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  1. Probably a difficult question to answer. I have had two Peugeot based motorhomes and economy varies between 25 and 30 mpg. The motorhome mentioned is quite compact although it seems to have an overcab design which might not help aerodynamically but the engine will be well run in so you may get even better economy? David
  2. As Steve says up thread the Club do have sanctions in place to punish members who no show. They tend to take a much harder stance against those that are no shows as opposed to those that cancel late, ie within 72 hours of arriving on site. There will be extreme circumstances where it might not be possible to inform the site but these would by their nature be pretty rare and I would have thought just one no show a week at a site into put into that category would be a lot, not 21. I think we can take it as read that the Club will contact all no shows and if it happens a second time I am not su
  3. I think I would argue with that point. Lets us put COVID to one side as that has clearly interrupted lots of plans and hopefully things will get back to normal so I don't think one should put restrictions as result of COVID for suggesting bus services won't be available in normal times. Especially as the Government has indicated that it wants to invest in bus services, although we will have to see how that works out in reality. We have been on many sites with local bus services, sometimes they are very frequent but at other times not so. I reckon we can manage perfectly well with
  4. We changed to a motorhome after 30 years of caravanning and that was 8 years ago. Can't say we have any regrets. There are a surprising number of campsites in the UK which are close to towns, villages, attractions where you can either walk or hop on a bus. In some previous discussion on this very subject some seem to have an aversion to using public transport but we find it a useful option, especially with our bus passes The idea of having a motorhome had been knocking around even at the time we purchased our last caravan. A major factor for us is that a motorhome is much more rel
  5. I have just fitted a Fiamma Bike Rack to my Bailey Alliance 66-2 motorhome. I have recorded the process here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/fiamma_bike_rack.html just in case it is of use to others. David
  6. I am now on my second Bailey motorhome in 8 years. Nothing wrong with build quality in my view, my Alliance seems to be quite nicely put together. When Bailey announced they were going to build on the Ford platform and only offer automatic gearboxes I was quite excited as I would much prefer to have an auto box. Unfortunately they decided to chase the Continental design with the Adamo which is not what we want. My biggest concern with the Adamo range is the very low payloads especially as they have four seat belts and only allow 75 kgs for the driver, other passengers come out of
  7. Gordon It was Edinburgh where I saw the collection of RV's. I have just had a look at the site book and it says lengths up to 11.6 mts which would more than cover your RV? Just had a look through the first couple of sections of the site directory and the majority average is 8/9 metres although there are the odd ones here and there that offer a long length. It is possible that even those with a longer length allowed might need you to ring ahead? David
  8. Gordon Why exactly is your unit unacceptable? I have seen units of that size on other CMC sites, i fact when we were at the Edinburgh site there were about a dozen of them. David
  9. Good to see that it is another site owned by the Club. Many of the leased sites are disappearing, Baltic Wharf and Bladon Chains this year, although Baltic Wharf might survive a little longer as the Council are not yet ready to develop. David
  10. I always think of Data Protection as protection of data held on a computer. It would be difficult for some CL's to operate without doing what you have noted as the owners are not always on hand to personally give you the information. Now I suppose they could email the information to you but given that not all CL owners and certainly some of their customers are tech savvy that might not work. On the point about public display surely it is only on display to those using the CL rather than being in the full public domain? What might be a better way of doing it would be to have the information in
  11. Andrew Ditton does some very good YouTube videos on some of the Scottish Islands with quite a lot if comprehensive information. David
  12. Looks good. Clear and simple, always the best way to have impact. David
  13. When I had a caravan I purchased a couple of steel wheels rims and put either cheap tyres or old caravan tyres on and used to change the for the proper caravan wheels over winter. I kept the touring wheels in the garage suspended on their sides (paint tins). Previously when I had a smaller caravan I would put it on axle stands, easier to do at home than in storage. David
  14. I just wonder if those motorhomers that contribute to this forum have previously been caravanners, I imagine many have? As I said previously motorhomers who have previously not been members of Caravan Talk are unlikely to join because not unreasonably they think it is just a caravan forum so they will take it at face value. There was a lot of negativeness when the Caravan Club decided to change its name to the Caravan and Motorhome Club, mainly from caravanners of course! If are serious about being inclusive I think we have to change the name. David
  15. We have had an Avtex TV combi in the motorhome for a number of years and been really pleased with it. We purchase one with a satellite tuner so we could use it with our then automatic satellite dish. If you use it with an Avtex portable aerial the co-ax connector also feeds power to the built in signal amplifier. Don't have any problem with the sound but then it is in a rather confined space compared with a room at home. David
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