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  1. My Caravan’s Electrics Failed.

    That looks 'wrong' to me. ... A IEC C19 socket used for the mains INput to the RCD/MCB/switching source of the Zig box . .. It would mean the IEC C20 cable connector would have exposed live pins. .. (when disconnected). Unless that is a mains OUTlet socket from the Avodale Zig unit, when all is (of course) fine.
  2. Ford Kuga

    https://www. ford. co. uk/cars/kuga/features/comfort-convenience#overlay/content/overlays/download-a-brochure/new-kuga Ford offer three towbars: fixed, detachable and deployable. So a fixed is unlikely to suffer parking sensor issues. The deployable one factory fitted to my Galaxy is a little awkard to get to because we have the mobility scooter hoist on the same side and it's actuator handle is hidden behind a panel there. .. (Also provides access to the rear light cluster which was a big joy when a brake lamp failed just before this years' MOT). Can see the towball/hitch in the rear view camera fine - except when the sun is shining in the wrong way or it's too dark. Some fitters can reprogram the vehicle electrics, but many cannot and will refer you back to the dealer. .. On a brand new car it may be worth negotiating a good deal to minimise the warranty problems.
  3. Broken Microwave

    You should have the microwave manuals in the 'wallet' supplied with the caravan. .. along with all the other appliances. If not, there will be a rating plate/label with the make and model on the microwave somewhere. (Having removed the surround to access the fixings which will be necessary when replacing it anyway. IIRC my last Swift group 'van (Ace) came with a Sharp microwave. The current Bailey one is Daewoo. A call to a Swift dealer may elicit a make/model and price :eek: for an exact replacement (if one is still available).
  4. Ace parts

    Ace is a now defunct Swift group brand. Supreme was top of the range with Award and Jubilee below it. Sink surround aka worktop? Kitchen or bathroom? A Swift dealer might be able to source a matching lightweight one from spares stock but the price would be high. .. Even in wrong colour/finish from a lower spec. Breakers may have something from the equivalent alternate brands in wrong colour if that would be ok? Abbey, Ace, Sterling, Sprite and Swift are some if not all. ... Breakers may be able to help identify the part and compatible alternatives with photos and details of your caravan? A diy solution (or carpenter/joiner) would be much heavier using kitchen type worktop, as the caravan makers use a lightweight material similar to used in cheaper household doors with cardboard 'egg box's separators between thin ply panels.
  5. Seat Alhambra.

    Not since 2006 have the Ford and VW/Seat big MPVs shared a platform. The two groups have since developed their own strains. But if the big MPV is attractive to the OP, a Galaxy/S-Max may also be worth a look (and if grass is a perceived issue it's available in 4x4 variants now)... not sure if the VW group version is?
  6. Wiring help!

    THAT cable (from the answer given by maker on Screwfix) is 18AWG = 0. 823 mm^2 cross-sectional area (csa) . .. so only suitable for about 10A current maximum, and then when it is running hot, i. e. NOT at all suitable for the proposed use! No real reason stranded speaker cable won't be suitable for 12V use. .. if the cross-sectional area is enough to carry the necessary current / minimise the volt drop. But not easy to find in suitably large csa and red/black figure 8 style. Note: 1. 5 mm^2 cross-section is imho also unsuitable for carrying 21A for any extended length of time and the volt drop would also likely be excessive at that current. For example, Maplin sell "20A" cable that is >2mm^2 in csa (probably AWG14).
  7. Frozen up windscreen etc. this morning.

    That's how I felt when we test-drove a Mondeo with one, way, way back --- 20-25 years ago --- and I crossed it off my list of potential (tow)cars. The Freelander 2 we got, then its' Galaxy replacement and our current Galaxy (so about the last 9 years) have them and we very rarely spot the elements while driving (certain light conditions seem to 'highlight' them)... In fact on the extended test drive in a FL2 (good couple of hours to test seat comfort, with no accompanying salesman) it was only at the very end I spotted it had a heated windscreen! With hindsight, I suspect the test Mondeo screen was much closer to me than either of the other vehicles I owned? I also drove into one of those lighting conditions where it appears to be more obvious, and after that just could not stop focusing on them for the rest of the relatively brief journey. Nowadays, I find it is great to clear ice off the outside, wipers clearing the water after. Also useful if any mist forms inside on a wet day, without needing to invoke the hot air to the head via windscreen blowers. Almost never notice the wires at all. On my wish list for any new car purchase (even though it's rarely needed to be used 'in anger').
  8. On board chargers Vs Ctek

    CTek have a 5 year warranty, apparently: https://www. ctek. com/products/vehicle/mxs-5-0 I'd be measuring the charger output voltage on the connected battery. .. That sounds wrong to me. .. My go to battery 'authoratitive handbook' can be found at http://www. batteryfaq. org/ and is well worth a read through. I have a simple, cheap as chips (well, almost) Lidl or Aldi 'smart' charger which I use and are fairly highly rated for the price cf CTek. However, it did fail to detect / resurrect my faulty battery recently.
  9. Elsan Double - Twin Pack.

