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  1. I added some toilet fluid flush once many years ago...can't remember which one but it end up blocking the pump. Luckily just removing the punp and cleaning it fixed it. Never had a problem since just using fresh water now like I do at home. Chemicals just in the holding tank.
  2. That little door above the door where you empty the toilet is where you fill the flush tank. The wires your seeing will be for the pump.
  3. Couple of videos on YouTube in restoring dull GRP with just using floor polish. Wouldn't want to try it myself thou.
  4. To get my burner fitted in my area I had to buy a certain type burner that conformed to the clean air act..........everything smells even cooking food on an electric oven.
  5. Had a multi burner fitted 5 years ago after the boiler packed in over the winter, Had to wait for parts for over a week so it’s a back up and it’s looks nice. This Global warming I’m not so sure. Is it another hype to get us to pay mores taxes like when petrol emissions was creating a hole in the ozone layer and then we all jumped to diesel. Strange how this hole in the ozone has fixed its self.
  6. Your lucky I had the same problem, but due to circumstances at the time didn’t get around to checking the van for well over 3 months and in that time we had a lot of rain which made a right mess of front interior. This happened over 18 months ago. I managed to get it fixed 2 months ago.......£2400
  7. MalH right come down the A6 then turn of onto the new A555 just before Hazel Grove which takes you passed the airport where you can pick up the M56.
  8. Hi The switch over door is to turn on the external pump to the aqua roll to pump water into the internal tank, making sure you've opened the fill valve first under the front sitting area or it will never fill. As for the light, that's comes on when ever you turn a tap on indicating that the pump is running external or internal pump.
  9. hinchy


    Been looking for a new caravan mainly the Bailey unicorn Valencia or Vigo but something that maybe trivial but I just can't workout why there is a power and aerial socket high up at the door entry on your right, surely he wouldn't mount a TV there plus there's no aerial socket at the front of the van. Not sure if I'm missing something here, even the salesman was a bit confused with it.
  10. Thanks for all your replies I'll get the van service making sure all things work and get an estimate for repairing the leak and take it from there. Hopefully it's not to severe because when I found the leak I bought a cover for the van.
  11. I have had a quote last year but due to family issues never got round to doing anything and the caravan got put on the back burner.
  12. Hi all Looking for some advice from fellow caravnners, I’m looking at selling my caravan and the problem is it has a leak around the front window apart from that the van is in excellent condition. Now do I get it repaired and sell or sell it as it is at a bargain price and let someone else take on the work. The question I’m asking is, would a damp van sell. At the price I am thinking of asking for of even with the repair it still would be a bargain.
  13. It's a water proof carpet that's cut to the same shape as the shower tray, it even has a cut out for the drain. I always taken it out and put onto the floor area in the bathroom, but never seems right (a bit to big for the floor space). I told you it was a daft question.
  14. Maybe I should rephrase it, what do others do with the carpet in their shower. Leave it in or take it out.
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