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  1. Rodders53

    Teleco amplifier

    Much signal will be directed over your head toward the horizon. Aerials themselves have little gain. .. 6-8 dB for small log periodic aerials, 14 dB for high gain ones. .. only 6 dB more (4x signal). Amplifiers, however can be in the 20s or 30s of deciBel gains. .. which can easily result in tuner overloads in some circumstances. The amplifiers themselves rarely suffer overload (although that is also a possibility). "Variable gain amplifiers" mostly have a variable attenuator after the amplifier stage. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Teleco-AT42-230-LTE-TV-Aerial-Antenna-Amplifier-Motorhome-12v-230v-/253743183360?_trksid=p2385738. m4383. l4275. c10 seems to correct your misconception. It's also a possible source for a replacement amp for the OP?
  2. Rodders53

    Using Motor Mover

    Caravan's Battery Fuse blowing is s symptom of a dead battery trying to be charged by the on-board PSU-charger. {When battery is flat the charger tries to pump in more current than the fuse and cables are rated for.} But I'd expect the Voltmeter to show nearer 13-14V than 12V once ruptured. A multimeter may aid diagnosis of the problem if you know how to use one. Bailey master switch for 12V DC should always be off when caravan not in use to minimise any battery drain.(Charger will still work on or off but voltmeter won't with it off). As should the fridge be turned to off (which the master doesn't isolate) if not in use. I think this maybe needs a look at by someone who knows? Did you buy from a Dealer or privately? If former call/go back for advice / help. Movers also should have a fusible link between battery and switch/electronics (although not always fitted). Typically 80A. May be worth checking for that one? Mover manuals are typically available for download from the makers' websites and may help, in future if not now?
  3. About as much use as a chocolate teapot. http://www. aerialsandtv. com/touringaerials. html is worth reading. EDIT: A quick look at your other thread's picture suggests the F-plug on the left is cross-threaded. .. (leads ought to be parallel and they're not). Maybe the inner core is also bent and not inserted right into the amp? Needs a look at. Connection issues are frequent cause of reception problems.
  4. Rodders53

    Road light problem - indicators

    13 pin plugs only started to be standard around 10 years ago (2008) so yours must have been one of the early experimental models I'd have expected Bailey to buy in pre-wired leads from BCA or whomever rather than make them up from parts bought in . .. but I'd also think the plain brass ferrules are a real pain to fit and crimp and a job given to the youngest apprentice. Which may account for it. Glad you've sorted though. .. What a palaver!
  5. Rodders53

    faulty truma motor mover

    From the symptoms described the Control box is the most likely culprit. Unlikely to be the remote itself as it just sends simple commands to the control box. But Truma or a Truma-trained mover technician would be most likely to advise accurately. Maybe the OP already has the answer from them as the question was originally asked on Tuesday evening?
  6. Rodders53

    tyres ?

    why have you resurrected a 2-month old post where the OP finished it by showing us his brand new tyres?
  7. Rodders53

    Avtex verse Humax

    The boxes will not allow recording or playback with a FSFS card. Only a $ky subscrition will allow that. .. and a freesat pvr will soon work out cheaper. The £10 per month record feature is not necessarily easy to obtain with Agents denying all knowledge (allegedly / pure hearsay).
  8. Rodders53

    Connecting to mains water: shut off valve?

    The alternative to rotary motor operation is a solenoid valve. Most are available as n/c, with 12V dc coils. Almost instant open and close. Many brands available, including BACO. Clever little blighters in the way they work: https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Solenoid_valve Mind you, the one on my rainwater harvesting system was letting by to refill the underground tank with mains water earlier in our rainy season! (A strip down and clean fixed it. Not before I'd dismantled things and then had issues getting it all watertight again. ) I think it's quite a nice idea for your diy install to stop the water 100% (unless the valve fails in some way) just by switching off the 12V source when leaving the caravan. (Although the money saving way is to use the water hookup tap ). Waterproofing the device needs consideration, though, as it is outside the caravan. Just an observation: I find it strange that some people (pro plumbers included) put ptfe tape on compression fittings - and sometimes around the olives. Never needed to myself.
  9. Rodders53

