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  1. Use the caravan year model or VIN number in Bailey Parts website https://www.primaleisure.com/ to search for and find the light fitting you need. Your Brindisi is a fairly recent model (Pegasus IV) ? Most likely it will be LED and need a complete luminaire as they are not usually replaceable on lamp by lamp basis. The over kitchen sink/oven/worktop lamps in my P2 are led.
  2. Covenants are sometimes passed on to successive owners of the lands adjoining and are an agreement between both to abide by... e.g. a shared private driveway of N homes with all plots equally responsible for repairs. No keeping of pigs or other livestock. No business to be operated from the premises. {Caravans, sheds, etc.,.) The exact wording matters. Legal advice is probably worthwhile in this specific case, and should not need a lot of time = money (if the original / copies of original wording is available). The last thing anyone needs is a neighbour dispute, let alone one that goes legal.
  3. Nope. Account stays marked as closed / inactive. I've just changed vehicle and done exactly what you suggest. See my previous post above.
  4. I've had the same messages but although the account is closed/inactive it hasn't been entirely closed by them (yet). I deposited £10 on account to attend an ex-colleagues funeral in Dartford in September 2017. Not been across since. Changed my car / reg details online in late November this year. Login still works. Still says to make a crossing or add money to reopen and I've a £6.66 balance... There's a form to fill out to request an account closure (and refund?). https://www.dartford-crossing-charge.service.gov.uk/Content/PDF/Dart_Charge_account_closure_form.pdf I haven't seen any mention of a charge for refund (unlike TFL's refund charges for the Congestion/LEZ ). Might be worth a call to them for clarification if you are concerned?
  5. Same issue in most homes at this time of year. Close the blinds and curtains. Stops the cold air dropping off the windows. Change for thermal lined ones perhaps? Window rubber seal problems will be obvious as wind through any gaps and, inevitably, water leaks too. Circulating the air around from the fire will reduce the radiant heat effect a bit (turn the fan on Auto is usually best). Open the heating vents. I don't recall major cold issues with our Ace Award caravan of similar vintage - although it seems to take 24 hours for the whole caravan fabric to warm up overall whatever caravan we've had.
  6. None of the Ford Dealers round here (in a 20 mile radius) had any recent Galaxys to look at let alone test drive! But they were all happy to allow us to sit in any vehicles they had, and measure up the boot opening for our mobility scooter hoist. Plus they offered test drives in the Kuga we were considering. Only dealership we got the cold shoulder on was Seat... although they did open a 'pinned in' Alhambra for us to look at; SWMBO couldn't get in due to the poor access. {New car salesman claimed he was with someone and the used salesman would be along - :censored: lying scumbag.} Funnily enough the VW (and Seat) dealers in Lowestoft were similarly unhelpful many moons ago. In the end we went for a 9 month old Ford Direct which had to be transportered in to our Dealers from Kent.
  7. My two Galaxys trip computer MPG numbers have never once agreed with my calculated MPGs... filled to the second click off at the pumps. My records go back 9 years. I never recorded the trip meter readings of the FL2 that preceded the Galaxy - perhaps because it was pretty close to the calculated number? It's a lottery - but ought not be?
  8. Only LNB will need changing for a 2-output Q type OR a 6-output hybrid type that will auto-work with standard sat receivers or Q types. But AIUI Q needs internet connection for a fair bit of stuff - including pushed programmes/trailers/adverts, that are auto recorded - and could eat data/be slow on a site wi-fi (may even breach T&Cs in some places, hogging bandwidth). Investigate what taking the card from Q box to a HD box will do. AIUI it's possible to re-pair the card to the other box type to access the premium channels. Other fora are perhaps better suited to this question - digitalspy and avforums being two I know have covered this aspect. Then no changes need be done at the static at all.
  9. Go somewhere that you can audition the TVs in your price and size range. Listen to sound from them (some will be awful, others not). Look at pictures on and off axis (some will lose contrast quickly others not)... check both left/right and above/below (especially if mounting on an arm). Having whittled down the shortlist: examine the remote control (some are diabolical to use). No one else's view matters 1 jot.
  10. Condensation on lens? Dirt or condensation on windscreen outside/inside? All could diffuse light and render a recorded image out of focus.
  11. Scaffold is one standard size: 48.3mm od. But caravan jockey wheels aren't https://www.caravanparts.co.uk/caravan-jockey-wheels-clamps-c-63_91.html. Swift Group customer service or any Swift dealer will likely know the diameter needed by you.
  12. Rodders53


    http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/head-units/dvd-players/pioneer-dvh-340ub-dvd-cd-player-with-front-usb is one example of a single-DIN car radio currently on sale that plays DVDs. Older models were not that uncommon. In a car it's illegal for the driver to be able to see the moving images when on the move. Some up-market car installs have a split-screen display that the passenger can view the DVD playing while the driver sees another image (e.g. satnav screen). Easiest way to find out the precise make/model would be to carefully remove the radio from the housing? If the radio is missing then it's a different game. But photos of the connectors left may give a clue to some?
  13. Galaxy and Mondeo smax before around 2008 had 80kg noseweight limit. Increased to 90kg as I found when we got a 09 plate in 2010. Most towbars available then were still rated at 80 kg. Bosal did one rated to 100 kg, but when fitted I had to limit the NW to 90 as per Ford's spec. It's still 90kg with my new Galaxy. So do not go by the towbar makers NW rating plate alone!
  14. Abbey are part of Swift group so a Swift alloy may fit OK if not match in style 100%. But do you need an alloy? Steel may do. The spare is likely steel? Search for Caravan Alloy Wheels throws up quite a few 15 inch 5 hole rims which could be suitable. Maybe best to ask a Swift dealer or their customer service to be sure?
  15. Cold is better for storing batteries cf hot. (within limits) http://www.batteryfaq.org/ section 14 covers the myth of concrete floors.
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