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  1. Patio gas is usually propane and suitable for use in caravans. (Better than butane for all year caravan use). The regulator may well be different to that on your caravan and you may need a new one? Depending on what you have currently, will determine your options. (Buklhead regulator with pigtail, and type; bottle mounted regulator and low pressure hose). Fitting the cylinder you have in the gas locker may be a struggle, too. (Although I reckon the 5kg calor patio gas will go in mine OK. 13kg would be too tall). Suck it and see? {Also consider the weight of cylinder and gas, with the effect of that on the caravan noseweigh etc.,.} Flogas leisure (patio) gas cylinders are standard 6kg propane / 7kg butane size. So gas brand also comes into it. Sadly Calor now don't allow swaps from Patio type to standard propane cylinders. So if you need a different cylinder you will have to try to get an empty from somewhere 'cheaply'.
  2. Both wires (Live and Neutral) through the monitor coil will cancel out the current in the monitor. It will never see any load current and would more likely never trip off the Alde heating coils no matter what was being drawn. My electrical & electronics engineering background cannot see it doing anything else. Live wire wrapped round monitor twice or more would result in odder behaviour (2x monitor should see 10 A drawn when only 5 A is being consumed). But still not what you describe happens! However as this caravan is a 2018 model this should be a warranty issue. It seems repeatable and therefore demonstrable to the supplying dealer and they should enlist the aid of Alde to rectify if needed/beyond their capabilities.
  3. VHF (405-line) TV signals in the UK were usually vertically polarised. OP if one is broken off I'd consider sealing it up to prevent water ingress. Just in case. https://www.aerialsandtv.com/touringaerials.html#Inside_A_Status_Aerial
  4. From your latest explanation it seems to me that the relay that cuts out the heating element(s) selected, when under control of the 'load monitor' is being opened whatever setting it's at (except 'off'). Must be a load monitor control circuit aberration/fault. Any competent Alde-trained dealer / mobile tech should be able to diagnose how to fix that in moments. If they have the right spare parts it shouldn't take long to fix either?
  5. I have forgotten to switch off master a few times on my P2 in the past... Oops. More careful now! Battery seemed to survive well enough for our needs (mover but mains hookup), until last year when a cell died and the charger-psu started cooking the battery. But at over 10 years old that battery had had a good life. So @the gasman suck it and see. Fully charge the battery for a few days. (If you have one use a smart charger, but I only used the Bailey kit to recharge). Check for any strange smells or battery getting very hot while charging, just in case there has been irreparable damage. Then switch all off and leave for a day or so to allow the 'surface charge' to dissipate and measure the battery voltage see section 4 of http://www.batteryfaq.org/ to determine if it seems healthy enough. Some capacity will inevitably be lost, but that occurs over time anyway. As to how long a battery lasts "it all depends" and there can be no hard and fast rules as it is so dependent on how you use the battery and how good your charging regime is. (All covered in the faq I have linked to).
  6. No trouble getting an exchange when I ran out of gas at Bourton-on-the Water (Notgrove) CMC site earlier this week. £28 was a hefty price, though. Warden said Calor will continue refilling but not replacing any stock that gets damaged. So long term they will be getting even scarcer. An Ebay seller in Wisbech has refills. Depends where in Norfolk you are as to how near that is?
  7. It's 2.1 kW according to Alde's spec sheets and that's 8.75A running current at 240 V (even though they may state 1,2 & 3 kW on the panel. Even 2000W @ 230V nominal EU voltage is 8.6A+ (8.333 A @ 240). The load monitor will, correctly, not permit the mains relay to close and "2kW" heating coil to work at a 8 A total limit (it 'knows' that 8.33 to 8.75A for the element plus an existing load will be well above what you've selected to be allowed!). You need to allow 9 or 10 A, maybe more? NB A type B MCB will allow 1.5x rated current indefinitely if you check the tripping curves. To be frank it sounds like this device is more trouble to you than it is worth!
