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  1. What a great idea and it's something that's well over due....hope it takes off unfortunately I don't do Facebook.
  2. hinchy

    LED lights

    Thanks ad210358 it's on my things to do list now.
  3. hinchy

    LED lights

    Your right ad210358 all the lights work as they should but as you say no trailer indicator showing and the reversing sensors don't shut off.
  4. I fitted them to my last van and can't say or I couldn't notice any difference in towing but, I'd soon have them on.
  5. hinchy

    Freelander 2?

    On my 2nd FL2 since 2007........ current car HSE lux sd 190 auto. just can't fault it and from what I have read it's been land rover most reliable car.
  6. hinchy

    LED lights

    Hi again Took the car to the dealers this morning and with a really helpful guy from the workshop plugged the car into the caravan and worked all the lights and with no issues so no VLM unit needed. Thanks again for the replies.
  7. hinchy

    LED lights

    Thanks for the replies guys I'll try and get back to the dealers .....that would the easiest thing to do. Cheers Hinchy
  8. hinchy

    LED lights

    The car is a 2014 Freelander 2 and the caravan will be a swift Elegance 580.
  9. hinchy

    LED lights

    Hi all I'm just after some information. I've finally changing my van...Picking it up in 2 weeks. The new van to me has LED rear lights and was wondering would this give problems with the car detecting the indicators working. At the moment a trailer logo flashes up on the dash when indicators are working or am I worrying over nothing. I will have to use a twin 7 pin to 13 pin plug adapter for a short time till I get the plugs changed on the car. Many thanks Hinchy
  10. Thanks everyone I'll think I will stick with going for grp sides on my next purchase, due to having to many dents repair in the pasted and only one dent done by me (awning pole oops)
  11. Hi all Looking for some help here in deciding what new to me van to get later this year.....The coachman is the favorite at the moment but they have a one piece aluminium side panels unlike others who are using GRP side. Having only had a van with aluminium side panels and had many a repair done this is slightly putting me off.
  12. Had my 2005 Bessacarr since 2007 its had its issues and had plenty of use but,I get a bit desponded each time I go viewing new vans. The price isn't so much an issue but the thought of the build quality or lack of it in some cases I'm sort of thinking it better the devil you know.
  13. Once you get the hang of it you'll be fine. The mistakes you made are what most have done, even after many years of caravanning.
  14. Can anyone enlighten me in what heavy duty corner steadies have over standard steadies. I've had vans with both types all single axles. I know the obvious answer would be for heavier vans but they do fit standard steadies to heavier vans than mine is using.
  15. I advertised my van last year which had damp around the front windows and basically I got sick of people wanting me to give it away for next to nothing so I bit the bullet and had it repaired £2.4k glad I did now. Sounds a lot but still cheaper than buying a new or newer van.
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