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  1. You are a bit short on detail. What tier etc. Personally can't see they are doing anyone any harm compared to say the crowds in Cardiff shopping area yesterday? David
  2. The C&CC don't have site plans as you are not able to select your own pitch beyond expressing preferences. Much easier with the CMC. David
  3. I look in on Motorhome Talk every day and posts tend to go in waves. I suspect that in current times, unless you have previously been a caravanner and used forums like Caravan Talk many go straight to Social Media. I own a Bailey Motorhome and there is a very good dedicated Facebook group where you can often find information. Unless you have a large membership you won't get the same level of available information. Because we don't get the "Social Club" type posts on Motorhome Talk it can seem quiet but if you look at the total posts ince the forum started there are a surprising number!
  4. This is not a new idea, it was originally proposed by the Labour Government in 2007 but quietly put to one side because people didn't like the idea! It probably stands a better chance this time round because as several of you have explained the future demise of petrol and diesel cars in the relatively near future would mean a funding gap regardless of COVID. It would be much more difficult to tax electricity because of how we use it for other things. Personally I think taxing by use is could be a good option. The charge you pay could depend on the time of day you use the roads so it could aid
  5. Go Outdoors also sell it by the roll as do some caravan accessory stores. We use it in our motorhome and at home in the shower. It seems to survive quite well in the washing machine as well! David
  6. But there is only an overnight ban. It seems that motorhomes are still allowed to park during the day which is good. I am not quite sure what has been achieved? The people that may look out on the parking are still likely to see motorhomes parked in their sight line?
  7. Have you thought about posting this in Motorhome Talk our sister forum? I have a Bailey Alliance 66-2 but got my dealer to fit a Vision Plus camera which is quite good. I think all Bailey's are wired in for a rear camera. I use the built in TomTom sat nav. You have to keep an eye on it as it often wants to take you down short cuts but otherwise not too bad. David
  8. Have you established how old it is? I remember selling one years ago and got almost as much as I paid for it which was about £300. If its getting on a bit I would offer £100. David
  9. I suppose we all enjoy different things but for me being on a large site with only five pitches occupied would seem very strange. Whilst I might enjoy the better weather you could be having I think I have ingrained in my mind reminders of previous holidays without restrictions which has made me think is it really worth it. We have been away a couple of times in the UK and have one more planned. We were away last week and we did enjoy the change of scenery but four nights away was enough. We will just have to hope that we can get back to somewhere near normal next year, the trouble is we won't
  10. I am sure there are many mixed emotions about our hobby at the current time. There will always be those that say sod it I am doing what I want to do regardless. There will be those say they still want to go away but will be more cautious where they decide to go. Others that might be very tentative about it and perhaps just try a couple of trips and those who decide that the van stays firmly where it is until there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Who is to say anyone of those views is wrong, we shouldn't judge others by what we decide to do ourselves. I appreciate as you get older it
  11. The problem with booking via the CMC is that they charge an admin fee to change a crossing which will nullify any savings on the initial booking. I also doubt the CMC will be available at weekends to actually change the bookings so even more restrictive! If you book direct with Eurotunnel (even using Tesco vouchers) you have the option of moving the booking for up to a year at no cost other than having to pay extra if the new crossing is more expensive, unfortunately no refunds if you take a cheaper crossing! It might offer a bit of security if things have not improve by next year. We have cha
  12. Gordon We might assume that it would only apply to "out of hours parking" but to me a Council clamping down on overnight parking might move to the next stage and start preventing day time parking? Because the measures put in place like height barriers will also impact on day time parking. If a Council feels that the use of regular parking can't be used for overnight stays that is up to them and they need to put measures in place to prevent it. On the other hand I would encourage them to take a different view. Whilst I am happy to stay on campsites for some motorhomers campsites d
  13. Far better than Councils having a one sided view of things that they have a more pragmatic approach to motorhomes so they have local authority wide strategic plan. I appreciate that this is a predominately a caravan forum so perhaps we should not expect too much understanding or sympathy but even caravanners need to think about this a little as who knows some may at some stage in the future change to be motorhomers. As a motorhomer I always stay overnight on campsites but may wish to go out during the day to visit places which I can't reach by walking or public transport. If the attitude to
  14. There is an alternative way round this and that is for local authorities to embrace motorhome parking. Most car parks are empty at night so why not introduce and over night fee. This would go most of the way to meeting the cost of extra rubbish collections and providing water and waste provision, especially if there happen to be public toilets nearby. Once that is done they can then clamp down on areas where they don't want people to park. A motorhome is a registered vehicle and as such is entitled to use roads and car parks unless other restrictions are in place. If so called wild camping tak
  15. It could be that some, older, touring caravanners have decided that they would prefer to have a static as to them it seems safer than touring, they can form their own bubble? David
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