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  1. I have always been at a loss to understand why people, who it seems are able to get a credit card, go for a preloaded card? There are so many difficulties associated with prepaid cards like not being able to use them to pay tolls or automatic pumps. Anyone with a reasonable credit rating should be able to get one of the cards mentioned above with a decent credit limit which solves many of the issue associated with money being reserved whilst the transaction goes through. OK I accept some people seem to want to micro manage their money but unless you are on a tight budget go for the likes of Halifax Clarity. David
  2. I always worry about saucepan sets with removable handles! I understand why they would be attractive where space is limited, like camping, but if not attached correctly could cause a bigger problem than in the kitchen at home. David
  3. We have a ordinary TomTom sat nav with camper maps added and I can say over a period of years it has been really excellent. One aspect I particularly like is the ability to be able to view the destination where the problems usually occur. David
  4. Interested to know how it gets in that sate to begin with? Buy a pump action garden spray with a lance and fill with diluted Fenicks and spray on. Use a long handled brush and then rinse off. Prevention is better than cure so regular washing is the best way of prevention. David
  5. We have stayed at Peterborough Ferry Meadows and fortunately not had any problems. I think the issue with bikes is with those left laying around unsecured. The prospect of having a pump, Aquaroll or Wastemaster stolen I suspect is no greater than any other site. It is interesting that on a couple of sites, Clumber Park and White Water the Club have installed bike security which, to my knowledge, they have not done at Ferry Meadows which would suggest to me that the problem is not as bad in Peterborough? David
  6. Are they creating the new hardstandings from existing grass ones? The reason I ask is that I think they have that site on a pretty short lease, one of the reasons the CMC gave it up. David
  7. We have had stress cracks on one caravan and one motorhome and both were repaired under warranty so can't say how much they cost but all I can say was that a very good job was done. Some dealers contract it out so if you are paying for it perhaps try an go direct to avoid the dealer cut! David
  8. I wonder if it is anything to do with the EU? More probably CENELEC which whilst including EU member states as part of it the are affiliate countries in North Africa and other countries not part of the EU. CENELEC seem to be responsible for the CEE17 standard which covers a variety of plugs and sockets designed for outdoor use. You see them a lot on building sites. I have been using CEE17 blue connectors in the UK for as long as I can remember there being electrical connectors on campsites! If I am right and it is nothing to do with the EU it probably explains why it has not got a wider acceptance on campsites across Europe. Probably another thing to think about is that many sites in Europe use cabinets for their electrical connections, unlike the UK, so the need to a more water proof connection might be considered unnecessary? David
  9. We stayed there many years ago and found it a perfectly pleasant site. David
  10. Perhaps it should be more about what I think As it happens I have no objection, people who use both forums know who I am so I can't see what the fuss is about. Whilst I am here I know a few of you have contacted me via my website. Could I just say that the contact email address has changed slightly, if you have it in your contact list, but the new one is on the website. David
  11. With regards to Lyndhurst the queues can be pretty bad, especially at the weekend. The problem is that you have the road from Southampton and the road from the M27 converge into the one way system. Lyndhurst was meant to have a proper bypass years ago but certain vested interests in the New Forest didn't want it! Brockenhurst should be OK as you turn off before you get into the village. David
  12. Jack Not stayed at either of the sites you mention but have stayed at the TCS site in Morges which is about 14 kms away. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/camping_tcs_LePetitBois.htm It is quite an old review but the pictures might help get a view of the site. David
  13. New posters have their first three post moderated on Club Together. It doesn't show as pending now so someone has cleared the pending flag. It is a bit odd as I am aware that you have made more than three posts. The only thing I can think of is if you have changed your email address which you use for log in? I should also add that only Admin can clear the pending flag not mods. The only people that can see a pending post id the poste, mods and admin. Hope that helps. David
  14. It is a complete nonsense that the CMC is trying to censor what you see. They are perfectly clear when you purchase wifi access that it is only designed for emails and general browsing. Things such as streaming are not encouraged as to tackle that they tend to throttle back download speeds to about 1 mb which make sit unsuitable for using YouTube and data hungry applications. David
  15. Could that documentary be made? You really have to go back to first basics. Do European countries feel that are better being independent entities or do they feel that are better off in partnership with their neighbours? You can pick apart any argument with enough negativeness but what people who are so opposed to the EU never do is look at the positives. Love it or hate it the EU is one of the largest trading blocks in the world and any country, not just the UK, would be diminished by leaving. There is much benefit in strength in numbers. The UK has been trying to leave the EU for over three years. Now you can put that down to incompetence by our politicians but the fact that it is very difficult circle to square. There are too many competing interests for a clear leaving plan to come together because of the different factions both within politics and the country. We can't rewrite history but no body can tell me that the UK has not suffered as a result of Brexit and our influence and standing in the world is severely diminished, some would say a laughing stock. The real choice is that you either have a close working relationship with the EU or you completely exit the EU's influence and accept the possible consequences. David
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