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  1. Nice update and a useful photo of the part. Many thanks. Ideally I'd say you want to replace the two o-rings before fitting the new elbow. .. in fact you could replace the old one unless it is damaged (cracked) and leaking as the o-rings have probably worn and will be the cause of your slight leak? I'd advise use of silicon grease as lubricant on them to minimise likelihood of it drying out, like olive oil will.
  2. Rodders53

    Aerial advice

    I second all that Vin Blanc has said. Keep the 530 it's a good one. Be aware that the amplifier box on these can fail (mine did on the last caravan). Red light still showed good but no useful RF signals out! By-passing the box may give good enough reception from the 530 log on its own on many sites (it did for me). Manual tuning and watching the TV's built in metering is what I do, as I plan my visits and use the UK spectrum planners' tool in <detailed view> mode to get aerial pointing direction, polarity and frequencies. http://www. digitaluk. co. uk/postcodechecker/ Putting in a part of the site name or 'caravan' often gets a more accurate prediction than postcode alone.
  3. Rodders53

    aerial coaxil

    Proper CT100 cable hasn't been made for donkeys years. Toolstation are selling DRC100 by Doncaster Cables which they claim is 'equivalent to it' (see thir data sheet) . .. http://www. doncastercables. com/cables/8/43/Coaxial-and-Security/Satellite-TV-Coaxial-Cable-as-CT100/ Not sure what "copper composite wire braid" is. Rings alarm bells to me. I'd prefer to buy some Webro WF100. http://www. webro. com/coaxial/tv-satellite/wf100-cable/ to be sure it is proper plain copper wire braid. Or Triax TX100 http://www. triax. uk/products/cables-and-connectors/coax-cables/7-mm-types/tx100-plus-black-pvc-250m (which is reputed to be tougher/stronger than Webro by a pro sat installer on AVForums.
  4. Rodders53

    Ford Mondeo electrics

    If all else fails re-boot. i. e. disconnect the fuse for the HVAC control module (or battery) and reconnect after a good 10-15 minutes ***. You will need radio code so ensure you have it before lifting the battery terminal off. My 2013 Galaxy Titanium X continues playing radio when engine is stopped. Opening a door will turn radio off. My 2009 Galaxy Ghia did the same. THAT sounds normal to me? *** My DAB module keeps having a strop needing a reboot. But it also needs the 10-15 mins with fuse out to get one. Other features of the infotainment touchscreen work fine, just the DAB doesn't. May be worth checking out some Ford forums, too?
  5. Rodders53

    adaptor ?

    I know that. But if that's the OP's view just leave the Aquasource at home (or sell it on?) and carry a hose for the aquaroll valve inlet only. No need to carry two hoses. { I have an Aquasource exactly as pictured and have used it for years. It fits Whale inlets and (with the extra bit) older Carver inlets (as suited my Craftsman caravan at the time of purchase). } It's the that causes me the confusion.
  6. Rodders53

    Devizes CCC

    Great. You should have stated that. AndersG was giving sound advice. though: The UK's TV (& radio) Spectrum Planners expend a lot of effort to make the digitaluk reception prediction site as accurate as possible. Only thing forgotten was to tick the box for <detailed view> rather than the <consumer view> as that gives the multiplex frequency channels as well as a compass direction for pointing, plus polarisation (of course). I'd use that site rather than Freepoint.
  7. Rodders53

    adaptor ?

    ???? seriously confused????? If you have the Aquasource it plugs into the caravan water inlet and uses the pressure reducing valve in the 'block' that fits the inlet. Why would you have an Aquaroll with ball float as well as the Aquasource??? But as said already cut off the Aquasource block with, say, a metre of the flat hose; and use standard water hose couplers on the ends with a double ended 'joiner' when you use the Aquasource properly. NB You may need strengthening pipe inserts for the flat hose?, anyone know for certain? I've just bought an extra length of flat hose as - often enough - the 7. 5 metres on the Aquasource isn't long enough. .. Suspect a shortened flat hose will often need an extender anyway.
  8. Depends on precise make and model of pipe connector: John Guest Speedfit now have a twist and lock version as well as the standard push-in-collar style. Hep2O have a special tool now (although older ones could be unscrewed to then release the claws). FloFit may have locking collets that will need removing to allow removal. A photo of the part might help someone here identify? Or a look online (Screwfix do all three push-fit brands above) may help you to do that yourself? Then you can google to find tutorials on how to fit and demount the connectors.
  9. Rodders53

    Does whale heater need external cover?

    You may need to google your exact model and check out Whale's website for manuals, spec sheets and the like but from one of their brochures for the WH802 and WH 1302 "no cover required" is one of its' selling point features.
  10. Rodders53

    Toe in or Toe out, Tracking.

    Surely that process should include checking / setting the tracking (assuming it affects it)? Not too busy to take £40 off you, though.
  11. Seller of new fob, your Bailey dealer or Tracker themselves may be able to guide you? Prima leisure (Bailey Parts) have a how to program a fob onto a system. You will need an original fob. https://www. primaleisure. com/catalogimages/Attachment/1040063. pdf https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/21291-programming-new-alarm-key-fob/ is an old one on the subject.
  12. Calorific value of butane = 49. 47 MJ/kg equivalent to 13. 7 kWh/kg Calorific value of propane = 50. 37 MJ/kg equivalent to 13. 9 kWh/kg So the other way! Cost per kg of Butane vs Propane may well make Butane slightly cheaper per MJ or kWh though. NB Butane is Butane in or out of EU so will freeze the same. Some small cannister types may have a mix of gasses, though?
  13. Rodders53

    Towcar & Towbar - Advice pls!

    Disco 5 has a new, dedicated, forum . .. and the old Disco 3 one has threads on it. too: may be worth a trawl through for advice on towbars, fitting and prices. As it's fairly newly out independents may not yet have type-approved bars available and/or fitting experience so pricing for possible comebacks.
  14. Rodders53

    2015 Ford Kuga 2 Kerb Weight - appropriate match?

    Ask the Dealer to have a look at the Mass In Service figure on the V5 for the vehicle you are considering buying. That will be as close to the kerbweight figure as you are likely to get from anywhere. My Galaxys have both had that number on the V5s. 1835kg for the 09 2. 0 Ghia auto and 1925kg for the 2. 2 Titanium auto we have now. This latter should even include the factory-fitted retractable towbar mass.
  15. Rodders53

    Crystal Palace CMHC site

    That will be from the sloping wire AM transmitter. Most of the other stuff goes way over your head! Been inside a few times. Stood under the tower with my youngest taking pics once.