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  1. Rodders53

    Cordless Drill

    I use a small 12V Lithium drill-driver by Parkside from Lidl (model PABS 12 A1). More than man enough for the steady winder job on the low speed setting. The battery lasts an age too. I use it for many jobs around the house too, as it's small and light. Must be six years old by now. I've been so impressed by that Parkside drill that I've bought other drills from their range. Only downside is they keep changing the battery designs/voltages so they aren't interchangeable... but the low prices makes up for that. I'd suspect poorly maintained steadies if a lot of force (torque) from a drill is needed to wind them up or down.
  2. Rodders53

    Should I leave electric on?

    You are not the Original Poster (OP)... that honour goes to @the gasman You have a Bailey and are already doing the same as any sensible Bailey owner would
  3. Rodders53

    Should I leave electric on?

    OP: Post the make, model and year of the caravan you have and someone here will likely know the type of charger you have. (Your profile says 'still looking') I'm of the power up and charge for 24-48 hours every month or so and rest it otherwise. 1) It save electricity, albeit not a great deal. 2) It saves checking the caravan every few days in case something has gone wrong. {October 2017 we had mice chew through the house water and heating pipes... We were using the caravan to shower in, so mains on 24/7 and therefore charger too... The battery failed and started to gas and get hot which I noticed soon enough - by the 'strange smell' - to prevent any damage.} 3) In my earliest caravanning days I killed a battery by leaving it on charge with a poor design of charger-psu EDIT to add: 4) My current Bailey caravan's BCA charger ain't very intelligent and I don't trust it 100%.
  4. Rodders53

    mover non functioning

    Check the solar panel charging regime is correct for the type of battery you have now (and that it also was for the old defunct battery). It's fairly rare but not unknown for them go faulty and to over-charge a battery. Also on wrong battery type setting the solar charger system could potentially do long term harm in over or under-charging.
  5. Rodders53

    Manual for Cosalt Rimini

    Never saw a manual or handbook with any static caravan my in-Laws owned. Just the appliance manuals (gas fire, fridge, cooker, water heater/boiler). AFAIK Cosalt only made 'statics'? Never got a manual for any house I bought either (though some have had manuals for at least some of the appliances fitted). Best to find make/model of the things you need instructions for from their rating plates and then try to find copies of the manuals online? Or ask for specific items. Other matters on statics are usually much the same as for normal homes (drains, toilets, water, electricity, widows and doors). Gas can be from cylinders with bulkhead auto changeover regulators or piped to from central tanks and metered on some sites (even, perhaps, as mains gas).
  6. Rodders53

    Using a Firestick in the caravan

    You certainly did. Google (and other search engines) would have found you images and the manuals for the Humax boxes giving that detail. However "one cable does this, and two cables allows that" surely means that there is somewhere for those two cables to go? NB there is one Humax satellite box - a stb, not a PVR - that does only have one tuner and one input (Model HB1100S. All the twin tuner PVRs start HDRxxxxS.
  7. Rodders53

    DAB with Status aerial.

    Likely an existing F-plug to car radio plug adapter lead will exist... so one of the many car-radio to Radio plus smb (dab) adapters might suit/work although some have no circuitry inside it would appear so probably should be avoided. The Status unit claims to have a proper FM (<108MHz) and DAB (>200MHz) filter inside. They state it loses less than 2.5 dB of signal, rather than a standard 2-way splitter which loses 4dB. Status alarmingly claim normal splitters lose much more which is untrue (unless 4-way splitter = -8dB) Standard splitters will send all frequencies to both ports... so DAB tuner would get UHF TV, DAB and FM as received by the Status. This is frequently undesirable which is why filtered splitters should be used in an ideal world. A quality triplexer would only lose about 1dB on the FM, DAB and UHF ports: an example is http://www.aerialsandtv.com/onlinesplittersandamps.html#TVFMDABtriplexer That would need a f-plug to smb adapter as well. However another option is to simply fit a DAB aerial (with the correct connector for the radio). The DAB transmitter network is designed to work with indoor aerials and receivers more than FM ever was. Personally I doubt the 570 will work well for DAB as it will almost always be 'wrong polarity' when being used for TV... and many DAB stations are on Freeview anyway (but that's another topic).
  8. Rodders53

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    Biggest advantage to me is finding a quick way back to the campsite after a nice day out. Also a great help when a stranger in an area... and after 2 and a bit years living here we're still reliant on the sat nav to find some places. (Although we now ignore some of it's more circuitous routing around Milton Keynes destinations.) My sons rely on their mobiles to sat nav for "free". Which will probably kill off stand-alone devices sooner or later?
  9. Rodders53

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    Other use SD cards for the data.... My Ford, for example. But at £81.90 for last years maps (2018) it's not cheap. {Although possibly dodgy eBay copies are available for significantly less}. Plus they expect you to fork this out every year (or so). Tom Tom charge £50 for the same all-Europe map as a download, if your device is compatible and hasn't got *lifetime* maps. So I guess the Ford price isn't that bad? But TT have fallen out of favour with me since they killed my GO520T, claiming it hadn't the storage needed (when it takes external SD cards). *lifetime* is however short TomTom decide it to be by dropping support for the device.
  10. Rodders53

    Truma fire , 07 elddis odyssey 543

    Irrelevant to the electric 240V operation, though; and OP stated "we don't use gas"
  11. Rodders53

    Truma fire , 07 elddis odyssey 543

    https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/82831-swift-challenger-truma-ultraheat/ is a pinned topic in the heating sub-forum that explains how the Ultraheat works and should be used... with common faults explained, too. Worth a read through?
  12. How old? PowrTouch have a 5 year warranty. Invoke it if you can. Many are manual engage but the auto versions use motors and electronics which can be temperamental. Auto AWD version info is https://www.powrtouch.com/powrwheel-support-hub-html/powrtouch-evolution-range-support/powrtouch-evolution-twin-axle-support/powrtouch-evolution-twin-4-motor-support/powrtouch-evolution-twin-axle-4-motor-auto-support.html I'd be checking if the control box for the dodgy one is outputting volts to the engage/disengage motors first... then go from there. {There are two boxes for AWD units,} As there's a 'how to change an actuator motor' pdf it's something that is expected to go wrong from time to time; but it may be a control box fault. If out of warranty, they also sell spare parts but they aren't especially cheap.
  13. Rodders53

    New Caravan - What do I need?

    Don't get an electric kettle at all One that goes on a gas and/or electric hob will do fine... or even a saucepan to save even more weight (and money).
  14. Rodders53

    Old AGM or new flooded lead acid battery.

    Smart charger likely lower maximum current output (4A?) than caravan charger/psu (20A?). Finding the detailed spec of what is fitted to the caravan may help determine precisely how smart it is. My old Swift with its Nordelectronica system was much smarter than my current Bailey BCA job.
  15. Rodders53

    Using a Firestick in the caravan

    No. See my earlier answer. One cable there will be restriction on second channel. Two cables none.