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  1. Yeah going to be a squeeze as I’m 6ft 2inchs , only a 2 berth, 2 single beds 6ft 2 each one but pulls into a double, me and my wife when we where late teenagers for fun would go off walking and wild camping with 4 days of gear packed into our rucksacks also we went caving a lot and camped under ground. There are a few YouTube videos and Facebook group that we have been watching and I know we will be fine, too late now paid a deposit, but as I said we are really excited and can’t wait, thanks pete
  2. Hi good replies so far, we ordered a dealer special panel van campervan, which is a fiat ducato medium wheel bad panel van, wife thought vw campervan was a little too small, only two of us plus a little Jack Russell dog we know it’s going to be a little cramped compared to owe sprite major but we had small 5 berth caravans with 5 of us sometimes going to France for a month and no electric running everything on gaz and torches, we spoke to a bloke with same sort of campervan on site who said on there last outing that they had to have a detour past Windsor castle on there way home decided to stop for an hour then carried on 10 minutes down the road came to a place called runnnymead which backed onto the river Thames and stopped for 2 hours then searched on line for a CL locally and stopped the night, this is what we want to do spur of the moment if you fancy it do it, campervan is what we want we know it’s going to work for us, we are planning a tour of the Italian lakes next year ,we are so excited, thanks pete
  3. Right sold my caravan a few weeks back and just ordered a new campervan which won’t be ready until March 2022, so that’s it after 32 fantastic years of caravaning we are giving up, no more having to go to the storage yard hitch up tow to a campsite , etc etc , not that I’m complaining enjoyed every minute and I truly did, ofcourse will still be doing the campsite thing but fill the campervan for us will be better, bye
  4. Hi thanks for the replies, think it more for Motorhomes, campervans , cars , just interested to see if anyone on here has one, I’m led to believe once stolen the device can be activated from a call centre and it stops the vehicle and sets alarm and hazard lights to draw attention to it, I’ve also been informed they haven’t lost a vehicle yet , thanks pete
  5. Hi all , do any of you people have 'outsmart the thief ' to protect there caravan , car , motor home , good or bad reviews please , thanks pete
  6. Luckily we left cheddar caravan club site about 9 days ago , me and my wife where quite shocked at some of the local yobs in cheddar village and we was both dragged up on council estates in southeast London in the 60/70's , was even a horse beening charged up and down the small lane just out side the site one evening , but saying that really enjoyed owe time there and will go back but if they turned on mass we would leave immediately , thanks Pete
  7. I was once asked if I had any firearms when I said no that seemed to satisfy them, if people smuggle drugs and firearms through don’t really think they will find a tin of baked beans and a custard tart
  8. As the title sold my caravan via autotrader in less than 24 hours a nice family came to have a look said it's what they have been after , inspected all the service history and all the invoices for tyres etc , that showed us a couple of proof of ID , money was paid into the bank didn't even haggle , completed paperwork then took it away , happy ending , now the hunt begins for a new caravan ,Pete
  9. Hi , we want to buy 21 inch avtex tv which we want to use will using none ehu sites , we will be using it off the battery , new vechile has wifi fitted and 100w solar panel, tv will be fitted to maufactors swing arm tv bracket thing will we be able to drive wilth tv attached or would it be best to remove tv while travelling , sorry not very tech minded ,thanks pete
  10. We booked in December via caravanclub for this summer but sadly just cancelled and got a full refund £820 , tunnel and some sites , thanks Pete
  11. Forestview campsite France Facebook , just had a read from campsite owner Peter posted 11 June at 9.58 makes good reading , sorry I can't do links
  12. When we had our caravan serviced February 2020 the engineer said that the battery was draining flat and he didn’t know why so we changed to a new battery, the service guy we use is very good and has done a few things for free, the battery was from there shop and he didn’t charge fitting as he was working at our storage yard that day so I trust him, , thanks pete
  13. Hi we have 2016 major 4sb and are having same problem on second new battery in 3 years and this new one is also flat, thanks pete
  14. Owe last caravan which we sold about 4 years ago we would leave in storage for about 5 months each winter with no problems with the battery we could use the mover, this caravan battery is the second we have had to buy in 4 years if I remember rightly we got a year warranty, thanks pete
  15. I’ve seen a guy using a smart charger on YouTube, if I remember rightly he said that it could even bring back a battery that has been completely flat and on its last legs back, thanks pete
  16. Thanks for the quick replies, yes put contacts on right terminals, charger is probably about 5 years old it has RAC stamped on the front I used it may last year after my work van went flat all ok , , I’ll be driving past Halfords later if there’s any thing I can get from them,, didn’t test voltage to be fair don’t really know how to, small button hole window on top of the battery is completely black , thanks pete
  17. Hi managed to retrieve my battery from the van from which hasn’t been charged since late September, battery was bought August last year, when I’ve put it on charge I’ve 3 lights on the chargerer , charging, charged and reverse polarity replace fuse , any idea why , thanks pete
  18. Spoke to a local dealer he said Phoenix plus 640 delivery for late July but only one left, we can pay a deposit if we didn’t like when we are able to view he would refund us back, while looking on YouTube trying to compare with the cabera we also liked Pegasus brindisi but a bit worried about being 8ft wide but has all the kit we would add to the Phoenix so would work out approximately £2,500 more expensive, really like the interior decor of both the Phoenix and brindisi, thanks pete
  19. Mr plodd , brilliant great replie just what I wanted to hear , once dealers are open I need to have a look but will give dealers a call hopefully today, probably get them to fit vent fans might even wait until they start doing dealers specials in no rush really we currently have 2016 sprite major 4sb , also thinking of changing car and liked the Mazda 6 auto estate but as I said no real rush just sorting myself out, thanks pete
  20. I’ve also quite like unicorn series 4 cabrera, , don’t think I’ll us alde heating been happy for the last 30 years caravaning using basic heating , never had Atc always get tyre bands , solar panel would be handy , would really like pull up rather than pull down blinds, 153kg heavier so would need a heavier car and £5,320 at our local dealership more expensive and I’m quite a minimalist person, don’t really do bling don’t really need too, thanks pete
  21. Hi, yes it’s the new Bailey Phoenix plus 640 that we quite like I know not many people have them at the moment but would like to know what tow car you use for the Phoenix or what car you are planning to use also any cons that you have found, travelling K on YouTube rates her Phoenix very highly that’s how I found out about the fridge vents , is there anywhere I can view how to do the fan assist or will it affect the warranty, thanks pete
  22. Hi, yes it’s the new Bailey Phoenix plus 640 that we quite like I know not many people have them at the moment but would like to know what tow car you use for the Phoenix or what car you are planning to use also any cons that you have found, travelling K on YouTube rates her Phoenix very highly that’s how I found out about the fridge vents , is there anywhere I can view how to do the fan assist or will it affect the warranty, thanks pete
  23. Hi all, quite like Phoenix 640 style caravan can anyone tell me if when main door is left open does it affect the fridge vents , does it stop the fridge from working to its max especially in high temperatures with awning up, also with the back bedroom do you keep toilet doors closed when toilet not being used I like the idea of waking in the morning and being able to see the full length of the caravan especially with the large front window, it’s not just the Bailey Phoenix 640 that has this layout unicorn caberra, thanks pete
  24. Wow truely didn’t think of that, think that’s what I’ll do , thanks pete
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