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  1. I work as a builder working on private houses , extensions , alterations , yeah I can see skip drivers doing that unfortunately , nice big twin axle caravan , 4x4 , happy family , parking in lorry area , some are as good as gold others not so
  2. 2011 Lunar quaser462 , end washroom , large bed probably best bed we have had in a caravan especially with a mattress topper , (thinking of going back to a 2 berth we have caravan with fixed transverse bed ) electric hot plate , microwave , external gas & power , really nice comfy caravan we sold ours about 4 years back £9,500 so should we able to get one in your budget & only 1210 kg fully loaded but do check this , Pete
  3. Some of the most popular times have already gone, we have about £270 so crossing will be approximately £150 more to pay , thanks pete
  4. Hi all , I know it's a bit early but was looking at prices for eurotunnel for August 2021 , booking direct using Tesco vouchers some of the popular times are already taken , with CMC inbound haven't been released yet but happy to wait , not sure who to book with , has anyone booked already , thanks Pete
  5. We bought 2.0 Lt diesel Awd 2017 kuga automatic nearly 3 years back with is soon up for renewal , I read quite a bit about power shift autos and the best advise was from members on CT was that most people don't know how to drive an auto properly and with fords as soon as you stop hand break on gear stick into N even if it's for seconds which is what me and my wifes driving normal is , we just had gearbox serviced by ford £350 don't think it needs doing for another 3 years , really like the kuga especially the automatic would love to have another , thanks Pete
  6. We had a 2011 lunar quaser 462 , when we went on holiday to France for 3/4 weeks we would leave the chest of draws at home , make the bed up so that we had two single seats near the kitchen just to use when say it was raining heavy as most of the time we spent outside only using the caravan for sleeping this worked really well for us , be interested to know what other caravans do this as we are looking to change caravan soon , thanks Pete
  7. My aqua roll is 20 years old, my wastemaster 16 ,motor mover 5 , they want a joint birthday party, what do you think or just a bit of grease
  8. Sometimes it's hard to describe people without using a swear word then idiot ,
  9. Just looked at my crystal ball and not going to France this year , I'll have another look at the old crystal ball later in the year and see if I can go next year , thanks for the replies whether crystal balls or not , Pete
  10. Sorry I haven't had time I'll get onto it soon and report back , thanks Pete
  11. Hi thanks for the quick replies , I'm going to try all the things surgested, as I said 3 new batteries in hand control so far , the new battery I'm having tested so see if it faulty and I'm going to give powrtouch a call today , what I can't understand is why it works then won't ,pete Ern, perhaps while holding handset battery is slipping down slightly so I'll give your tip a go , you never know , thanks pete
  12. Hi , my powrtouch eco motor works fine for how ever long I wish to move it 10 seconds /1 minute / 2 minutes etc but once I stop it and then try to use it again nothing , tried removing big red isolation switch then putting it back , nothing ., had new 110amp leisure battery fitted start of July 2020 and have tried 3 new handset batteries still same problem , mover was 5 years old February 2020 so out of guarantee , any ideas , thanks Pete
  13. Good on you superred where in France and how long for , are you going tunnel or ferry Spoke to a campsite about an hour ago and he said all was well in France doing pretty much the same as us , so hopefully I’ll make a decision soon perhaps you could keep in touch while you are enjoying your holiday, thanks pete
  14. We still not sure whether to go to France still got a few weeks before we are due to leave haven’t booked anything, sites or ferry/tunnel, spoken to a few people who have been or who have friends there already and all seems fine, I’ve looked at French newspapers and they don’t seem to be reporting all doom and gloom like our media so it’s just one of them, do I or don’t I ,thanks pete
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