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  1. I picked up a replacement bottle recently and when I picked it up to put it in the car I asked the guy can I have a full one not an half empty one.....he was a bit surprised but did apologize and replace it again.
  2. Not sure if this will help but I know what you mean about little information out there for tackling this job.
  3. That will be helpful if you do I'm there in August 😃
  4. The fitting caps are easy just go to your DIY shop and get them white plastic screw caps and cut the top bit off and use that, they fit perfectly and a lot easier to remove than the original plug that was used.
  5. I had to replace these on my old Bessacarr I just rang my local dealer which happens to be Glossop caravans and they took 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and Glossop caravans didn't charge me anything for them.
  6. Can't help you with the part number but these lights were also used on motorhomes at the time. Maybe a motorhome dealer could help. I had a Bessacarr caravan and the lights did suffer badly with condensation.
  7. That post is a few years old now and I've not heard of that before.....just hope my window doesn't go with a bang.
  8. With 32psi I think your on 18" wheels I'm on 19" wheels at 35 psi. I tend to get sway if the noseweight is under 95kg to the point where it uncomfortable. I knew my caravan was never overloaded so i played around with the nose weight and 95kg seems far better than anything less......it will still sway if big or fast vehicles pass that's normal.
  9. I had tow hitch that wouldn't un-hitch on my previous van and it wasn't the pads that where sticking to tow ball. Took the hitch off the van (which I didn't need too) found it was the catch that locks it to the tow ball was sticking on, even when you lifted the handle up it wouldn't release. The fix was to oil the pin where the catch hinges.
  10. I was going to post something similar having just removed my front blind where the cord had came out with a small spring on the end of it and It was guesswork how it reconnected back in without taking the other side apart and I'm not sure if I fitted back right due it being so fiddly.....but it seems to have loads of tension now.
  11. Not with sky or EE but I have sim only unlimited dater. I buy a sim free phone then get a sim only contact, this saves you about 100 to £200 on a 2 year contract but having the unlimited dater let's me watch Netflix when away.
  12. Haven't got an Lidi near me but, do Aldi do the equivalent.
  13. Mine doing the same. I rang isabella before lockdown and it's £120 There is a tent valeting in Bolton which from their web site will do the same for half that.
  14. It just happens that someone has just done a video on this.
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