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  1. They probably need to enlist the help of an experienced Planning Consultancy. Some Planning Departments recommend rejection for flimsy reasons which can sometimes be successfully challenged. Sometimes planning decisions are made for political reasons such as objections by locals. That is a bit more difficult as of course its difficult to provide evidence that the campsite will provide much employment and a bit tenuous to prove what the financial benefits will be local area which might over ride the objections. David
  2. Many years ago we drove from Port Grimaud to Calais with one overnight stop en route, the second night was at Gandspette and we crossed to the UK the next morning. Not sure if that counts as two stops or one? That was when we were at work but wouldn't do it now. The route we took was straight down the middle of France via Lyon, obviously from Caen you will be using a different route. David
  3. We had two Sorento's a 56 plate which was the original configuration with SLS and 59 plate which was the upgrade model with more powerful engine but no SLS. I agree with the consensus that the Sorento without the SLS was no where near as stable as the one with and that seems true through to this day. If its not an option to change cars I would second the suggestion of adding MAD springs. I used them on a previous (non 4X4) car very successfully. David
  4. Always sad when hear such news. I suppose on the bright side it is a relatively small number of people involved. It will be interesting to see the end of year NCC figures for sales of caravans and motorhomes. It just seems there is a lot of uncertainty around at the moment that might impact on our hobby and its not just from one source. David
  5. We stayed here in 2013 http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/camping_le_marqueval.html You can cycle down to the beach as the site is nearby. This was not our intended campsite as we had originally thought we would stay at La Source, particularly as Moorgate suggests it has a lot of good reviews. Unfortunately the owner and I did not hit it off, bit surprising as I consider myself quite hail fellow well met sort of person. Marqueval is a much nicer site in my view and a lot easier to access than La Source. Obviously lots of people go to La Source and find it quite nice but that was not my experience! David
  6. I am unfamiliar with the control panel illustrate but if its anything like the latest Truma control panels it means the water is heating up when its flashing and at temperature if its not. David
  7. Nice little site. We styed there earlier in the year. Some photographs here http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/cherry_tree_cottage_caravan_site.html
  8. The 180 days cover was the major selling point but the new rules seem to not make it worth considering. Doesn't even cover a fairly standard two week holiday with a couple of days bolted on!!!
  9. Generally if you have a stable medical condition with no changes in medication within the last two weeks Red Pennant will accept you, usually at no extra cost. However there are a few areas of difficulty. Blood thinning medication which require regular blood tests might not be accepted. Diabetics who take insulin where the dose varies from injection to injection may experience problems. The simplicity of the system is also its worst enemy!!! David
  10. klyne

    Dartford Crossing

    I wonder why a company that takes payments by card needs to issue refunds by cheque? It depends on how you pay. If you add money on an ad hoc basis they won't keep records of card numbers.
  11. klyne

    Dartford Crossing

    I was recently informed by the Dart Crossing that my account had been inactive and would be closed if not used in the next 90 days. As I am unlikely to make as much use of it as I once did I emailed them to ask for options. The long and the short of it was that I agreed to the account being closed and they agreed to send me a cheque for the balance I had on the account. It did take a while for the cheque to arrive but it now has and been paid into the bank. No other charges as far as I am concerned. David
  12. Frazer It's something I have mentioned before on different forums. We qualify for supposedly free insurance cover with Nationwide but when I last went through the screening process they wanted to charge £255 for 31 days annual cover. If I had wanted to extend that over a longer period it would have cost more as well. I concluded in the end that Red Pennant was better value. We have not been abroad for a few years so I don't know what the currant situation but I doubt its any better! David
  13. Facebook has 28 million users in Germany, in the UK (third smaller population) 36 million users. Do you or your family use other forms of social media? I think the problem here in the UK is that Facebook is easier to use on your Smart Phone and people don't seem to want to spend the time on a "proper forum". This is unfortunate as something like Caravan Talk is easy to follow if you want to look back where as Facebook is more read and forget. People who use Facebook, in terms of our hobby, tend to want instant answers and 24 hours later the posts are buried by a whole load of other posts. I don't know about other people who publish their own hobby related websites and blogs whether they have noticed a drop off in readers but certainly my own Caravantravels doesn't get the hits it once did and yet if I post a link on Facebook suddenly dozens of extra hits. So in the scheme of things Facebook is pretty important whether we like it or not! David
  14. My TomTom with Camper Maps added has been pretty reliable both in the UK and in Europe. Unfortunately I am a bit reluctant to invest in a more up to date model because TomTom no longer make it easy to add extra POI's as a separate category. Reading the Aguri website they seem to be able to be added by drag and drop like you could with the older TomTom's. My new motorhome has a built in TomTom, which whilst not perfect is generally OK other than not being able to add extra POI's. David
  15. I did notice on the Aguri website that adding extra POI's was achieved by simply a drag and drop process just like the older TomTom until they gave up using FAT32. I couldn't quite work out if they allowed to also to add an image file to make it easier to identify the different POI categories? David
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