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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Marcus, Have a look at Two Mills which is not particularly close to the sea, being approx 2 miles south of North Walsham. But it's adults only, superb showers, toilets, satellite TV available for hire, some fully serviced pitches and one of the nicest sites we have ever stayed at. They have a website at www. twomills. co. uk Regards, Ifor
  3. Just an update for those kind people who answered my plea for suggestions for a CL or CS in the Peak District. As posted earlier, we booked six nights at the C&CC site at Bakewell, actually Youlgreave. Nice and quiet - no showers or toilets but that suits us as we always use the facilities in the van even if the site has a shower block. The approach to the site through Youlgreave village is a bit hair raising but we managed OK. That was last week, and we have now moved to the CL recommended by Matthew, Farfield Farm which is really nice. Magnificent views and I can logon to Caravan Talk in the van using my Vodafone 'dongle'. At Youlgreave, it was necessary to trudge right to the top of the site to get a signal, and as it rained most of the time we seldom bothered. Last night we drove about a mile to "The Poachers Arms" and had an excellent meal - highly recommended. We also drove around and checked out some of the other suggestions. The Peak District is really nice and I'm sure we will be back here soon. Thanks to all who offered their suggestions.
  4. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. We have booked a week at the C&CC site near Bakewell and will have a look at some of the other suggestions for our second week in the area. Thanks again.
  5. We have never been to the Peak District but would like to spend a couple of weeks there in July this year. Has anyone any CLs or CSs to recommend? We would like EHU but don't need any more facilities than that.
  6. Ifor

    Autumn weekend in Suffolk

    Brighthouse Farm
  7. I cannot say if they have any spaces, but try Beckenham Storage Ltd (no, its not in Beckenham) at Otterham Creek Boatyard, Otterham Quay Lane, Rainham, Kent, ME8 8NA Telephone 01634 3646000 Good Luck, Ifor
  8. I'm probably missing something here, but what is the advantage of these oil-filled radiators over leaving the standard Truma heater on mains/500W overnight?
  9. Hi Kathryn, We bought a Sterling Elite Searcher just before last Christmas - this is the equivalent Swift group model (different colour trim, that's all) although our layout is equivalent to the Abbey Spectrum 540, that's with the rear washroom. We had one or two niggling faults in the first couple of months but our dealer rectified these without any argument. The water pump on the internal tank suddenly became very noisy (replaced), and the igntion system on the gas cooker failed (fixed) Since then, we have been very satisfied with the general quality, and enjoy the luxury of a fixed bed. Regards, Ifor
  10. I have had my Kia Sorento 2. 5 diesel XS manual for just about 18 months, and have done 25,000 miles. It has been faultless throughout and tows my big twin-axle van (Sterling Eccles Elite Searcher) as if its not there! Fuel consumption typically just below 30 mpg, just over o na longer run, without the van. I would recommend it to anyone, especially for towing. Regards Ifor
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