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  1. Just noticed Forest View campsite in Normandy is offering free temporary refuge , google it
  2. Phoned caravanclub today wouldn't move on price , no phone number for eversure emailed them this morning had no replie as yet , managed to match Both insurance like for like which I hadn't done properly when I got my original price , caravnclub £290 , eversure now £210 , I will renew with the caravanclub not too happy going with a company that doesn't have a phone number or return calls , bit shocked that they was even allowed to advertise on caravantalk , thanks Pete
  3. Hi folks got my caravan insurance renewal fro caravanclub £290 had a quote from eversure who I found from caravantalk forum £240 , seems to be like for like unless i have missed anything ,anyone had dealings with them , what do you think , thanks Pete
  4. Hi folks , really like the look of this campsite and was wanting to stay for 7 days sometime this year , anyone been & what did you think also on google earth looks a bit remote which we don't mind but was worried about the approach road looks a bit narrow, thanks in advance ,Pete
  5. Hi folks , I've seen the as titled caravan 2019/2018 , I'm 6ft 2 in would I be cramped sleeping in the rear bed, would appreciate views of people that own this caravan only & also your honest view of the caravan , thanks pete
  6. Le moulin fort campsite not far from tours ,on a river chez with cycle/walking path also good for fishing , plenty of chateau's about and good restaurants , hot air balloons touch and go on the river early mornings if you are lucky to be there when someone has booked a trip , you can Book via caravanclub or acsi , Pete
  7. Hi Vala , thanks for the good advise , we are already with acsi , this site seems to be getting bad reviews I think it has become a victim of its own success , thanks pete
  8. Don't do it , try to find a site that has storage facilities , the site we use in Kent takes your caravan out of storage and puts it on a pitch we only have to lower the jockey wheel and it's included in the storage fees , take the hassle out of touring which is probably what your wife doesn't like , Pete
  9. Hi , we have been going to this site for many years probably about 12 times since it was a nice smallish site but over the years as it got bigger and bigger with tour operators static caravans the site has got worse , not so much the clientele but staff attitude , toilet/ shower getting flooded with shower water , campsite pitches not particularly nice they did put us where the statics are now but not anymore they don't seem to care about the casual camper and the worse of the worse electric keeps cutting out the last time they went 4 time in one evening about 20 in total during owe stay , not just owes but a whole section , we had to report this to an English night watchman who had by his very bad attitude had had enough , also noticed that the caravan club where taking booking for this site but no longer do , the thing is we really like it here and wanted to go back after being away for 6 years , for us this site has it all , not far from Calais and Paris , good fishing on the sites lakes and has a couple of good on site restaurants , my point is has anyone been lately and has the site and camping facilities improved or should we just go and us owe caravans services using gas hopefully the electeic will kick in enough to charge owe batterie ,we want to stay 8 nights late may 2020, thank in advance Pete
  10. Hi folks , I'm going to order a new caravan soon but can't choice between Bailey Valencia & Bailey grande brindisi , any pros and cons would be helpful, as I said just not sure which one to have I may even just toss a coin ,thanks Pete
  11. Hi jacko1 , thanks my wife booked twinwood today after your replie , could you tell me what day you arrived , we was planing on getting their early Thursday to avoid any queue's , also did you take any food with you as we was planning on BBQ every night or did you buy food from the stalls, also do you have anymore tips , thanks Pete
  12. Hi , wife desperately wants to go to twinwood fes 2020 over August bank holiday period , has any one been looks really good , we want to take owe caravan , we want electric looking on YouTube seems to be big noises generators don't want to be pitched next to one ,can any one tell us which field is best , what are toilets and showers like , is their chemical toilet emptying , ( sorry I did enquire before but managed to get out of it) , thanks Pete
  13. Dando , just had another quick look at your post' s and your storage fee quotes seemed to have disappeared , Pete
  14. Hi dando, I've had a little look at your past post's and kingswood storage you state have started at £500 then £400 and now £300 , we many year ago stored owe caravan with them very narrow lane to site had a row with a boy racer who wanted me to reverse 400 metres just because he didn't want too , also hedges at rear of stored caravan where never cut and this caused damp to owe rear window , security was only a scaffold pole dragged across two posts with an alarm with I set off a few times and nobody came to investigate so wasn't to happy that's why we moved to Staplehurst storage , hope things have improved but it was probably 20 years ago , pete
  15. I like wearing budgie smugglers but then again I've got a big budgie
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