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  1. I think there tends to be two problems on Continental sites which make it difficult for both caravans (without movers) and larger motorhomes, and really there is no difference if a caravan has to be reversed onto a pitch, in fact they are probably longer that 95% of motorhomes. Firstly the sites roads tend to be rather narrow and secondly the parking of cars adjacent to the road, usually to within an inch of the delineation between pitch and road, tends to make it difficult. In the UK we are used to cars being parked alongside of the caravan so they tend not to get in the way of vehicles reversing. David
  2. We had it fitted when BG installed our new boiler back earlier in the year. I am quite impressed with it. It does need to be connected to the internet. You can still set it like a normal thermostat but you have additional functions. I find using the App on my phone the easiest way of setting things. When we were away recently, having lowered all the temperatures whilst we were away, I was not only able to check the system when I was away but on the morning we left for home I was able to return it to normal temperature range so the house was warm when we got home. If its coupled with a Combi Boiler you can still turn the mains water off should you wish as its a seal system which does not require regular topping up from the mains. David
  3. You quoted £50000 including VAT but did you realise that the VAT comes to nearly £9000 so £410000 of which £7000 will be profit margin (for the retailer) so we are now down to £34000 so even at your reduced price of £17000 this leaves approx. £17000 for the conversion which includes a profit margin for the converter, no idea how much that would be but we are actually probably talking about £15000 as the cost of conversion and by the time you take out the cost of all the equipment, (a fridge will cost between £600 to £1000) I am not sure its an unreasonable figure. There is an added difficulty in converting a van as all the furniture has to be fitted within the shell where as a caravan or a coachbuilt motorhome it is added to the floor before the sides and roof are added which is much easier.
  4. OK I can see that it does not suit your argument but quite frankly you are talking nonsense. Firstly you insist on only looking at Ford vans which whilst they are used for conversions the first illustration would very much be considered a very small motorhome and the second illustration is of a campervan not a motorhome. And yet again you are not factoring in profit margin and VAT. You can buy a basic, but perfectly functional van conversion based on a Fiat or Peugeot for £40000, if you want a better spec then of course it will cost more.
  5. Just come back from the CMC site at Sandringham. Perfectly nice site with virtually all hardstandings. No idea if they do anything for Christmas beyond perhaps sherry and mince pies!!! I would have thought the CMC Seacroft site would have been a better bet as they have a restaurant/bar. David
  6. Most van conversions are based on Fiat or Peugeot base vehicle and both manufacturers (as I understand it) produce different shell vans suitable for conversion to motorhomes so I expect the cost might be slightly more than the £20000 you quote. Even assuming your figure of £20000 is correct what you are ignoring is the profit margin and VAT. Let us assume your figure for a base vehicle is correct. How much does it then cost to convert it into a motorhome. Would you accept that £15000 might be about right for a conversion figure? If you do then that brings us to £350000. We need then to add a profit margin of perhaps 15 % (which I feel is a bit on the low side) which adds a further £5250 to that figure and then of course we have to add VAT at 20% which brings the total to £48300. Which ever way you play with the figures you are still going to end up with a price of between £40000 and £50000. A caravan or coach built motorhome is easier to build as they are built up from the floor. I would be interested in your alternative figures. David
  7. Might I suggest you have a look at the cost of buying the base vehicle? OK so converters will get them cheaper than the general public but on a basic van conversion I would expect the base vehicle to account for about half the cost. I am not sure what the expected profit margins are on caravans or motorhomes but I would imagine that they would be between 10 and 20% then you have to add VAT so to me it is quite easy to see why they cost what they do. Ironically coachbuilt motorhomes are often the same price or cheaper than van conversions because the manufacturers only buy in the cab and front axle. David
  8. If you right click on the photo and select open in new tab it does provide a slightly larger version but I think you would still struggle to see all of the print. Better to go to the website listed on the bottom of the picture? Bandwidth? That is a bit of an old fashioned concept given that most people either have fibre or no download limits or both
  9. We have been the Chatsworth at Christmas several times and always enjoy it. However we only been to the Christmas Market once a couple of years ago but still staying at the CMC site. I am not sure (knowing what I now know!) that I would make a special trip to it unless I was also combining it with a visit to the Big House which always has a special Christmas theme and in my view more interesting than the market David
  10. I have the Venga 1.6 petrol auto so basically the same car but different engine and transmission. Don't tow with it as I have motorhome. It is a brilliant design of car especially for anyone with knee/hip/back problems. Unfortunately the range is now discontinued, not sure about the Hyundai version. Manufacturers all seem to be moving towards small SUV's rather than MPV's David
  11. On our previous motorhome we had an 85 cms dish and we got all normal UK programmes as far south as Carcassonne. A 60 cms dish would be pushing it much further south than the Loire Valley. There are always exceptions as weather conditions can impact on the signal both ways. You can use iPlayer abroad but you have to mask your IP address so it thinks you are in the UK. David
  12. I can only imagine that you have never been to this site? Firstly its called Cayton Village! The current site is pretty awful. How far do you want to walk to empty the loo ? The site was previously set up for mainly seasonal campers but the Club will be turning it into a touring site. We stayed there earlier in the year and look forward to returning once the Club have made the improvements.
  13. The usual reason for a rebrand is to reinforce a point of difference with it's competitors. I am sure you are not alone in still referring to Waitrose as Waitrose as many will with the CMC who will still call it the Caravan Club, including me sometimes!!! However the change in either case is not aimed at you and I. Waitrose, and John Lewis for that matter, is an employee owned company and that is their point of difference compared to its competitors. It is a way of confirming to the people that work there that they are stake holders in the business. I am sure it goes over the heads of most people but changing the name more closely aligns it with its business philosophy. In a way the CC adding motorhome to its name is making that point of difference.
  14. Have you been on a CMC recently? There are plenty of motorhomes using Club sites, certainly enough to give them equal billing in the name. The growth in the market is in motorhomes so it has to be embraced.
  15. The results are nothing to do with the rebrand, I understand it was to do with a change in how they arrange their insurance services which has taken a one off hit this year. The site network often doesn't make a massive profit and has been in deficit before. Rising costs such as wages and one weather events can have a negative effect on figures. The rebrand was done in order to acknowledge the increasing significance of motorhomes whose sales have increase considerably in recent years. Those that buy a motorhome, as a first leisure vehicle, as opposed to changing from a caravan, had little idea of what the Caravan Club was and many probably thought it was only for caravanners so including the word motorhome in the name was a logical step forward. I appreciate this is a predominately a caravan forum but I would suggest that people take a wider view of our hobby as its in the interest of both caravanner and motorhomers that it continues to survive and grow in all our interests? As to the comment about the rebrand not lasting long on the CMC Club Together Forum I can assure that poster that it went on for hundreds of posts ad infinitum and in the course of the discussion it didn't always show the many posters in the best light! David
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