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  1. Is my new battery okay?

    My new leisure battery was also around 12. 5V on checking at home. However the eye was showing green. (No chance of seeing it now installed in the battery locker, as it only just fits - 10mm clear at top). Put it on the caravan charger for about 24 hours or so and have had it switched off since. Haven't checked it with a digital meter but the Bailey analogue is showing around 12. 8-12. 9V and is higher than the 12. 7 it used to give with my last battery. So I'm pretty sure it's @100% charged. 10 hours @ 3A is 30Ah input. But if your Lidl charger is the same as mine, at 80% charged it drops from 3A to 0. 8A current. So it will take it quite a time (27. 5 hours) to reach 100%, fully charged; when it then drops to a trickle charge of 0. 1A. (See the charger manual's diagrams).
  2. Dometic Fridge Vent

    Check with Bailey Parts (call them?) and they may have the correct cover as well as the updated one. Even possible they've sent the wrong one (as a result of an error in their database vs your caravan vin/model year)? Also check with your local caravan dealers and / or other online suppliers (leisure spares et al). they may have the correct part on their shelves. Almost? all the ones I can see online still show/mention the turnbuckle fitting. ..
  3. http://www. aerialsandtv. com/touringaerials. html is worth a quick read. http://www. digitaluk. co. uk/coveragechecker/main/trade/YO18+7LF/wardill/0/82mstg35uv1hmlh40pn7rv6ih1 is a reception prediction (for rooftop aerials @ 10m above the ground) for a shop in the town (village?) centre. .. Choice of two transmitters. But both are fairly distant and so quite low signal level (via Wolfbane). (Meaning a directional, higher gain than normal, aerial plus masthead amplification may be required). Thus the omnidirectional caravan aerial is probably completely unsuitable in that location. Overbrook has a prediction of http://www. digitaluk. co. uk/coveragechecker/main/trade/YO18+7SE/overbrook/0/NA and better signal level from Bilsdale which might be nearly enough for an omni to work OK? High Grundon http://www. digitaluk. co. uk/coveragechecker/main/trade/YO18+7RB/high/0/NA is similar for Bilsdale. Prospect Farm http://www. digitaluk. co. uk/coveragechecker/main/trade/YO18+7LQ/prospect+farm/0/NA is another location where an omni stands no real chance. Probably. Other caravan sites in the area will have their own predicted and estimated / actual signal levels. Satellite reception can easily be blocked by trees and hedges in some places. .. and one doesn't always have the ability to choose a pitch to get the clear view required. NB if you really want to build your own UHF TV aerial the BBC do have a design available. http://www. bbc. co. uk/rd/publications/rdreport_1969_20 It really needs to be re-calculated with fewer short elements to cover the current 21 to 60 bandwidth rather than 21 to 68 as in the publication which is almost 50 years old. It would, however be cheaper to buy a log periodic than buy the bits to make one. Do go over the existing installation's cables and connections as they can make a big difference. Try different fly-leads between outlet and TV (some moulded ones are shockingly bad quality). To be frank I'd not worry overmuch about the cable screening of the installed cables - but if they are damaged (kinked, crushed) and need replacing choose 'satellite grade' double screened foam filled. I pay a bit extra to have all-copper core, braid and foil rather than copper-coated steel or aluminium foils; it's worth the extra! (e. g. PF100 or WF100 cable). EDIT: The omni aerials can have faulty psu/amplifiers. They also came in two 'flavours' Purple and Orange logos. .. That may be relevant? or not.
  4. App For Best Tv Aerial Direction

    No flaw, but as I said the best transmitter was a bit of a surprise to me (and also used for the CMC 'booster' system and local houses). Hannington. It gave me very good 8 mux reception and the Local TV with breakup. (Status 530 as fitted to my caravan). Signal levels reported on my Humax 60-70% (IIRC) except the local. Despite the predictions. Freepoint just directs one to the (three?) nearest likely transmitters as far as I can tell. Certainly gets it wrong for the above CMC site! {and suggests CP for where I live currently which is a laugh and a half due to the terrain}.
  5. •Fault 10: No "engine running" signal is present and control is in Manual DC mode. That, to me, suggests an accidental push of the mode/power source selection button on the front panel? (Did similar on one caravan we had with the Thetford fridge while standing washing up in front of it). Or perhaps a dodgy internal connection / dry joint causing the same effect? NB Blue light in that mode only comes on when engine running and supplying enough current to fridge in that (towing) mode. .. Usually needed to briefly increase revs to get it to light. The panel cycles through the power options: it's all in the manual. <Battery> for 12V towing only mode; <2-prong plug> for mains ac mode; and a <flame> symbol for gas. There's also an <Auto> for the few caravans supplied with the very posh automatic source selection variant of the fridge (that may appear but does nothing on the normal fridge). With all these niggles it sounds like you need advice from some local experienced caravanners or (mobile) caravan service technicians to help iron them out? Best of luck! It will get better once you can sort these issues out.
  6. App For Best Tv Aerial Direction

