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  1. Why don't they let the ten pitches as non electric pitches at a lower charge? Plenty of motorhomers who would be prepared to use them. David
  2. We have certainly found that as well but we have not put it to the test for the last couple of years so things may have changed. On balance I think I prefer the joined up policy that is offered by Red Pennant for ease of mind. David
  3. Not an opinion from my point if view, I see it as a fact. David
  4. We are members of both although much longer with the CMC than the C&CC. A good C&CC site is the equal of a CMC site but the problem is that where as the CMC sites are consistently good that can't be said for the C&CC. Two things that tend to let the C&CC down is the general quality of their toilet/shower facilities which with a few exceptions don't match those of the CMC and also their hardstanding pitches are quite small in comparison to the CMC. Having said that the C&CC have some sites in locations we want to visit so worth being members especially as I can book a hardstanding. David
  5. I wonder if its the Mittenwald via Seefeld section that is the problem. I would think that the road south of Seefeld down to the Inn Valley might be more of an issue. I have driven up it solo and it is quite steep and twisty. Might be worth a Google to see if there are any videos of that stretch of road, there usually are. David
  6. We have been to both. I think Le Paradis is the more professional of the two sites in terms of facilities in fact I think the site has added an indoor pool since we were there. Port de Limeuil is a bit more rustic but none the less still a lovely campsite. Both sites have river frontages but I thought Port de Limeuil was a bit more accessible as it has a shingle beach, see picture below. It has another advantage in that you can walk into the village on the other side of the village. Perhaps not for young children but the Les Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil at the top of the village makes a nice excursion. It is possible that Le Paradis might attract more children, it also has a very nice restaurant. I somehow doubt you would be disappointed with either. David
  7. I have always exchanged mine at Homebase. The price often depends on any offers in place at the time of exchange, few and far between these days! However at list price BP has always been a bit more expensive per kg than Calor but you have to balance against the option of a larger lightweight bottle. David
  8. There does seem to be a shortage of non experienced people asking questions about going abroad this year. There will be those that come what may will continue to travel in Europe but I suspect there are many who, whether justified or not, are concerned about what might happen. Personally we have decided against going at our normal time of May/June to give us time to see how things pan out. If we are any further forward by early summer we will weigh up whether we decide to travel in late August. I expect many people are doing the same. We have travelled to Europe for many years so it will be no hardship to travel in the UK until things are sorted out. David
  9. We, are of course, a long way from being out of the EU. Assuming some sort of deal is reached the rules will stay much the same for the next 2/5 years so I don't see the need to change anything yet. Obviously if we crash out that might be a different matter but I can't really see local police (Spanish accepted) really being interested. Is the UK Government going to insist that all EU cars have separate country identifiers rather than accept the standard EU plate? David
  10. Reading various forums the Post Office is onto a nice little earner with all these £5.50's. Any chance of a refund if they are not required David
  11. Lutz Re your last paragraph. I am also puzzled why there should be a need for anything other than the standard EU photocard licence that we currently use. As far as I know it is a standard layout Europe wide and the police in any EU country are likely to be more familiar with the current licence than any IDP? I appreciate the UK Government has to be seen to be doing something just in case we leave the EU without a deal at the end of March but I despair the lack of joined up thought. David
  12. If you are only going to use the TV on mains it makes no sense to by one designed for caravan/motorhome use. Having said that I have not seen so many full HD TV's in smaller sizes, perhaps that situation is changing. On the other hand if you want to use it on 12v and want one with a built in satellite receiver then probably worth looking at Avtex/Cello ranges. David
  13. Val Does this mean that Camping Cheques (electronic) are more or less dead and buried as a discount form in Europe or can you still add money to your gold or silver card? David
  14. Is this not the second card recently with overseas perks to close recently? David
  15. I think what we have to accept is that caravan/motorhome manufacturers try to appeal to the widest customer base with their various models. Even if 10% of customers preferred not to have showers it leaves 90% wanting them even if they don't use them. At some point we have to sell/trade in our leisure vehicle and even if you have no use for a shower the thought is bound to cross your mind that you would be restricting the opportunities for selling it on. I do wonder if people who suggest these things are not included in their chosen LV ever think about the resell value. Try selling a house without a bathroom!!! David
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