costs were taken into account and probably the reason the decision was made to close it. Even from an amateur basis there does have to be some justification for continuing with such a site. Even those of us with our own domains there will be a cost. Unfortunately Touring and Tenting is just one of a long line of caravan forums which have either closed or have no traffic. The advent of Facebook Groups seems to be the "new" thing and even Touring and Tenting are keeping a presence on Facebook. David
  8. It was years ago . You used to be able to go into Windows Explorer and just drag files into the map folder. A really simple system. You could also drag a small .bmp file so the POI's were easy to identify. Apparently TomTom stopped allowing you to add separate .bmp files some time ago so I assume any new POI files need to be dropped into TomTom designated folders?
  9. Just an update. Over the last few days I have used the inbuilt TomTom in my motorhome. Whilst not particularly challenging destinations using just post codes it did preform quite well. I still have the facility to review the destination which is where the problems usually occur. I am not sure I have any POI's loaded but need to investigate. David
  10. I all went wrong with TomTom when they got into dispute with Microsoft and stopped using the FAT32 file system so you could no longer drag and drop files. As discovered by Caravan Chronicles they are terrible to get any sense out of! have found trying to update my current Start 60 quite difficult and although I am a big fan of TomTom I am not sure I would buy another. I have TomTom built in units in both my car and motorhome and tomorrow the motorhome one will be put to a major test so I will reserve judgement for the moment. If I were to replace the Start 60 I am not sure I would go for a Garmin as I have experienced problems with them in the past. The Aguri looks interesting but I wonder who does the mapping? David
  11. We usually have a couple of hundred left over from the previous holiday so tend to leave buying more euro's until we get across the Channel. We use a Clarity Card and pay money into the account a couple of days later using online banking as it saves. We find it the cheapest way to buy euro's. It might depend whether you need the amount mentioned immediately you get there? David
  12. That is interesting as it seems they use the Windows FAT32 file system that TomTom used to use. It obviously deserves a closer look. Thanks. David
  13. Thanks for posting. My old TomTom is still working, it has camper maps added, but it is now about seven years old as does from time to time misbehave! I have never had much luck with Garmin in the past. I would go for a new TomTom if they had a simpler way of adding POI's which they used to have. The Aguri seems interesting, especially as they also have built in dash cams. Do you happen to know how poi's are loaded on this make? David
  14. A few misconceptions there I think but of course if you are looking at it purely from a caravanning perspective there will be! 1) Aren't most tow cars diesel and probably not as economic as a motorhome, depending on size. I got better economy from my 7.5m motorhome than I ever did with my 4X4 tow car. I have recently changed to a smaller motorhome so it will be interesting to see if that is even more economic, can't say yet. 2) You can buy a pretty decent motorhome for £40000. Many of the caravans I now see seem to be between £20/25000 so by the time I buy a big enough car to tow there is not a lot of difference. I perfectly understand that people look at the headline price and think wow but they need to drill down a bit. 3) If you use it for nine months why not use it for 12? We were away at the end of February and had brilliant weather. The year before we had very good weather at the end of January. I appreciate that if you are still working you might want to save time for the warmer months of the year. 4) There are a surprising number of sites in the UK where you can walk to a town or village or use a local bus route. Obviously not as convenient as having a car but you have to balance that against the general easiness of using a motorhome. 5) Apart from having one more engine service each year, or in most cases every two years there is not much in the way of extra cost. I am still not paying as much tax for my small car and motorhome together as I was for my previous tow car. The insurance on the motorhome is similar to what I paid on my caravan. My small car insurance is less than I paid for my 4X4. So not as much as you might think. I am not trying to persuade anyone to change just trying to point out some of the misconceptions often associated with owning a motorhome. David
  15. Here is an alternative site for those wanting to visit Charmouth. About a fifteen minute walk with a good bus service. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/newlands_holidays_park.html David
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