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  1. Intermittent gas ignition on fridge

    You need to measure the dc leisure battery voltage being fed to the fridge to operate the igniter/auto re-igniter is sufficient. Check when switch is off and then on (hopefully when sparking). Electrolux say it will operate a very low volts and suggest even a PP3 will do if needed. Check all connections and fuses along the route route for corrosion or other high resistance problems as that would the same symptoms as a dying battery. It could be the switch itself? With gas off (or run out) the ignition should continue sparking and the switch neon continue flashing to alert the user to that fact. If the supply volts, spark electrode position and gap is correct then it would suggest a problem with the spark generator and/or flame detection within the same electronics box causing it to misbehave. This box is what Brecon (our resident Gas expert) suggests is the most likely cause. Might have a dry joint and/or corrosion inside (if it is operable)? Ultimately the flame failure valve will close off the gas, 30-60s after loss of flame, according to Electrolux's leaflet on the electric ignition Google found me. So it should fail to a safe state. Dunno how you reset that valve though?
  2. Reich or Powrtouch ?

    Very few movers claim 2 tonnes on a decent slope. .. https://www. caravanmoversonline. co. uk/pages/compare-movers. html may help check the published specs. As to whether moving on a slope or ramps is relevant to your need is for you to decide. I've just had a PowrTouch Evolution single axle manual fitted to replace my old and damaged control electronics PowrTouch Model 1. The cross-actuation bar is easy enough to engage/disengage with the supplied extending bar. .. but the springs are vicious and care is needed to avoid being hurt when disengaging the mechanism. My service tech/fitter issued me with dire warnings about it and I still nearly caught my shin with the bar on second use of it. He also said it is easy to remove the cross-actuation bar and then just engage each side separately at considerably less effort when I got older (cheeky blighter)! Personally I could not justify the extra cost for motorised actuation (but never bought the PowrBar on my first mover for the same reason). It's also something more to go wrong. It is extremely powerful compared to my old mover and claims to move 1. 8 tonnes up a 1 in 4 slope (25%). 2. 1 tonnes if only a 1 in 5 (20%). My 1. 5 tonne caravan is nothing to it. As to alternative brands, I have no direct experience. I'm sure other similar mover threads, and this one, will make interesting - if confusing - reading for you.
  3. Aerial leak

    http://www. aerialsandtv. com/touringaerials. html#Caravan_Boat_Aerial_Tests shows some pictures of a 550 (the 530 is nearly identical afaik) and the insides of the top section which might help if there is a leak into it than needs fixing? . .. I don't know if the opening of the housing was destructive. But a re-seal may be possible. .. Photos and a written guide for others may be worth doing if you need to and succeed? Condensation does, and will occur onto the cold alloy pole from a warm and wet caravan insides. Is it a significant amount of water? or might it be just condensation? http://www. visionplus. co. uk/assets/pdfs/550/Status 550 instructions. pdf only mentions the gaiter failing allowing water down the outside of the pole. .. but water has a habit of wicking into areas that can mislead the viewer from the true source. http://www. visionplus. co. uk/shop/status-500-spares/ also shows other gearbox sealing rings that could be suspect.
  4. Wastemaster Wheels

    There's a flat (or is it two flats?) on the spindle that has to match the indents on the tank. .. otherwise you'll never get it to fit. Mine just presses home fairly easily and the same to remove. But it is probably 20 years old by now; so well worn in.
  5. If the heater supports it, then heating by gas and electric (highest wattage on two power setting types, if EHU allows) will put in more heat per second than gas or electric alone. Whale water heater is 1250 W on gas and 600/1200 Watt on electric 13 litre variant. 1250 gas 750/1500W electric for the 8 litre size. Using both gas and electric at the same time is permitted. .. and it reduces the heating up / reheating times considerably. https://www. whalepumps. com/rv/siteFiles/resources/docs/resource-library/Water_heating_brochure. pdf {For comparison: Truma Ultrastore is 1500W gas, and 850/1300 W electric. Dual fuel running is recommended for fastest heating up/recovery times. But I've never found the need.}
  6. Normal? Not the way we use the shower! Mix water to acceptable temp. .. Rinse over oneself. STOP water. Soap and lather. Rinse off. Maybe repeat if needed. However I've only experience of the Carver and Truma water heaters. The OP has the Whale system which comes in 8 & 13 litre variants. .. So we need feedback from users of the specific one fitted to this range of caravans to be truly helpful?
  7. Tyre advice please

