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  1. Here are a couple we have stayed at in recent years. http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/camping_bella_italia.htm and http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/camping_cisano.html Both will be busy at certain times, best to avoid the German school holidays in May as the Germans flood to Lake Garda at these times. On Belle Italia has serviced pitches as far as I know. David
  2. klyne

    Red Pennant Quote

    So it seems the high prices for people over 80 are not because they provide the insurers with more difficulty, it is just a discouragement and profit making? Have the Club chosen the correct underwriters? I would like the Government to force insurance companies to justify high prices by producing actual evidence that certain risks justify higher premiums. Don't suppose it will happen|! David
  3. klyne

    CMC bookings

    Depends how you look at it or not as the case maybe. I doubt I look at the site directory more than half a dozen times a year, most of my research and all of my bookings are online where I can also see the price information so I don't need a separate price list. I suppose the question is, how many members do the same as me? If it is the case that the majority seem happy to check prices and book online it would be a waste not only of money but also harm the environment if they sent a price list to everyone. I assume the Club know how many people book on line and how many request the price list (it is downloadable BTW) and have reached the conclusion that not sufficient people request it to make it worthwhile sending to each member? Life is changing, and at a rate many of use would like to slow down!!! The future is the internet. David
  4. klyne

    Red Pennant Quote

    That was exactly as I found Nationwide. Last time I checked they wanted to add £250 for medical conditions which given that it only covered personal insurance when I needed breakdown cover as well all seemed a bit pointless. So much for free insurance!!! David
  5. klyne

    Sandringham CMC Site

    No fully services pitches at Sandringham. David
  6. klyne

    Camping & Caravanning Club

    Just so that we are clear what expertise do you have in rebranding products/organisations, especially on the scale of something the size of the CMC? David
  7. klyne

    Calor Lite & Flogas Gaslight

    No, it uses a clamp type regulator which I feel in inferior to the Calor connection having used both. Just my view. David
  8. klyne

    CMC bookings

    The Club have never been keen to give information on cancellations outside of the 72 cut off point. As it stands at the moment any member can cancel up to 72 hours before arrival on site and that is perfectly within the rules. I suppose the Club don't collect those stats from booking to the 72 hour cut off point, although I suspect it wouldn't be too hard to find. The current rules have worked OK for me as I have often been able to pick up on a cancelled booking as I tend to book not long before I go. David
  9. Perhaps being a caravanner you are not up to date with the common vernacular. As far as I know all manufacturers called them Motorhomes. We don't have a Practical Motor Caravan magazine but we do have a Practical Motorhome magazine. Likewise all magazine devoted to motorhomes have that term in their title. Those of us that have them tend to also call them motorhomes and occasionally a camper van but never a motor caravan!!! As to how the Caravan and Motorhome Club should be referred as I favour the CMC but do find myself in an unguarded moment still calling it the CC!!! David
  10. klyne


    Ian I don't know what site you used but of the three sites nearest to Paris only one of them gets reasonable reviews. The other two have a whole series of terrible reviews and they are still there. On the broader issue of UK reviews mentioned up thread. I am not aware of site reviews being pulled unless someone really lays into the site staff. The club has a duty of care towards its staff. If anyone staying site has a really bad experience with a member of staff a review (which is principally about the site) is not the place to vent your feeling, this has to be done directly to the Club where it can be investigated and both sides of the disagreement taken into account. David
  11. klyne

    Tethering or Mifi

    I tend only to use my phone as a wifi access point if I can't get site wifi. I have a 4 gb data allowance per month and that is usually more than enough. The only advice if doing that and using a Windows laptop is make sure you set the connection to a metered one so it restricts the amount of download, like updates, so that you keep data usage in check. David
  12. klyne

    I need your support

    I suppose our average stay is 3/4 nights and sometimes 7 nights. Even when I had a caravan I rarely stayed two weeks in one place! David
  13. klyne

    I need your support

    After 30 odd years of having various caravans we changed to a motorhome six years ago and enjoy the way of life. It keeps me fitter than having a caravan despite having a seriously dodgy knee! It is not for everyone and a change not to be done on a whim. We thought long and hard before making the change. Funnily enough today we have just placed an order for a new motorhome so I suppose we have to be committed to the way of life which we find much simpler and less stress inducing than a caravan despite having towed over 80000 miles! Anyone thinking of making the change I am more than happy to discuss via PM if required. David
  14. klyne

    My new blogsite

    I don't know if its part of the transition from one site to another but have you thought about incorporating the photographs within the text rather than a separate page of photographs? I wonder if the photos and text would benefit from a closer association? David
  15. klyne

    Haycraft Caravan Club Site

    We stayed there earlier in the year. Pleasant enough site but no better than most CMC sites in my view. It was handy for us because there is a bus stop right outside the gates into Poole. Site report and pictures here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/south_lytchett_manor.html David