    Wolbane's result page states: I use Wolfbane regularly but would not rely on it alone, now that the authoritative DigitalUK data is available. ... {Back in analogue days Wolfbane was all we had - unless 'in the business' - but I know it was inaccurate in predicted field strengths. (Based on his calcs for my old home cf measurement made with a calibrated Reception Survey vehicle on my driveway of CP, Hemel, Sandy and Hannington). Even advanced research can never beat on the spot measurements. ... An example is the MCC site @ Notrgrove (Bourton on the Water) GL54 3BU . .. Which transmitter would you recommend there? I was very surprised as to which main transmitter worked best based on the predictions from both sources.
  7. App For Best Tv Aerial Direction

    That's because it works to the international UHF TV planning standard, which is outside aerials at 10 m above the ground (2 storey house roof level approx). It is the only prediction tool that has all the up-to-date transmitter radiation patterns (for each individual frequency transmitted) available to it and allows properly for interference UK&NI plus continental. .. Data that is NOT all published outside of the Arqiva/BBC/Ofcom planners data files. Wolfbane can be very useful as another aid, and I will use it with caution (and interpret the figures using my training/knowledge) . The same as other apps data. Often they assume omni radiation (far from true for most relays) and have a fairly coarse OS terrain data for obstructions (if used - Wolfbane does, btw). UKfree. tv managed to get radiation patterns for many in recent years - but not all transmitters. Even so the predictors may predate or simply not use that information (too difficult in a small program?). Antenna height for caravans is pretty much fixed in most cases (as is its' horizontal position). Other than standing wave variations where moving the aerial in a cube of space with up to 1 metre sides can find a 'sweet spot' for all frequencies moving an aerial about doesn't make a lot of difference. Unless that height clears a very local obstruction! Yes, at 10 m you can have clear line of sight but at 4m that signal will be diffracted off a ridge en route. .. but that won't make any difference to us as caravanners. .. we're stuck with the aerial height and have to 'make do' with what we can get. All prediction tools require interpretation.
  8. Concertina Blinds

    Domestic blinds https://www. dometic. com/en-gb/uk/products/climate/windows-and-doors/blinds/dometic-s7p-pb-_-25060#documentation state to close by 2/3 max for heat build up, and not to leave closed for extended periods. Same as Heki roof lights, plus tow with them open! Think OEM manual extracts have been in my Swift and Bailey handbooks with this info in for various blind makes? The brands fitted to Elddis vans may differ?
  9. Caravan Battery Advice

    Other threads point to this NCC Verified Batteries page http://www. thencc. org. uk/our_schemes/ncc_verified_leisure_battery_scheme. aspx Download the pdf and see what batteries will fit your locker. My 9 year 7 month old NoName battery died last time out (failing to mover the van more than a few feet) . .. and I was researching one to buy in Class B *** (mover, generally on hookup) at a good price vs bang for buck, when it started 'cooking' on the driveway (with a bad egg smell in the caravan). As we were at the time without HW in the house (a long story) and using the 'van as a shower (and being a Bailey needs a battery connected) it turned into a distress Saturday am purchase at a local Battery shop. Got a class C Yuasa L35-115 for just under £95. Heavy, big, and only just fits. Sure it will be fine for my use. Rubbish warranty though (1 year). https://www. yuasa. co. uk/info/quality-assurance/warranty-explained/
  10. Motor Mover Remote

    The umbilical was never intended for a remote/control box sync problem. More for handset battery issues and radio interference issues. I, too, think the feature loss is sad. .. but in the 10+ years I've owned mine there's only once I have used it. BTW: Good dealers you have there!
  11. Am i being taken for a ride?

    I read that as: The water will have got under the vinyl covering and is currently trapped in the plywood floor between the vinyl and polystyrene insulation which are both waterproof. It will take a long long time to dry via edges / through holes which have allowed water in and to travel underneath. Ideally the vinyl should be lifted to permit wood to dry out, and then be relaid, (in my view). But that might depend on the area of floor @50% and how dry it is nearby. ..
  12. Pegasus II Genoa Wiring Diagram Needed

    I agree. My Swift group caravans had quite decent diagrams to follow. This Bailey has not, although there are some bits in the service manual. (The control panel wiring especially). The secret battery protection fuse (under the battery box hidden in loom) is well documented in the forums. .. But may be a designed dealer income source? Why do Bailey not detail where (and why) this is fitted anywhere in their manuals?
  13. Caravan scales

    Have A Reich CWC and am happy that I can check things are loaded OK for every trip / caravan I've used it with. I do not always have the same stuff loaded, and travel to a weigh bridge to find I'm overloaded seems counterintuitive to my small brain. Recognise it's got an accuracy margin (5%?) but then so have weigh bridges. It came out within a few kg to the estimated weight of the last caravan I used the MTPLM figure and added/subtracted items put in or taken out. So based on that I trust it to be close enough to not get me in trouble if DVSA ever stop and check my outfit. Others have had different mileage with the CWC. But I'm one happy bunny!
  14. Pegasus Control Panel Cover

    Rewiring the lamp to come on when awning light is switched on is a favourite. .. No need for extra cutouts or switches then Forum search should find the topics. .. I know I'd done all the work to fit an on/off switch for the lamp (swmbo demands pitch black for sleeping) when someone else suggested the awning light switch modification. !
  15. Faded Alko Plastic

    Used this myself. Made a marked, if temporary, improvement to my previous caravan's Al-Ko bits that had been sun-bleached. Also useful on other vinyl and plastic bits on car and a garden cover. Albeit temporary. A little goes quite a long way, too.