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  1. Dando , just had another quick look at your post' s and your storage fee quotes seemed to have disappeared , Pete
  2. Hi dando, I've had a little look at your past post's and kingswood storage you state have started at £500 then £400 and now £300 , we many year ago stored owe caravan with them very narrow lane to site had a row with a boy racer who wanted me to reverse 400 metres just because he didn't want too , also hedges at rear of stored caravan where never cut and this caused damp to owe rear window , security was only a scaffold pole dragged across two posts with an alarm with I set off a few times and nobody came to investigate so wasn't to happy that's why we moved to Staplehurst storage , hope things have improved but it was probably 20 years ago , pete
  3. I like wearing budgie smugglers but then again I've got a big budgie
  4. We went on a day trip to France , Dover/Calais with p&o end June , we went for 2 weeks with owe caravan & came back via the tunnel yesterday , both times no delays straight on and out both times , while away we spoke to lots of English who said the same no delays or problems on boats ,trains from any port into France. We spoke to a young Dutch couple who said holland had a vote about the EU and their government won't tell them who won & we spoke to a couple from Germany who said we where thick for voting to leave , they also said sorry for both wars , so there you go
  5. Hi all , we have just bought Isabella magnum 250 & we want to buy a second hand annexe do any of you good people know what size we need , is it any size annexe to fit side., thanks pete
  6. Yes it was really dark but they got the reg number of the truck , we left the m20 at junction 7 then a249 i think onto m2 as between junction 4/2 was closed , as I said m20 just aggro at the moment , Pete
  7. I read the op when it first came on here and I thought jcloughie was posting just for the sake of it , Saturday morning we had a day trip to France as we only live near dartford Kent side-about 1 hour from Dover port , we went a2/m2 early morning had a really good day , arrived back via ferry approx 10-15pm decided m20 home ,first road works before ashford straight forward as OP described no problems , just after junction 9 about a mile into the road works noticed a lorry in the distance getting nearer & nearer , I had my cruise control set at 51 miles and he tail gated me about 4 ft from us for probably about 10/12 miles , I didn't say anything to my wife or son and his girlfriend but they soon noticed with hindsight I should have put my foot down and not worry about average speed check of 50 mph rather lose my licence than owe lives , was so glad to see junction 8 pulled off and rejoined where the special idiot was now doing the same to another driver but lucky for him the road works finished, my number plate has a little GB then the number plate his had a little PL , my wife and son took photos and recorded on there phones and she is going to send an email to Kent police and the company logo email address on the side of the vechile , my advise is avoid the m20 nothing but trouble at the moment and email kent police & Kent council telling them of your concern people are going to get killed luckily it wasn't us last night and sorry to jcloughie for thinking what I thought , Pete
  8. Hi all , owe caravan fully loaded which we don't load to the max allowed 1,420 kg I've got a 67 plate 1.6 diesel 120 Bhp Vauxhall vivaro which I use for work , I want to sell my 4x4 and buy my wife a little run around so this is my question , will my van be man enough to tow my caravan especially steep hills bit worried it being only 1.6 , 120 bhp , my car is 2.0 diesel 180 Bhp we only tow once a year in France not worried about site as I have seen vans on the sites we like to use , thanks Pete
  9. Hi, give lee Davey caravans a call & tell them you are interested in buying a caravan from them but you have no storage they gave my friend a list of site when he bought off them, also Staplehurst caravan storage site when you ring wait to speak to maureen not her son tell her that you want to start caravanning and that you are desperate for a place, winter times not many people move about so may be easier to find a place April/ may when folks are on the move, Pete
  10. Hi springtime, I had a look on you tube and that vlog is 7 years old, thanks for you time though, pete
  11. Thanks for the replies, wood farm I heard most of the fish have been eaten by otters & sorry val should have been for England hope someone moves it, Pete
  12. Hi, we are looking for a site with carp fishing, don't have to be big fish, dont want a rough and ready site got to be clean and tidy I don't care but the wife won't be to happy if the facilities are a bit below par if you know what I mean I will be used for practice for her up coming backside kicking contest, we live not far from dartford Kent so somewhere within 3/4 hour drive, we have already booked eye kettleby for may but this trip will be for a couple of weeks in August, thanks in advance Pete
  13. Hi, my wife has bought me a surprise tickets for Grand Prix qualifiers on the Saturday, just had a look local hotels all booked so was thinking of taking the caravan, can any one recommend a local site or near by site, we have parking for the day and has anyone been to one of these days, what should I expect any tips, thanks pete
  14. Good review, so much so I want to book a pitch for a week at whitsun, been looking at the older side north I think, really into my fishing & being adult only is a bonus, my questions are, is the fishing any good only want to take a float rod & small feeder rod to catch carp 8/10lb max , is the pub/ club house ok, are the standard pitch a fair size as all the superior pitchs are booked & if my son & his girlfriend decide to come with us would they be able to put up a pup tent, more questions to follow I'm sure but thanks for now, Pete
  15. Sorted, was reverse polarity plugged into another bollard and no more reverse polarity & all worked fine, thanks Pete
  16. Fridge still not working made sure caravan was super level switched on left 5/10 minutes lights flashing, any ideas, pete
  17. Right, wife tried to turn fridge from level 3 to level 5, now turned it back to number 3 & seems to be working, pete
  18. We are on a French site now plugged electric in got reversed polarity everything works turn fridge on all lights flashing then fridge turns off did have a reverse adapter but after probably 20 years of taking it & never using it left it at home, any ideas thanks Pete
  19. I go fishing, believe me you get fishing snobs ( I've got the most expensive fishing tackle) , many years ago I also played golf & you get snobs in golf ( ive the most expensive clubs ) , I work as a builder yep even tradesman are snobs ( my hammer cost £25 my hammer cost £4 from b&q because we lose so many) , we have a newish shiney car & caravan but I admire someone who has a much older car/ caravan on site not someone who has a new shiney new car/caravan , the site we use in France most of the French have caravans that she held together by duck tape ( no joke ) ,I'll talk to anyone but some times I just want to be left alone, sorry got to go love island is on, Pete
  20. Yeah can't blame them we would have been the same
  21. The site we have been using in the south France for owe holidays is not very far from a very busy town/beach area so I know the atmosphere would have been fantastic after France won the World Cup & I just wish we was their to witness it , did any of you good people on site at the moment get to see there enjoyment & what was it like
  22. Sorry forgot to say I also wanted to use it on owe family cars, pete
  23. Hi folks, need a trolley jack to lift my caravan (1420kg) if we get a puncture can anyone recommend one please, Pete
  24. Mr doosan, can you tell us why your journey was interesting, thanks pete
  25. I've killed almost a million mosquitos this year with this zapper thing I bought that looks like a tennis racket, it's so good & so am I at , I'm so good I think I will make it to centre court when Wimbledon starts, Pete
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