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  1. BCA unit is a Charger-PSU (Power Supply Unit) so it does provide 12V power. The battery smooths the supply and supplements the current. OP needs to use a meter and start a methodical check of the components. A possible is failure of the master switch (especially if it remote controls a relay of some sort) to energise the 12V circuits. Ditto a stuck habitation relay would cut the caravan battery/PSU from feeding anything (if stuck thinking the car is attached). Does battery produce 12V (ideally 12.7V-ish meaning it is charged)? When mains is on does that rise to 13.6V (or a bit more) to prove the PSU-charger is working? EDIT: If all else fails a mobile/caravan electrical technician will be needed to fault-find / diagnose.
  2. The adaptors I linked to will do just that. They have a screw in F-plug connection that will fit the SAT connections on the caravan leaving a UHF TV socket into which standard UK aerial leads plug into. Once fitted you can leave them in place. However, surely your 2016 Lunar has a Status 530 directional TV aerial on the roof that you will use most of the time? Lunar spec http://www.lunarcaravans.com/brands/lunar/clubman-delta/delta-ti says "2-4x TV points in all Models - all with Satellite Connection" which is rather worrying for me (as to how the heck Lunar manage that properly?).
  3. Correct on both counts. @TJM NB1 Aquaroll is only one brand of rolling water barrel, there are others with the wider neck/cap size. NB2 Many on here have dispensed with the filters on their water systems. (I'm one IMO they are bug breeding places, and a money-making scheme for the filter makers/caravan dealers who will replace at a service for an extra charge.).
  4. Calor Centres (as they call them) are plentiful enough for most caravanners to find one on a holiday, if they want? But better to sell (or pass on free) to someone who wants a bottle than travel any distance for that small sum, of course. Deposit sum (diminishing with time) is the same on pretty much all Calor cylinder sizes. They just charge more for a Lite refill cf 6kg steel propane; which makes the 3.9kg refill rate cheaper than Lites per kg (just more frequent). WEIGHT is the disadvantage of steel vs Lite (important to me as noseweight is at max for my car (90kg) with two Lites). Steel 6kg would mean transporting one in the car! But as a low user of gas the 3.9kgs may suit me, without a significant price per kg of gas penalty (currently).
  5. Calor will give you £7.50 for any unwanted Calor empties. No receipt needed. Check their website.
  6. You should have booked a site overnight or more, and made that the rendezvous point. (With agreement of the site to do that, of course.) THEN you could check over the caravan with seller and get them to show you how things in it work/help you set up. A nice overnight while you get used to it and recover from the stress of all that occurs. Then tow home the next day. Slowly and gently. Do check your towcar wiring is 100% asap. No way would I expect a 3.25 hour solo journey to take only 15 minutes more when towing (even if it is a shorter route). Google suggests Gatehead to Chester is 180 miles and I'd guess at 4 hours travelling back?
  7. My 2d-worth (and I may well be contradicted): Does it work OK still? If 'yes' then the F-gas hasn't leaked. When it stops cooling then it may need re-gassing (at which point leak checks will be essential). Just like a motor car aircon system. My car is now approaching 6 years old, aircon never been looked at. My house ASHPs suggest 6-month or annual servicing. My installer-tech says no need, just clean filters inside and maybe wash the outside fan/fancoil occasionally. NB This time of year no F-gas people will want a small job like yours (too busy installing/maintaining broken systems). Try mid-winter when they are quieter.
  8. I read the 'rotate' to mean literally move the wheel thro' nn degrees to minimise flat spots.
  9. You do realise Calor will want £39.99 per cylinder as a hire fee on a diminishing return basis. Plus the gas fill price £23.45 for a standard heavy 6kg, more for a Lite. Ask if your caravan dealer will throw one or two cylinders in for free (or gas fill only cost). They can get 'unwanted' cylinders from trade-ins. Shop around for alternative gas suppliers where the cylinder hire fee may be lower or waived? Look around for free or almost free cylinders via facebook, freecycle, locals ads etc.,.? The small size Calors can all be swapped for full Lites (3.9/6kg propane 4.5/7kg butane) when available (main dealers). Do you really need the Lites? How much gas will you use each year? The small 3.9kg refill pricing is roughly equal per kg of gas. But that would not suit an off-grid caravanner (where the refillables come into their own).
  10. UV degradation of tyres is the least of your worries Think about the paintwork, plastic windows and handles, sealants, ......... There are dozens of makers of plastics covers for the wheels in a range of qualities and colours though (£5-15 each wheel seems to be the price range). Bing and other search engines are available to find the products.
