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  1. It just seems to be an inconsistency in build quality or lack of it. I don't think manufacturers go out to cut corners or design poor caravans it's all down to the finish build on the shop floor. You can't watch everyone putting the sealant on or screwing the units in and if he or she can't bothered that day then it reflected back on the company which is right. This is where I think its letting the industry down. Not sure how they operate.....is it piece work rushing the job or just lack of training.
  2. The problem with re-sealing is the expense unless your handy. What they do on the RVs and I can remember the trem is more like grouting than re-sealing. If the van is dry the seal is doing it's job.
  3. Check your roof make sure you haven't got a big hole in it....joking apart it probably as mentioned gas build up igniting.
  4. Seen this the other day on YouTube looks the business
  5. My first battery I ever used many years ago to power the motor mover was a car battery and worked fine for years.
  6. I got my tap from leisure sales and the tap came with the pigtails pipes put there was 2 types of fitting for the same tap to choose from, a smooth male fitting which was quick release and a fir tree fitting mine being the smooth type which just plugged in.
  7. I changed my tap last year on my old van. The fittings if memory serves me right is quick-release fittings so you need to pull/push back part of the fitting then this will release the male end.
  8. Touchwood in 25 years of caravanning never had anything go missing and locking the awning would be a waste of time.....apart from a table and chairs and maybe a cool box that pretty much it in the awning.
  9. What caravan are you towing...Does the caravan have LED lights
  10. On my second Freelander 2 HSE LUX 13 plate. Pick it up when it was 12 months old. It was once a lease car at Windsor Castle and it wasn’t the one that Prince Philip was driving when he had his crash. Never get more than 25 mpg when towing. Tow cars before this have mainly been land rovers apart from a Nissan X trail which was a bit under powered but an ok car.
  11. My first job on my new van is to take the spare wheel off and put it under the bed. From passed experience they are a nightmare trying to pull them out at the side of the road and has I've just found out even more difficult when the van has mud flaps. The carrier is now in the shed saving me an extra 5 or 6kg
  12. From my experience with damp vans and repair damp vans only for them to get more damp I would so walk away.
  13. Update to my post, I've just ordered of ebay the grey plug covers for the front grab handles.......Oscarmax there are grab handles on ebay I came across only 1 thou. Mine are going dull but I'll was thinking of getting them wrapped.
  14. I wonder how joe blogs would charge an EV living on a 3rd floor or in a terraced house.
  15. I'm missing 1 screw cover on the grab handle too. I've not tried as of yet to source one but my first port of call would be the dealer. My last van by the dealer manage to get screw cover for the wheel arch.
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