    Last time there was an offer on I bought a pile of 1 litre double blues from Millets/Blacks on a collect from store order. .. Otherwise it's cheaper to buy the twin pack of double blue and bin the pink. .. still got a 2 litre unopened although my other pink is nearly empty. I appreciate the half-weight of the concentrated stuff from Elsan in keeping me within my MTPLM and noseweight limits. I know it's not easy to find the double blue 2 litre size to buy anywhere; despite Elsan saying it is available in that size. Others will now drag this thread off topic and discuss their personal preferences for toilet chemical (or not) to use, which has been repeatedly done to death imho. <ducks> EDIT: Ah the twin 1 litre double blues are back. .. Used to be cheaper than £14 last time I saw them anywhere (4/5 years ago?).
  10. Is my new battery okay?

    What is the make-up of the battery, and its temperature? http://www. batteryfaq. org/ is my go to place on battery information. It gives different open circuit voltages vs state of charge and temperature for the different battery make-ups. My Yuasa is Ca/Ca and would need to read in excess of 12. 75V for me to be happy its near fully charged at the moment, although for a standard construction battery at 4/5 Celsius 12. 60 V would be fully charged. The faq also covers the concrete floor issue, agreeing with snopes.
  11. Fit car stereo to caravan

    Do you really want to be cutting holes into the caravan cabinetry to fit speakers? Make a housing plus possibly another cabinet cutout for the radio box itself? Find routes for wires to pass from one location to another and hide them? Fit a suitable aerial for FM, AM and another for DAB if desired which may well involve cutting a hole or two through the caravan skin (leak potential)? I'd suggest no. ... A decent free-standing bluetooth speaker or two would be my suggestion. .. if your data allowance is suitable streaming radio stations when wanted could be possible. You can get them with batteries in, rechargeable via usb, as well as mains operated.
  12. Pump running affects TV

    I took the OPs post to read "did as you said, cured problem, many thanks." Must say I'm surprised Stockland Hill was getting in at Exmoor House well enough to be tuned in at all: Wolfbane figures gave 65dBuV for Brushford cf 27dBuV for Stockland with receiving aerial at 3m and 10m agl. Shows how sensitive some modern TVs are!
  13. Purpleline mover o/s stopped turning?

    The click is probably from the control box (rather than motor/gearbox/roller) as it cuts out on overload due to the stalled motor? My PowrTouch did this earlier this year. .. a little 'rocking' of the disengaged roller freed up the otherwise jammed roller/motor/gearbox/brush contact (whichever was causing the issue). It's was then OK after that. I was thinking dodgy brushes, but it was simpler than I expected, (Well up until my battery failed last month! I've also replaced some bulging electrolytic capacitors in the control box, found before diagnosing the battery issue}. Have yet to try moving the caravan with the new battery, but it works both motors OK in disengaged position.)
  14. Is my new battery okay?

    My new leisure battery was also around 12. 5V on checking at home. However the eye was showing green. (No chance of seeing it now installed in the battery locker, as it only just fits - 10mm clear at top). Put it on the caravan charger for about 24 hours or so and have had it switched off since. Haven't checked it with a digital meter but the Bailey analogue is showing around 12. 8-12. 9V and is higher than the 12. 7 it used to give with my last battery. So I'm pretty sure it's @100% charged. 10 hours @ 3A is 30Ah input. But if your Lidl charger is the same as mine, at 80% charged it drops from 3A to 0. 8A current. So it will take it quite a time (27. 5 hours) to reach 100%, fully charged; when it then drops to a trickle charge of 0. 1A. (See the charger manual's diagrams).
  15. Dometic Fridge Vent

    Check with Bailey Parts (call them?) and they may have the correct cover as well as the updated one. Even possible they've sent the wrong one (as a result of an error in their database vs your caravan vin/model year)? Also check with your local caravan dealers and / or other online suppliers (leisure spares et al). they may have the correct part on their shelves. Almost? all the ones I can see online still show/mention the turnbuckle fitting. ..