    Sterling Europa 650 - Battery Problems

    Caravan service technician mobile or at a dealers would be your best bet as the 'habitation relay' which is likely stuck is in the caravan somewhere. .. not many auto electricians will be familiar with caravan circuits (although there will be exceptions to that). At least Swift group provide decent enough circuit diagrams.
  10. Rodders53

    Thetford fridge not freezing or very cool

    Sounds like a thermostat and/or control board problem to me as it affects both gas and 240V ~. (? 12V dc supply to the panel? --- although that should show up as a spanner fault code). If in North Suffolk (Lowestoft way) and you want to pay someone to have a look at it, I can highly recommend Mark http://www. waveneymotorhomes. co. uk/index. html as he serviced our caravan(s) when we lived there. Although mobile only, he is a Thetford service centre, so may be worth a call for advice? https://www. thetford-europe. com/dealers-service-centres/#
  11. Rodders53

    DAB Radio

    You sure? Link to the source for that please. It used to be 160 only when there was a requirement for extra BBC services and 192 otherwise. There was much listener displeasure at 160! Drivetime: audio compression (Optimod) is (or was when I was working @ BBC) added in and dropped off via presets on the processors at BH to make R3 more audible over the commute in cars etc. ,. (Also a source of listener complaint). Now they'll be directed to the iPlayer internet stream using AAC+ at 320kbit/s. That is arguably better quality than linear Nicam PCM via FM radio (and whatever they've replaced it with since my departure).
  12. Rodders53

    Pegasus Rimini

    I bought the last of the Pegasus 2 Riminis. .. which I've been well pleased with. The next year version Pegasus 3 was a downgrade in specification, in my opinion. BUT Pegasus is Bailey's mid-range offering (Orion below, Unicorn above) around that era. Not sure what level the Senator was but have a sneaky feeling it was the top with all the frills and extras thrown in? At the prices you have to pay in NZ I'd never have started caravanning, let alone buy new as I have done. Shipping costs must have a lot to answer for, though.
  13. Rodders53

    Teleco amplifier

    Teleco seem to offer a 3 year warranty, so your dealer might assist if still in the warranty time? If outside warranty, I'd be opening the amp box to either replace broken pot to allow knob to be re-used, bodge a screwdriver slot to allow adjustment (or glue something on to allow same). I'd even consider just getting to max gain and leaving it there. .. as if too near a transmitter and suffering overload, one could connect antenna direct to one TV . .. i. e. no amp needed. (Once off the wall and disconnected you'll probably find model ID and maybe serial number on the back?). Alternative is to replace with an different brand of amplifier? One with 4 outputs to remove need for the 3-way splitter (4dB loss on one leg and 8dB on the other two?) screwed to the wall. http://www. fringeelectronics. co. uk/fringeleisure/ or http://www. visionplus. co. uk/shop/vision-plus-digital-amplifiers/ will do that? Whether either will match the claimed 30dB gain of the Teleco amp (allowing a generous 8dB gain for the log inside the housing) is unlikely. (Fringe states 2-13dB for the 4 way. VisionPlus give 0 to 15dB.)
  14. Rodders53

    DAB Radio

    Specific caravan sites might help identify why, but DAB is unlikely to work if FM doesn't in the locations you use. .. Some of the DAB and FM stations will be available on Freeview Lite transmitters. Many more from main transmitter sites or via digital satellite. A connection to caravan radio aux in from a TV or set top box would work better for the odd sites where FM is poor? {Or try a portable DAB/FM radio from home if you have one?} Streaming is another option but do consider how its data use may affect your costs. Fit a DAB radio and it would be wise to fit a proper DAB antenna to the caravan (and maybe FM/AM, too); the Status aerial is not ideally matched to VHF or DAB frequencies, doesn't work for AM and is probably 'wrong polarisation' in most locations. Splitting an existing FM/AM antenna to feed both inputs will lose part of the signal - more than half in most cases, and FM antennas aren't optimised for DAB frequency reception either. NB DAB should/will work on the Continent. .. it just depends on which bits people visit. https://www. worlddab. org/country-information
  15. Rodders53

    Octagon shock mounts

    The fitting instructions from Al-Ko are in this pdf file link. .. It has specific measurements etc. ,. for the different shocks and axles. ... Dunno if it's of any help? http://www. al-ko. co. uk/edit/files/handbooks/al-ko-octagon-shock-absorbers-handbook. pdf