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  1. CMC CL guide document for reference: https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/globalassets/pdfs/content/about-us/setting-up-a-cl-guide.pdf Show the CL owner it? CCC rules don't matter if it's a CMC CL site but search their website and or ask them direct if it's important? NB that document states that the exact specification and requirement will be from the Local Authority and/or Water company, possibly - not just what the CMC want? {e.g. some may require an air-gap instead of the NRV}. NRVs are required in lots of applications and are precisely to prevent backflow into
  2. Wikipedia would seem to disagree with that for New Zealand at least.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS/NZS_3112 A NZ 15 A outlet source would be closest to the 16A appliance inlet socket but the issue is the user stupidity of grossly exceeding the nominally 13A supply with the load in the caravan. 13A fuses won't trip until there's in excess of 20A continuously drawn... https://pat-testing-fss.blogspot.com/2014/02/whay-13-amp-fuse-does-not-seem-to-blow.html
  3. Isn't that the Chairman's National Rally outfit? Didn't know he was upgrading.
  4. From Coachman's 2017 Brochure: Now, it's not sucking water up due to some reason (air entering where the truma pistol grip isn't seated right or some other issue)? https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/147629-truma-water-system-tale-of-woe/ is a not uncommon problem?
  5. OP has a FORD - S-Max and Ford tend to get the V5s correct from my (albeit limited) experience of dealing with 4 x Galaxys 09x2 (in-Laws and ours), 63 and 19 plates. Plates are always best, of course, but V5 may be just as useful? I agree that an awning with bedroom annexe and/or a 'pup tent' might suit the situation and allow a 2-berth lightweight until the B+E test becomes inevitable. When we started out we had a lightweight glass-window Cotswold Windrush with bunks at the rear that were never used, our boys and CKCS slept in the awning, refusing to come in what
  6. Yep. Done to death and I've absolutely no doubt this will be a further doing it to death again thread. IF the Club(s) thought it would make a big difference it would change the system(s) they operate. Castleton has 92 hardstanding pitches so 21 no shows is almost 23% down. All those will be on the naughty step (unless they can show very good reason) and if they do it too often then there are repercussions. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/uk-holidays/useful-information/how-to-book-a-site/cancellations-and-amendments/
  7. If it is then it's not like the ones AL-KO picture on their website where the Carabiner is captive - as is their dog clip. Post a pic of it, and the part that attaches to the brake lever under the caravan? It's not unknown for caravan dealers to break or swap things out on new caravans; so perfectly possible someone forgot to unclip the breakaway cable when taking it off the delivery truck and then used something off the accessory shop stock.
  8. I'd recommend replacing it with the correct one from AL-KO.... This is an example of an aftermarket breakaway cable that (imho) may not meet the spec AL-KO set for one to work properly (and has the non-captive carabiner on one end - why, when the other end is??) https://www.halfords.com/motoring/trailers-towing/trailer-accessories/ring-fast-fit-breakaway-cable-196488.html
  9. Towel on the oven door handle could prevent (baby goats) from harming themselves? Train them to keep away if it is on? Note that oven doors can get pretty darned hot and still meet the BSI specs https://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/help/buying-advice/cooking-products/2640-bsi-oven-temperatures
  10. That looks like a deployable, or possibly fixed, towbar to me? The Carabiner type is designed to be "clipped direct" to an attachment point so why anyone thinks it's wrong to do that is mind-boggling. The carabiner should NOT be removable, rather it should be captive on the cable - see the AL-KO one here https://ukshop.AL-KO-tech.com/uk/breakaway-cable-with-caribena-clip.html Dog-clip cables must be looped around and clipped around the cable. I then pull it tight on the ball/bar. https://ukshop.AL-KO-tech.com/uk/breakaway-cable-for-looped-attachment.ht
  11. Solvent welded waste pipes cannot be pulled apart. The pipe and joiner become fused into one entity. That Swift are failing (still) to do that simple thing is so, so sad!
  12. ALL domestic and indeed commercial plumbing waste pipes have joiners like that: https://www.toolstation.com/plumbing/solvent-weld-waste/c297 shows some examples Alternatives are push-fit with O-rings inside the couplers https://www.toolstation.com/plumbing/push-fit-waste/c295?redirect=push+fit+waste TBF if you didn't know that I doubt you'll do a better job than your Dealer might. Convoluted waste pipe has a habit of trapping food waste and smelling more than the smooth bore rigid pipework.
  13. Those rigid pipes should all be solvent welded and supported with pipe clips if you plan to do the job properly... Or get the dealer to do so under warranty... Then Swift will get the message that it's better to do the job right first time.
  14. Depends on the caravan antenna and the site location. I'd say some not many sites. I've rarely used the site bollards with my Status 530 directional antenna. Even when the amp/psu failed I only needed to use the bollard on one of 4 sites on that tour. The 'bee sting' and circular 'flying saucer' omnis will always lose out cf a proper directional aerial - no matter how much amplification is added. That said, no site will go to the expense of a hard-wired antenna distribution system unless caravan antenna reception was pretty poor. If it's there it's proba
  15. Not sure that's a fact. District and Metropolitan Borough Council websites may need checking separately as well as County to try to find public weighbridges (whoever owns and operates them) . Quite a few Councils don't have any, I've found. Nor even link to the privately owned and operated Public Weighbridges that they Licence and Test! (e.g. Central Bedforshire, Luton and Bedford Borough Councils among others). Some at least have interactive maps to the privately-owned Public Weighbridges (Norfolk, Suffolk, Northamptonshire for example). County Counc
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