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  1. The TV Spectrum Planners assume the use of a directional outside aerial to minimise pickup of unwanted interference from other transmitters as well as providing 'gain'. Add in the polarity change when oriented Horizontal to Vertical to further aid discrimination of the wanted signal to the unwanted. Omni-directional/un-polarised aerials can never perform as well in more challenging reception locations. With the latest reduction in UHF TV transmitting band, aka 700MHz clearance, nearing completion (it will be channels 21-48 only, currently 21-60 and was 21 to 68) such aerial discrimination will likely be needed in more locations. As far as I can tell Avtex no longer make that 'twig' aerial, which probably says a lot? https://www.avtex.co.uk/antenna
  2. ITX is Independent Tour eXcursion - the special low fares travel agents / tour operators can get that the public can't direct from the operator. Google ITX fares for more detail. CV = Club Voyage at a guess.
  3. No. Because your car should be / is wired to the 1998-2008 standard to suit your 2005 caravan and pin 2 is 'sensing device' (probably not used?). https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/media/1022790/towbar-wiring-mo.pdf But the relay in your boot powers pin 6 & 7 for the caravan fridge (only when engine is running) and that circuit could be used to charge the boat battery when towing that trailer. Cable size (sq mm) may depend on total cable length to the boat's battery to the 12S plug for minimising volt drop. https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/cable-sizing-selection.html may guide you?
  4. My bad memory probably. Confusing the C200 which I definitely had in manual pump form. Battery pack was on wires tucked onto a 'shelf' inside waste cassette compartment. With a C250 which came later (now the C260 style). It's quite possible that access is made via careful peeling off and removal of the top press-button switch? https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/131702-thetford-c200-cwe-fuse-blowing/ and YouTube may help you more than my poor memory! https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/29449-thetford-c200-cwe-toilet/ is another old thread here that explains how to get to the pump.
  5. https://www.thetford-europe.com/gb/products/toilets/cassette-toilets/c200-cwe-eol That will give you the manuals and FAQs I recall no AA batteries in the CWE (electric flush, the pump using power from the 12V leisure battery)? But would be in the cassette holding tank bay if there is a battery holder on wire and be for the 'full' led (was there on a manual pump 200 I owned). Access to pump is via exterior door after removing holding tank. It unclips from the 'roof' area on RHS nearest door. Be gentle.
  6. Only problem with eBay stuff is the 'unknown quality' from such sellers. (Mind the one I got from there is fine for my needs, and very similar to the RS one I had and mislaid). You're also unlikely to get more identical crimps from the same seller when you want more. Which is why I never linked to eBay or Amazon for the item. I thought you were looking for higher standards than eBay offers.
  7. Really careful use of a thin sharpish pallete or putty knife to cut through the sealant/adhesive? Heat (gentle) might make things more pliable? (Bottom edge is going to be trickiest to get things in that near the bottom rail!) Or, perhaps, 'sealant eater' type chemicals carefully painted round the edge might loosen the bond/allow it to be carefully scraped out with something thin and plastic or wooden a bit at a time? (Bottom rail causing a headache, again.) Ern's idea of removing from 'inside to out' to avoid paintwork damage may be worth a go; but will leave a big unsealed hole if you fail to get the surround off in 'one sitting'. It may be the only way for the bottom edge, though? I know this same bit on my Bailey has a bigger hole than the box needs (viewed from inside); but they have fitted 4 stainless screws in those fixing holes (with oozing mastic all round and through the holes). Damage to a cover/hinge (largely cosmetic) requiring such efforts because the makers have given no thought to ease of replacing a damaged bit. Grrrr.
  8. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crimp-terminal-kits/6139952/ https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crimp-terminal-kits/4415535/ https://cpc.farnell.com/hellermanntyton/a801632t/terminal-kit-crimp-630-piece/dp/CN12670 Both companies also sell a wide range of insulated crimps. The normal reason for crimp pull out failures is: wrong cable size (too small) or wrong crimp tool die for the insulated crimp or insufficient pressure on crimp (good ratchet crimps have an adjustable wheel to accommodate wear). I've seen some crimps which don't follow the red/blue/yellow size convention as well!
  9. https://bullfinch-gas.co.uk/safety-and-technical says 5 years in use and 7-10 years in storage. https://www.dixonsofwesterhope.co.uk/technical/how-often-should-i-change-my-regulator-and-hose/ also gives 5. https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/AdvicePdfs/Datasheet-32.pdf says 5. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/advice-and-training/technical-advice/liquefied-petroleum-gas/ however says 2-3 years on BBQ hoses (no mention of life for the caravan regulator or hose). HP Pigtails are 5, according https://gasproducts.co.uk/gas-regulators/pigtails.html But stainless steel up to 20 (and as gas affects the hose lining why)? TBF I think all these hose expiry dates will be very conservative and most will last longer (except in cases of abuse/exposure to the sun/rain and freezing). New gas hose is not expensive, even pigtails though.
  10. OP has eMove and wants to move it due to Bailey's dealer poor fitting. So we've all been wasting our time. Wonder what size cable eMove supply?
  11. It depends 1) on what isolator switch, and 2) what load is connected to it. So we need that information asap. Otherwise you'll get random numbers quoted by random strangers off the internet. 25 sq mm or 16 sq mm or 10 sq mm or 6 sq mm. Any one of which may be correct and probably most will be wrong. Mover installation manuals will usually specify the minimum cross sectional size recommended (and often state they mustn't be altered from the lengths as supplied, which is not 100% accurate but needs some technical nowse to calculate if you do need to do so). [PowrTouch use 16 sq mm and fuse the red before the switch. But it used to be a smaller cable and no fuse.]
  12. You are welcome to your own (incorrect) view on this matter, but I -along with many others - can certainly tell the difference between SD and HD material on a small screen in a caravan. It's down to viewing distance of course. The coding artefacts are also worse with MPEG2 cf H264. We used a 22 inch for a long time but upgraded to a 26 inch as swmbo's poorer eyesight needs larger writing to read on the screen. NB all TVs currently on sale - unless really, really old stock - will (to meet current Freeview certification) have DVB-T2 (aka HD) tuners in them and the screens will be HD ready as a minimum to boot.
  13. Similar diagram and label of 5 W in the 2012 Pegasus 2 handbook (page 10) for ours.... But the bulb lists them as 21 W bayonet, clear on page 14 (same as the low level ones - but I reckon they must be 21/5 W in the low fitting?). They are same brightness as the low level brakes, when operated, so expect they are 21W. But only way to be sure is to check or, possibly, to ask Bailey? Bailey Service manual inconsistencies! Love em!
  14. I said may so your exceptions prove that rule. But what capacity have the 'recovered' batteries got cf their original labelled capacity I wonder, after such abuse?
  15. The sliding cover is nothing new. Had one on the gas BBQ point of one caravan way back (Abbey Expression dealer special). Squarer than this Whale one, though. Think the lid could easily be slid right off and misplaced if unlucky? https://www.caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk/product/lid-for-gas-outlet-box/6155 Hinged lids usually flap if not closed properly, or the catch breaks. Mine get a little thump with my hand before setting off to ensure they are closed properly. Only sprung cover I have had is the what seems to be well made Bullfinch gas outlet.
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