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  1. PowrTouch manual for Classic style agrees "3.3. Greasing the Powrtouch It is essential that the unit is re-greased periodically, or at a minimum every six months, clean and remove old grease (using a WD40 or similar cleaning solution) and then regrease all moving parts. i.e. Locking cam system and the sliding motor mounting plates as shown below. Any silicone based grease will be suitable but Powrwheel Limited firmly recommends the use of a spray on motorcycle chain grease available suitable stores." Some Evolution model covers are retained by a screw in addition to the spigot clips. But PowrTouch provide pictorial instructions on their website for covers removal, including where to 'gently tap' to release the clips.
  2. https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/owners/handbooks Download the 2003 main handbook (see p38-43 for the electrical panels) and the Sterling-specific one which will have fuse / circuit and wiring diagrams (p13) information. But with a 15/16 year old caravan, who knows what modifications former owners have made? So you may have quite an investigative job on. Do check that any bulbs or leds in the luminaires (light fittings) work.
  3. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/uk-holidays/uk-search-and-book/late-availability/ gives the weekend late availability pitch numbers and https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/ecommerce/uksites/booking/sbavailability?siteId=THI the Thirsk site. Today is now 'full' as they've closed online booking at nearly 1800.
  4. Deceptive then as there's 8 unoccupied on Friday, 1 on Saturday then 26 on Monday and at least two tonight (with/without awning are available). I'm guessing the weather has made a lot cancel planned trips at fairly short notice? You can even get into Chatsworth this weekend!
  5. Note it's the 16th Edition and we're now on the 18th https://electrical.theiet.org/bs-7671/18th-edition-changes/ as of January 2019. The devil is in the detail though, and none are retrospectively applied.
  6. Like all things they vary in power consumed. 500W is a tad over 2 Amps. I saw the first one of these reviewed https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/ice-maker only used 120 W (0.5 Amp) but lots of the ads don't specify power at all. OP should now know what their unit will consume? My late F-i-L got one to make ice to suck (renal dialysis patient). It was never as cold as -18C freezer ice and the cylindrical lumps were quite small. It was a bit of a novelty item, really.
  7. One 3-core (Live=brown, Neutral=blue, Earth= green/yellow) will be mains incoming to one switched spur box from elsewhere (likely the consumer unit). Another 3-core will 'loop on' to the next fused spur input. Another cable may then loop on to supply another mains switch or even a socket? The output from each fused switch will feed the appliance. I don't know what you are trying to do, but - in asking these most basic questions - you don't seem competent to be doing it. Safer to employ an electrician (preferably a mobile caravan technician with electrical qualifications) to do it properly.
  8. News to me. (My wok does have a flat base, though). I've used it on gas, and ceramic electric hobs - plus now on induction for the first time recently.
  9. The Status aerial will feed both the UHF TV point sockets with DVB-T/T2 (terrestrial) signals aka Freeview, provided it has been connected up correctly. The aerial will need raising up, pointing to the transmitter and sometimes canting over to vertical. Plus the set will need tuning to the transmitter. The satellite socket will probably be connected to nothing. The other end of the cable from it likely appears as a socket in the battery box and is designed for a satellite dish/lnb to be attached. It can (with plug/socket adapters) be used to connect up to a site bollard in very poor reception areas to provide 'Freeview signals' into the caravan. To get satellite you will need a satellite dish, mount, LNB and cable (assuming one TV has a satellite tuner in it).
  10. https://www.thetford-europe.com/gb/products/toilets/cassette-toilets/c2-c3-c4-no-longer-available is the most likely toilet (unless a porta potti type). They came as manual pump (C4) with flush tank, electric flush with a flush tank (C2) and electric push-button from the main caravan water supply's pump (C3) ... so you need to identify which variety of toilet you have first. Is there a swivel-out water filling funnel in the compartment above the waste holding tank? No=C3 and your flush water will be pumped via the main caravan pump so that will need to be on. Sometimes there's a readable model number label in the compartment when the holding tank is removed.
  11. Handbooks and FAQs and spare parts and... all available on their website https://www.powrtouch.com/powrwheel-support-hub-html.html
  12. Well done to Bailey. Customer service at its best. I suspect that the adhesive is used to 'place' the part before drilling and fixing it with the screws on the assembly line. It may not be required for reassembly? You are probably best placed to judge that now you've removed it, though?
  13. Too late to say don't use a Dremel! So I'd not worry about it over much. The friction pads will polish the ball where they touch as the van is dragged behind. Personally I used some paint stripper to remove the paint on the new ball I had. My current one was a rusty mess under some cling film so I used a bit of wet and dry to clean off a lot (but still left a few pits). You don't want to wear away too much ball material with abrasives - they have a wear limit! Just remember to clean the ball and friction pads every trip using brake cleaner or another suitable solvent of your choice on a rag. (My choice is IPA - the isopropylalcohol kind).
  14. The Truma controller instruction book https://www.truma.com/web/downloadcenter/files/truma-solar-dual-battery-charger-operating-instructions-2019-uk-en.pdf That suggests it will do its best to act as an intelligent charger with Bulk, Absorption and Float stages (assuming the attached solar panels are giving enough volts and current). If the Truma unit, it's meant to do so (for two hours) as one stage of the charge process; from the above manual. Ideal float voltage will depend on battery type, maker (brand) and the temperature. (My wife's 22Ah VRLA scooter batteries by Yuasa are 13.65V +/- 1% at 20C (13.51 to 13.79 V). Lucas specify 13.70-13.90V for standby use (float) at 25C for their equivalent). Check what your battery maker recommends?
  15. This https://www.pirancaravansales.co.uk/240-abbey-spectrum-540 is your cravan with photos at bottom and a link to the 2003 brochure https://www.pirancaravansales.co.uk/images/pdf/2003_Abbey_Brochure.pdf . It mentions four mains sockets. #1 is an external socket behind a flap/cover. Others will be: #2) By the TV outlet (along with a 12V socket) - in the pictures there is a microwave oven in the two-sided tambour door intended for the TV. #3 is the one in the Kitchen and #4 the one in the bedroom by the dressing table So I think you've found them all? You'll need to add extras near the lounge chest of drawers. The external mains socket is an obvious source of a suitable supply to tap into?
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