  11. Screwfix sell em in 10s https://www.screwfix.com/p/labgear-f-plug-to-coax-socket-pack-of-10/73805 as do Toolstation https://www.toolstation.com/adaptors/p63161 Also avaialable from any good TV aerial shop, eBay and Amazon. I'd personally not use f-plugs on a long cable unless attached to a quick fit push on plug as well - a real hassle screwing on a F-plug in a battery box or similar location in the rain/cold!
  12. Local to us on Friday 14th, it was 132.9p/l at Morrisons Bedford (with a -5p/l voucher that was 127.9, and More points reduce that a tad further). Head over to Milton Keynes and Tesco was 129.9p (according to Petrol Prices .com). But absolutely not worth the 20-odd mile round trip to use 3 or 4 litres to save a few pennies per litre. When we were away last week we got diesel in Sainsburys, Sheffield (Meadowhall) @130.9p cheapest we'd seen around the area all week (filled up on the 6th). When we lived in Lowestoft I was amazed to find the fuel prices there were consistently among the lowest around the country. https://www.costco.co.uk/fuel-locations with only 12 locations in England and two in Scotland selling fuel there will be relatively few people who use it. Do they headline price fuel ex-VAT like their other stuff?
  13. Calor supply all this data on their website (click 'more' then 'specification tab'). https://www.calor.co.uk/shop/all/gas-bottles/propane-gas-bottles.html Fairly easily found using Google, too. 6 kg propane they say "Tare weight (empty) 7.3-10.9 kg" plus the gas. So full it can weigh anything from 13.3 kg to 16.9 kg depending on the bottle you get. A 6 kg Lite has a Tare of 4.1 to 5 kg so full = 10.1 to 11 kg. Saving between 2.3 and 6.8 kg weight on the nose of a caravan for each cylinder. Calor say a full 3.9 kg propane weighs between 9.0 and 10.5 kg for just under 2/3 of the gas in a Lite. Current refill price is around £18 cf £27 for the Lite? So may make the small bottle quite attractive for us light gas users (approx the same price per kg of gas)? A heavy 6 is £23.50 to refill so the cheaper way to buy gas.
  14. First things first. If the caravan is by your home, and not sited elsewhere, tune in the TV on your home aerial. Then do not retune it again. Check all the Belling-Lee TV plugs are made off correctly and that the TV wall plate socket is wired OK, too: The ideal way is for the plug is this one http://www.megalithia.com/elect/bellinglee/index.html but needs soldering (and that is a difficult skill to acquire with the nylon plastic easily melted) an easier method that works well enough is https://www.aerialsandtv.com/wiringup.html#KinkyCentreCore - I favour the braid over claw variation. One poorly made coaxial joint could mean no signal! Many (most?) TV reception problems are down to dodgy connections. Next, try the 315 dome 'direct' into the TV in the caravan; using a cable joiner to connect the cables. and by-passing the amplifier. {This is only likely to work in the strongest reception areas, though.} If you have any 'set back boosters' or distribution amplifiers in the home, you could temporarily try one of those with the dome. This may prove the Status box is defunct? Ideally you want to borrow another box from someone to try to prove the dome is OK. Or get another on a 'sale or return' basis from a local dealer? https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/vision-plus-digital-amplifiers/ start from about £22 but will need the TV plugs replaced by F-plugs or adapters. https://www.fringeelectronics.co.uk/12vleisure.html do them at slightly less. Some have a 'signal finder' built in for more money but don't bother, as with the omni dome they do nothing much useful (except the fringe one allows you to optimise the gain / signal level). They come in most useful with directional aerials. If the caravan is on a site, try to enlist the aid of a fellow caravanner or even the warden? (To tune in the TV on their working aerial, and maybe borrow their amplifier box, or test your box on their aerial system).
  15. I have a Bailey P2 Rimini and that has vents that look like that slot... one under the cooker and one under one bed... They have plastic covers behind that divert 90 degrees to cutouts in the floor. They are fixed low level ventilators for the habitation areas. If (when) I get a cold draught via those due to the wind direction prevailing they get plugged (temporarily) with off-cuts of foam pipe insulation. There's plenty of other ventilation in the caravan. The fridge should be room sealed and only the rear needs have ventilation - both for the heat exchanger to work efficiently and the gas combustion products to escape externally.
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