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  1. The Touareg is on my list of next tow car unless Land Rover sort out their engine issues before I finally decide to buy, I’ll be moving on from the green oval after many years.
  2. I had an issue with the LED lights not the same problem as yours thou put a problem all the same. Fitting a VLM sorted it. Fitted it myself due to the dealer shutting down for lockdown at the time.....took all of 15 minutes to fit.
  3. Not good for a new van but some people except this as the normal. We need to keep pushing back these poor build quality’s.
  4. Theres a couple of videos on YouTube on restoring yellowing plastic back to white using peroxide cream. From experience it does work after restoring a small hand basin but, can say if it works on all plastics.
  5. It gutting when this happens. I've never had one stolen but had one broken into while in storage. Broken window and stole the radio and made a right mess in the van the insurance wouldn't pay out because it didn't have a wheel lock on it. The wife wouldn't go in the van again so got rid.
  6. I drive a land rover so I don’t look at mpg at anytime......it will only upset me😧 only use cc on the motorway if I remember too.
  7. Hair dryer.....I remember once using one many years ago 😢
  8. hinchy

    Ford Kuga

    Your right land rover are out pricing them selfies. I'm going to be in the same boat soon choosing what tug to get next.
  9. Hi ad210358 what the issue with the 13 pin plug and last time I spoke to you....you was being made redundant....how did you get on, good I hope.
  10. To be fair the car as been really reliable in its 60000 miles ....just tyres and brakes and same with my previous Freelander 2. I just think land rover are getting a bit pricey and the Discovery sport which would of been my next choice, seems to have to many issues.
  11. This is the car I'm looking at when I come to change in the near future after years of owning land rovers.....just hope it lives up to expectations.
  12. I've never owned a motorhome but I once used a motorhome a couple of time and found it great for shorts stays. The only problem I think is this country is not geared up for them, far better for driving round Europe....
  13. I paid £2.400 for the repairs to the front windows replacing rotten wood and wallboards, new window rubbers and both front half of the awning rails removed and resealed. 12 months later it was damp again so I cut my losses and got rid.
  14. It’s just laziness and no respect for others
  15. I'm sure you'll know its there regardless of what ever car your driving when you have to slam the brakes on or make a quick manoeuvre. I know it's just a saying but I've never in all the years I've been driving felt like the van wasn't there.
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