  8. Everyone needs a stepladder to reach the aerial! (Point it to the other side so that both rods can be reached easily.) I think it may be possible to reach the rods through my skylight but even then I need a step to see out and I'm 6 foot on a good day. The rods are 'dummy' on some recent versions. On others they are designed for VHF TV signals really. NB The rods, extended, will foul the caravan side/roof if the aerial is canted over to vertical, so can't be used then (well one can but not the one nearest the roof). In the UK it's fairly rare to have VHF/FM radio and UHF TV transmissions co-sited, and more so when using vertically polarised TV relays. So reception is likely to be a lottery based on location anyway. I've never felt the need to extend them, except once to check they did .
  9. Did you ever 'season' the hotplates and do it regularly? (Or, like me, have you never heard of the concept before now?) https://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/help/cleaning-maintenance/4075-cleaning-electric-hobs Must say we miss the 800W electric element from our Ace caravan (used to boil the kettle), and never saw any rust in the 5 years we owned it.
  10. Eeek!!! The female part has a one-way stop valve in (in my experience). The male, inserted, allows gas to flow... no gas passes with it removed. The way you've done it is more dangerous as the male will allow full flow gas to pass. (Sensible use is no danger, of course, but a.n.other may not be so wary). I use a Male to Female extension... with males on my appliances (BBQs). A regulator (Butane/Propane/Patio Gas) to a female allows use of the appliances on either caravan outlet or a cylinder. (My caravan has the Bullfinch BBQ socket so I have an adaptor lead for that, too). Length of hose to suit you (sir). OP: quick release gas connector is the term to search for.
  11. Been asked regularly. Answers remain the same. Search for previous threads. Check out local suppliers prices. My last battery was a no name 110Ah job supplied 'free' by Norwich Caravans that lasted over 10 years with little real care. Just regular charging, asap after using and every month or so over winter. My replacement is a Yuasa brand, which was a distress purchase; but local battery specialist/car parts place was cheaper than the online suppliers!
  12. Yes. Available in red and white form. AIUI It's a one way valve designed to allow air in via clear pipe when draining down HW tank. But can leak water back when pressurised (hot). https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/gas/caravan-water-heater/alde-accessories/alde-domestic-hot-water-connection-red-12mm-speedfit http://www.swordcrowncaravans.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=204 You may be able to clean / descale the one way valve seal, or it may never fully seal again.
  13. Electric (Water) heating elements seldom fail to low resistance. They usually short to the earthed metal jacket that surrounds the element. That fault will trip the RCD in the consumer unit (and the MCB the first time, but not normally afterwards). Bailey vans have a double-pole fused spur connection unit near the water heater labelled water heater, unsurprisingly, but via a plastic stick on label that can come off? Often the Truma gas control is adjacent to said mains switch. The charger psu is built into the consumer unit on Bailey vans and more difficult to isolate especially if you are not confident with electrics and diy generally. It would be safer to elicit help from someone in the family who is, or pay a suitably qualified electrician to sort it out? It is also possible that a fault has occurred in the wiring from mcb to the appliances, and/or in the switches that are shorting live and neutral together. But a faulty F&S MCB may well be the issue.
  14. Try another car USB adapter... They are not all created equal... Voltage or current will be 'wrong' for that iPhone in some way. Perhaps consider buying a genuine Apple one designed for iPhones?
  15. AIUI Alde has two heater elements: one of 1.05 kW (4.375 A @ 240 V) and one of 2.1 kW (8.75A ). Both on making 3.25 kW. On 1.05kW and other items (fridge 200W? 0.8A plus charger) you're drawing a total of 5.9 to 6.4 Amps. Add another 4.4 A and you are in excess of the 10A setting. So maybe increase above 10 A to prove the Alde is restricting itself to 1kW? A 10A site MCB won't trip very quickly, if at all at 11 or 12A (if you can set such figures).
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