    Never any guarantee the tyres you have are original and suit the MTPLM of your caravan. Sterling is a Swift group brand and their Customer Service may be able to advise accurately on correct tyre size/ratings for your van. It may be on a label on caravan or in the handbook. .. https://www. swiftgroup. co. uk/owners/handbooks for the exact model and year (if 2000+ they are available to download. Modern caravans allow greater 'margin' on the load index for tyres than was standard practice of old. But there's a built-in 'margin' to the load allowed anyway and lower speed of towing cf a car gives a bit more. Once we have the precise MTPLM and confirmation of the tyre size being correct, others here will likely advise on exact tyre Load Index could/should be used to meet the old and new 'standard'. Have a chat with your local tyre person and see if they can understand that you want them to obtain - from their suppliers - tyres with a date (aka DOT) code within 6 months of today's date so as to give you the maximum life in use.
  8. Getting New Tyres for Gobur

    Kwik Fit do mobile fitting as well as at Depots. Tyre Depots are often not suitable for a car and caravan to arrive at for tyre fitment. .. although some places are. Other local mobile fitters are available in your locality from Google. Your big problem will be getting tyres with a date code that is reasonably recent so as to give you then maximum life expectancy. .. and getting that idea into the head of the person you're buying from.
  9. Coachman little switch

    Three DAB ensembles are on the same frequency UK-wide so no retuning required. Locals are slightly different. FM RDS will (or at least should) auto-retune after finding no signal on the preset tuned frequency. So a worthwhile modification to make as the 'favourites' are stored on the buttons you want.

    Other threads on here suggest Protek brand as direct replacements for the F&S rubbish. .. Safest option is to disconnect, remove and take to a proper electrical outlet place (no d-i-y sheds) to match dimensions. .. but even they may not have DP MCBs in stock (they are relatively rarely used in UK).
  11. no hot water

    2008 Supremes could have either the Truma Fire with blown air and Truma Ultrastore water heater or the ALDE wet heating system. As you only mention the Truma. .. then It WILL have a MCB breaker on the Consumer Unit, one breaker ought to be marked Water Heater among other things it feeds power to, and there will also be individual on/off switches for three appliances in the same area: water heater, space heater and battery charger/psu: see pages 64 & 65 of the main, generic, manual. That's all there is to it with the Swift on electric: RCD ON, MCB on and water heater switch ON. .. Gas operation of the water heater and the rotary control is on p77. You may need to check with a suitable multimeter (or get a qualified tech in if not confident) that mains is getting to the heater via the mains input terminals. Its not uncommon for the heating element to fail, and if so, it will require replacing. Nor uncommon for an overheat cutout to operate if no water when switched on (mains off for 5 mins or so is needed to reset that trip). The Truma Ultraheat install/operating manual may help you with that?... Swift usually supplied them all in the A4 caravan 'wallet' of documents.
  12. no hot water

    We'd need to know more accurate info on the water heater fitted to your caravan. .. or at least the age (model year) of manufacture so we can determine that for you. (As Swift has resurrected the Ace marque once again after dropping it). Have you tried reading the manual https://www. swiftgroup. co. uk/owners/handbooks Obvious things needing checked: Is mains on in caravan? Check circuit breakers are close / on / up. Break and remake to check for sure. Do other mains items work. Is the Water Heater mains isolater switch ON? Has it got a fuse? Has that ruptured/failed. Is there any other on/off control switches for the water heater (e. g a thermostat or low/high power setting). Does it work on gas?
  13. Replacing broken microwave

    Have you dismantled the microwave from the housing? THAT may give more of a clue as to how it is fixed and what mods may be needed to fit any selected replacement. You can buy rubber feet to fit to such appliances if desired (self-adhesive or screwed on). My last Swift group one had a plastic moulding push-fit surround that removed to expose the fixing method. The microwave was held in place by a small wooden 'clamping' bar on the top - screwed into the sides of the cupboard, and the microwave then lifted out of a panel on the base with holes for the microwave feet to sit in, IIRC swmbo liked it better than our home one so I swapped them over. I had to remove / remake a suitable new 'base' with foot holes elsewhere, but retained the top bar. My current Bailey microwave sits on a shelf / housing and is screwed in from under that shelf direct into the metalwork of the microwave. It was easier for me to remove and swap the faulty under guarantee microwave at the dealers than drag the caravan down for them to do it.
  14. No, but http://www. powrtouch. com/pdf/productpdf/Replacing The Hex Shaft - Evolution. pdf has the instructions you need. Threadlock can be hard to break hold sometimes, I doubt anything is seized up. You may also need the instructions for removal and fitting of the side covers (link from the parts page for the cover under 'more information'.
  15. Twin battery’s

    What size battery. Which mover(s) are on the two caravans (make and exact model)? (Was it transferred to the new caravan from your old one). Does your tow vehicle have adequate fridge and battery charging wiring to help top up the caravan battery on the journey home after on-site use? Have you measured battery volts on caravan arrival at home before movering it? and after?